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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 4000

Following Dope... and Money (Arc, Mission) Empty Following Dope... and Money (Arc, Mission)

Thu Jul 22, 2021 8:28 pm
Participating Shinobi: Uchiha, Shiroyasha
Mission Details: Follow the Money

Black molly and the Star Eyed Lotus
Following a string of success in missions pertaining to the illicit sale of illegal drugs, Shiroyasha was becoming a steady force of Hoshigakures ninja force. The young Uchiha was incredibly skilled with unorthodox use of fire ninjutsu, and was growing notable among the seniors. Shiroyasha was hot right now, and the young ninja had no mind of slowing it down. 

Shiroyasha had taken a C Rank mission last week. The details seemed clear, he beat some thugs up. Confiscated their drugs, and he turned it in. Well to his surprise, and likely the Kages team, another thug was discovered selling the painkiller. Shiroyasha was walking home when a bird with a letter instructed he repeat the mission. Which he did, twice more. It seemed the source wasn't to be discovered, so Shiro went into the Kages office after his third brutalizing of gang meat on the street. 

The Kages aide, one of many, sat in a swivel chair and talked with him. She informed Shiro of a new pain killer in Hoshigakure. This black molly drug subdued users pain when they smoked it, and was cheap enough to afford an addiction. In high doses it increased the users strength, and anything more than a gram dose caused death. Most of the time Hoshi officials could figure out what reagents were gathered around Haven country and take out illegal drug sources. 

However in this case all their leads were fake. No matter what resources the assistant had pursued, this criminal ring had avoided Village justice.

The assistant was sure something was seriously wrong among the streets of Hoshigakure. The short blonde haired woman noted Shiroyasha's dedication to the missions previously and requested he work on this next segment alone. It would be off the books until the paperwork came in for a relevant mission to explain his work. Apprehending drug rings wasn't something Hoshigakure usually invested their military force in, but with this drugs anonymity surrounding it; Black Molly needed to be reigned in by proper authorities. 

Shiroyasha agreed happily, and headed out of the office. Before he sped home to change into more appropriate clothing for off the books work in Hoshigakure, the assistant called him back and gave him some Black Molly. The baggie she handed him had no smell. Inside was a black chunk of fibrous substance. The drug looked like rubber that sat out in the sun for too many hot summers. 

Holding the baggie in his hand, Shiroyasha dashed him. For this mission Shiro was incognito. He wore a black leather jacket, and a simple gray v neck. On his hands were black gloves, and Shiro had two chains hanging from his front pocket to his back. The silver chains chattered together as he tied his boots. All black was the style for this mission, no headband.

Shiroyasha was actually a smoker. He had a polished wooden pipe he smoked hash and lotus out of. Lotus was the supposed source of black molly, and was a particular strain that grew in arid environments. The lotus grew in water, so was rare but with four or five petals dried and rolled in hash oil it was a great medicine. Normal lotus was grey.

Shiroyasha considered all this, holding the black molly in his hand. He shrugged and pulled some out. The drug dissolved on his hand, and Shiroyasha droppednitm he cried out and one of his adopted siblings said something to him from another room. Shiro muttered something to him, and licked his bedroom door before the kid came in. 

The young girl was banging on his door, screaming something about his well being. Shiro ignored her and picked the dope bag back up, he set it on his table and called out. "Go away! I was talking to the cats outside! Shiro poked his head at the girl from a crack in the door, andnwhe left.

Shiroyasha grabbed a knife from the magnet strip he nailed to his wall by the door, and dug it into the black molly. Pulling out a tenth of a gram, Shiro out it in his pipe. The Uchiha wondered what kind of drug it was mixed with, and piled some hash overtop it. The teenager shrugged, and checked the clock. He had enough time to smoke. It wouldnt take much however.

Putting his hot thumb to the herb, Shiro fired up. Three seconds in, the ninja fell unconcious. Then suddenly he arose as if from the dead, and was high on drugs. The effects of black molly were initially like a stronger take on opium, but the lotus gave a psychedelic trip that was truly amazing. When he woke up Shiro felt a lot of energy. Like he was on fast forward. 

Shiro checked the clock again, and left. High on lifez and black molly Shiro sought out the owner. He hoped he might find more, and was giggling wildly as he ran through the streets to his target neighborhood. By the time Shiro arrived, which didnt takenlong high on black molly, he had nearly forgotten the details of his mission. Distracted by the intense visual delight of the drug, he was practically in another world as he darted through the metropolitan of the market district.

Snapping into reality, Shiro focused. He nearly passed out with excitement and wondered if the drug was even safe. He did bring bis loaded pipe with him however, and had it in his pocket. First he would have to find someone to smoke with. The plan was to get someone to buy black molly with him, and then steal it from their new friend. After "confiscating" the drug, Shiro would tail the so called victim back to the dealer. From there he would have to follow them for days if necessary. 

Hoshigakure would secure this unallocated drug money by Shiroyasha's hand.

On the Streets
Everything was going smoothly. Shiroyasha ducked into an alley where a few homeless were camped out. After watching the streets, with supposed agitation, Shiro pulled his pipe out. Using a lighter, Shiro maintained his disguise and blazed up. The flint lock wasn't as good as his thumb, but after four or five puffs Shiroyasha nearly collapsed. He regained focus instantly, and checked the tents where people were camping. They were watching him, and Shiro waved. He could barely feel his arms, and felt awkward as one of the homeless stepped out of their tent. 

A young lady walked up to him, and touched his bare chest. The black hairs her fingers grazed would have to be shaved later, but for the sake of Hoshi Shiro refused to puke. Instead he smoothly directed the conversation away from sex and towards Black molly. The lady swore she had the best plug ins away from Hoshi ninja investigating their campsite. Shiro nearly laughed, the woman referring to the campsite as anhome base. Instead he started picking his nose. The woman got fresh on him, and Shiro smacked her across the face.

A man cheered from inside his "home base." Shiro scratched his head and looked around. The fan stuck his arm out with a thumbs up, and Shiro stepped over the unconcious woman. He knocked ,or what have you, on the tent and was let in. The base was tight and stunk. The two talked for five minutes, Shiro claiming to be a thief named Kokou. After their introductions Shiro and Bobo smoked some black molly out of his pipe. Shiro was saucer eyed when he asked if Bobo had any coin, and his goofy look was enhanced by the large sack Bobo pulled out. 

The two went walking to buy some black molly, and t-pain which Shiro assired Bobo the known dealer had. In truth all Shiro knew was the corner he would be at, his name, and the coded whistle to call him. Nevertheless "Kokou" and Bobo went to meet Gee, the Black Molly dealer of an unknown tax free syndicate.

According to Shiros detail report from the assistant; Gee had just recently moved to Hoshigakure and was under investigation to find the source of BLACK molly. There were no records of his home so it was determined he was a homeless drug dealer.

Bobo was definitely on some other kind of drug. T-Paon probably, Shiro figured it was Speed the way Bobo walked with his shoulders leading him. Not to mention he was talking through the whole walk to Gee. The subject changed listlessly, the drug addled brain of Bobo cycling between sex, dope and police watching them. Shiro maintained his disguise, looking over his shoulder whenever Bobo said ninja or cop. 

Before long the two met up with Gee. He was standing on the corner like expected, and Shiro initiated the drug exchange with a mere nod. Gee held a finger up, then walked into the alley behind him. Shiro lifted an eyebrow at Bobo who had no plans of going into the alley. Shiro grabbed his wrist, and dragged him into the darkness where Gee was waiting for them.

Red Room
Gee was dressed up well, the drug dealing homeless had a lot of money to buy nice clothes. The suit he wore smelled like liquor though, so Shiro knew not to expect much from his personality. The Uchiha stood next to Bobo, and the three just watched each other for a good minute. Bobo was coming undone, watching the streets behind them for the police. Gee seemed calm, and collected. Shiro noticed his eyes glanced the rooftop fornninja, and tried not to smirk before he shot his deal to Gee. 

In truth, a lot of what he said was scripted. Shiro had few liberties with his tongue on the mission. He didnt know much about the various hard drugs used by the homeless, so asking about T-Pain would have to wait. While Bobo was itching himself, Shiro didnhis best to look nervous and asked the so called big shot Gee, "Gee right?"

Shiro picked his nose, and Gee moved the hand in his pocket without saying a word. Shiro stepped closer suddenly, Gee didnt move an inch. Shiro scratched his head, then realized he was still performing. "So lemme get the black molly? Furrowing his brow Shiro looked impatient, and chattered his teeth non sensibly like a drug addict might. Subterfuge wasn't his favorite part of the job. 

All of a sudden Gee pulled a tangto from his pocket. He reached for Shiro, but the ninja was far too fast for a civilian to ever touch the priest. He stepped forward and grabbed Geeby his backside shoulder. He heaved him into the ground, and the tango went flying. Bobo screamed like a woman. Shiro gave up on the disguise and reached over the felled mugger. 

"That wasn't the move against a ninja, huh Gee?: The criminal muttered something about Genin gumchewers. Shiro shook his head, and kicked Gee hard in the face. Blood split from the bridge of his nose, and Gee started screaming. He tried to bring his hands to his face, but Shiro stopped him. The Uchiha swung his leg high above his head, and brought it into Gees chest. 

Bobo was screaming the whole time. Had anyone of reputable source been around they might have called the fire department. In this neighborhood the cats screamed back and that was it. Shiro kicked Gee again, the man just waking up from a brief pain induced nap. Gee rolled over to his stomach and Bobo headed for the exit. Shiroyasha Body Flickered in front of Gee, his 2 tomoe spinning. The homeless fan of T-Pain passed out in terror. 

Opting for a more discreet investigation from the very onset, Shiro decided he would interrogate Gee in the alley. Gee wasn't doing well, his nose was cut open and there was an actual welt on his ch est. He could barely breathe as he rolled around. Shiro dragged Bobo and threw him into a trashcan, his part in the mission a failure. 

Gee was crying again, probably from trying to get up. Shiro heard a loud thud, Gee whimpering soon after. The priest was watching him from the shadows. Shiro wasn't sure if he was aware what was going on, when he had a good idea. Shiroyasha grabbed his pipe from his pocket and put it in Gees mouth after another kick to put him on his backside. Gee started shaking his head and Shiro put his thumb over the black molly. Using Katon shiro kit it hot, and held Gees nose with the other hand. "Suck." Shiroyasha barked to Gee. 

After an hour of Gee puking, Shiro wondered if it was a good idea. With morning coming he would have to determine the Black Molly source in Hoshi soon or it would be over. Bobo was moaning now, his top half face first in the dumpster. Gee was wailing louder than ever, the heaving really doing a number on his inner organ bruising. 

Shiroyasha grabbed him by the neck and push him to the wall. The man was on his butt, kicking around weakly. "Talk. Where do you get black molly from? What district is this made in?" Gees eyes lit up and he stammered. Shiro let go of his throat, well he wasn't holding him so tightly. Then he proceeded to smack Gee. Again and again he smacked him. Gee screamed, for 5 minutes before finally he announced as loud as he could, "Red Room! Go to the Gallery of Kod, they offer a cigar room. Ask for-" 

Shuro let go of him. Gee started crying again, and the Uchiha punched him square in his nose. He fell unconcious and limp. Shiro kicked Bobo over and woke him up, then swiftly he Body Fluckered once again. Shiro knew where the Gallery of Kod was. It stood next to an art gallery, and offered all you can eat sushi. There wasn't anything special about their cigar room either. No one ever went up there. They didnt even offer cigars.

 Shiro thought he might be able to find out if there was a special secret to the Red Room of Kod Gallery, and waited atop the roof of an adjacent building. The Uchiha was stalking everyone going in and out, some of every kind. A woman in a silk pink gown left with her husband, and red haired man. That was the perfect disguise, and Shiro used Tranformation Technique. He appeared as the man, with spiky red hair and a black monkey suit. 

Shiro jumped down, and ran frantically up to the door guard. Speaking as if he was fed up with her crap the incognito ninja said, "Oh heavens she left her.. you know.." Shiro touched his hand to his cheeks and mouthed the words red room. The guard nodded and let Shiro past the velvet rope.

If Shiro had not been focusing his chakra on the jutsu that diguisednhim, his disgust in the Red Room might have dispelled the jutsu. Shiroyasha nearly threw up. Everyone, in the whole room was passed out. At least two dozen people were nodding off, probably dying from the Black Molly. Shiroyasha coughed loudly, and a few people moved slightly. He shuddered, and decided to investigate further. There were two doors, and Shiroyasha flashed to the first. He wondered if the surveillance cameras saw him, but didnt turn back.

Shiroyasha melted the lock with a small torch of flame from his breath. The Uchiha slowly opened the door, kneeling down. Someone was in fact inside, however she was asleep sitting at the desk. Shiroyasha snuck behind her and peered over her shoulder. The ninja could hear her faint breath, and saw that she was reading a bank report. It was titled "Red Room of Kod", and there was a bunch of black molly looselynspread on the desk. Shiro was glad he left his pipe in the alley. The harder he looked then more he noticed needles. A big no no. 

Shiro used his great agility to grab the report and snuck out. Returning to the administration office, Shiro found the same assistant who gave him the mission. They read the bank report together. The details were limited but a few things were broadly clear. As they read, both the readers were gasping in shock. The Purblood Uchiha couldnt believe the principal titles listed on the dated statement.

Some of the headers were normal, the restaurant below, alcohol vendors, black molly sales even. Sewer irrigation was kind of oddly expensive, and below that were pay outside to a few notable Hoshi familiea. Even the Uchiha clan itself. Which ultimately wasn't a huge surprise to Shiro, considering "Iwagakure" was the most recently listed. The assistant muttered to herself. 

"Well, it makes sense. We tracked the components of black molly. All that we could. Theres so much drugs in there. Anyways, the delirium knock out effect comes from a bean that grows in that country." The assistant was clearly turning cogs in her head. "Anyways," she continued, not giving Shiro a word edge wise; "I've arranged a few extra C Rank police escort missions that you deserve payment for. Don't uhh.. mention it. I'm going to say Gee told us this, and.." The assistant pointed at the Uchiha name in the log. "You take care of that one, off the records."

Shiro chuckled nervously, wondering if the royal hawk of the clan was even available in the Temple right now. Sometimes it wouldnt wake up. A disrespectful bird, but the only one that knew how to get a message to the Hoshigakure leader of the Uchiha Clan. The same man was Shiroyasha's uncle.

Turning the doorknob Shiro left for home. He had to get out of his filthy clothes, the drug scene too much to bear. Not to mention he would have to tell his father about this all, without being too specific, in order to get him to wake the royal hawk.

Total WordCount: 3,007
Ryo Gained: 6,000
AP Earned: 30 AP
AP Allocation: 60 AP
Technique Trained:

(Following: Studying Ho-Musubi)
Sharingan, 3 Tomoe

Sharingan: Genjutsu
E Rank  (250/250)
C Rank (606/1,000)
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

Following Dope... and Money (Arc, Mission) Empty Re: Following Dope... and Money (Arc, Mission)

Sat Jul 24, 2021 1:48 pm
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