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Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Finding one's clan (I/O) (Mizuki) - Page 2 Empty Re: Finding one's clan (I/O) (Mizuki)

Sat Jul 31, 2021 4:54 pm
As his transformation took place she would back away a little bit, wiping her lips with her finger to remove any lingering traces of his old blood. As his eyes connected with hers she felt true kinship in them and her face softened at those eyes - as though she looked at a younger brother. His head tilt and hypothetical brought a chuckle out of her as she returned to her seat - a little worn. “By all means, if you can confide in someone with this truth then you have my permission. To be truthful it isn’t to protect those of Sunagakure but to protect our clan - we have a very interesting predicament being a clan that is so unknown - I’d quite like to keep it that way. The less people know the better.” 

Closing her eyes she would lean her head back ahead the back of the chair, taking slow deep breaths as the effects of jutsu being used the first time took some energy from her she didn’t expect. “I believe this does make us family..” Hearing him call her his big sister brought another rare genuine small to her face, was this a made family? Yes… but what was so wrong with that? Her eyes slid open as she looked at him once more - “When you don’t look feral you are quite a charming young man, it would do you some good to control that ability. You’d be surprised how close you can get to people when you look unassuming.” This was as much an observation as it was a tried and true fact - for her at least her small stature and doll-like face had gotten her far in this long life. 

With a deep breath she pushed herself from her chair, “One last bit of advice I can give you, Start keeping track of the years now, they will pass and you won’t seem to age… and time will slip from you faster than sand through your hands. Feel free to stay here, there a few spare rooms you can make your home for the time being but I need to rest for a bit.” With that she would walk past him, brushing her hand through his hair as she passed into the kitchen - grabbing another bottle of drink and heading out to the back garden to rest.

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Finding one's clan (I/O) (Mizuki) - Page 2 Empty Re: Finding one's clan (I/O) (Mizuki)

Sat Jul 31, 2021 4:56 pm
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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Finding one's clan (I/O) (Mizuki) - Page 2 Empty Re: Finding one's clan (I/O) (Mizuki)

Sat Jul 31, 2021 9:44 pm
Arantima Just listened to her words and nodded smiling still, his eyes were slowly shifting back into the eyes of a serial killer with deadly intent as if he had little to no control over them but he still nodded at her advice about his eyes and appearing unassuming. He didn't speak, just content to listen to her words as she spoke as even he noticed how tired she had become after doing what she just had for him. He was conscious of the effort even if he didn't know what to say or do for her yet to thank her. He continued to smile at her until she mentioned that he would seem to stop aging.. And he had little to no idea what she meant exactly though he did FEEL different and he looked down at his new nails and closed his eyes as he stretched his fingers and felt the new way that his blood flowed through him.

He Blinked his eyes open once more and watched as her hand came into contact with his head, even though she had to reach up to do so he barely contained an excited squeak that he molded into an excited foot stamping that was more like bouncing on the balls of his feet like a boxer warming up. He turned to watch her head out towards the gardens before looking around the room and them zooming through the house at his new full speed. He was FAST now, faster than he had ever been before and quite possibly faster than he rightfully should be, and he was loving every second of it. He eventually found himself in a modest room compared to the others with a bed and a small vanity with a water basin for washing and sort of "Claimed" it as his for the time being.

As he slept he was restless, his new body screaming at him to go out and explore. He was also dreaming, he dreamed of that family he had passed by on that set of missions he had done recently and how they had made him feel so alone.. And in his dream he passed by them and watched them again playing together and the father carrying the child.. but this time as he watched Mizu's hand came up from behind him to tossle his hair as she had done not a few hours before while he was awake. He turned and woke up from his dream smiling warmly as he slipped out of bed and looked out of the window.. He dressed himself and lept from the window to catch himself on the wall and lept off of that wall and flung himself from wall to wall like that for a short time.

When he stopped he climbed into his old bedroom that he rented above a bar that was still serving a few customers, remembering the smells of his old room and this time.. feeling and hearing the hearts of every patron below him. He dropped to his knees and sat there in a meditative state, just remembering his life until this point.. he sat there reminiscing for a long while until a small gust blew through his hair that brought him back to reality. He gathered what belongings he had, which were few. He fluffed his old pillow and straightened the sheets on the bed and picked up his pencil and for old times sake.. threw it into the cup, and In a small dust devil he Body flickered out of the window before he could listen to the nostalgic sound of the pencil dancing in the ceramic cup, a sound he'd never hear again the same way.. But was something he felt he couldn't leave the room behind without doing one last time.

When he climbed the wall back into his new room, he set his things down gently so as to not wake anyone in the building that was sleeping, a strange confidence that his presence was not heard nor even barely felt as he had used his Silent steps Technique to climb the walls. He slipped back into bed after organizing everything into its new home.. And looked wistfully out the new window, and fell asleep hoping that someday soon again Mizu would ruffle his hair again like a Big sister, proud of hew new little brother.


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Finding one's clan (I/O) (Mizuki) - Page 2 Empty Re: Finding one's clan (I/O) (Mizuki)

Sun Aug 01, 2021 2:05 am
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