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A Simple day helping out around Sunagakure Empty A Simple day helping out around Sunagakure

Thu Jul 01, 2021 11:10 pm
Missions List:

Arantima checked his logbook for the two missions he was assigned recently and nodded as he set up his plan for the day. He would go out first to help the elderly couple with their garden and on his way back he would clear up the sand as best he could. He would figure out a way to do that when he reached the elderly couples place.. Gardening was not his skill set but he did have ninja tools to help with the tougher weeds and some of the digging. It was not going to be easy, well it was going to be pretty easy but it was still going to be long and hot work.  He closed his Logbook and tucked it away into a pouch on his belt.

It was just passing mid-day when he arrived at the Elderly couples garden and he saw now why this was a mission the garden was absolutely overrun with weeds and plants that needed to be plucked or cut down to size. When he arrived he knocked at their door and Greeted them warmly letting them know that he was there to take care of their garden and that if they needed anything to let him know. He smiled as they bowed and thanked him and he bowed in return before letting them go about their day while he got to work. He Pulled out a kunai knife and started first on doing some pruning to the plants.

He was not the worlds best gardener or even.. a gardener in all reality. He did however know that almost anything would look better than what it looked like right now and that was his goal, improvement not perfection. He got the majority of the overgrowth handled first and then took to rooting out the weeds that were frankly everywhere some of them looked like shrubbery that belonged.. if it weren't for the fact they were also clearly weeds. When he was done he had made a large dent in the problem but the next is the ground.. where once it had looked pretty good now it was all wrecked from the weeding and pruning.

Arantima took out his Fuma Shuriken and used it as a makeshift tiller to break up the ground and make it all look freshly worked as he backed his way out of the garden area until the ground looked freshly aerated and lush once more, now all that was left was to water it all down so it could drink its fill after all the mean work that had been done to it. He found the old Watering can they had and filled it with some water from a nearby well before dousing the entire garden in fresh sparkling water. When he was finished he poured the remaining water over himself to cool off and showed the couple their new lovely garden area. They thanked him profusely and he just bowed and told them it was his pleasure.

Arantima Had now finished his first task and it was late in the afternoon, he would not have more than three or four hours of decent daylight left and he still had to clean up the large patches of sand that were plaguing this section of the village. He looked around at the sand that was coating pretty much everything and wished he had learned some more wind style Jutsu, but now would not be the time to cry over things not yet done and now would be the time to try some things that might or might not work. He Looked left and looked right and sighed as he saw not much in the way of tools but he did recall a few branches from his previous job that could be used as makeshift brooms. So he collected those branches, a pair of them and went about the village essentially dual wielding improvised brooms.

He held one under his opposite arm, and one over his shoulder ready to strike downward. He would strike out with the one under his arm, then follow its sweep with the down chop and reset on the opposite side of his body. And this Motion would be the one that was repeated over and over for the next hour as he advanced down alleyway after alleyway clearing the sand and moving it along with him. After what feels like an eternity, or at least it does to Arantima he takes a break to see how much ground he has covered and while it is a good large area he looks back ahead of him at the area ahead of himself. The area ahead seems to stretch on endlessly, or at least it appears to be doing so in his mind for a few moments.

He closes his eyes and calms himself with a breath before moving forward once again, just running over different aspects of his training in his mind while he works through this menial task. One step, one set of sweeps, another step and so on all while he reviewed his training in his mind.  His mind settled on the weapons training that he undertook and the basic form of stick motions he was using now. Basic Balintawak, an attack with a defense prepared and an endless repetition that could go on forever and be unstoppable if the user were fast enough. It was a Technique of attacking that While he learned and understood he could never master.

Even now while performing the motions for this simple task his feral nature was threatening to win him over and force him to go rampaging and swinging wildly to sweep the sand.. and everything else he could see out of his way.  He took a calming breath after every step and sweep combination and continued to do so all the way down the remaining alleyway he had. When he had reached the end of the alleyway he was breathing heavily from the physical exertion but he was also proud that he had managed to keep himself under control for this task.

1012 /1012 words

Current Health Bar: 100/100

Vigor: 31 - 310 AP  |  Chakra: 20 | Speed: 40 | Strength: 40 | Throwing Speed: 80 | Throwing Distance: 40 Meters

Specialties: Bukijitsu | Element(s): Wind | Skills: Blacksmithing

Equipment: 5 Kunai (50 stat), 5 Shuriken (50 stat), 2 Weapon pouches, 1 Fuma Shuriken (100 stat)

Stat page for reference:


1012 / 1000 Word count Requirement.

10 Stat points claimed - Assign to Chakra

Using 500 WC to learn - Demonic Illusion: Hell Veiwing Technique

512/2000 WC Towards Itemcrafting Skill

2200 Ryo claimed and 10 AP claimed
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
Remove Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Remove Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

A Simple day helping out around Sunagakure Empty Re: A Simple day helping out around Sunagakure

Thu Jul 01, 2021 11:16 pm
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