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Poster Patrol Position! Empty Poster Patrol Position!

Fri Jul 02, 2021 10:55 pm
Mission list:

Arantima was sitting on his bed checking through his logbook with a pencil stuck in his mouth bouncing up and down. He had a pretty productive day the other day and after a few days free time he had another set of missions to handle and he was deciding on the order of which he was going to handle those missions, he had to take down a bunch of old and useless posters and fliers around the city. He looked around at the room he was in and looked out the window into the cool morning air, the sun had yet to rise and he was actually getting used to this.. though he still hated when the sun was up, it was too bright and too hot.

His mind was made up, first he would take care of the posters and then he would show up for the Patrol orientation and then he could go out and work on the Internship for patrols.. which was going to be a long and drawn out experience full of official nonsense and rules he had to follow and he was already letting his feral nature go "Bwahwahwah. Wah wah wah. Wah wah wahwah wah." in head head imagining some chunin or jounin listing off orders and rules to him as he stood in a row trying not to die of boredom. He took the pencil out of his mouth and threw it across the room into his pencil cup.. which now held one pencil after it landed.

He Shot up from the bed and made sure his clothes were straight, or at least as traight as they got on him before he headed out towards the Streets he was supposed to clear of posters. He took a small inventory of himself and his equipment, He was getting along fairly well now in all actuality, he had some ninja tools and a few new jutsu that he could use to help. He nodded once with a new sense of Vigor as he ran off towards the Poster besotted space he had to clear.

As he stepped around the corner to the quieted market street.. He just stared in shock at the absolute mess of posters and understood why there was an actual mission for this. There were posters everywhere tyou looked and some for the same exact thing not three inches away from each other. There were posters up on places that regular people shouldnt be able to to even get to without the surface walking jutsu. He Just blinked more than a few times as he went about taking down the easier to reach posters. When he had collected them and put them in the nearest trash bin he looked at the higher ones and shook his head before Collecting Chakra at his feet and walking up the walls to collect the posters in strange places.

When he ahd collected all of those he looked down int the street from his new strange vantage point and smirked to himself, seeing the village from angles regular people just simply could not was something that always made him smile. He jumped down from where he was and threw away the posters he had in his hand and looked around the street nodding once he saw that only newer posters were still up and on display.

Now that he was done with the clean up project he hurried off towards the training area for the patrol internship he had signed up for. His was a rapid pace as the time he took cleaning the posters off the walls was time he should have been taking heading to the training area. He made it to the line-up just in the nick of time before the instructor walked out to inspect the line up of Genin.

The instructor walked up and down the line taking in the size and measure of each of the genin before running down the list of basic goals of a patrol. This was about as basic as Arantim had expected, though there were some parts that were not as obvious. He was surprised to know that there were key differences when patrolling alone and patrolling with a group, Patrolling alone there is no qestion about running to report a strange encounter and under no circumstance is the patroller to stand and try and subdue an intruder on their own.

Patrols with more than one member are always to send at least one member to get help and report any incident immediatly. These were not what he expected, in his comics that he reads there were always really cool characters whon took everything on on their own with no help.. so his expectations were kind of the same but they were not exactly shattered. He was then shown a basic patrol route plan, and how to read one and identify key points in the patrol routes. He was also run through some basic Patrol Hand signals to alert other patrolers of any incidents without revealing yourself verbally to anyone around.

At the end of the Lesson they were sent on a single rotation of a patrol, Showing the overlapping patrol the all clear handsign as they passed by and on the end of the rotation showing the hand sign for danger. When this was complete they were given their stamp of approval for the Intern mission on their ID card and given a time and place for their intern Shifts at the Ninja Headquarters. Arantima looked at his Id card and smiled warmly before bowing his head and thanking the instructor.

He waited for pretty much everyone else to leave before he jumped and threw a fist into the air out of victory. He was bubbling with excitement and looking forward to his first actual patrol even though it would be somewhere pretty much competly safe and devoid of danger, it would still be a Mark on his ID card that let him go on actual full on patrols around the village and that meant he would be able to have people see him helping and doing good things.. instead of being a hyperactive nuisance.

It had been a few days since his Training session for the PAtrol internship and Arantima was actually excited to be up so early for once. He was dressed properly and even wearing his Shinobi band around his right arm. He checked off his logbook for the day and threw his pencil into its cup as he usually did before leaving for a mission. It was sort of his ritual.. and on the day it didnt land in the cup he knew that was going to be a bad day for him, but lukily it landed in the cup as it always did. He closed the door, and.. the pencil flopped out of the cup and onto the floor.

When he arrived at the Patrol area is was raining, which was not exactly common in the Desert of the land of wind but when it did happen it was gross. It was hot rain and made the ground sandy and wet and that meant gross. His Entire patrol would be like this, raining and gross and hot like he was living in the drain of a Shower at a public beach. To make matters even worse his fellow Patrol mates were not following procedure at all along with him, he would give them the all clear signal and they would either laugh at him or flat out ignore him and continue on without a second glance.

He was not going to let that get him down, all of the other patrol mates for this shift were genin as well and they would grow out of that or so he hoped. He was glad that he wore a cloak as he bundled it around his shoulders to keep himself at least somewhat dry. There was a moment on one of his passes around an alleyway that he swore he heard groaning like someone or something was hurt. He took a breath and looked around to see if he could see any other patrol mates but could not so he cautiously walked towards the alleyway.

When he peeked around the corner he was shocked to see someone there bleeding and holding a wound on the ground getting poured on by a broken gutter. He panicked for a moment and turned around to look for anyone that might be able to help him and seeing one of his patrol mates he tried to signal them for Help but they ignored him and kept on moving. He took a breath and recalled what the Instructor told him.. Go get help and report it.. But there was no one else here and the man was bleeding.

Arantima Closed his eyes and looked at the man who was not too big.. And Then he Held the Symbol for Ram and Body flickered over to the Man and scooped him up over his shoulders and began to run back towards the Headquarters entrance. It was when he left the alleyway that he heard voices behind him shouting at each other "Hey! Where did he go?! I told you not to leave him! Damnit!" And thats when Arantima heard the sounds of running footsteps behind him and then more shouting as it seemed whoever was looking for this wounded man had found Arantima and was now chasing him.

He looped the mans arms under his own and formed the symbol for Ram and Body flickered once more away from the running sounds.. This time instead of just phasing away his Flicker made the sound of wind sweeping him away and he left a small gust in the rain as he closed the distance between himself and the Ninja Headquarters. When he arrived at the doors he put the man down and opened one of the doors to shout inside for help. As he looked over his shoulder he was met with a man that was wearing a soakedrobe and wearing a sword, that was drawn. Arantima saw the drawn blade and without thinking he Drew his Fuma Shuriken and Unfolded all of the Blades.

It was at this time that The rain stopped.. And he found himself to be completly dry standing right where he thought he should be but the Wounded man was just a sack of rice and the man with the drawn katana was infact a Jounin with a hand extended. When Arantima asked what was going on it was explained that He had passed the test. The test was to see if he would break under the pressure of feeling alone and helpless and to see if he would abandon someone in need. He did not let the others ignoring him or laughing get to him and he did everything he could to help the man in need, and when pressed and backed into a corner he would defend himself.

He was allowed to spend the rest of the day lounging in the headquarters and watching the patrols go around for real, and later a few other genin started to come into the room he was in as well and they shared their stories about their genjutsu induced Patrol tests. A few of the other genin had it a bit easier but they were a fair bit younger than he was so he understood that. What Arantima could not shake though was that he surporised himself when he drew his Shuriken without thinking like that.. He had been so afraid not a moment before but with his weapon in hand he felt powerful.

When he finally made his way home he had a new badge on his ID card that certified him to take on official patrols now and when he entered his room again he picked up the pencil off the floor with a smile before putting it back in the cup, today had been a good day, even if it was a bit harder than he was thinking it would be.

2020/2000 Words

Current Health Bar: 100/100  | AP: 320/320

Vigor: 31 |  Chakra: 30 | Speed: 40 | Strength: 40 | Throwing Speed: 80 | Throwing Distance: 40 Meters

Specialties: Bukijitsu | Element(s): Wind | Skills: Blacksmithing

Equipment: 5 Kunai (50 stat), 5 Shuriken (50 stat), 2 Weapon pouches, 1 Fuma Shuriken (100 stat)

Current Stat page for reference:


2020/2000 Word count requirement

20 Stat points earned - Assign 10 to chakra and 10 to Vigor

Using 1488 WC to Finish learning Itemcrafting Skill

Using 532 WC to start training Phsychic Weapon Manipulation Rank C - 532/1000

Claiming 4300 Ryo and 20 AP
Stat Page : Poster Patrol Position! S02EsjX
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 96000

Poster Patrol Position! Empty Re: Poster Patrol Position!

Sat Jul 03, 2021 9:35 am
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