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Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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A Empty Farewell Empty A Empty Farewell

Tue Jun 22, 2021 12:20 pm
Quiet...finally it was quiet. The smell of fresh air sat in his nose, the rays of the sun kissed his face. The breeze of the air danced through his hair and clothing. The Prince of Suna, Hyuuga Souji stood at the gates of Hoshi, his hands within his pocekts of his jacket. The 14 year old dropped out of the exams due to how boring he grew after his fist match in the finals. Observing the remaining rounds he saw that there was no true competition between him and the other contestants. Furthermore, he was growing homesick, or rather, her missed his mother and best friend. He did enough in the land of stars. He experienced the exams and found them to be below average for his liking. Would he do it again, absolutely not. But, he managed to learn enough about other shinobi from neighboring villages. 

At the gates, he would noticed that his carriage had arrived to see him home. Removing his left hand from his pocket, black fingernails held a pass between the fingers. Motioning towards the tower for the gate, he would place his visitors pass on the counter. “I won’t be needing this any longer. It was fun, but I’ve had my fill of this place.” He would state as he returned his hand back into the depths of his pocket. His stride continues toward the carriage - the steerer climbed down from his seat to open the door to allow the Prince to enter. - Souji climbed in and the door was closed once he was settled into his seat. 

“Did you fair well, Master Souji?” Asked the driver, he was acknowledged. “Something like that...If this is the best that the other villages have to offer, than I say that we will have some pretty interesting stories in the near future. Although, I’d be remiss if I did not admit that I desired more of a challenge than what I was served.” He sighed. The driver climbed back into his seat as he waited for the day so to depart. “So, you were left unsatisfied.” The boy’s lilac eyes would find the back of the head of the man...paused as he couldn’t find the will to deny. “More than you can ever hope to fathom.” his eyes turned to the window as he gazed out. One last take in of this unique village. He would pull his left hand out of his pocket and give a snap as cue for the driver to go. With that they were off. 


[WC: 426]

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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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A Empty Farewell Empty Re: A Empty Farewell

Tue Jun 22, 2021 1:28 pm
The village’s Gate was open, and a squad of shinobi guards stood under the portcullis, their headbands shining in the sun. When a column of riders appeared, they sprang into action, shouting commands and moving the carts and traffic aside to let the men exit. “Make way for Dusk Tachibana.”

“Out to capture some Grimma, sir?” A man at arms asked.
“Out to kill some Grimma.” The local hero of Hoshi responded, the white cloak of the Nova Corps dancing in the wind like a living thing as he moved under the portcullis and on the dryland of Haven country.

It was then that Harold caught another exciting sight. One of the Chuunin Exams participants jumping on a carriage. The Hyuuga brat from Suna. The Seventh’s cousin, the one Shina had warned them. 

“Nearly missed him.” Snorted the old Yukigakure warrior, and with a booming voice, he commanded the driver halt. “He is the son of a cousin of Ayato’s father. One of the living ones, I think. Or the dead ones, I don’t recall. These Hyuuga are a large bunch. When you see him leaving, give him this.” The spymaster had requested Harold and gave him a sealed letter, with its wax black and shiny. The Northman had no intention of letting her down; Shina was not a woman to let down.

“Souji Hyuuga, the Hogokage sends his regards and his congratulations for your performance in the exams. Safe travels,” The brown-haired, bearded warrior said. Handing over the letter, he returned to his duty.

Once unsealed, the letter would read.

“To Souji Hyuuga,

Ayato Hyuuga, Lord Hogokage, is occupied with a mission of great importance and sends his regrets for not being here to meet with you. The Seventh does send his congratulations for your performance in the Chuunin Exams and his promise. 

Should you wish to return to this village in the future, your presence will always be welcomed in Hoshigakure. And it is our Kage’s great hope that he will be able to grant you, his cousin, an audience and train with you in the arts of your bloodline.

Signed by the hand of 
Shina Uzumaki,
Master of the Village Hidden in the Stars"

wc: 367

Allowing Souji to EXIT
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