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Stat Page : Senju, Shiroyasha
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 4000

Studying Ho-Musubi (Training, Lore, Lonely) Empty Studying Ho-Musubi (Training, Lore, Lonely)

Tue Jul 13, 2021 7:34 pm
Prologue: Shiroyasha is at home, studying the various scrolls housed by the Temple of Musubi. 
Shinobi Involved: Uchiha, Shiroyasha
Skill Trained: Clan Pureblood - Bonus +25 Vigor from Uchiha Genetics beginning with 0/2000 WordCount Requirement.

Prologue: History of Ho-Musubi
The early evening was over in the late spring. There was lots of sun, but the ground was still wet from morning rain and the cloudy overcast made way for an early night tiding. Birds could be heard, sing songing to each other before sleep while Shiroyasha read at his bedroom desk. The sun was setting and light began to dim inside of his room, the Uchihasquinted his eyes to focus his vision and read the scrolls text. Shiroyasha stood from his desk and closed his blinds to the outdoors and lit a candle. The bright red flame flickered inside of a glass jar. The thin wick was surrounded by a gelatinous oil inside the jar that acted as a fuel for the fire; the soft lighting was just enough to keep focus on the scroll Shiro was reading.

On the third week of every month Shiroyasha routinely studied the collection of sermons his father translated from the statue of Aiya. Aiya was the guardian goddess of the Uchiha clan, and Shiroyasha's great-great grandfather was the second Uchiha that spoke through chakra vision with Aiya. This made him the Second Beloved of Aiya, and the first formally recognized Priest by Ho-Musubi. 

The Statue of Aiya was created by Yusuke Uchiha, Senior. After watching his beloved friend grow a tainted philosophy, this friend of Yusuke Senior believed the Uchiha clan was to carry out a menacing stance in the world. He believed such ludicrous notions after Aiya communicated to him. This communication accompanied his Sharingan eyes activating, and this Uchiha named Tatsuo believed the spirit that spoke to him was the Uchiha's spiritual guardian who gave them blessings, the Sharingan, to protect the eternal flame that burns inside. 

Yusuke Senior determined that the Astro-Wheel Ember that held Aiya's chakra presented wisdom too simply for the susceptible Uchiha developing among war and poverty. Particularly those with unstable behavior towards violence. Yusuke Senior, after becoming familiar with Aiya through the Ember, created his own beliefs and founded the religion of Ho-Musubi.

Yusuke believed that Aiya was a guardian of secrets that were held within Uchiha bloo, and that these secrets are directly tied to the fire an Uchiha's soul is divided from. Yusuke believed this fire was shared by other beings who could control the same signature Katon as the Uchiha. He disregarded Tatsuo's belief in Aiya's influence with the Sharingan as logically sequential to her nature as a spirit that safeguarded the emotions of Uchiha while they developed their ability as descendants of Indra, who brought Katon to humankind. Yusuke determined Aiya was a Lunar Goddess that influenced the ebb and flow of Uchiha with an affinity for Katon. 

Yusuke Senior created thisnreligion around Aiya's worship, with the main philosophy of the believers being that respect of life fuels love and forgiveness as a spiritual fire in the hearts of humanity, that can mature into a force used to ascend human potential. Uchiha were the only members of this religion, and prayed to Aiya as a goddess that distributed their logos to the source of life. Aiya would then commune with Uchiha through the Astro-Wheel Ember and impart wisdom for evolving the Uchiha's logos. Often speaking in allegories featuring fire and space, Aiya also became inspiration for Katon users of the clan.

To keep angry, hateful and vengeful Uchiha from discovering Aiya's wisdom and using it without respect for the power they already possessed, Yusuke Uchiha the First casted the Astro-Wheel Ember inside of newly forged metal the gem crashed onto the earth inside of. Some Uchiha believe Aiya instructed him to do this, however his great grandson, Yusuke the Second and Shiroyasha's father, did not believe this. 

Prologue: Part 2
If the Astro-Wheel Ember is seen by an Uchiha, their Sharingan can be activated against their will while Aiya channels her own spiritual energy into the space stone. The spirit Aiya will then siphon the Uchiha's chakra as her own chakra emanatesfrom the Ember. The Uchiha's chakra vision will see a display of written words, coalesced together by the chakra, through their spinning tomoes enhanced vision. Communing through the Ember is a highly psychedelic experience. 

The siphoning of chakra from the stone is small, however the pain from Sharingan eyes being overworked, along with being accompanied by such profound ways of conveying knowledg; this communal can result in profoundly odd interpretations of the information transferred. As well skewed beliefs of what Aiya communicates, as well what she is, have spread among the religion. Some people who spoke with Aiya in the early yeats when the Temple let any Uchiha commune were said to go completely insane, hearing voices and seeing words in their normal vision.

There were many stories of Uchiha who once believed only anger activated their Doujutsu, or that some can reverse time and alter space with a mere look. It was during these early times that people believed that spirits influenced the Uchiha eyes, instead of the facts that biology dictates Genetics. However, it's still unknown if Aiya knows or cares about the Uchiha. She certainly does not speak frankly so simple questions regarding the Sharingan dont recieve answers. Aiya does know about fire manipulation, and seems to be mostly interested in the mundane features of chakra among the living.

The Astro Wheel Ember, and in turn Aiya, are not capable nor knowledgeable of such Uchiha specifics. The spirit does not care about how many time Uchiha pray for knowledge on the Sharingan, or who they kill to grow in power. Mostly Aiya acts like a friend, consoling of emotional fatigue. Often her writings through chakra were heart warming to Uchiha who became owners of Acolyte families, and helped relieve priests from their duties while they were busy grieving over loss of family during the Warring Periods. These acolyte families are the only surviving members of the religion since the current priest moved for private practice among the worshippers.

To prevent Aiya from causelessly imparting such Empathetic feelings to undesirable Uchiha through chakra, Yusuke Uchiha Sr. created the Statue of Aiya to harness the Astro-Wheel Ember. With the Ember inside specially forged metal from the space it presumably came from, only under certain events like blood sacrifice could Aiya communicate from chakra. Only the acolyte families and priesthood families are familiar with the rituals.

The Astro-Wheel Ember is a black metallic crystal that shimmers as if the contained trisphere shimmer were black flames sealed inside the gem. The exact nature of the gemstone is nuclear, such as its density; however it is very black, and incredibly hot to the touch. It has a normal weight, however it is rumored to float in water before being encased in the Statue. Currently possessed by a secret family inside the Uchiha clan this gemstone known as the Astro Wheel Ember is the only way to communicate with Aiya. 

Prologue: Part 3
Currently Shiroyasha's father, Yusuke Junior, protects the statue that holds the gemstone. This Uchiha is the only current age Priest in Aiya's worship. He maintains the shrine the statue is attached to. In addition to protecting its physical integrity, Yusuke Junior also practices secret cult worship daily. His worship is welcomed by Aiya and  she encourages her priest to spread the worship to worthy people. 

Communing daily with Aiya through the Ember bestows the priest with the prodigal ability to craft Fuuinjutsu formula with untold speed by training their eyes to quickly decipher equations and discover demographic points where chakra can be sealed. This art is dependent on communicating with Aiya for extended periods of time. The mind naturally develops this ability as it processes the Sharingans supernatural sight and Aiya resonates chakra from the Ember that highlights certain flows of energy in their vision.

While most who do know of the Embers existence are aware that the Uchiha posses it, it is mostly unknown outside of high ranking shinobi of Hoshigakure. Even other country Uchiha may be unaware of The Astro-Wheel Ember. 

Aiyas presence through the gem is not publicly known outside of the 2 Royal Uchiha Families that were chosen as priest bearers. It is common knowledge that Hoshi Uchiha of this family who tend the Temple are particularly zealous of spiritual worship. The Hoshigakure public has noted the Temples ever burning fires, and even recruited Temple Uchiha to use their Katon proficiency for water heating in the public domains of the village.

Entirely it is unclear to the public what exactly the Uchiha keep inside of the Temple of Aiya, or what Aiya means. They generally believe Aiya to be a goddess, however most know little besides that. 

Prologue: Part 4
Shiro was reading his fathers authorship with an unbreakable focus. He was even sweating as his eyes scanned the scroll. Mostly he knew the scrolls contents by heart, and was mentally taking noted as he studied the history of his religion. This history, was the same as his families, and Shiroyasha was prideful determined to be an expert as he recalled each of these facts variously. His eyes went back and forth, his mind flooded with facts and knowledge not written on the scroll; Shiroyasha's access to written knowledge spanned 5 generations deep, and most history the Temple had was intertwined with his forefathers. 

Shiroyasha's great-great grandfather, Yusuke Senior, was involved with some of the underground events that shaped religion within the modern Uchiha clan. Shiro had learned that after Yusuke recovered the Ember from another Uchiha, he went on a life long quest to share the wisdom of Aiya with all of the Uchiha clan.  This would turn out to be a great mistake, and the next priest who hailed from another family was infamously ruthless in keeping private the religion of Aiya.

Shiro kept reading his father scrolls, his mind begining to wander as he recalled info not written in the scroll.

In the early years of the Uchiha Clans migration into  Hoshigakure, the Astro-Wheel Ember fell from the sky onto a mountain peak where an Uchiha family was building a hospital. One of the would be owners of the hospital was medical ninja named Tatsuo, Uchiha. He was involved with this hospital's construction, and inspecting the hospital's newly operating light system. Tatsuo was flipping the switched inside when he saw a flash of light fall from the sky. The Uchiha ran outside and discovered the Astro-Wheel Meteorite in the wreckage of its crash. 

Inside of the metallic rock was a large, hand sized gemstone. Tatsu tried to carry it, however it was too hot. After dropping it many times on the way to the Jogokages office, Tatsuo hopefully reported the object as a mystical item. 

The Astro-Wheel Ember was mundanely classed as a D Rank Augmented Rock, and fell into obscurity. The ninja who found it however, did not forget about it. Some years after the meteorite crashed there was an opportunity among creative shinobinin Hoshi. The Hogokage promised a large sum of Ryo to an engineer who could create a functional Hoshigakure signature weapon for Genin. Tatsup rented the item from the Hoshikage and began research trying to rwolicatenits effect for explosives. He spent his entire life savings investing in the study of the Astro-Wheel Ember, which was publicly known as the Hot Rock at the time. Tatsuo ultimately failed, and after 20 years decided to buy the item as a souvenir. The old man prepared to live his life out working in his hospital.

Prologue: Part 5
One day, after working hard in the hospital, Tatsuo was walking home. The elderly man was an accomplished ninja at one time in his life, however in his old age he wasn't in tune with his chakra like he had been in the past. Once upon a time Tatsuo was capable enough to use Chakra Scalpels without handseals, however the ninja had adopted mechanics in liue of his failing physical health. When Tatsuo was stabbed by an assailant that night, had his Sharingan not activated he would have died. 

Danger emanated from the shadows behind Tatsuo, and he barely noticed he was being followed. When the young thief attacked, Tatsuo let a wail out. He was certainly taken off guard, but when the perpetrator stuck his knife into Tatsuo's guts the Uchiha's blood was awakened. 

The sclera in his eyes flashed red, and one single tome began swirling around his eye.swiftly Tatsuo grasped the young mans hand and forcefully pushed him back. The kunai was removed from Tatsup Uchihas guts, and he whimpered. Wasting no time, the fit young attacker jabbed forward to stab again. Tatsuo Uchiha was prepared this time. His Sharingan traced the curvature of fabric, anticipating the knife jab. The elder stepped forward surprisngly, leaning to his right and securing the knife by squeezing thenyoungnmans hand. With his other hand Tatsuo held a hand seal, and formed Chakra Scalpels around the hand that gripped his opponents wrist.

The violators tendons were severed and he fell to the ground screaming. Tatsuo started limping back from whence he came, intending to go back to the hospital recieve treatment. However the strain of his newly awakened Sharingan was too much with a near fatal wound like he had in his stomach. Tatsuo fainted on the streets, and woke up from a coma some months later.

 Once he was physically rehabilitated the elder reluctantly decided to retire, and spent most of his time at home. Tatsuo would often speak to himselfwhile sitting in his backyard, curious how he would ever again activate his Sharingan. 

One day he decided to pay a visit to the Astro-Wheel Ember, reminiscing on his youth. Tatsuo opened up the box that the currently unrestrained Ember was resting inside of. Instantly his Sharingan was activated, the spirit of Aiya reaching for his Katon chakra. The fire spirit siphoned his chakra, and quickly Tatsuo could see chakra radiating from the gem. 

Along the edges of where the chakra receded into the air, was a silver lining. Tatsuo, nearly unconscious from the shock of his Sharingan reactivating, snapped into focus. He saw inside of the silver lining were kanji, and he read them. The message was obscure, but certainly existed. 

Tatsuo's single tome swirled around his red eye at maximum speed and he read aloud, "I live as Aiya, the burning flame of control. This divinity, is among our stars." 

Tatsuo read the text over and over again, the silver lining repeating the writing as Aiya consumed more of the divine essence his body contained. Tatsuo chakra was draining faster than usual, and the out of shape old man hit the ground in a stupor. His Sharingan deactivated, and Tatsuo was asleep for 3 days.

Tatsuo awoke, unusually without thirst or hunger. Instead Tatsuo appeared as a changed man, and told his family that this spirit Aiya had granted him a dream. He claimed this dream detailed the rise of the Uchiha clan by consuming the world in fire from above. Tatsuo became a changed man, the illumination of Aiya proving to be a life changing event in his life. Tatsuo began practicing ninjutsu again, and became proficient with his Sharingan activation by speaking to Aiya through the Asto-Wheel Ember, which he named.

Tatsuo became familiar with the spirit attached to the Ember. Aiya seemed benevolent, and often responded to prayers he had made to her in private. Aiya displayed incredible skill with sensing empathy through chakra, and became an interactive conversationalist as Tatsuo grew with skill as a Sharingan bearer. 

With 2 tomoe Tatsuo had accumulated enough knowledge of Aiya, through her obscure pattern of communication through chakra vision, to confidently share her with other Uchiha. Tatsuo believed Aiya wished to collect Uchiha for a cause. This cause inspired him to become increasingly violent, even as an old man. Tatsuo traveled around the world sharing the experience of the Astro-Wheel Ember to other Uchiha families. 

Recruiting his daughter for the travels, Murika Uchiha, the pair influenced Uchiha belief in the Sharingan hailingnfrom a spiritual presence. Marika was a troubled woman, suffering from traumatic despair. She was a highly skilled Sharingan holder, with three tomoe she was able to speak with Aiya much longer than Tatsuo. However Aiya did not favor her, instead giving her messages that features more dogmatic allegories. Murika is credited with creating the ritual rites of Ho-Musubi, however more than half of her work was abandoned before modern times. 

The two taught that through Aiya's wisdom, Uchiha could develop their Sharingan with greater fire power than any other human. One of Tatsuo's Tomes quotes Aiya in this regard, "We possess this Ember, to guide the spirits fire. This search makes fuel for life, and spirit to grow." Aiya often claimed, "I protect the spirits fire, from an ember in a perfect world." By preaching that through communication by the Astro-Wheel Ember, Uchiha could tap into this Ember for fuel with Katon. 

It is unknown if Tatsuo had actually plotted to use mind control upon Uchiha. Factually however Murika was imprisoned by Hoshigakure for influencing communion with Aiya in conjunction with Genjutsu. Murika was noted as believing in her fathers dream, with goals of using the Uchiha's fire to bring Aiya through the Astro-Wheel Ember. What she thought would become of this is unknown, however with her imprisonment the religion of Ho-Musubi became silent for the first time. Tatsuo died soon after his daughters life sentence, never commenting on her goals. 

Before his death Tatsuo passed the Astro-Wheel Ember to a family of Uchiha that seemed most receptive to its abilities. Yusuke Uchiha the First became sole possessor of the Ember, as well as all of Tatsuo and Murika's known written literature on Aiya. Incredibly proficient with the Sharingan, Yusuke the First became favored by Aiya through persistent practice of Murikas rituals. 

Prologue: Part 6
During this period Yusuke shedded much of the less humane rituals Murika had devised for Aiya's worship. Still largely mysterious, Yusuke determined she was more fond of certain things than other. Yusuke wrote several public tomes that consisted of the Ho-Musabi creed Tatsuo created. Yusuke did not believe in the former owners belief that Aiya was aiming to use the Uchiha for power. Instead he believed that she sought to posses the eyes of Uchiha so that she could release purifying fire upon the world. 

After clearly defining the religions creed, Yusuke once again brought the Ember among his clan. Traveling with his wife, Yaya Uchiha, the self declared Priest of Ho-Musubi began his pilgrimage. Unlike the first Pilgrimage of Ho-Musubi this one was less well recieved. Mostnuchiha were aware and distrusting of the faith since Murika had been exposed as a threat. However some of the families that experienced the Ember before, as well as new ones, formed bonds with Yusuke that would last generations. These families possess mirrors enchanted with Fuuinjutsu that are linked to a large mirror poised in front of the Astro-Wheel Ember. These families are known as Acolyte Families.

On their travels, Yusuke fathered his first born son Kokou Uchiha. Kokou was raised for 10 years on the roads, learning of Aiya with his father. The young boy convinced his father to return to Hoshigakure and settle the religion with a temple. Yusuke agreed and the family returned. They built a temple on a mountain, and practiced their faith peacefully. The priesthood was eventually passed down to an Uchiha from an Acolyte family. 

The third priest of Ho-Musubi was actually a priestess named Yuri Uchiha. Kokou never developed his Sharingan, and served as a scribe for the Third Priest. Yuri moved in with Kokou and his elderly mother, the two young faithful eventually marrying. Yaya Uchiha was buried in the cemetery behind Ho-Musubi Temple with her husband. The third Priest carried the will of her predecessor and maintained the religion of Ho-Musubi as a secret. She also reinterpreted both of her predecessors writings, furthering explaining Aiya's words. Yuri excelled in understanding Aiya, and also wrote many scrolls containing Fuuinjutsu she developed with Aiya's wisdom. 

Yuri gave birth to a son named Yusuke the Second. She taught him in the ways of Ho-Musubi and her son proved to be a prodigy. Excelling as a youth in ninjutsu, Yuri and her husband prepared their son to become the next priest. Yuri and her husband are buried behind the temple.

"Yusuke the Second is the current, and most influential Priest of Ho-Musubi. He lives at the temple with his family, and is training his son to become the next priest." Shiroyasha sighed, blowing his hair in front of his eyes. The Uchiha had read this scroll countless times, and always remarked to himself how little his father mentioned their family. 

Shiroyasha close the scroll he was reading on his family's history. The next scroll was a secret one, not availablento thenpublic. Shiroyasha shuffled uncomfortably in his chair, not as excited to read this one again. The next scroll was a detailed account of Murikas crimes against her clan and nation. Despite the grotesque nature of the following study, it was essential to understanding Aiya's influence among the Uchiha. 

Digging his kunai into the candle, Shiroyasha lit the room up considerably more. He turned the scrolls spine, and began reading.

WordCount: 3,548
Skill Training:  Clan Pureblood (2,000/2,000
Jutsu Training: 
Phoenix Flower Technique C-Rank (1,000/1,000)
Mist Servant Technique (500/500)
Stat Allocation: +20 Chakra, +10 Strength, +5 Vigor

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Studying Ho-Musubi (Training, Lore, Lonely) Empty Re: Studying Ho-Musubi (Training, Lore, Lonely)

Wed Jul 14, 2021 11:36 pm

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Studying Ho-Musubi (Training, Lore, Lonely) Empty Murika and the Sorrow within Ho-Musubi (Training)

Sun Jul 18, 2021 12:07 pm
Skill Trained:  Sharingan(0/2,000)

Prologue: Part 1
Tragedy Strikes in the Temple

Some time had gone on since Shiroyasha's mother had passed. The Uchiha youth had been living in a daze, studying tomes and praying. Two months had passed. Falling ill with Scarlet fever, the middle aged woman suffered for almost two weeks before passing in bed. The medics were unable to soothe her fever, and she quickly grew delirious before death. She completely forgot who she was, and who her family consisted of. The woman became a shadow of herself.

Yusuke, Shiroyasha's father, tended to her daily. Not missing any second with her, he tried his best to soothe his wife. The man was sure that her diagnosis meant death was certain and spent every moment with her. Despite his love everyday she grew more confused, and even grew to be mean. Her true self was departed, and her body stayed on. Taking a leave from work in Hoshi Shiroyasha sat at the foot of her bed, praying daily with the crucifix he had made with her as a child. 

On the day she died, August Thirtieth, Shiro and Yusuke performed proper burial rights to aide her soul in passing to the afterlife. They drained the blood of her body, and burned all of her organs in the winds. Her hair was braided around her neck, and she was buried inside of a soft pine box that the two forlorn Uchiha had crafted. Shiroyashas mother was laid to rest peacefully, leaving the two Ho-Musubi priests to perform all the priestly duties of their temple alone. 

In the coming weeks Yusuke grew more detached than usual, and spent more time inside of the temple than ever before. He took it upon himself to keep the temple clean like his mother had, and took an entire month of leave. 

During this month, Shiro fell deep into the abyss as he overlooked his faith while grieving. One day while Shiro was sweeping he heard his father in the shrine room weeping. When his father exited the shrine, Shiro asked him what he was doing and the elder replied that he was studying Murika's tomes of Aiya. Intrigued, and hopeful he could retrieve relief within the confidence of Aiya's console: Shiro decided to study the graphic recollections of Aiya's most infamous follower as a way to cope with the loss of his mother. 

Still growing accustomed to reading Aiya's kanjis through the chakra shroud of the Astro-Wheel Ember, Shiroyasha was unsure if he could maintain focus as he studied among the shrine with his Sharingan. Presence of the Ember made it harder to read, but Shiro studied devoutly 

Part 1: Studying the Horrors of Ho-Musubi 
The Scrolls of Murika

Shiroyasha prayed for several hours each day. Reading Aiya's emotion through Kanji text emanating from the Ember, she was consoling towarda the youth. After prayer Shiro would keep his vision away from the Ember, sobbing as he absorbed the gravity of losing his mother and tried to comprehend Murika's writing while simultaneously training his Sharingan eye to focus. 

The shroud of chakra around the Ember occasionally flexed itself into his sight, Aiya expressing her metaphorical shoulder to cry on with the Kanji for "Eternal."

Murika's History
Murika's tome began with a brief telling of her life. The kunoichi struggled as a youth, rebellious and distrustful of her zealous father Tatsuo who discovered Aiyas Astro-Wheel Ember. As she grew older she became skilled with her Sharingan and ran from her home of Hoshigakure. The young girl traveled with a circus, and refined her arts as a thief in between acrobatic performances by night. 

Not written in the scrolls but family knowledge, Murika was abused by men and even was known to mingle with circus whores. She was truly a dark soul, born with a silver spoon and immediately spit out. Murika was not faithful as a youth, and despite her fathers life as a priest she held a lot of animosity for the idea of divinity.

According to her story, Murika began to find solace in prayers with Aiya, at the behest of her father after running from the circus and returning home. Aiya communicated vividly through Murika's advanced Sharingan, and Murika wrote that she was a steady hand for her in times of dismal internal feelings.

Aiya was an inspiration for Murika,  but in a different way than her father. Encouraging her to strengthen her self esteem the Goddess became an every day aspect of her life that the Uchiha used to develop confidence in her ability. 

Shiro wiped his eyes, feeling conflicting in his heart as he considered Murika's emotional state, and the vile acts she performed as a result of her attitude. He wasn't crying so hard, his Uchiha pride slightly disturbed by the womans actions.

Murika believed, up to her death in prison, that Aiya wanted women to change the life of men so that the soul fire would be fueled by rage instead of sorrow. Murika credited Aiya as inspiration for all of the now Forbidden Jutsu she used during her tenure as a companion for the traveling missionary of Ho-Musubi. 

Murika's Practice
According to Murika, Aiya responded differently to worship and ritual like she did when speaking with a man or a woman. She was the first to activate her Sharingan and perform rituals for Aiya at the Astro-Wheel Ember. Myrika learned that by spreading different oils on the Ember, Aiya's messages contained more vivid emotions depending on the make up of the oil. Milk, blood, sesame oil, and plant resin were the primary four that could be offered to understand how Aiya communicated feelings of trust, confidence, sorrow and empathy through chakra vision. Some oils made the messages more clear, while others contained more specific emotive vibrations within the process of viewing the Ember. 

On one event, Murika robbed a grave and took the deads blood upon the Ember. Aiya told her with confidence vibrating the text within the Sharingans sight, "Impatience has brought this Ages despair, so our tongue is stained by rage."

According to Murika this message was filled with feelings of sadness, with an emphasis on the body quivering as she spoke. In particular her tongue began shaking, and Murika used this communion to create both a ritual based on blood for invoking Aiya and a Genjutsu. 

This Genjutsu was one of many that she used upon Uchiha clansmen while they witnessed Aiya through the Astro-Wheel Ember.

Murika's Crimes
Demonic Illusion: Goblin Tongue is a Genjutsu activated by the user making eye contact with the Sharingan. Sound and feeling can be manipulated to make the victim think they are saying one thing, while their mouth says something different depending on what the victim hears; meanwhile they believe the user or another target to be speaking when in fact they are merely maintaining the Rat handseal. This technique is used to create false conversations.

This jutsu is how Murika "stole patience from the tongue of doubt." She reportedly used this jutsu on most families of Uchiha who Uchiha communed with Aiya during the Astro-Wheel Pilgrimage. Murika manipulated the victims to believe they expressed doubt in their abilies so that her father could sway them with worldly allure in the Goddess'affinity with Katon. Murika sold many expensive knock off jewels that were supposed to commune with the original ember and increase the users fire potency.

While the victim communed with Aiya through chakra vision, they would speak aloud to Tatsuo about the things Aiya showed them. Believing themselves to be hearing veiled knowledge of Katon they told the priest about what they saw. With Murika interfering her father rarely was able to give accurate readings of Aiyas intention, and Murika likely used the Genjutsu on him as well.

The families never followed Tatsuo truly, and likewise he was never an official leader of the temple. The beguiled Uchiha families ignored Aiya's wisdom and instead believed her to be a Fire spirit that increased the Uchihas fire power. Their allegiance was in the belief that Aiya gave them power, since Murika directed the conversation to the examples of Fire Aiya spoke in. Tatsuo, a victim of the jutsu himself, believed people to follow him for Aiya's connection to the Life Fire and happily went along with Murika while she sold them fake jewels.

These families became known as Mundanes, and are currently protected by the Acolyte families. Often this protection is without their knowledge, the Temple having the acolytes there to monitor if Aiya's influence has broken through yet. Some mundane families have become followers of the religion, understanding that Aiya is not the cause of the Sharingan, but a source of the spiritual presence within its power. Other Mundane families hold the Temple at its throat, actively persecuting them for attacking the clan as a group wi th Murikas experience.

Part 2: Ho-Musubi Musubi
Spirit Fire

The Spirit Fire is an integral part of Ho-Musubi theology that predates Murika. The story was interpreted by Tatsuo after communion with Aiya. The Spirit Fire can be summarized by the ultimate fact that living spirit requires a fuel to sustain itself. This fuel that both the Uchiha and Aiya are involved with is a spiritual fire in the spirit world, that has the contents of an awakened soul whose body will be filled by chakra. 

Some spirits can take fire from this source and give physical bodies to the divided fire that becomes a soul upon its absence from the source. This is the prevalent belief of how Uchiha are given spiritual bodies, and advanced ability with chakra. 

In parallels Katon is a reflection of the Spirit Fire, and followers of Ho-Musubi have a role in the use of this Mortal Fire like the spirits with the Spirit Fire. In practice followers of Ho-Musubi utilize Katon with the goal that their actions are protecting the Spirit Flame from which Katon descends to this earth as a mission. This is a divine action, wherein the Uchiha are emissaries dedicated with protecting the flame as it performs its duty in the Uchihas home.

Aiya is believed to be an instructor of this practice, which is summarized by Uchiha Fires being more pure than any other in the physical realm. According to Aiya the Uchiha Clan are guardians of that which the Spirit Fire has spawned in the mortal realm that has been corrupted by the other Spiritual elements.

This purity has been contested over the years, with Murika and Tatsuo cementing the original belief that this purity acted mechanically in the physical world. Examples of this were Uchiha Affinity to Katon, and the resemblance of the Sharingan spinning to be like a flame that enhanced the fires that grew from their Katon. They believed that this aesthetic was indicative of the absolute control the Spirit Fire had in the Uchihas conception as a spiritual family. 

As Miruka put it, the Sharingan ascension that Aiya encouraged through violent tones within fire allegory was the perfect suit to the Spirit Fires intention with the Uchiha; that being to eliminate corrupted beings that held part of the Spirit Fire. She believed that by exerting influence with Katon as a tool over the visual prowess the Sharingan offered was part of the process used by spirits beyond Aiya to silent Uchiha who believed that their visual prowess came from a source other than the spirits that defined their division from the Spirit Fire. 

Murika's Beliefs
Uchiha at that time often revered gods and goddess as the source of their genetic ability. Miruka put in stone that Ho-Musubi believed spirits were not the reason why the Sharingan existed, but rather these spirits existing amidst the Spirit Fire influenced the order that souls would cascade from the heavens. 

In modern times this is philosophically evident in the evolution of tomoe, however Miruka blamed corruption for this ascendancy. She believed other elemental spirits had polluted the Spirit Fire, and it was receding in this realm to restore itself and destroy the spirit world all together.

Murika was an extremely complex individual, however she was a skilled writer. Despite the complexity of her tomes writing, the conceptions were clear. Murika is thought to understand the Spirit Fire better than any priest. However the Mortal Flame was completely rejected by her, even in practice she did not use Katon. This lack of experience is likely why she was so lost by some of Aiya's text, and why she relegated Aiya as a lesser spirit.

Murika believed Aiya was a spirit that protected the Life Fire, as opposed to dividing it. Since she was thought to only be a protector, Aiya was supposedly incapable of using Katon. Which ascended spirits  do through manipulating emotion among bodies. The energy this emotion creates is cultivated by Uchiha using the Sharingan. Aiya's connection to Katon was cinsideres to be a double edged sword, and only the wise would benefit from it by eliminating the soft and blind fire and replacing it with the foresight to develop an attachment to the Spirit Fire.

Murika also believed that Aiya sought to decrease the amount of Spirit Fire that was distributed among Uchiha. Murika claimed this to be true on the count that Aiya protected the Spirit Fire, and didnt divide it. She claimed that Aiya would be a greater spirit if she was a divider, however this couldnt have been true since Katon was the greatest example of Fire possessed by Uchiha.

In Opposition
Yusuke the Second believed that Aiya was actually unaware if the Sharingan mechanicaly interacted with Katon, and considered the Goddess to be incapable of understanding Murika since her methodical detachment to Katon detatched her from the clan and in turn the same Spirit Fire Aiya is born from. This ignorance hindered a complete range of emotion by Miruka. 

Yusuke taught that Aiya was a divider and only Death itself was comparable to the rank of spirits like Aiya. Clearly defined by her role as a teacher among Uchiha the greater sources of fire were unavailable to the Uchiha because they were protectors, so Aiyawas acting in wisdom by not revealing greater fires than the Mortal Katon.

Yusuke believed the Spirit Fire to be born from action in the spiritual world, such as spirits fueling the Spirit Fire; and the Sharingan was a reflection of this in our world. Miruka believing it was developed by experience, Yusuke instead considered skill with the Sharingan to be a nobility mark of higher ranked protectors of Katon, and the Spirit Fire. As such he also asserted the Uchiha to be the sole protectors of the Mortal Fire, Katon; while Aiya was a divider of the Spirit Fire she was aware of greater examples of fire in this world; her division of the Uchihas Souls being the cause for skill with Katon just 1 example of fire she had divided in the begining. 

Epilogue: The New Family Temple
Inspirational Goddess with a Lucky Number
Shiroyasha spent 14 hours inside of the shrine, pouring over Mirukas original writings and studying them with his Sharingan active. Stopping only once so that he could eat and pray at the shrine again, the Uchiha was completely taxed. He had kept his Sharingan active for almost the entire time, sitting just a meter from the Astro-Wheel Ember. 

Non-Uchiha felt nothing around theEmber, but an Uchiha who had yet to develop the Sharingan or had it inactive felt a strain on their eyes from a distance. The Ember resonatednwith the Uchihas vision, imitating the warm feeling the clan member felt as their Sharingan activated. 

With the Sharingan revealed, the user could see a clearly defined body of chakra surrounding it. There was no defined shape, but there were undulating ripples that if your vision permitted; you could see kanjis written inside the swirling chakra. The strain was great, but for an hour at a distance it was bearable. Three or four was like training with Shuriken. Fourteen hours was unimaginable, even for a stout chakra Pool like Shiroyasha had. 

However to sit so close to it, where your focus has nowhere to go but to the aura was extremely fatiguing. Truly a prodigy however, the priest in line grieved at the shrine. Reading Mirukas scrolls made it even harder, but Shiro was proud of himself. The script used so long ago was hard to translate, not to mention Aiya only speaks in Kanji and the interpretations by Miruka were so often disputed it was hard to make an opinion on everything he had just read.

While he tried to think of a good way to summarize everything he knew about Mirukas experience and life Shiro suddenly passed out. The strain on his mind, along with his chakra Pool from the Sharingan was too much. He awoke some hours later still in the shrine, a heady weight sinking in his vision as the Ember called to him. Shiroyasha started to sob, missing his mother. Certain Aiya was calling to him, the hot growing more and more as he wept, Shiro activated his Sharingan. 

Aiya wrote in the chakra, "Lucky numbers make for soft hills." Shiroyasha laughed, certain she was mentioning how his 1 tomoe was spinning faster than before. Shiro picked himself from theground, his Sharingan still spinning as he watched the Embers chakra field. 

Shiroyasha picked up his scroll that contained all of the notes he had collected on his studies of others interactions with Aiya. He started writing, smiling but still crying as his Tomoe swirled like a wildfire growing.

Shiroyasha's Notes on Murika
To the best Shiroyasha could tell Miruka was moved by her emotions, and used Aiya's wisdom to influence others for what would essentially be the very thing she seemed to fight against. The young man viewed her as irrational, and thought her crimes were beyond wretched. Miruka thankfully never had children, ending the more radical line of Ho-Musubis past.

Shiroyasha considered her betrayal of the clan to be the best example he knew of to describe how someone could bite the hand that feeds them. Had she allowed Aiya to work as she would have, the Uchiha clan would certainly have a stronger foundation as providing help for the clan. Shiro considered her Genjutsu however to be genius, and would learn how to use them. Despite their forbidden classification as Secret Ninjutsu, he knew where his father kept the genjutu scrolls.

Contemporarily speaking Shiroyasha believed the spirit Fire to be divided by Aiya, and protected by her family who were divided from the Spirit Fire by the Wind Spirit known as Death. This family of Aiyas consisted of other Fire Spirits who managed various aspects of protecting the Spirit Fire, while Aiya only drew from the flame with a staff and hid it inside of souls that could be bound by its fire.

Shiroyasha considered Aiya to be omniscient, and that she knew of the Sharingans role in the play of Spirit Fires cascading throughout the physical realm in living souls. He decided that she cared neither for the experience of the Sharingan, or routine of protecting the mortal fire Katon. Shiro believed her to be more indifferent to those aspects of the Spirit Fire, and from his experience she seemed to be more interested in the aspects that other Mortal Fires than Katon alone featured. 

Aiya often communicated with Shiro about where fire lived outside the physical realm, not mentioning spirit fire but rather mind fire instead. Psyche was the way she described the mind, and Shiro considered this as he read about the past. Shiro noted to himself he would ask Aiya if he could begin recording conversations with her.

Coping 2 by 2
Feeling happier with himself, and discovering that he can cope with death through talking with Aiya,  Shiro close his scroll and took a nap. Waking up Shiro was hopeful his Sharingan would grow soon. With more tomoe he could see more of Aiyas script and have more capable conversations with her. 

Feeling happy for the first time in two months, Shiro grabbed a broom and activated his Sharingan. The strain was barely noticeable at first, and he proceeded to run through the enormous temple sweeping everything. Shiro climbed the walls, swiftly swish swishing the cobwebs and making several small dust piles into a pan. 

While he was in the foyer picking a tiny pile Shiro heard a loud knock. He deactivated his Sharingan, feeling some of the effects of over exhaustion. His father called from afar to signal he wascoming, but Shiro opened the door anyways. 

A portly woman was standing there with two kids. She was a member of child protective services, and had been tasked with rehoming these two 8 year old twins. Having heard that Shiros mother was gone and knowing the Temple to be charitable, she begged Shiros father to take them in. There was little hesitation and the two were accepted as foster children.

Iumi was a blonde haired girl with bright blue eyes. She wore a little dress, and carried a paper bag with her clothes in it. She had in her other hand a doll with button eyes. Iumi was crying quietly and sometimes gasped for air. While the adults talked about the Mundane heritage that Ho-Musubi had upon these children's parents, Shiro awkwardly sat on the floor and watched Iumi so she wouldnt choke on her spit while she cried and called for her brother. She had drool everywhere.

Curiously the brother Bumi was nowhere to be found. The case worker assured Yusuke and Shiro that he was well behaved and left. She left Yusuke with a small sum of Ryo and a few legal documents providing guardianship of the two. 

The brother, who looked a lot like his slightly older sister, was running around the Temple. Iunni told Shiroyasha in between gasping frantically, and Yusuke went off in search of him. Meanwhile Shiro sat with Iunni, awkwardly waiting for her to stop crying so he could ask her about herself before showing her the new room she would sleep in. 

His mother's day room. That was the best room for the little girl, since it had fancy decorations on the walls and smelled like flowers anyways. Shiro thought how he would rearrange it and picked Iunni up when she asked. He patted her back, unsure if it was the proper way to console the child. 

After almost an hour Yusuke returned, smiling for the first time in two long months without his wife. He had Bumi by the belt, the young boy holding a cattail from from the river near Ho-Musubi Temple. Bumi and Yusuke were both soaked, and usually the old man would have griped, but Shiro couldnt help but tear up as he acknowledged his father growing spiritually without the love of his life. 

Shiro put Iunni down and she ran toYusuke, slapping his eg to set her brother down. He did, and sat down at their eye level to tell them the rules of their new home. 

After a walkthrough of the Temple, the two were shown their rooms. Bumi was to bunk with Shiro. The teenager wasn't overly thrilled, and promised Bumi he would build him his own room. Bumi chortled, a real goofy sound from such a small kid.

As the days passed by, the two priests didnt talk about the recent passing. Instead they learned about the twins family. The kids didnt know much besides they were orphans, and that their father was unknown. Yusuke told Shironin private they came from a Haven Country family of Uchiha who were introduced to the Ember by Tatsuo and Murika. Their great great great grandfather had been deceived by Mirukas genjutsu, and paid the Ho-Musubi temple millions of Ryo for  their insight with spirits before Murika was convicted. 

Most Mundane families became vassals of the Ho-Musubi temple according to the judgement by jury. They were to protect the families in liue of both stealing from them, and deceiving the Uchiha clan. As the centuries turned, most of the families were either turned into Acolytes or displayed psychotic tendencies. 

The twins mother was the latter, and no Acolytes could take their children in for various reasons. The children became Wards of the Temple. Provided they could live suitably they would live their childhood according to Yusukes will. At adulthood they would be free of any ties to the Temple. 

Shiro and Yusuke were the kids last hope. Despite the strict schedule of the priest and ninja, they became dedicated to these children. The loss of love from Deaths arrival faded away, and soon a new fire grew in its place. 

Shiro became a mentor, teaching the childrennhownto use chakra and the various doctrine of Ho-Musubi. Both Iunni and Bumi were adherent to the rules, and life went simply. 

Total WordCount: 4,152
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Sharingan 1 Tomoe (2,000/2,000), 2 Tomoe (2,152/4,000)
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Prologue: Building a Family
While maintaining his work as a shinobi, albeit in smaller amounts than usual, Shiroyasha also became a mentor to the two twins. These young children came to the Temple as potential, and only that. In truth they could neither use the bathroom on their own, or bathe themselves. The two were alone for most of the eight years they had been alive. Village foster homes were in high demand, and orphanages were lacking in the traditional empathy required to foster the children as productive members of society. Particularly orphans who were so scared of society.

Iunna was brighter than her brother, as well she kept to herself. When Bumi might seek company, Iunna was more prone to staying alone in her room. They were both very friendly, just quirky. Bumi collected sticks in a pile behind the temple, and would go out everyday to bring a handful back. Over the first year Shiro found himself helping the young boy move the pile further and further from the Temple as it grew and his father demanded it disappear.

Shiroyasha appreciated the company, having lost his mother still fresh in his mind. The kids kept him busy, and the pain was covered by new experiences with the eccentric orphans. Shiroyasha taught them how to cut trees down with a knife, and they were even quick to pick up in the various poisonous plants that grew in the forest around the Temple. The trio grew closer together everyday. 

Bumi was the first one to inquire what Shiro and Yusuke did inside of the shrine. Shiro explained they were too young to go in, but promised to teach him about Ho-Musubi. After a few months of weekly lectures Shiro had aquired two young acolytes in training. Bumi was incredibly devout with his prayers, and even built a sundial to record in the dirt when he would pray. 

Encouraging his sister to participate with him, Bumi eventually convinced Iunna Thatcher spirit Aiya was good. The little girl grew to appreciate the things Shiro and Yusuke talked about, and everything was well for the family. They began to incorporate temple studies nightly, and all was good.

Prologue: Studying as a Family
The day after their ninth birthday, Shiroyasha took it upon himself to read from sacred tomes to the children. They sat at the table, listening with their eyes closed as told. Shiroyasha sat at the head of the table and read from Tatsuo's records, which were verifiable historical records of what Tatsuo did as a member of Ho-Musubi.

The first portion of study included study of 5 Kanji that Aiya preserves conceptually as sacred to the soul. The five kanjis are Fire, Melody, Nature, Life and Death. According to Tatsuo the 5 Soul Kanji are metaphysical representations of an unattainable energy that animates the soul. 

The second study was of the two different Uchiha bloodlines that Tatsuo traveled to alone, and the two he visited with Miruka. The first family now referred to as the Oni-Uchiha were a roving family who had fled the Fire Country. The second family, referred to as the Shadow-Uchiha family was a settled family of ranchers who had settled in Haven country. The third was known as the First Mundane, and the fourth was called the Undesirable-Uchiha. These family titles were altered often, however the individual stories of each family were vital as humans began to unravel the mystery of Aiya.

The third and final study was the theological and philosophical beliefs that Tatsuo taught. Unsurprisingly Tatsuos theological views were only partially useful, so the teachings reflected that. As well philosophically Tastuo was known to be apologetic to a different breed than society recognizes as permissible. Emphasizing the fact this final study begins with a brief history of Haven Country pilgrimage by the Uchiha.

Chapter 1.1 The 5 Sacred Kanji of Soul
In order to understand this concept Acolytes are first taught the concept of soul by a priest favored by Aiya. The concept is easy to understand, and complex to use as a basis for prior knowledge.

According to modern Temple Ho-Musubi the soul is a container that can be filled with components that carry the ability to become a human being. According to Aiya this is less like a recipe than it is a natural effect of life already happening. In the godesses own words, "The soul is made with a melody, that fire, is natural to bring life and death." 

According to this belief life begins within inanimate objects existing in nature, and that fact is evidenced by Nature Chakra. The inanimation within Aiya's allegory is Melody, which is to suggest that fire is brought by nature to better it's own existence, like the soul use melody bring fire upon the soul and act as the natural being for its perception of life.

The soul is fueled by these five kanji, and all examples of this are infused within Aiya's one line of consultation.

Melody is a soulless thing. There is no room inside melody for anything, so it's only application in existence is to fill something. In this case that thing is a soul body. Acting like a container, a spiritual element is believed to act like a mold for the soul. For Uchiha that mold is the Spirit Fire, and upon its retrieval by Aiya from the source, the Spirit Fire becomes the Uchihas Soul Body. This spirit fire becomes condensed and turns to light. When melody enters the Soul Body freeflowing facets of existence, that correlate to the degree of Spirit Fire from which the Soul Body comes from, are drawn into it. 

Shiroyasha told the children this, many times. Many ways. But a quick recap never hurt. 

"The Uchiha soul is forged by the Divine Spirit Fire, which is drawn upon by Aiya. Upon division from its source, the smaller flame condenses into spiritual light called the Soul Body that can be filled with metaphysical essence." It was obvious the childrens eyes were likely to glaze over. "For an Uchiha, five aspects of existence fuel our soul. Melody is the first to enter our Soul Body, then Fire, then Nature, then Life and lastly death! Shiroyasha banged a ruler across the chalkboard he was standing in front of.

Once the soul body was formed, Aiya released it into the winds where it found a womb. This is how Melody enters the Uchiha soul, acting as a fountain that an endless river flows to. Melody is the force that keeps the body alive, as well it keeps the soul within reincarnation. Ho-Musubi Temple believed that all Uchiha, having turned their souls to the melody that brought them life, will reincarnate as a mythical animal. Which one is contested, with most believing a shape changing kitsune.

As the Soul Body fills with melody a Physical body is born. This process is finalized by the Soul Body acclimating to Melody and reconnecting with its source. According to Ho-Musubi this is within the first two weeks of gestation, and heart burn is often a symptom. At this point the soul is fueled by it's own fire, a metaphysical passion that lies behind the Souls desire to break free of containment.

As Spirit Fire that fills the Soul Body is dangerous, the baby requires lots of compassion while its soul continues to safely grow, like a wild fire. Soon Nature settles within the Soul Body of the fetus, and the fetal Uchiha mind begins to long for things it has yet to experience. As well personality is formed, with preferences, likes and dislikes all being planted inside of the soul body as Natural Law settles upon the Soul Body.This is also when Chakra begins to flow inside the fetus, and the potential for the Sharingan is devised inside the eyes. 

At birth Life is instilled in the soul, combining the three previous forces inside of the soul and activating the Tenketsu. With the babies first breath Death finalized the composition of an Uchiha's soul. During this process the Uchiha's faith, fears, dreams and spiritual potential are existentially decided by the pattern of Melody Fire is being cycled through the Soul Body. For a soul to transcend this moments effects, they must die and be reborn.

By combining within the Soul Body these 5 forces act as spiritual essence for the soul to draw on. This defines much of the person's being, with Aiya being the actual creator of the Uchiha's soul. 

Ho-Musubi Acolyte Families, and Mundane Families 
Upon enlightenment from Aiya's knowledge, Tatsuo left his wife and daughter. Taking the Astro-Wheel Ember around the country, determined to prove Aiya's wisdom to other Uchiha. It is noted Tatsuo inly had two Tomoe, as well in these early days Life wasn't a noted Kanji, with his lectures featuring only the remaining four. This temple teaching was changed officially after his daughters death, long after his own. 

Traveling around Haven to teach his clan about the Spiritual Designer of the Uchiha Soul, Tatsuo became quickly known by the clan. At this point in time many of the notable Uchiha were engaged in understanding their lineage within eternity by studying spirits, chakra and history. War times were sporadic during Tatsuo's time, and often the Sharingan was connected to battle tragedies. 

It should be noted that despite history only recalling four families Tatsuo visited at least a dozen. Aiya only called through chakra to some however, mysteriously keeping the chakra surrounding her Ember still for most.

Acolyte Family: Oni-Uchiha
Tatsuo defined the first Acolyte family as a family of all Uchiha whose Sharingan could all communicate with Aiya through the Ember. These families signed in blood that their ancestors would maintain worship of Aiya and in exchange use their socioeconomic powers with politics to increase the influence Ho-Musubi had in the Clan.

The first Uchiha clan family notably to attain this title was led by a missing ninja from Konohagakure. The leader was named Maku and he had 3 sister wives, 8 daughters and 2 sons. The rogue ninja ived in a caravan train with them all when he met with Tatsuo in Haven Country. Maku's sister was his first wife, and all of their children posessed the Sharingan. Each of them communicated with Aiya during the first visit, and were deemed favored by the Goddess. 

As Tatsuo repeatedly visited Maku he learned of the ex-Konoha ninja. A talented Jikkukan user of space time ninjutsu Maku was a carefree man despite his life as a missing ninja. He lived a nomadic life happily.

Maku fled Konoha after marrying 3 of his daughters one of which he killed. According to history his lineage was particularly inbred and some of his daughters were born with deformities, despite him and his sister wife being seemingly normal. One of the girls whom he had illegally married was crippled by chronic breathing problems, and struggled to breathe while asleep. The 18 year old begged her father to end her life, and he did.

This awakened Makus Sharingan, and he was hunted by Konoha for murder. Retreating the nation with most of his wives and family still with him, Maku sought religious freedom from pursuit. 

Convinced that Aiya was a goddess after his family all shared the same experience with the Astro-Wheel Ember; Maku pledged his life to Tatsuo, and entered the religion as the leader of the first Acokyte Family. At this time the Temple was not created yet, so Maku is noted to be the Templar of Ho-Musubi, a protector of Aiya'swisdom.  This title belongs only to him historically. 

Maku had many grandchildren. Six out of the 8 children who lived reproduced with at least two children. Some of these children were inbred with Maku or his one son. However two of the girls married outside of the clan eventually, and had additional children. Maku killed another of his daughters who worked with Murika and awakened three Tomoe while working to expose the Temples Temples part in betraying the Uchiha clan.

Templar Maku had little control over how his offspring practiced faith, since most had learning disabilities. Despite this some of his ancestors became accomplished Acolytes familiar with the ritual thanks to Murika's tutelage. The Oni-Uchiha, are named so by the large foreheads inbred onto their face, are indebted to the Temple by Makus pledge, and follow the faiths every move; as well the Acolyte Families worship Aiya whether by practice as sages or service to the Temple through taxes by the clan. The clan reserves these funds to be reserved for Temple events where the Ember is temporarily public.

To atone for Mirukas crimes, Haven Country has ordered that the Temple engage in preserving a safe life for the Acolytes to travel to the Temple. The tax money is often spent by the clan leaders on the Temple. In exchange the present Acolytes re-educate some of the Oni-Uchiha whose malformed ancestry restricts their mental cognizance and Sharingan potential. This effectively makes the Temple anproud charity organization, and public aid to thenclannaround Haven Country. 

Ryou Oni-Uchiha: Ancestors of Maku 
Some offspring of Makus produced Mundane families with no Sharingan potential, and this line was continued more prevalently than the Acolyte Oni-Uchiha. This technically Mundane gene pool was less likely to include deformations, however there were less Sharingan produced. During this period of time Pureblood Ho-Musubi beliefs became public with the clan, and Miruka used this knowledge to create dastardly harsh philosophy on how Sharingan purity is distributed through the Soul Body. 

These families who primarily produce Mundane are known as Ryuou Oni-Uchiha, and are not considered technically Mundane despite a majority lack of chakra vision because their ancestor Maku knew Aiya and that wisdom is said to pass down by the Law of Melody. The Acolyte Oni-Uchiha families protect this short-sighted branch of their family by way of the Temple connections to the Clan. Some of the Ryuou posess 2 Tomoe Sharingan, however this family does not have generally great use with it for Doujutsu. This family is generally in poverty, with the most abled simpleton Uchiha at best. Acolytes offer aid when able, but eventually send them to a  Temple when all else is not an option. The Oni are historically known to protect them and even provide  live in arrangements for the homeless.

Iunna and Bumi's grandmother was a descendant of Maku, with a history of non present Sharingan vision carried by three generations. Some Ryuou Oni, like this grandmother and her mother, went deranged from jealousy in the Clan despite preserving their genetics by marrying outside their gene pool. 

During the third priestess tenure the Mundane sought, and some still do, to use Aiya against the Acolytes and gain power the Sharingan has. Despite this virulence, these Uchiha are protected by the Temple according to Tatsuo's will, so when the Acolytes request help with viilence the temple must help. Often Ryuou Oni attack the Temple and Acokyte families. These Uchiha are proficient Uchiha ninja despite being Shaingan-less and if they follow the practices of Ho-Musubi they can attain the title of Sage in the Temple. 

Chapter 1.2: Ho-Musubi and Sacred Temple Titles
After returning home to record and catalog all of his experience while traveling with the Ember Tatsuo devised a series of titles that were examples of the services they performed in the Temple, during communion and when events were held. Most of the phrases are accepted by Aiya and held by modern practice. Divided by the ages the followers first commune with Aiya,  there are currently five titles in Ho-Musubi with three additional Temple Titles. 

The first Temple title is Priest. This signifies the person has daily contact with Aiya, and is favored by her personally. The Priest have three Tomoe, and are proficient with Katon ninjutsu. Historically there has only been one priest at a time, with other temples ran by Acolytes.

The second Temple Title is Servant and is the second most coveted title by those who wish to live a monk like style of existence for many years. Servants are eventually given daily communion with Aiya, and recieve at least ten years of access to the Temples scrolls before their graduation. Upon graduation they are considered as the next priest upon the currents passing. This practice is new to the current priest Yusuke the Second, with his son Shiroyasha and Ryoto of the First Colonial Temple the only current servants.

The third Temple title is Templar and has been abandoned by death. A second was never decided on. The Templar is considered the arm of Ho-Musubi and protects Uchiha on the roads between Temples, as well the Templar communicates among leaders of the Uchiha Clan. They are treated like the Priest, and have all the benefits. They do not have a home in any one Temple however, and must be at the current main temple to commune with the Astro-Wheel Ember.

Acolytes are the main extension of Ho-Musubi among its followers. Acolytes are aware of rituals and practice daily. They do not commune with Aiya often for whatever reason, but have before. Currently there is only one Acolyte Family, the Oni-Uchiha. As stated they are heavily inbred, and Pureblood Uchiha. Acolytes travel to the temples for simple worship, and all posess at least one tomoe.

The second title recognized by the Temple is that of Mundanes. These are Uchiha families who have or have ancestry that cannot see with their chakra vision. They may not have Sharingan, but have ancestors who did and could not commune with the Lunar Goddess. Mundanes are protected by the Temple, sure to keep those who have ties to Aiya close. Some of the Mundane do not appreciate this, and flex power against the Temple by using political tactics among the Clan in Hoshigakure and the Haven Country. 

The third title recognized is the Ryou-Oni, who have ancestry in the literally same vein as the Oni. This family generally hasnankess recent genetic dio into the incest pool, so their Uchiha blood is what could be thought of as thinned. They are not Pureblood, Shiro thought of them as eternal adepts. Good enough for combat, but not all that bright or cunning. Often brutes, or not even shinobi, this was the primary force of colonial Uchiha in Haven for many decades. Ryou-Oni were considered to be the greatest threat, with limited capacity to understand knowledge their heritage has gifted them.

The fourth title of Ho-Musubi is Prophet. This is someone who searches for spirits to guide them on the Sharingan. Some Prophets are not Uchiha and threaten the church.

The fifth and final title is Honorary. This title is awarded to animal beings who spirit is tied to the same fire as the user. Simple pets, summons from other lands, and even mythical beasts can gain this title. Historically there have been three Honoraries. Each a kitsune of the same heritage. These animals are bound by blood to serve Aiya as their creator, and in low rank cases the animals pact is bound to Aiya instead of the user. The current Lead Honorary is named Myoto, a 6 tailed fox that has served the Temple for 120 years.

Chapter 1.3: Tatsuo and Mirukas Study of The Ember, Katon and Uchiha Purity 

The later part of Tatsuo's life consisted of him and his daughter performing another pilgrimage. The First was known as the Clan Pilgrimage of Ho-Musubi, the second was referred to later by priests as the Burnt Pikgrinage. This second one was of an equal length, 13 years, and the two Uchiha traveled around Hoshigakure with the Astro-Wheel Ember.

The families that had been a part of the first pilgrimage were revisited. As well Tatsuo and Miruka went to two other families. These families were known as the Afflicted. Having been deceived by Genjutsu through Aiya's communion, by Miruka, these families developed serious mental disturbances through the experience. According to Clan Leader of that Era, Ho-Musubi was to assimilate them as Ryou-Oni and strike the Temples involvement off the record. 

When Miruka was exposed as a traitor, she was imprisoned. Tatsuo abandoned pilgrimage and created the actual Temple around the Shrine he had built for Aiya. During his daughters imprisonment Tatsuo spent more time than ever in study with Aiya. Allegedly the monk was uninvolved with Murikas zealotry, however his writings on theo-philosiphical ideas did nothing to support the claim. 

It is unknown if Murika had used Genjutsu on Tatsup during these communion as well, but it is well documented that Tatsuo grew to carry extremist idealism in regards to Aiya's influence in the clan. Tatsuo believed Aiya's work with the Uchiha to be divine providence, cementing the purest of Uchiha as her entourage. It is around this time Tatsuo judged families in the Temple based on their history with Aoya, and rules were founded. As well Tatsuo detailed the role Uchiha have as interim guardians of the Astro-Wheel Ember. 

Most of what he believed, save for the most extreme concepts, remain as canonical study for the temple. Upon the Clans intervention of Mirukas treachery there was an informal presence added to the Temple. This presence being that all Uchiha are susceptible to developing Sharingan, and that meant the Ember was in fact subject to their possession. With the drama surrounding the Ember and Miruka, the clan instead appropriated the Temple as official to the Uchiha Clan in Hoshigakure. As well the Clan sunk their fangs into the Temples knowledge, funds and interaction with Hoshigakure.

Tatsuo began this by proffering with the clan for innocence, claiming his daughter was wholly at fault. Many leaders of the clan witnessed the Ember and he was spared on many counts of crime in exchange that his Temple would serve the clan. 

Tatsuo consulted Aiya, to which he determined her to be indifferent. Promptly he agreed to the Clans law and the Temple of Ho-Musubi became cemented in Hoshigakure as a place for Uchiha to learn about their place in society.

Uchiha Guardians of the Astro-Wheel Ember 
According to Aiya, in regards to the purity of a Soul Body inhabited by the Uchiha Clan, "Fire is many. One part of the soul body before it is filled, this is when purity is divided from the Divine Spirit Fire. Fire is two part of nature, among life and death. 

Tatsuo interpreted this to mean that Uchiha purity was dictated by the fire the soul body was made of. He assumed the Soul Bodies shape is influenced by the Physical Body, so Uchiha whose bodies were more Uchiha genetically, through incest, had the Soul Body shaped by physical resemblance of their family. 

This led Tatsuo to publish many scrolls publicly stating the Temple of Ho-Musubi being dedicated to preserving Total Uchiha Bloodline Purity. This motion consists of arranged marriages between Temples in Haven. The Priest arranges all marriages at the age of 18, and marriage begins at 21.

In modern times it is still debated how deep incest can effect generations, however the Temple is publicly known to support those of direct incestual origins as well as arranging marriagesbetween second cousins. What is known scientifically is that the Soul Body takes shape from the Physical body metaphysically with the physical body containing forces of life as the Soul Body does. These forces are advanced material and were not covered by Shiro. 

Shiroyasha had covered a lot, his studies with the children lasting over 4 months before he they understood the main points. When it came to teaching Shiro was far tooimpatient, and didnt consider the kids needs often. Yusuke would come in often, bringing snacks and suggesting naps. Shiroyasha more often than not was amazed by his fathers clear headedness.

While the youngsters were napping the two Uchiha priests sat in the study room. Tapestries hung from the wall printed with various images like the Uchiha crest, the Ho-Musubi Kitsune, the Hoshigakure Star, and a lit of the 5 Tenets of the Temple. Simple to remember, and there was even a song. 

Shiro was sipping his chai machi tea, and suddenly sat it down. He hadn't stirred the honey enough. The young man sighed and looked up to his father. "How do you teach, and stay calm? You have experience, but it's so clear of a path for you. I'm like the blind at night, they barely listen to me." The ruby pinky ring he wore clinked to Shiros tea cup while he picked it back up for a new sip.

Yusuke waved his hands dismissively. "You answered your question. I'm a teacher, perhaps you're a master." Shiros father laughed aloud, entertained by his son. Iunna started crying, and Yusuke ran out of the room. Shiro sighed once again and waited for the kids to get back to their studies.

Excited upon their graduation, thentwo children were to celebrate inside the Shrine of the Astro-Wheel Ember. This would be the first time they experienced an official Ho-Musubi event. Shiroyasha had a lot to prepare, and sent out three Kasai Foxes of his fathers out of the Temple Courtyard.

Each fox was headed to a clan leader of Haven Country. They were given a message written by Shiro, explaining the details of the childrens first initiation. Shiroyasha would be judged by the whole clan based on Iunna and Bumis performance. Confident they would impress Shiroyasha stared seemingly stared into the night. His 2 Tomoe Sharingan swirled rapidly, tracing the route his fathers foxes went into.

Unbeknownst to Shiroyasha Uchiha, a great change would occur soon in his life. This first event would mark only the first this year for the calendar of Ho-Musubi. As the Uchiha walked back inside, his Sharingan still spinning, he bowed to his father. Yusuke patted him on the head, smiling more warmly than usual since his wife had died. Shiro carried himself to Aiya's shrine, his chakra vision revealing her call.

Total WordCount: 4,377
KKG Training: Sharingan 2 Tomoe (4,000/(4,000), 3 Tomoe (3,599/6,000)
AP Training: +12

Part 3: Sacred Fire Art: Lunar Ritual, and the 5th Head Priest
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