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A Matter Of Persistence

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A Matter Of Persistence - Page 2 Empty Re: A Matter Of Persistence

Tue Jun 01, 2021 2:52 pm
Kana watched as each did their own set of missions, She would nod as she went off and did her own. She did indeed Shadow a queensman all by herself. And than she thought she would handle the fire by herself, however she noticed another helping, a red haired male by the looks of it, there was also a third who was helping. This made things go a lot faster, all she had to do was extinguish the fire, those two saved all the people within the building. Once the fire was out and the people was out of the building safely she would go over and use her mystical palm technique to heal the wounds accrude by the fire. Once she was all done, she would get up and recognize that they had indeed done every mission at that point minus one. The Ghost rose mission.

She would head off in the direction towards the desert. So it needed extreme heat and yet plenty of water. Kana would take this new found information and searched around, and with a lack of finding, she would decide to yet again make it rain, this time in the desert, creating the very situation that she would need. And with the storm started, she would take a nap under a rock to help keep herself dry and also using the sensory just in case for the look out of bandits. When she awoke, she would notice the Roses had formed seemingly overnight. She would indeed study the local area, and took down notes on the situations that created these white roses. At which time she would pick one and put it on herself, making it pop amongst the black canvas of her cloths.

This would cause Kana to return back after taking her notes and headed home, where she would notice there was another who also sought out the roses, that was good, the more healing remedies the village had to offer the better. But she did not know where he found his, but she pretty much grew her own. She felt that information would be much more valuable. esspecially if it grows quickly. Kana would turn in her work and studies to the Hoshigakure Botanical Society. Where she would get them to Sign the scroll stateing that she had done what she was supposed to do for the result of a successful mission.

After that, she would return to the Gazebo to report to the others, Appologizing for the time it took and reported to them the different findings. With the gathering of everyones information for the missions each one had completed. She would head off and assume the others would as well, head off to the mission center and turn in her scroll. Signifying she was done with the assaigned missions. At which time she would collect her share of the reward and would head back home.

She would tell her father all about the missions and the people she met, the way they operated, and her other observations over the past two days, also to inform him as to why she had not returned home the night prior. After being all done she would grab something to eat, only to feel like one of the humans she had just worked with and would begin to eat it slowly as she would open a book and begin to read slowly. It was an interesting read indeed.

This book was showing the use of different jutsu and their applications that would exceed their original design. This would help her conceptionallly, the way other techniques she has operate. She would begin to plan out and think of the other ways her jutsu she already knew could be used. She would think back to the boy who used his sword to slice into the building with ease, and the other boy that was strong enough to move rubble with his bare hands. She could not do such feats, but could either of them have put out the fire? let alone keep it from spreading? That made her perk up a little bit, just assuming that they could not do the same.

She would smile and lay down closing her eyes as she would drift off to sleep. The dreams she would have appear in her head after reaching a point with her sleeping that she would be difficult to awaken, The dream would give her a way to try these new methods of jutsu usage without actually doing it, however the one thing it would not do for her, is show her any reality to the use of it. However she loved the feeling of swinging around by her black threads like the legends of a man who swung around on vines.

Than another use of a jutsu, With a clone using Water snake she would surf on the snake , being propelled further along. So far she could only come up with ways to be mobile, nothing seems to be as a unique usage as of yet in her ideas. She did read of one combination of jutsu that she would want to try out. Her Rain Tiger at will had another jutsu that could be combined with it, Hiding in the Rain. However if what was said to be true. There was no way for her to learn the technique to allow her to do it, but it would make her invisible within her rain, that would be useful to escape or get a drop on someone. Oh well, such things were not meant to be it would seem. and with that Kana would awaken with new ideas in her head.

She would get dressed for a new day and head out to tackle new duties. Maybe she would meet with the Kage and become an official ninja if her father did not already arrange it. She would want to give back to the village, maybe as one of the medical ninja or maybe as something darker, she had yet to decide that, and from what she knew, did not yet need to decide anyways. she had plenty of time on her side.


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A Matter Of Persistence - Page 2 Empty Re: A Matter Of Persistence

Tue Jun 01, 2021 4:44 pm
With everyone coming back to the gazebo it would seem like they were finally settling down for the last mission which would lead them into the desert. If he had honestly paid attention to the mission details he could have done the mission as well while he was out there helping those royals, but alas maybe this was for the best. As the group filed out and left the village to head toward the presumed location of the flower, Morio stuck his hands back into his pockets and kept to himself mostly, not out of anti-social behavior but mostly because he was still feeling that emotion when he killed those bandits. Looking toward the direction of where he had slain the group it was something within him that was happy...almost ecstatic even about the whole ordeal. Shaking the thought to the back for the moment he focused on the task at hand and kept up with the group as a whole. Once they stopped at their intended destination, Morio would begin to look around to see what he could find. He had at least remembered the specifications and description of the elusive flower they were supposed to find and set off a few meters to the right of the group to look for it. As he need he hummed to himself to keep his mind off of his other thoughts and to also keep himself on track. After a few moments of searching he would come across a small grove that was covered in a thicket of thorns, but had a small path one could crawl through if they were careful. Slowly he would unbuckle his sword from its strap and stick it into the ground near the entrance before crawling through. He could feel the leaves and thorns gently scraping against his clothing and one point his hair, but he simply curled further down until he got to the end.

At the end of the trail he came to a large dome shaped area that had a myriad of beautiful flowers and leaves all growing in various places. In the center sat a single tree that stood out among everything in the area. He was curious why he couldn't see it from the outside but now it made sense. The thicket had grew to the point where it was thick enough to hide the area, but someone must have been tending to it at some point. Walking toward the tree he would look around the area for the flower of the hour, seeing many a different flower but nothing of the rose he was looking for particularly. As he got closer to the tree he would begin to channel chakra into his feet and walk up the surface of the tree to get a better vantage of the area. Although he couldn't go too high due to the canopy of thorns, he stopped at a good half way point before turning and looking. While he was still in a lopsided position he could see all of the flowers from here. Each one had a different color with some of them sharing a mixture of each color, but at the far end he could see it. A rose that stood out not because of its color, but its unique shape and form. Jumping off of the tree he would walk over toward it. Crouching down he would begin to look at it in detail. He did take note of anything out of the ordinary...but it was beautiful none the less. Standing up he would begin to leave the grove, deciding that maybe it was best left alone...and if the others had gotten a sample then this piece of heaven could remain intact. Leaving out the way he came, he would take his sword into his hand once more and cut the entrance to make it collapse upon itself, remaining forever hidden to anyone else.

After that he would leave with the group, going home after turning in the missions and getting his reward. The day was finally over.
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A Matter Of Persistence - Page 2 Empty Re: A Matter Of Persistence

Mon Jun 21, 2021 8:50 pm
Ishii was a bit confused when he finally made it back to the gazebo which the group had originally met at. Yet it didn't take a genius to figure out exactly what had happened. They all had embarked on a number of missions that took drastically different amounts of time to complete, of course they wouldn't be done at the same time. Heck, Ishii alone had spend most of the day either delivering bread, sitting in a visitor's booth, or educating schoolchildren. By the time he had gotten back to the gazebo, the sun hung low in the sky, casting an orange glow over the horizon.

"Well then. I suppose that we're each to do the last mission on our own then."

Ishii gave a sigh, scratching at the back of his neck. Apparently they were to gather up a particular flower with medicinal properties, and deliver it back to the village. There was only one problem with that however.

"It's a fool's errand to send you on such a mission in such a short time frame. The last time you embarked on such a journey, it took over a day and an encounter with bandits to gather the plant."

Ishii grunted. It was true. He had gone hunting for this exact species of flower in the past, and the last time that he'd done so he ended up with a bloody gash in his face after an entire day of searching. The flowers didn't even appear until the following morning. Ishii took another glance up at the setting sun, and clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. He'd already done three other missions today, hadn't he? He'd delivered bread, taught the school children, and served at the visitor's center. Ishii thought long and hard on the matter for a moment before chuckling.

"I've had enough for the day. Whatever comes next, I'm sure that my companions will be able to handle it."

Ishii would turn around and begin the head back home, satisfied after a long day of work, and looking forward to the day when he got paid.

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A Matter Of Persistence - Page 2 Empty Re: A Matter Of Persistence

Mon Jun 21, 2021 9:07 pm
A Matter Of Persistence - Page 2 FNbQpoZ
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