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Yemma J. Kibitsuji
Yemma J. Kibitsuji
Stat Page : The Spider
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Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 5500

The Spider That Spun a Noose Empty The Spider That Spun a Noose

Sat Jul 17, 2021 6:41 am
The sound of birds chirping would echo throughout the area as a lone shinobi walked through the grove that lay within sunagakure , the light humming of cicadas would hang in the air. A small pang of sadness would splash across yemma's heart as he walked , 'im going to miss this when I'm gone...but at least i wont be a burden least ill finally have peace' he would think to himself as he strolled along the path. He would often come to this place after missions , training or just to let his spiders feed and roam but today was not for leisure.

Yemma had ventured into the grove today not to relieve himself of any stress , but to cast off the burden of living. In the four years of peace he held while in suna , he hadn't made a single friend , forged a single connection , his ability as a soldier was debatable at best, he was greateful to suna for the many years of peace and stability but what was a life to live if you had to be alone in the world.

After a few hours of walking yemma would come to a rather large pond full of spider lillies , he would take a moment to sit at the banks edge and enjoy the sight one last time. He would take a moment to gaze out upon the small pond and shed a few silent tears , a small smile would begin to spread on his face a mix of relief , pain and anxiety painted on his face he let the tears flow freely.

The Spider That Spun a Noose 3106a66ceafde027a2e259df80fb1d28

he would pull his legs into himself and bury his head between his knees as he allowed his release of emotions to become stifled crys , this far into the grove surely he would be alone no one to see his moment of weakness. Once the crying had died down he would remain at the waters edge for hours unmoving attempting to think of any reason he would have to go home , like he had done many time before.

'not again...not this time' a voice would ring out in his head as he stood from the ponds edge almost falling in as he did so , He qould walk over to a tree and reach into his weapon pouch producing a single white coiled rope. He would then begin to tie the rope in a hangman's noose hand shaking as he did so , his mind hazy he wouldn't notice the great stream of spiders fleeing from his pans legs or the spiders biting his arms underneath his jacket as their hive was now in danger due to their host.

The sudden burts of spiders would lead any who would stumble upon this area , to the soon be corpse that will be Yemma J. Kibitsuji.

Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
Stat Page : Hyuuga Souji Statistics
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 500

The Spider That Spun a Noose Empty Re: The Spider That Spun a Noose

Sat Jul 17, 2021 8:41 am
Hyuuga Souji, Prince of Sunagakure no Sato, Dragon of the Sand, a notable troublemaker, sat upon a tree, near a considerably large pond. Hood up and over his head. Matching the same shade of green as the leaves that stem from the branches of this standalone tree. His hands interlocked and cradled behind his head as he used the tree as a recliner. Chakra abolished to keep those that are none the wiser in the dark of his presence, unless they were actively searching for him. He commemorated a time when he was completely aliened to the workings of his sensory capabilities. Now he finds his discharge of it handy for moments such as these. 

His tranquility and quiet allowed him the chance to clear his mind and avert any and all negative thoughts that tempted him to bedevil his mind in an attempt to bring him down. He has done quite well for himself. He could recall the very first time that he traveled to this village. He was a poor, damaged, broken child. Filthy and on the brink of starvation. He didnot have a dime to his name. His mind set on giving it all up, life, pain, struggles and everything else that he deemed as unfair if it was not for one Kunoichi by the name of Ohta Mizuki, his adoptive mother. Upon first meeting, she saw some parts of herself in him, where he same most of himself in her. Their eyes were the same, exactly mirrored copies. Even to this day, it was hard to tell that these two were not related because of their lilac eyes — Mizuki saved Souji in more ways than she may have realized. In truth, unbeknownst to Souji, he actually saved her from the darkness that she was gradually falling into. 

Suddenly, lilac peepers opened and deviated towards the lower left of his seat. The Prince would take notice of a man who seemed to air a dark cloud of air around him. Being 15 feet away from him, the boy could not help but pick up an array of chakra shaping from him. Souji would narrow his gaze on him, finding that the chakra that was coming from him was not necessarily only his own, but also something else, something natural in a sense. As the man retrieved a rope and put it into a noose, the boy continued to stare at him. He understood what that was for. He had countless years of attempting the very same thing up until he joined this village. 

Briskly from the man’s person, a number of spiders crawled from him and started to assail him. Souji knew from that moment that this man was not merely thinking about it, but he was going to do it. Oddly, there was something about this sight that made Souji feel a slight trace of nostalgia. “Apparently you have some still fighting for you to stay among us, can you not see that?” He would speak. His presence would be revealed at that time and his suppression would lift. His high chakra would be revealed as the leaves about him would waft in his releasing of it, like wind brushing through them. “It’s not any of my interest what you do with your life, but from the looks of it you won’t be leaving without damaging and putting at risk the lives of others.” He observed as they fought frantically to prevent their host from doing harm to their nest, or hive. 

Souji could recognize a feeling almost similar to this one, his heart-to-heart with Sebastian on one of their missions. Not much needed to be alluded to, but it was because of that conversation that Souji learned that he and Sebastian were not so different from each other. The same goes for Shizo. It was like Souji was prone to finding himself in situations such as these. “Let me ask you something, before you do what it is that you are aiming to do. Let me ask what pain are you allowing to make you believe that you will not be missed? What pain are you allowing to make you believe that you’re a burden? And what pain are you allowing to make you believe that you’re not loved?” Such words coming from the mouth of someone like Souji only comes on rare cases, this was one of them. He understood the signs of suicide better than anyone in this village, even his own mother. There was not a single soul amongst them better to talk to. His aim was not to help convince this man that he should not do it, but to convince him to see what he would be leaving behind once he did.

[WC: 793]
Yemma J. Kibitsuji
Yemma J. Kibitsuji
Stat Page : The Spider
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Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 5500

The Spider That Spun a Noose Empty Re: The Spider That Spun a Noose

Sat Jul 17, 2021 9:45 am
Yemma would jump slightly as the smooth voice of a stranger pulled him from his haze. He would slowly look up at the man, his eye’s red as the devil from his tears , his arms shaking as he held the rope having been stopped upon his tird go around of the noose. The pain of the thousands of spiders biting at his legs and arms coming in clearly , sadly this final plea at wanting to live did little as he had grown immune to their venom many years ago during his youth. A small smile in the form of the corners of his mouth up turning would be shown as he gave a short chuckle , “it seems i do have atleast a few people fighting in my corner” he would say attempting to mask his sadness a bit as he slowly began to continue his noose. But wincing in pain focing him to drop the rope as he finished his sentence he would drop to his knee’s and began tearing at his coat tossing it to the side along with his button up shirt ripping it from his person revealing the colony of spiders that were further asailing him from beneath his clothes.

His breathing would become slightly labored as he sat there for a moment , the hive still biting him but seemingly calmling he would remain in the kneeling position till his heart beat calmed. This in turn would sooth the hive in some fashion as after a few minutes they would begin to stream onto the ground behind him into the grove , a few still remained and where biting him but the vast majority were now forging for food within the grove. Those that where forging where bringing back other insects bound in little sacs of silk meant to feed the colony.

During this time Yemma would listen intently to the young mans line of questioning , a moment of silence would occur after that. Yemma would swallow a lump in his throat before reaching out for the rope again but this time he didn’t start another loop he would eye the hempen rope , “I have no Family , I have no Friends say the one who is resting beneath konoha soil , what’s a life worth living if you live it alone….” he would pause the spiders seemingly pausing to watch him slowling there movements in case they needed to subdue him.

Yemma would take this time to look into the man's eyes , “i lost everything , i came to suna because i thought i could make a home here but i'm alone , i try to lose myself in my work and make a family out of my comrads sadly i'm as piss poor at combat as i am at socializing how can anyone miss a lump of coal like myself….im a walking hive of spiders all ive ever done is survive and now what reason do i have to live?” yemma would let that question hang in the air for a while as he stared into souji’s eyes “ As for love….you lose site of the concept over the years , and after awhile you stop seeing love but value atleast thats what my last handler burnt into my skull everyone is worth something and those not worth anything are a burden on the world….” he would pause fiddling with the rope “like myself”

“All i’ve had since i was young was these spiders….they depend on me for food , shelter and safety….in a way they are my only tether” he would say an honest smile dancing across his face as raised his hand up toward his cheek as if to wipe off a tear only to reveal a rather large black and red spider waving its arms frantically as it stood atop the back of his hand. It was the Queen of the hive she was shrieking about something sadly only yemma or another aburame would be able to know what indignities she was screeching right now due to the fact her colony was in danger mere moments ago.

Yemma would give a light chuckle “my apologies your majesty” as he stared down at the spider then back at souji “uh,,,hooded the queen of my Hive Olivia” he would say trying to ask for the young mans name without truly outright asking for it.

WC: 729
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