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Dawn of the Second Day [Solo, Training] Empty Dawn of the Second Day [Solo, Training]

Tue Jul 20, 2021 7:27 pm
Enrai had just finished a section of his training and was on his way to get food for some lunch, then afterwards he would continue his training with some other exercises for cakra control before heading out onto a field that he saw for runners to practice. He knew that he had a lot of cardio training already, but this was going to be sprints focused on training his max speed, but that would come a bit later on in his training. He still had quite a bit of chakra training to go through, so he was now going to continue that from yesterday. He had already finished the mud training earlier that day, but he still needed to solidify his training, which was now going to be quite advanced. Today, he was going to be focusing on petrifying materials that were not earth, which was one of the most difficult abilities that earth style techniques had, but it was precisely this reason that it would be fantastic training for him. He had been preparing for this to be his main training for the past few days, and even weeks before this, so this was going to solidify his training, so that he did not have to work on the fundamentals anymore, and would just work on mastering the skills he already had or learning new techniques. He was thinking of this as he was heading to his corner of the training field that was luckily unoccupied, as he liked to be left alone when he did his weird training, and this time was not any different. This time he actually needed to hide his training from other people, because he would be using his black threads that deemed him to be a monster from almost everyone he had encountered so far. He knew that he would eventually have to show people that he was made of these black threads, but he did not want to cause any sort of trouble right now or show off, but it was best to use this practice on his own body, so he knew how to remove the petrification effect as well. He was going to make sure that he was only hurting himself if he could not remove the petrification effect when he started practicing on living material. Besides, hiding one's abilities was something that all shinobi should strive to do anyways, and it would not make sense for him to be in such a public place practicing jutsu that he might have to use against these people one day, no matter how unlikely of a scenario that was. It was always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it came to the life of a shinobi. Enrai sat down in his corner, and with him was a small basket of various fruits, vegetables and other plant matter, as well as a piece of wood, a small knife, a plastic bottle, and a strip of cloth that seemed to be a rag. It seemed like the regulars on the first floor of the training facility had gotten used to his shenanigans already, and so they did not stare at him this time when he brought in the weird assortment of objects, they simply glanced at him, became curious, and then looked away. He was going to be doing a training that was highly advanced and difficult, and he was wondering if he could do it successfully, and so he had a wide assortment of items to help him practice. Flooding an object with enough earth chakra to petrify it was something that was possible, but he had not heard of any technique that could just do it outright, so this was uncharted territory for him at this point, but he had to get started quickly regardless. He decided to grab something that was pretty close to the earth already, and if there was something that would be able to house all of this earth chakra and petrify, it was the potato that he grabbed from his bucket. This thing was a root vegetable, sitting in the dirt all day, and probably had traces of earth chakra in it already, as chakra was coursing through all things in this world With earth chakra already in it, it should be able to accept more and petrify faster, right? This thought process seemed to be going down a good road, but it was still a bit naive in thinking, as he simply put a bunch of earth chakra in it, and nothing happened. He was not really sure how to start the petrification process, so he was just going by instinct. Enough earth chakra would change the structure of something, right? He had seen people burst into flames when they were using too much fire aligned chakra, so he thought that the same rule might apply with earth chakra, so he simply put a bunch of earth chakra into the potato and observed what was happening. In reality, it was nothing… nothing was happening to the potato except that the earth aligned chakra was leaking out incredibly fast, like a balloon with a leak in it. Enrai stopped pumping the earth chakra in, and noticed something odd, in that the organic matter refused to contain the earth chakra for more than a few moments, and it just went away. He wondered if this was simply something to do with the organic material, so he quickly grabbed the plastic bottle and started pumping the earth aligned chakra into it instead. This seemed to fare better, as the object was refined, so it was not really organic material anymore, and so the earth chakra could sit inside of it, and was just waiting for a mental instruction from Enrai, and for him to do hand seals to start programming a function for the earth chakra. This was something that he did not know how to do at the moment, but he had figured out that organic material needed some form of blueprint when it came to the chakra, or it would just be expelled from the organic material, as it was not meant to house a large amount of chakra. He supposed he would need some sort of jutsu if he wanted to cook a potato with fire chakra too, so there was nothing much he could do with all the organic material before he figured out how to petrify the non organic material. He would note that almost everything he had was organic, but after a bit of thorough testing, he concluded that the difference between what could hold a large amount of the earth chakra and what could not had to do with how processed it was. The strip of cloth that he had resisted a lot of the earth chakra and let it leak out, because it was just minimally processed cotton woven into cloth, but the knife happily accepted the earth chakra, and it was the item with the second fewest amount of chakra leaking out of it, as it was almost as processed as the plastic bottle. The plastic bottle, on the other hand, seemed like it was meant to be a container for the chakra, no pun intended, as the highly processed material could hold it much better than the organic material. Enrai was pondering on why this could be, and he figured that it was just like condensing water. Chakra seemed to flow around like a liquid or a gas around the world, and different things could hold different amounts based on how processed they were, but this was only when you took into account that the person infusing the chakra into it was not using any specific technique to do so. This meant that processed materials were like condensed versions of the materials that made them up, meaning you could condense the chakra into them at a higher rate and volume. This was a bit of a revelation for Enrai, and now he just had to figure out how to petrify it, but this thinking led him to an idea on how to do so, and that was to compress the earth chakra, forcing the earth chakra into the very molecules that made up the item. This should bind them closer together and cause them to feel heavy, eventually turning them into stone directly from the earth chakra condensing into it. This meant that Enrai was going to have to form a small technique to do so, so he was going to being experimenting on the different hand seals, as if they were a mathematical formula, to see which hand seal or combination of different hand seals would allow him to suffuse, compress, and then bind the earth chakra with the material, and the easiest to do this with would be the plastic bottle, considering almost none of the chakra was leaking out when he pumped a bunch into it. Enrai stood up suddenly and rushed out of the training area, ignoring his bucket of items, because who would steal the items worth no more than one hundred ryo, considering they were all ninjas, as he needed to go out to the general store quickly so that he could find a notepad. He did not keep a notepad with him because he always thought he had a great memory, so he did not really ever need it or to take notes, but this was important, sort of like a scientific paper, so he needed to be able to fall back on his research if he got stuck, instead of just trying to muddle through it with his own memory and thoughts. This was seemingly uncharted territory, as he thought he might have figured out a way to petrify things without using a massive amount of chakra. He had heard of a technique petrifying things before, but it was one of the highest ranking techniques in the world, or so the rumors went, definitely not suitable for the common man or elemental aficionado. This could be something that anyone could use with the proper training, and so Enrai wanted to make sure that it was all written down somewhere. Enrai rushed into the store while the idea was still fresh in his mind, and grabbed a notepad and a pencil, before heading out of the store and rushing back to the training facility. People were running around the village all the time, so it was not that strange to see him doing it, so he did not get any stares or anyone trying to mess with him on his way back to the training facility. After he had gotten back into the training facility and headed back to his particular spot in the corner, he saw that his bucket had remained untouched, as he thought it would be, but it still made him happy that no one messed with it in a town of missing ninjas, but he supposed it was the strict rules around thievery. He still shuddered at the idea, thinking back to a couple of days ago when he was talking with the gate guard that gave him the visitor’s pass, telling him that any amount of thievery, no matter how small, would cost whoever did it an arm. Enrai shook those thoughts out of his head, before scribbling down his findings on chakra and starting to do more experiments, first starting with the water bottle. The training and theory was a bit of a double edged sword, as while it was easy to actually infuse the water bottle with earth chakra, it was very difficult to test the theory, because the processed materials of the water bottle were fairly dense, and difficult to force the earth elemental chakra into on a molecular level, but it was still worth trying. It felt sort of like squeezing an orange, but the orange was almost as hard as a rock. You could still squeeze it to try and get some juice out of it, but it took a lot more strength and effort than normal, and it was very time consuming. After a while of forcing more and more chakra into the bottle between a bunch of breaks to ‘catch his breath’ sort of, he could tell that the bottle was slowly becoming harder. He was wondering if the earth chakra was only making it harder, or if it was actually slowly turning it into stone through petrification. He was going to keep at it until he was sure that it was petrifying it or if it was doing nothing to it after a certain point. After a while, it seemed like it was working, as he could tell that some of the material of the bottle was becoming a darker color, and although he could not see it microscopically, the color change was a good indicator that there was something happening that was turning it into earth or stone. He wanted to check something, so he ran his finger over the part of the bottle that was turning brown, attempting to scrape off some of the stone that was gathering there, as he wanted to make sure that the bottle was being turned into stone, and not that stone and dirt was forming on top of it instead. Luckily, it was the former, and Enrai was ecstatic about it, knowing that he figured out the secrets behind petrifying something. Now all he needed to do was figure out how to make it more efficient, but this required hand seals to be tested vigorously, to start forming a jutsu that could actually perform the effect that he wanted. He had never really made a jutsu before, but he had studied others and knew how they worked, which was why he could even begin to do the work in making a new one through trial and error. Once the water bottle was fully immersed in the earth chakra, it had fully solidified into rock, and so Enrai now had to get to the other objects, which also slowly turned into stone, although it was quite a bit more difficult when it came to the more organic materials. After he had figured this out, it had been a few more hours, and it was stretching into the afternoon, and so it was about time for him to leave for the day, get something to eat, and head back to the apartment he was renting. He had gotten quite a bit of progress done, and made sure to write down any of his findings on the notepad that he had bought. He made sure to protect the notepad, although he was going to release this information out into the world later, he wanted to make sure no one beat him to it. He headed out and went to his favorite kebab place that he had found previously, and had a great time sampling some other dishes that still had some of the delicious lamb meat. After he had eaten his fill, he headed towards his apartment for a good night’s rest, after he finished organizing his notes about what he had done that day, and focusing on the hand seals. After a while of organizing his notes, he rewrote them in a way so that people could understand them if they were simple laymen. This took him quite a few more hours, and by the time he was actually done and ready to sleep, it was really dark.
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Dawn of the Second Day [Solo, Training] Empty Re: Dawn of the Second Day [Solo, Training]

Tue Jul 20, 2021 10:10 pm
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