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humble carpenter's livelihood Empty humble carpenter's livelihood

Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:18 pm
Name: Humble carpenter's livelihood built with love and dedication
Element: mokuton
Rank: b
Specialty: nin
Particular Jutsu Type:
Backstory: As long as the senju clan has been around the power of their blood has been used in a variety of ways. The hardened warriors raise great wooden constructs to topple their enemies, wattering the ground with the blood of their enemies. Others found creation to be the true power of the bloodline. War savaged lands found new homes rise from the earth themselves, boats crawl from the sea to offer passage, and bridges willed into existence to provide safe passage for those in fear.

Appearance: Great logs of wood spring up from the ground, shifting and contorting as they link together to make the intended structure.
Handseals: Hare, boar, Unity, Hare dragon
Duration: 5 posts/ permanent once finished
Cooldown: posts used X2
Range: 10m per post
Power: 30
Speed: 30
Health: 30
Stat Boosts:
What it does: After forming the seals, the user holds the dragon seal and up to ten 2X4 logs of mokuton rise from either the ground or the user's body, pouring like clay from their chest or hands before forming into the logs. These logs set themselves into place to make a building, boat, or bridge that fits in a ten-meter radius before them. for each post after the first that the user holds the seal they may create another ten meters of building added onto what they've already completed. Building is created at jutsu speed. May not be created within 5m of another player.

These structures may be created using another mokuton jutsu as the base if the jutsu has equal or higher power. Doing so would either cause the beams to form from that creation or for it to shape itself into that creation, the wood-style reforming itself into a form it needs to be in to create the structure. If the structure is created as a part of another mokuton technique that technique may carry the item to a place to put it down. Only if it is carried to a position does this jutsu have a power, and this can only deal damage via being dropped on someone once completely created. A user may use this jutsu multiple times in different threads, or after the cooldown is finished in order to add onto the structure created.

any structures created by this may not subvert rules of the forum(one cannot make a ship and then not pay for travel by boat) but if approved in another ap this jutsu may be used to make an item to allow sailing as per that items creation.

Character Specific: n
Wordcount to learn: 1500
Action Cost: 30 15 upkeep
Mastery: y
Bonus Requirements:
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: site cannon
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humble carpenter's livelihood Empty Re: humble carpenter's livelihood

Wed Jun 16, 2021 10:17 am
Trial approved
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humble carpenter's livelihood Empty Re: humble carpenter's livelihood

Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:18 am
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