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Yutaru Hyuga
Yutaru Hyuga
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Record Keeping
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
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Sneaking Around...Again?  Empty Sneaking Around...Again?

Mon Jul 26, 2021 9:55 pm
High up in a lone pine tree there was a bluejay perched. The bird had been watching the gates of Hoshigakure for a few hours, squaking as loud as it could occasionally. Sometimes the bird squeaked when a kid was crying, or maybe because the kid was crying. Aichi couldnt be certain, he didnt speak bird and it was pretty far away. 

The young man climbed into the same pine tree, just before the bird settled to keep away from the dry heat brazenly spread among the Haven country biosphere. It popped once and the hiding boy nearly screamed. Pine tar was one kind of filthiness, Aichi couldnt imagine sleeping in this tree covered in poop. The blujay squaked again, probably sensing that Aichi was looking for a pinecone to launch up at it. 

Dressed like usual Aichi was wearing the same cowl that was given to him by an old widow. Magoto was her namez and she had paid Aichi for labor with the cowl. It was a lightly tanned leather, and kept him warm at night. The tanned skinned Aichinwas covered in sweat though, stuck in a tree with a cowl on in mid day of Haven summer. 

The bird and boy sat in the tree for hours. Aichi tried to nap and pass by the heat. The bluejay thought of no such thing. It squaked again, violently enraged by two ninja coming from the village to the border. Aichi adjusted his view from inside the line needles and looked dow. He wasn't real high up, but the young man could tell the gender of the two that were talking. 

Being sent from the village before he could try to join the ninja corps, Aichi was bummed out by seeing the ninja. The young man frowned, and rustled in the tree. He tried to get comfortable to no avail. The bluejay squeaked this time, saddened by Aichi's failure. 

Aichi curled his lip, remember the failure that had gotten him out of the village seven years ago. As the bluejay flew off, Aichi wondered what became of the laundromat his mother worked at. The teenager could feel his blood pressure rising and took a deep breath. To his dismay the bluejay had actually flown into the tree above the ninja who were talking. It squaked and Aichincouldnt helpcbut feel like he was being tortured. 

"Maybe I'll learn to throw senbon, that'll fix ya." Aichi softly whispered to the bird who was still squalling.

Soon a few hours had passed by, none of which included sleep. Instead Aichi thought about chakra, and ninjutsu. He wondered if his fathers bloodline had bestowed him some kind of hidden talent. He tried to consciously acknowledge he was a thrice murderer, and crossed his heart thinking of that nice widow Magoto. Soon night fall was upon him and Aichi would leave the village borders again. 

As much as he wanted to try to sneak through, Aichi knew he couldnt. When twilight fell he stood on the ground by the tree and patted it a few times. Talking aloud the forlorning youth said, "Wish I could take you with me. Maybe one day.." Aichi thought in his mind, "Maybe one day I'll be back over there." The young man turned back towards the roadside that led away from the village.

Tears slowly streamed down his cheek, the grief of life forcing him to submit himself. The young Jugo wished he could change his life. He detested the conditions of his existence, and kicked a rock at the thought of it. His tears were becoming sobs, and angry heaves were in between gasping for breath. The further Aichi got on the road, the more he could feel his life in Hoshi slipping away. Those years of innocent childhood, slipping further and further away with every step. 

This wasn't the first time the young kid failed to approach the gates. The way things were look it wouldnt be his last either. The more upset he got the more he lost control of himself. His skin began turning grey, and then a black sheen grew over his grey flesh. Aichi was screaming, freedom from the bonds of bereavement accessible in the uncontrolled liberation of his Berserker form. The black flesh grew faster and faster, encasing his body like an armor. It grew over his head like a mask. The two white eyes looked lifeless, and he smiled into the moonlit sky. Aichi was fully transformed, he was fully free. 

Aichi ran further off the roadside, he wasn't looking for anyone thing or some task to complete. Instead he was simply embracing the freedom of nature. Flipping over a rock in his way he then leapt into the air and crossed a river. Aichi ran full speed ahead, screaming excitedly. It was hard to tell if he was in pain, or laughing. The shouts ranging in intensity and pitch. 

After a few hours he fell back into his normal state and slept. He figured he had ran long enough that it would take a full day of walking to get back into the village. This had been his life since he decided to stop traveling abroad. Since Aichi decided he was ready to be in control of himself, and his life. Every few days he would camp by the gates, and try to work the courage up to enter. Everyday he failed, and after a while he started to use his transformation to let steam off. As long as he didnt kill anyone, he thought it was alright. 

For a whole year he had been doing this, but things were about to change. Aichi was growing more and more competent as a human, he was growing dreams. The young man would cultivate his success soon. But first he needed a nap.

Waking up Aichi promptly headed for the village gates. While he traveled he thought about all the people he had met. From 8 to 13 he traveled Haven alone. The journey was scary, but he stayed in the heart of his country and homestead. Most of the time he was the biggest danger, not even bandits wanted to harm him. 

Panhandling through out the country he barely made it by. The young kid eventually learned to work, and started meeting people. Sometimes there would be tasks to do, and he would eat a pumpkin for dinner instead of swallowing his spit. Mostly thankful the people who helped him deserved the best. Sometimes they got less than that. 

Aichi had killed the woman who gave him his cloak. There had been a man in a field too. By the time he was nine Aichincould sense when he would fly into a rage. He even had a 10 minute warning period, but it wasnt always enough. Murder in cold blood made the Jugo question his worth. He wondered if life could be so precious and tender, while also wrathful and encumbering at the same time. 

Those times were long past him, Aichi knew what he loved. The young man wanted to be a ninja, he wanted to have a home. Just not indoors. 

Picking the same tree, with he same bluejay. Aichi climbed hand to foot back into the tree to wait for when he would have the courage to go back home.

Nature Stacks: 1/6
WordCount: 1,223
Yutaru Hyuga
Yutaru Hyuga
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Record Keeping
Remove Taijutsu Remove Space Time Default
Wind Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 0

Sneaking Around...Again?  Empty Re: Sneaking Around...Again?

Tue Jul 27, 2021 7:57 pm
A few days passed by, Aichi repeating the pattern of sneaking around the village gates and hiding in trees. After awhile he learned to overlook the bluejay. Aichi was content to watch thegates, peaceful with the rustling of pine needles around him. Day by day he observed, cultivating the courage to gain sanctity as a village member.

There were lots of shinobi that went back and forth, their fancy headbands glistening in the sun. Aichi squinted extra hard, trying to notice any faces he might one day encounter again. There were some exceptionally extraordinary people that traveled back and forth. The more he watched the more a complex combination of anxiety and excitement bubbled within.

For a few days Aichi took a break from watching the gates, instead tending to his tasks as a nomad. Besides keeping a camp, and watching for bandits, Aichi also had his own personal fun to be had. Inspired by all thr shinobi, he imitated them with ninjutsu practice. Chakra was easy to grasp for him, and he was even capable of pale imitations of technique. After every faded clone proofed away, usually a disappointment, Aichi cheered alone in the woods.

When he returned to the gate side of the village borders, Aichi would make pretend conversations in his mind. He practiced what he would say, how he would act. The young man had spent most of his life alone, so being around others was an effort for him. Despite these obstacles, he did like peoples cimpany. Especially someone who liked to stay active. Aichi had made friends before, traveling villages. Most of them didnt stay friends, but he did send letters to a few of them.

Aichi would have quite a story to tell his friends when he was admitted and a citizen once again. The young man figured he would even let them visit and check out his ninjutsu skills. Aichi was in the tree again, and rustled around excitedly.

Weeks longer passed by, Aichi camping within one hundred meters of the village. Returning to his perch every day before noon, he was studying the village. Aichi was scared, but more than that he valued the second chance he would have as a Hoshigakure citizen.

Nature Stacks: 2/6
Total WordCount: 1,595
Stats Earned: +15 Vigor
Destroying Axe Fist  (1,500/1,500)
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Remove Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Remove Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 128300

Sneaking Around...Again?  Empty Re: Sneaking Around...Again?

Tue Jul 27, 2021 9:14 pm

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Yutaru Hyuga
Yutaru Hyuga
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Record Keeping
Remove Taijutsu Remove Space Time Default
Wind Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 0

Sneaking Around...Again?  Empty Re: Sneaking Around...Again?

Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:08 pm
Some time had passed since Aichi had last returned to his make shift outpost. Despite his growing interest in the foot traffic of Hoshigakure travelers, Aichi had to get some new fishing line. While camping out alone, less than a spool was unacceptable. Not to mention his fishing pile needed to realigned, and all the rust on it meant an amateur would break it. 

Many kilometers away from Hoshigakure was a small village, and Aichi was a common presence there. The prices were high, but the people were wealthy and accommodating. Aichi knew a fisherman who worked on lines for a heavy mouthful of Ryo, and while he was there he figured he could get some extra funds. An elderly woman owned a few horse barns, and Aichi often cleaned them for chump change. The lady was nice though, and she needed the help. With plans Aichi made a week long travel by foot. 

Following a river that was hidden to the west of Hoshigakures village gates, Aichi followed a path. There probably weren't too many people who had traveled the path, but Aichi did so often. The trail was beaten down, but a few ferns had grown up. 

Focusing his chakra inside of his arm, there was a growing power centered around his shoulder. Suddenly his skin turned grey, and sleek midnight black flesh formed around it. The Berserker inside had been activated, and Aichis arm was completely inhuman. His fingers grew into black claws, and from his elbow a large black blade erupted. 

Using his destroyer axe to clear the path, and widen it a bit, Aichi pressed forward. The journey would be long, but the trivial moments of experience were all that drove him forward. 

Nearly halfway to Mokushigakure Aichi needed to rest. Using his axe to clear a campsite, the young man put together some dry wood for a fire. With smoke filling the air the bugs were few, and Aichi was given a chance to relax. The teenager thought about his life forward.

Usually when he planned his future the ugly parts of his past were obstacles. Aichi wanted to learn how to control his bloodline; he sought out the path of a shinobi. In the village Aichi imagined all of the wonders he would learn. It was hard to ignore that he never had the chance, and even harder to ignore what he had done to leave the village. 

Aichi wondered if they would accept him as a citizen, having murdered his mother in a Berserker Rage. With not much else to hope for, besides leaving the country, Aichi pushed the thought aside. 

The fire crackled, and he pushed his axe head into the fire. A burnt log toppled a more green one, and more smoke piled out. Aichi could see his dreams in the smoke. 

There was a shop where he sold fisherman goods and tackle. There were dozens of poles, and lines of all types. His business was booming, and a shiny Hoshi headband was tied around his neck like a scarf. 

Aichi sighed, wondering how much longer it would take him to grow the courage to ask for acceptance. He wondered when he would find forgiveness from the village through his own actions. Unhappy with his cowardice at the gates, Aichi begrudgingly put the fire out with dirt and laid down for bed. 

Waking up early, like always, Aichi drank himself some water from a puddle. It tasted like dirt, and there was definitely bug poop in it, but he needed to date his thirst. The rest of the journey was long, and for a few kilometers there were bandits to be wary of. 

"No sleep till... Mokushigakure," Aichi thought to himself. A beasty boy, an Inuzuka, was traveling and warned Aichi. This was news to him, since he traveled this route often and there usually was only a random boar to worry about. The Inuzuka insisted he be on his guard, and rode off on horseback. 

Puzzled Aichi continued his usual route. If things got dicey he could always use his Berserker frenzy to protect himself. Of course he was also a master of stealth, with lots of practice avoiding bandits and shopkeepers alike. He had a few hours of travel before any danger might lurk, so the young man prepared himself by whistling a tune. He found his frenzy most palpable when he was in a good mood. 

Aichi considered investing in a harmonica when he arrived, and he would arrive safely. The route was emptier than usual, and Aichi made it to the village by night fall. Camping in one of his old spot, Aichi Genki got himself some rest before a hard days work.

Before spending what little Ryo he had, Aichi planned on working first. The old lady's house wasnt far from his campsite and he stopped to get a rate of pay for his work. She agreed on five hundred thirty two Ryo for two barns, and Aichi got to work. With a shovel and gloves he hauled so many wheel barrows of horse manure out. After six hours he finished the first, but the second took an extra hour to finish. 

When he was done Aichi recieved his payment, with a twenty seven Ryo tip. He headed to old man Gukais Tackle Shop. The payments were expensive, but the old man promised to have everything fixed by morning. Aichi left him his old rod, and spent another night at the campsite. Recieving his old rod back, Aichi left the village with one hundred fifty Ryo, forty seven more than he had. Plus his fishing rod was fixed, so the young guy was proud. 

After making it through the so called danger zone, Aichi found himself camping for another night. He grew sick of living in the woods, and resolved to get admittance to Hoshi when he returned. Aichi traveled fast, running as far as he could. 

Eventually he made it back, and was standing near his one tree. There were two ninjas standing by the gates. They looked to be talking, and Aichi took it upon himself to go up to them and ask for advice. Unfortunately they both body flickered away, and the shy guy turned back toward his tree. It seemed like his cultivation of determination wasnt quite done yet.

No longer hiding inside of the tree however, Aichi was instead lurking through the pine needles. There was a good forty meter distance, but he could see well. He was waiting for those two ninja to return, but he wouldnt find them returning for the next week. Aichi kept watching however, and eventually one returned. She was blonde before, but was not bald and covered in blood. Her friend was no where to be seen, and when she collapsed by the gates it wasnt long before ninja swarmed the area. 

Aichi figured they took her to the hospital, and while he sat by his campfire that night; he wondered if something worse had happened to her friend. Aichi considered the unspeakable things that could have happened, his imagination playing out each detailed scene in his head. Life was certainly dangerous for a ninja, and Aichi wondered if it was for him. He sat by the fire, wondering if he could leave everything behind forever. 

It wouldnt be the first time. That fact was slightly comforting, and Aichi went to bed wondering if he should be thankful Hoshigakure gave him the opportunity to learn self control where he could be free to explore his limits. 

When he woke up the next morning Aichi was duped geeked up to get into the village. Before waiting for a ninja by the gates, a ninja he wasnt shy of; Aichi stood in the sand and practiced his ninjutsu again. 

Holding the final handseal, Aichi waited for the rain to start. Soon it did, but for just a moment. There wasnt much, but it was invigorating. Aichi was addicted, and he stayed in that same spot for the whole day. Getting into the village slipped his mind, instead he was focused on master the jutsu. He had a scroll from Hoshi, ripped and tattered but it was readable enough. Pulling it from his pocket time and again, Aichi kept practicing. 

After three short naps, induced by pure exhaustion. Aichi was able to procure a steady flow of rain. He stood in the sand, puddles slowly forming. The young boy smiled his first real smile in a long time. His first.success with ninjutsu, Aichi was showing genius levels of formation with water release. He hadn't known it, but the making of a great shinobi were showing. 

The next day Aichi felt I'll and tired. All that training has worn him out and he spent the day resting in a cot he had built of lumber. It wasnt comfortable, but it was bug free. He didnt make it to the gates that day, but Aichi did dream about it. Envisioning a string, older woman initiating him into the Acadamy; Aichi fell into a deep sleep. After a whole twenty four hours he awoke. 

With a quick bath in the river he was clean of all the sweating. It was hard to imagine being asleep in the heat, but he had done it. With his hair slicked back Aichi was soon standing at the tree. Watching waiting. Deliberating, pontificating. He had a lot on his mind, but his entire psyche was still sharply clinging to his success with ninjutsu. Aichi was proud, and this pride would be what gave him sanctity inside of his home village once again.

Nature Stacks: 1/6
Total WordCount: 1,608
Technique Trained: 
Rain Tiger At Will (1,608/2,750)
Stats Allocated: +16 Vigor
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