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Meeting the Mizukage - Page 2 Empty Re: Meeting the Mizukage

Mon Jun 14, 2021 12:30 am
Gonk watched and listened as the Mizukage gave Travin permission to learn the jutsu he requested. An act that seemed to make Travin almost ecstatic. But then the Mizukage would go on to tell the two shinobi the second reason they had been summoned.
“I should have guessed it was about Kita,” Gonk thought as the Mizukage explained the circumstances to Travin. “I guess it makes sense for him to send me to go. Afterall I was there when it went down. And it’ll be nice to have Travin there with me.” 
Gonk listened intently to the Mizukage’s view of the situation, nodding intently. Gonk also made sure to take careful note of the Mizukage’s message to the Hogokage, committing the gist of it to memory.
Gonk watched Travin pick up the bag of money and move it towards his cape. Suddenly the bag disappeared, seemingly moving into another dimension.
“That’s handy,” Gonk thought as he turned his attention back to the Mizukage. He gulped as he heard the warning. He assumed and hoped that there wouldn’t be any complications, but the threat of being kicked out of the village for failure didn’t reassure him. 
“Well I suppose it’s not really for failure,” Gonk thought as he pondered the threat. “He specified if we return without either, meaning if we return with the money but without Kita, we should be fine. I think. Not that I intend to come back without Kita, or the money for that matter. But with the money in Travin’s cape, and only us three knowing about it, there should be little risk of it being stolen. Unless he’s implying we might steal it?” A whole new dimension of the Mizukage’s words was revealed to Gonk. “I suppose that’s a valid concern but we would never do such a cowardly thing. The Mizukage is taking money out of his personal funds to help us save our friend. What kind of lowly scum would even consider taking a single ryo of that sack for their own.”
While Gonk was thinking, the Mizukage’s assistant had come up and handed Gonk and Travin each a Jounin flak jacket, as well as some ryo, As he was currently wearing his armor, and couldn’t exactly put the jacket on over it, Gonk took it with a thanks, then infused his chakra with it, along with the bonus he received, sending it into his small pocket dimension for temporary storage.
After Travin voiced his affirmation, Gonk did the same.
“Understood,” Gonk would simply say, as it was fairly evident the Mizukage had other things to attend to. Gonk would also give a small bow, before nodding his head to Travin, and being whisked away to by Traven, back to the country he had only recently left.
Kizmaru Senju
Kizmaru Senju
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Meeting the Mizukage - Page 2 Empty Re: Meeting the Mizukage

Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:40 am
Assuming the two freshly promoted Jounin understood his order, the Mizukage had made a slight nod before turning back around to look out the window behind him. After he had done so, it seems the two would exist by supernatural means of bending space and time, something the Mizukage did not have the aptitude for. After they had left, he had made an audible grunt in which he was somewhat annoyed at these turns of event. he figured his shinobi would know better than to do things that would wound up causing them to bring attention to themselves. If they're going to break the law in a foreign nation, at least do it without getting caught. He wasn't going to say not to do as he had already done so once before, in the same region no less. Well, all he could do now was hope for the best on getting his shinobi safely delivered back to the village. For now, he'd just get back to work and worry about other things. Walking back to his desk and seating himself in it, the Mizukage had begun to pick up his pen once more, signing off on the papers he was working on previously. 


W.C: 203
T.W.C: 1,273

Giving 60,000 Ryo to Travin.
Promoting Travin and Gonk to the rank of 'Jounin'
Giving Travin permission to learn Kiri exclusive techniques, Bullseye and Silent Killing

Ability Claims (Applying 25% Word Count Discount)
Using 1,200 words into learning S-Rank Susano'o
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Meeting the Mizukage - Page 2 Empty Re: Meeting the Mizukage

Tue Jun 15, 2021 11:45 am
The three of you, approved.
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