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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Ryo : 90783

Star of the Ocean [Kizmaru] Empty Star of the Ocean [Kizmaru]

Sun Jun 13, 2021 11:06 am
Jakosaki was listening to the reassuring sound of the scratch of the quill on parchment. “Do I sense a question coming from you?” The Kage asked, not lifting his gaze from his notes.

“An observation if it pleases you.” Jak of the Dosser Tribe let out, “If I were them, I would be wary of the invitation. Why else summon him after all that transpired.” The grizzled vet's black beard was cropped, tied, and short across his square jaw. Even though he had only recently seen his forty birthday, only a fringe of thin black hair remained on his head, circling behind his ears like the shadow of a crown.  

“You did kick him out of the summit.” Jak finally said.
“A real tragedy." The Kage stated. “And as it happens, I’ve also imprisoned a few of his Kiri shinobi. As a professional courtesy, he must be made aware. The duty to defend them should bring him out. If not that, then pray he does it for the desire to listen to our fine singers that adorn Hoshi's nightlife."

“Just so, sire.” the lowborn Hyuuga said disinterestedly.
“You truly lack fondness of music, don’t you, Jak.”
 “If it was music you wished to hear, you should get a singer to guard you.”

Ayato smiled at that. “That would be amusing. But, then, what do you know, I might get to see Dusk fending off the Mizukage with his harp if the worse comes to pass.”


The rain fell in sheets, with lightning and thunder raging on the night sky of Kirigakure. A lone raven struggled through, its feathered wings feeling enormous, too heavy to lift. The Chuunin at the communication center plucked the parchment off its foot and squinted over it. A letter he knew. It was addressed to Mizukage, and its seal was black wax, hard and shiny.

Before long, he was standing scroll in hand in front of the Kage office. Water was dripping down bullets from his raincoat. He would show the contents of the letters, not to a Jonin guard, not to an ANBU, not to the Deputy but the Kage himself.

Once opened, it would read in elegant handwriting.


Shinobi serving in your village of Kirigakure, crossed the ocean to reach the border to Haven. They streamed north to the walls of our city for a taste of the pageantry and glory in the grand Chuunin Exams of Hoshigakure.

To say that Kita Hajime and your Konoha vassal Fu fell short of that glory would be an understatement. But, unfortunately, they were found guilty of breaking the law. Therefore, the honor of your presence is requested to negotiate the terms of their conditional release.

As for the rest of the Kiri delegation led by Chuunin Murata, they've chosen to remain in Hoshi as my honored guests until justice on the matter is delivered. 

I look forward to a spirited discussion that will bring any animosity between our villages to a swift and decisive end.

Signed by the hand of Ayato Hyuuga, 
Seventh Hogokage of the Village Hidden in the Stars
Kizmaru Senju
Kizmaru Senju
Ryo : 25700

Star of the Ocean [Kizmaru] Empty Re: Star of the Ocean [Kizmaru]

Thu Jun 17, 2021 4:33 pm
The Mizukage was sitting at his desk today without too much of a care in the world. He had finished most of his paperwork for the day and the rest of it wasn't urgent enough where it had to be completed today. So instead, he figured he'd just laze around in his office and enjoy one of the rare few moments of peace he could afford. Laying beside him was his animal companion, Ram, sleeping peacefully by the large window panel of the office right behind him. Truly one of the rarer moments indeed. Getting up from his office chair, the Mizukage went into the common room connected to his office in order to fix himself a little something to eat. Before he could prepare however, the phone on his desk started to ring as stepped into the room. Giving a huff, the Mizukage went back into the office in order to answer the phone with his right hand. 

"Yes, this is the Mizukage speaking," he had answered. It was his attendant of course as the phone lines in the building can only connect to other phones in the same building. After a brief exchange, the Mizukage had found out he had received an important letter from the Hogokage himself. This caused him to worry a bit as he wondered if they had found out about some illegal dealings he was involved in over there. The Mizukage had then told the attendant to have it scan and checked for anything malicious before bringing up the letter to him personally so he may open it and find out contents were inside. Forgetting about preparing the meal he planned on making for himself, the Mizukage had slumped back into his office chair, awaiting his attendant's arrival. Hearing a knock on the door, the Mizukage had told them to "Come in" followed by the door being open and a person walking in to deliver the letter onto the desk of the Mizukage. 

Afterwards, they had given a slight bow before exiting the office. Looking at the letter, the Mizukage wondered what it could be about. No point in racking his brain over it, he decided he would open the letter and be done with it. Pulling out a sheet of paper, the Mizukage had begun to read what was said on it. Takign a few moments, he had discovered the note was about one of his villagers that had been taken into custody. It seems the Hogokage himself decided to send a letter, just in case he was unaware. Thankfully, the doctor he had seen told him that he was already informed. The Mizukage was disappointed. Not the fact that his villager had broken the law in a different nation but the fact he was caught in general. He figured he'd give him a stern reprimand when he got him back.

Reaching over towards a drawer in his desk, the Mizukage decided he would send a return letter to the Hogokage. Grabbing a piece of paper and pen, the Mizukage would write.

"To the Hogokage,

I have received your message. Thank you for informing me of the whereabouts and the status of my shinobi. I've been informed of this mishap and have begun preparations to send a delegation in order to vie for the release of the two shinobi under your custody. I have sent two of my Jounin with compensation as an attempt to rectify the behaviors of both of the shinobi as I currently cannot be away from my village for the time being. I hope their presence should suffice instead of my own while I make preparations to clear up certain matters before I can make a presence myself. Hopefully, we can come to some agreement before my appearance becomes a necessity. 

Signed and officially sealed by Aloide Terumi,
The second Mizukage of the new Kirigakure."

With that, the Mizukage had folded the piece of paper, reached for an envelope, carefully placing the letter inside before stamping the Mizukage's seal on the back. He'd then ring up his attendant once more and have them deliver the letter to the Hogokage of Hoshigakure.
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Ryo : 90783

Star of the Ocean [Kizmaru] Empty Re: Star of the Ocean [Kizmaru]

Thu Jun 17, 2021 7:21 pm
The Hogokage’s office in the Unseen University was not as big as the private audience chamber of the Royal court. Still, it had Iwagakure rugs on its oaken floor, elaborate wall hangings, and golden-tinted windows that gave it a sense of intimacy. 

Ayato was scribbling his signature on documents when a sudden knock startled him, interrupting his work. Ayato stood up and opened the window doors. The raven croaked loudly at the Kage's sight and took flight before landing again on the open window. The Byakugan Heir was worried his sudden movement might have scared the messenger bird off. Ravens were regular means of communication within the village, flying from one location to another and back. 

This one was straight from the communication center, located at the hill of the Old King.

After examining it with his Byakugan to make sure there would be no unpleasant surprises, the Kage gently took hold of the raven with his left hand, pale fingers running through the soft black feathers of the animal.

As the Kage reached to remove the letter tied to the bird's minor ankle, it twisted its small head towards his face and croaked loudly one more time. "Quiet little guy, I'm not hurting you." Now holding in his hand the small scroll Ayato let go of the bird. The raven took a flight to leave a gust of black leathers in its wake. He kept watching it for a few minutes until it disappeared in the distant blue sky.

“Of course,” Ayato thought as he watched the black feathers settle. Taking a seat, he began reading. Once done, the Seventh Kage of the Stars would reach for his quill and begin crafting his response on a fresh parchment of bone white color. Rolled and sealed with delicate purple wax to protect the document from being read by unwanted eyes and authenticated with a Hoshi stamp. The letter would follow the opposite way of the one the Hyuuga descendant had received. 

To Second Mizukage Aloide Terumi,

Your swift response is well appreciated. It is most unfortunate that you cannot honor our country with your presence, but it is undeniable that matters of state rarely give men of our position the luxury to travel. I look forward to seeing you face to face again later down the line. The envoys you send will be met at the Hoshigates and welcomed into the village to discuss terms of release for the unruly Kiri citizen in your stead. 

I wish you good fortune in the days to come.
Ayato Hyuuga Seventh Hogokage"

TWC: 934
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