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Stat Page : Senju, Shiroyasha
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Walking Le Doges, Cheems and Shiba (WIP) Empty Walking Le Doges, Cheems and Shiba (WIP)

Tue Jul 20, 2021 10:16 am
Mission Details: Dog Walker
Participating Shinobi: Uchiha, Shiroyasha

Shiroyasha made his way to the Hoshi Mission Office. The night before he had aquired a contract to walk two Wolf hounds owned by a local blacksmith. The man needed time to clean the kennel where he kept the two dogs. Their names were Cheems, a husky female; and Shiba, a nonstop barking male. These two were breeding hounds, utilized by Inuzuka of Hoshigakure. There pups ancestry was spread all over the nation in fact, so the mission was a sort of regal one. 

Of course Shiro had no idea how big the poops would be. Wearing a white v neck, covered by his black leather jacket, Shiroyasha made his way to the kennels. The Uchiha creat was seen into the back of his cool jacket. Shiro was enjoying the weather when he heard a loud bark. 

Wood, wood. The barking qent on, as if the animal needn't breathe. Wood, wood. Again and again. Shiroyasha snickered, an animal lover at heart. The priest was excited to give the owner of these dogs the precious opportunity to clean up their kennels Shuro banged on the gate, he could still hear the dog barking. According to the mission details the barking canine was Shiba. 

Shiba was a young male with deep brown fur. His wide snout, and short legs gave him a funny appearance. Shiba was infamous for being a loud mouth. 

Cheems was the female, and purportedly notoriously lazy. She rarely went for walks, and it was mentioned that most of the kennel cleaning was from her doing. Shiro expected shenwould be the more difficult of dogs to walk. Suddenly the gate opened, a blonde haired Inuzuka letting Shiro in. They made their way to the absolutely giant gates where the breeding dogs were kept. The Inuzuka released the seal, opening the gates. 

The two dogs came running affectionately. Cheems was more jogging while Shiba barked the whole time. His tongue was hanging out as he made his way over. Both dogs were at least one hundred fifty pounds. Shiroyasha wondered what leashes he would use. 

The Inuzuka girl explained Shiro would be using Guuinjutsu to keep them nearby. She pulled three sealing tags from her fanmy pack, and channeled chakra into them. Swiftly she threw them at Shiro and the two dogs. She explained, if the dogs get too far a loud whistle will go off, the further away the louder it would be. 

Shiros jaw was slack. He asked, "So I have to chase them?" The dog trainer explained the sound would get so loud the dogs would stop moving, but that he would have to hurry since prolonged detachment from the ninja would create a whistling from his. The gap between dogs and Shiro couldnt exceed 5 meters, which might have been considerably if each dog wasn't almost 3 meters from tail to snout. As well, after Ten minutes at a distance of 15 meter, Shiroyasha's tag would go off. 

Shiroyasha understood the mission, he agreed to everything. In fact Shiroyasha signed a release saying the dogs life were his responsibility. Inuzuka were always the most guarded of owners. 

Shiroyasha was still standing with the Inuzuka in the gates, watching Cheems lay down and trying to ignore Shibas barking. He was a bit overwhelmed, unsure if these two seeming obstinate animals would follow him. Shir took a step backwards watching them, both dogs simultaneously looked his way. Shiro snapped his fingers and Shiba stopped barking for a second before he continued. 

Shiroyasha took another step backwards, nearly 5 meters now. The dogs were unphased. Shiro stepped back again, and the whistling went off. It was quite loud, Shiro easily able to hear it from the distance. He snapped his fingers again, and the two dogs came. Cheems was a bit slow, Shiro decided she would lead Shiba on the walk. After petting and getting to km now the dogs outside the fence, Shiro walked with them to the gate. They were obedient and Shiro was certain the mission would go quickly. 

The two hounds were absolutely obedient and Shiro spent the whole day with them. Comfortable by their presence Shiro even walked them around the mountain where his home was. The dogs happily trotted with him, never once penetrating the proximity seals. Shuro was most impressed, and returned them at night to the kennel. It was considerably cleaner, and the two dogs ran back upon sight of their home. Shiro ran with them, happily keeping the proximity seals from going off last minute.

The Inuzuka confirmed his success, and removed the seal from him. Shiroyasha was proud of his work, and carried on to return the mission as finished.. 

Total WordCount: 781
Jutsu Trained: 
Basic Sealing Technique (500/500)
Sharingan, 2 Tomoe +281 WC to 2,152 Original WC (2,433/4,000)
Stat Allocation: +7 Vigor
AP Earned: 5
Ryo Earned: 1,000
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Stat Page : Walking Le Doges, Cheems and Shiba (WIP) S02EsjX
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 96000

Walking Le Doges, Cheems and Shiba (WIP) Empty Re: Walking Le Doges, Cheems and Shiba (WIP)

Tue Jul 20, 2021 5:53 pm
Walking Le Doges, Cheems and Shiba (WIP) FNbQpoZ
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