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construction help D rank Empty construction help D rank

Sun Apr 25, 2021 12:23 am
Mission req's:

Welcome to another episode in the life of the brilliant, the remarkable, the protagonist whom we all love! The water removal mission well... It didn't exactly go as planned. Halfway into the task Saya was informed that there was a mission for her team... Except she didn't have a team. Only pinochio. That didn't stop our dear heroine however. She jumped at the chance. Well. She grumbled, then she pouted for a bit, and then she was forced to jump to the task at hand. Still it sounded pretty easy. She needed to go to a construction site and help out... How hard could that even be? Our duo skipped down the street towards their target location, Saya considering all the possibilities for new and interesting performances. The expectation was simple: head out there, Put on a great show, maybe bring the crew some water, and then head home

Expectation is not reality.

When she arrived, she found the site was mostly empty. There was a large rotund man and two much smaller men working diligently to put up some sort of new building? Yes it was definitely a building. Dunno what kind though.

"Welcome.... You are really small. Sure you can cut it?" He let out a hearty laugh at seeing the small konoichi and her wooden doll. She simply nodded in response and was given  her tasks. First task: bring those logs. That seemed easy enough.

"Now Saya. It would be a good idea to use your techniques in order to make this easier. I have a jutsu I think would make this faster...and also work. Those are very heavy." Saya scoffed at her teacher. As if she would be dissuaded by something as silly as the weight of a few....And that was exactly the point when she realized there was absolutely a time to listen to Pinochio. With a great heave she tried to lift up the logs and found that they didn't even budge. Not an inch.
"As I was saying. Focus suiton. You're getting a bit better at drawing in chakra and seals so this one should be pretty easy. It's called Water release, Five feeding sharks. The seals are snake, bird, monkey, ox, dragon and then you clap and touch a source of water. "

lucky for our protagonist it had rained earlier. A large barrel beside the tent set up by the man managing the site was filled with rain water. WIth a nod she focused. Shifting around the pile of logs she began forming seals. Snake. Bird. Monkey. Ox. Dragon. Clapping her hands together she buried them in the barrel up to the elbow and released her chakra. The effect was less then desirable. Instead of five large suiton shark she uh... well she got four, and they weren't exactly massive. Still each ripped up from the barrel leaping out to grasp onto one of the logs... Well. It was more like they kind of crashed into them as they fell. Still the force was enough to allow each to slide across the ground, quickly losing size as they saturated the earth beneath them but sure enough, it was enough. The pile of lumber found its way the thirty or so feet they needed to be pushed and formed into a pile beside the two other workers now available for use.

The next part was much easier. She loaded the barrel of water onto a hand truck, rolling it over to the staging area she was assigned to. Focusing again she summoned the sharks again. Snake. Bird. Monkey. Ox. Dragon. Clap. She dipped her hand more gently into the water this time, only submerging them to the wrist and out leapt.... three sharks. There was still a bit of practice to have.

Before her was a large wooden wall with planks set up and ready to be hammered in. The bracing beams laid over two saw horses for stability. They wouldn't know what hit them. The first shark crashed directly into a board, cracking it in half. With a sigh the manager lifted a  new board, set it in place and prepared the nails. The second shark thankfully aimed more truely. It struck the nails with it's nose before dissipating and thrust them deep into the wood.

"I did it! Now just a few more. " Focusing again, she summoned two sharks and sent one each at the opposite ends of the second board. The first was a little off, sliding off the edge of the nail to chip the board beneath as it drove it's target into place but the third rang true. With renewed vigor she focused on the last plank and powered the nails in effortlessly. Over and over she sent her sharks in to crash against the nails, using her manipulation of water to ensure that they were pulled back just before hitting the planks. Now this was a sight to see dear listeners. She had always had the ability to suceed this spectacularly, that ability was tempered with her absolute disinterest in focusing on things that didn't interest her but this... This was art. She could visualize the possibilities with every nail that she slid home. There was potential in every bit of lumber lifted and dropped and she was slowly getting the hang of how this technique worked. FInally she was on the last piece for the day and she had an excellent idea. Focusing on her chakra control she tipped the bucket over before tapping it with a single finger. A box of nails set beside her on a bench was the first step. She poured them into the water, calling for the sharks to spiral in the water. A great but very small whirlwind formed up, drawing the nails down further towards the bottom of the barrel and then with one thrust she formed the first shark. It ripped free of its watery prison, flashing a set of nails in it's nose. Flying towards the wall her plan became clear. In an instance the jutsu was canceled but the force of the technique propelled the nails into their proper place. She was done finally, and at a rate that would cut this project in half with the power of her mighty chakra.

(Twc 1048, Mission complete. claiming 10ap, 2k ryo+100 gening reward,10 chakra,  and 1048 towards five feeding sharks exit topic closed)
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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construction help D rank Empty Re: construction help D rank

Sun Apr 25, 2021 1:56 pm
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