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Training summoning Iron Maiden Empty Training summoning Iron Maiden

Wed Jun 09, 2021 1:55 pm
Nasu woke up the day after his last training session. He had finished learning the many hidden shadow snake hands. It was definitely a good start but Nasu wasn't done yet. He wanted to keep on learning more. The more jutsu he had the stronger he would be. He did his normal daily routine and then went downstairs to make breakfast. He was gonna do some eggs again today but instead of scrambled eggs the plan was to go with an omelet. So Nasu started with the ingredients. He took a block of cheddar cheese out of his fridge and started by grating it. He then moved it near the pan. Next was the tomatoes. He thinly sliced them so that they would fit nicely on the omelet. Last was some onion. He diced them down until you could barely know what one piece of the onion was. was. He grabbed some salt and pepper and placed everything near the pan. He then got out two eggs. He whisked them up in the bowl and poured them onto the pan. He watched as the omelet formed and after it was thick enough put on the cheese and onions. He also seasons it. After a bit more time the omelet had finished up. Nasu cut the heat, placed the tomatoes in it, and then he folded it up. The omelet was warm and cheesy. It tasted great. You had the juices from the tomato in there and the slightly cooked onions. It was definitely a good breakfast to start the day. Nasu finished his omelet and then just sat there for a minute. He kept on thinking about how good it was. Just the way it felt in your mouth was just really nice and then when you ate it it was also super tasty. Nasu knew he was going to have to get up so he could go and learn another jutsu before Travin got back. Eventually he did and he got ready to head to the training facilities again.

 When Nasu went outside he noticed how different it was from the day before. The mist was back to normal. Instead of the really light mist you had, your normal can't see too far in front of you kind of mist. And then there was the weather. Yesterday it was nice and sunny while today was cloudy and there was a cool breeze. He still started to make his way though. The walk was much less fun today. There were no pop up shop stands which meant nothing to look at. All you could see was the one awkward stand that seemed really shady that you don't really want to approach. Instead of not being able to think because of all the yelling and pushing from yesterday, today Nasu’s thoughts kept on wandering. He kept on thinking about the day before. The amount of training he had to do just to learn one single jutsu. He didn't even know if he had the energy to do that again. Not just that but Nasu is normally good at things that involve Space Time Jutsu. He’s always found them a lot simpler to learn. To be fair this was also going to be Space Time jutsu which means it shouldn't be too hard. He also has already had practicing in summoning.I mean after all he does have a summoning race. So summoning an Iron Maiden shouldn't be the end of the world. It would take a lot of chakra though which would mean Nasu would get tired after each couple of uses. Even though Nasu has a high chakra, summoning is still semi-new so it's not simple. "Ugh maybe I just shouldn't train today. Maybe I should just be lazy and not bother learning this jutsu. Plus learning from Travin is so much simpler.” Nasu just pondered for a minute not knowing what to do anymore. Eventually he came to his senses and knew he had to go and train. If he helped  it off now he would still have to do it eventually anyway.
When he arrived at the training area today it was just cold. Yesterday it was cooling from outside but today it just felt cold. “Okay I guess I should really get to training soon. Maybe I should do a little warm up though.” Nasu walked down the training area to warm up a bit. Nasu found an open spot on the ground and started out with some basic stretches. He took about 20 minutes just to stretch out his body. Nasu really made sure he was stretching properly. Because he is summoning basically a death box if he screws up he could end up being the guy in the box. He had to make sure all his chakra could properly flow. He then went and started with just lifting some weights. If he was going to be here most of the day there was no reason for him to start off with jutsu training. He just did some basic weight lifting. He didn't do anything too heavy just to make sure he doesn't hurt his body at all while lifting because he still needs to train his jutsu. He was there lifting for about half an hour though. He can sometimes find lifting weights a bit relaxing but there is a high chance he is just using really light weights. Nasu had one more thing to do as a warmup before he got to his jutsu training. He wanted to get a run in before he started his training. Nasu really wanted to make sure his body was ready in any way shape or form. Nasu went for a mile run sprint. It was really easy for him getting just a bit more over a 6 minute run. He was already a bit tired after his run though. He did have to take a quick sit down after the run because he just wasn't ready to go right into training. He did walk around the facilities a bit more before he started as well. He wanted to see how many people were there. Honestly it was pretty packed. I guess a lot of people decided to go and train today.

Nasu then actually got to the training of his own. He headed outside to a big area. There was a high chance that he was going to need a big area to summon this thing in. After all, it was probably going to be pretty big. He found a nice outside area of the training ground that looked like it should be big enough to summon just about anything. It was just one giant field. So it should be way more than enough to house this. Nasu also just appreciated how good the training facilities really are. Now it was finally time to start. Nasu honestly had no idea what this was going to look like. He was just going to make the known hand signs and hope that something happens. “Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger.” Nasu had formed the correct hand signs. He then pushed his hand onto the ground and said “summoning Iron Maiden.” The ground directly in front of Nasu started to shake and then it stopped. Nasu was ready for something to pop out of the ground but nothing ever did. So he tried again. “Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger.” Again the ground shook but this time something popped right out of the top before it disappeared in a puff of smoke. “Well at least its progress.” Nasu wasn't going to stop though. He can already tell that this jutsu is going to work so it was time for trial and error. “Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger.” A bit more of it came out. “Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger.” you could start to see a head.  Nasu kept on going “Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger.” More kept on coming out. “Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger. come on.  Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger. It's getting better.  Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger. come on this has got to be it. Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger.” and after enough tries finally it happened.  “Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger.” two halves of a snake came rising out of the ground. When it was fully above the ground Nasu formed the seal of confirmation and it snapped together. It was all perfect. Nasu was pretty happy that it was finally done. Not just that but it took no time at all. 

Now it was testing time. Just because Nasu got the jutsu done once he wanted to make sure it worked possible. The only problem is that he can't just use it on any person he wants or else it will just kill them. So he went to a new portion of the training area. He went to a forestry type area and found a nice small tree. Nasu formed the hand signs again.  “Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger.” The same two halves of the snake came rising out of the ground snapping themselves shut together after Nasu had formed the seal of approval. After about 10 seconds of it being fully up there Nasu de summoned it. The iron snake disappeared in a puff of smoke. After all the white smoke was gone, Nasu saw that so was everything else. All the tiny trees inside the area of the snake had disappeared. It was pretty cool. Nasu decided he wanted to go bigger though. And he literally did. He found the biggest tree he could find and that's where he decided to start his jutsu. He activated it the same as normal. He formed the hand signs  Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger And up came the iron snake. Its two halves came up above the tree itself. Then they just stayed there. Wide open as Nasu had not formed the seal of approval yet. Nasu went up to it and took a quick peek inside of it. There were spikes all over both sides of the iron snake. If you got caught in that thing there is basically no way of escaping. Unless you manage to destroy your going to get yourself impaled by a load of spikes. Not just that but impalement really doesn't seem like a good way to die. Nasu then took a minute to think through what he could do with this jutsu. He could use it as cover if needed. If some jutsu was coming at him and he had no escape he could just summon it directly in front of himself. The iron snake should then take the hit but would also have a high chance of being destroyed. I could also be a useful distraction though. If you needed to distract an enemy you could throw it, forcing them to move in one direction and then attack them with another jutsu. It could also be a good ambush. If you were waiting for someone to come past you there is a chance that you could trap them directly inside of it and end the battle quickly. And if you needed to get into somewhere you could always go throw it up on some sort of guard tower or even just people nearby that you need to get rid of. The only one problem there is with it is that it makes a lot of noise and is definitely very noticeable. If you were looking in the direction of it there was no way you were going to miss it. Just as Nasu was about to shut it closed on the tree some facility worker came running outside. He said “If you could please leave the trees that would be great. Here's a training dummy instead if you need something to test your jutsu on.” Nasu gladly took the training dummy and went right back to the area he was at before. This would be the last time he would use the jutsu before heading home for the day. Nasu set up the dummy and then started forming the hand signs. “Ox,Boar,Dog,Bird,Tiger.” The ground under the dummy started to shake and at the same time the iron snake came right up from underground. Nasu gave it the seal of confirmation and it snapped close. Nasu then watched as these giant iron changes came and wrapped themselves around the iron snake. It looked like they were what sealed the two halves together. “Hmm I guess I didn't fully get the jutsu down beforehand. I'm glad it's working now at least.”   

Nasu then excites the field and de summoned the iron snake. He grabbed all his things and then headed home. This jutsu did not take as long as the last one but it definitely took some time. Nasu was also ready to eat some dinner and then head to bed. When he got to his head he had some dinner and then he went up stairs. He put away all his gear and then went and laid down. Right before he went to sleep he smiled and was happy that he had learned two new jutsu at least. It would really add on more to what he could do and it would allow him to hopefully impress Travin even more when he got back.


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Training summoning Iron Maiden Empty Re: Training summoning Iron Maiden

Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:23 pm
Looks good to me.

Training summoning Iron Maiden FNbQpoZ
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