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Hey, So.... - Page 2 Empty Re: Hey, So....

Sun Jun 06, 2021 3:03 pm
Truth be told, Daiko wasn't necessarily foolish, though he was definitely ignorant, prior to this encounter, about how to properly handle one's self in the presence of village leaders. The gloves that the man had shown off were quite scary and looked to be close-quarters weapons of some sort. A red tint quickly engulfs Daiko's face, before a quick apology was issued. "You-You're right. That was my bad..." He then scratched his head, bowing slightly at the request to leave the office. He definitely took the warning to heart, though a few things lingered on his mind. All Daiko really wanted was to watch Ram munch on the fruit. He took a risk giving a coconut to the small critter, and he had gotten no reward. Foreshadowing like that was too on-the-nose for even Daiko. "Thank you for taking the time. I'll be waiting for your correspondence." Slowly walking out of the room, he heads out into the main area. 

Daiko would notice that everyone was doing their regular day-to-day activities, and nothing really seemed off. Though Daiko had just felt as though he was a couple of centimeters from death back in there, he still learned a few things along the way. The gauntlets that the leader had flashed at him seemed to resemble clawed mitts, and they had a strange ass eye on them. Along with the man's terrifying armor, it seemed that he was the type that used close combat techniques and the like. Given the reaction that he had to Daiko's actions, though completely justified, Daiko considered that he may not know much about space-time, given that what he had performed was an absolute beginner technique. He considered to himself the studies that he would be able to do in order to better find out techniques of varying skill levels, so that he may, later on, recognize them. 

It was no matter. Daiko had made it out with his skin still on his body, as well as permission to be able to do missions for Kirigakure. Though he may not have made the best impression that there was, he was currently under the assumption that he would have a safe stay in these island villages, even if it was just for the moment. There would be a long road ahead of Daiko with his training, and most of all with him being able to get his head out of his ass. It would be a path filled with rough training, hardships, and maybe even the loss of those he loved. Shaking that thought out of his head, Daiko decided that he would deal with none of that. He was going to make sure that for the time being he could be an asset to this village, before moving on with his life. 



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Hey, So.... - Page 2 Empty Re: Hey, So....

Sun Jun 06, 2021 3:30 pm
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