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Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
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Day 2: reupholstery required(p/io) Empty Day 2: reupholstery required(p/io)

Sat Apr 24, 2021 1:25 pm
Another day in paradise, our noble underpaid narrator commented under his breath, checking the view window to confirm that his heroine was, as usual not getting up any time soon. It is a thankless job following the next great ninja hero and chronicling her ever movement. I need more coffee. 

Oh. Oh? Ah! In my time away it seems our protagonist had raised magically from the dead, dragging her form from the confines of her large four poster bed to test the temperature beneath her tiny feet. Wiping the sleep from her eyes she glanced over at the small doll on the table, preparing a breath with which to usher morning welcomes. 

“Morning pinoch. So I was thinking after breakfast we could start putting together the break-away stage!” Almost on instinct she flexed her fingers, activating her chakra strings to propel herself across the room only to be stopped with a single glance of her dolls lifeless and utterly non existent eyes. 

“First, you’re up late again. We’ve talked about your late night caffine fuled sewing extravaganzas. You need to start waking up earlier, getting a breakfast with a less then eighty percent sugar concentration, do morning calisthenics, practice your hand seals, and then there’s study hours so you can get a few more jutsu under your belt and weapons training and—“

“Nope. “ and she was gone. Down the hall and into the kitchen she shot off like a bullet. Realistically a very slow moving bullet but a bullet none the less. 


“Yea yea. Gonna get some cereal pinoch. I am abolsutely not doing this whole rigid shedjule of evahnts in ohdah to enseure a young ladies time is well spent crap. I literally didn’t come to this village to have to deal with all that again.” There was a clinking of glass as she half set half tossed her bowl onto the counter followed by a hall of small colored rice cereal pouring into it. In moments she was contentedly munching on a bowl of sugary deliciousness. 

“If you recall, you didn’t come to this village as much as you were sent here to avoid further destruction. And idle tria tends to be a dangerous one. Now come back in here and get me. It’s wierd when my voice is in the room but my body isn’t...” 

“Yea Yea. I’m coming.” With bowl in hand she prepared her strings, considered what had happened at lunch the day before, and decided to walk and save herself an hour of mopping up milk. Trust me, it’s for the best. 
The small doll was elated as she lifted it up to set it in the pack at her side. “Yanno. One of these days im gonna make you a proper body and then you can walk yourself into the kitchen. Maybe I’ll even try to feed you some cereal!” Her giggling was overtaken as he continued his thought, ignoring her rediculous pondering. 

“Now. You may spend some time working on your broken display cases but first you have yo do some work. I expect you to learn at least one new jutsu today. Then we’ll reevaluate the volume of free time you’re permitted in order to both silence your whining and ensure the house stays in one piece.” This, my dear listeners is called foreshadowing, you don’t know it yet but this is going to be very important later on. I’m aware, of course, because I’m your humble underpaid omniscient narrator. 

“Fine. But I get to pick the jutsu.” That thought terrified Pinocchio. It was one thing for her to accept his pestering. That happened from time to time because she knew the end was an inevitability. What really worried him was that she seemed to take an active part in her own training. THAT was dangerous. 

“Oh...kay.... I was thinking we would start with something simple like heater whip or hiding in water jutsu. Your suiton element is a powerful tool in both defense and offense and it is imperative that you learn some techniques that will help you take advantage of this tool.” His head was cocked to the side as he spoke slowly. His tone made it very clear that he wasn’t even trying to hide the worry that the was up to something. 

“I was thinking the same thing actually. I have exactly the technique in mind. So I was looking through some information and found that there’s a cool technique that creates waves and thought it could be really cool for uh.... surfing? Yanno I’ve been meaning to take up the hobby at some point but I’ve been so busy.” On her bedside table was a notebook. Flipping to the first page, she glanced over various notes to find the hand seals she’d written down. Immediately she regretted it. There were a LOT of hand seals to this thing. That meant it was more powerful, of course, but it would be a real pain in the neck to perform. She struggled with the whole moving your hands into precise positions thing. Half way in she often lost track of what she was doing and ended up thinking about something else. 

“A surfing jutsu huh? Two things. First you are aware that I don’t believe that for even a second? It’s never just a simple innocent thing with you so it would be in your best interest to just tell me what we’re getting into. “ 

“Well okay. Maybe it’s more of a creating a water wave jutsu and not so much like controlling waves?” As she spoke she formed the first seal. Hare. That was good, she thought to herself and us her faithful fans. We her faithful fans? Whatever. Anything is proper English if you don’t care enough, just ask carrol. Focusing on her chakra network she summoned energy from her solar chakra point, drawing it up in her chest to prepare to shift it into suiton. 

“....two. I’m a voice in your head personified for your own safety. You DO know that means that I do in fact know everything you know right? For instance: you made sure to leave me in the bathroom last night after your shower so that you could sneak exactly two cookies before bed because you knew I would reprimand you for eating sweets after you’d brushed your teeth. “ 

“Wh. How did you even know about that!? I was so careful!” This is the unique position I’m in dear listeners. Saya is an anomaly. She is both the smartest and slowest ninja possibly in the history of the great villages. With the ability to pick up complex techniques in moments she was considered a genius in the outer lands of rain. She’s also unaware that the doll she purchased, and is actively only talking because of a jutsu she learned specifically for this purpose is not a separate living being, but instead a creation of her imaginative consciousness. It’s a give and take.
Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
Survived 2021
You've completed the Christmas Event of 2021 and qualified for the last reward, by partisan you are awarded this fancy badge!
Stat Page : Saya
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Clan Specialty : ninjutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 58600

Day 2: reupholstery required(p/io) Empty Re: Day 2: reupholstery required(p/io)

Sat Apr 24, 2021 3:17 pm
“I could explain it to you.... again.... but that would waste valuable time, only to be met with the response ‘oh yea, right’ and you forgetting in the next five minutes. My point was in fully aware of what this particular jutsu is. Perhaps it’s not best done in the house?” The way she had split her focus allowed for the personification of her teacher to hold the knowledge she needed for general day in and out, while she focused on intense creative focus. This lead to exactly this conversation happening over and over again as her left and right brain battled over understanding to complexity of her power when working at full capacity. She formed the second seal, monkey, as they bantered back and forth. He knew she wasn’t really paying attention to what he said, she knew she wasn’t paying attention to what he said, and now you do through my illustrious exposition. Her focus set in the fluid shift in her chakra from neutral into a concentration of vibrant blue energy that she could use once she was prepared to release her jutsu.

“Yea, right. Words and stuff. Do you think I could get away with doing this without all the hand seals? What if I just summoned so much chakra that I willed the wave to form? I feel like that could totally work and then I wouldn’t have to memorize all these hand patterns.” Even as she spoke her fingertips entwined into the ram sign. Nope. That was the boar sign. She focused her intention in making the wrong seal and I really want to be surprised. I cannot be, but I’d really like to be.

“Tria that’s boar. You want ram. How many hours did I drill those hand seals into your head!? You are much smarter then this. Stop thinking about what accessory with perfect your rediculous new outfit. You know you’ll be making a headdress because that’s what it calls for. You always spend hours pouring over small optimizations that could improve the design past its origional and you always decide to stay true to the origional. You need to focus. “ he was right. She would never admit it be he was right. Starting again she’d form the seals more quickly this time. Hare. Monkey. Then she redoubled her effort bringing her hands together to make the ram seal.

“You know this early in the morning the only thing I can think about are the arts. This is why I keep telling you we should do training later and have relaxation time first!”

“No, if we inverted the way that we do things it would become impossible to get anything done. You would start a new process and be inconsolable if I tried to make you pause in order to get some training done. This is important. Without this training you will die in missions. You need these tools and so we train in the mornings and then you get to do other things. I swear girl, when you finally get a team I don’t know how they’re going to deal with you. “ she rolled her eyes and chose now to focus on her training more intensely. She checked her notes again, and found the next seal was dog. Then she realized that the last seal was in fact boar. She hadn’t misremembered as much as her mind, in true saya fashion had moved faster then she was actually holding comprehension, causing her to skip a couple steps. The seals still felt a. It foreign to the small konoichi. She knew them but it felt wierd pressing her hands together in intricate patterns.

“I for one cant wait to have a new team. We’re going to be the best dressed in all of Kiri! Why after a few days our performances will be know even past the land of rain!” Unsurprisingly shed lost focus again. The suiton chakra pooling in her chest drooped, flowing down into her abdomen. It was a strange feeling having so much heavy chakra slowly dripping down through the pathways leading from her solar to sacral. With renewed determination she drew the energy back up, allowing the power to bleed from solar to heart, acting like a net that would keep it afloat in the upper part of her network. Then she started again.

Hare. Monkey. Ram. Dog. Ok. So she just needed to form one more seal and then combine that with the chakra in her body and release this powerful new technique which totally wouldn’t cause any trouble at all. Again I must emphasize this is, in fact, foreshadowing.

“Okay. So I just need an easy one more seal, and then I just combine the suiton chakra nature with the focus of the seals and it’s water style time! See, I don’t know why people start off with the lower ranked jutsu and then work their way up to the big fireworks. It’s so much easier to just skip a step!” ......foreshadowing.

“Please tria, be careful. When you release the hand seals it is imperative that you focus on the size of the stream. If you just let it rip, as they say, then it will definitely cause destruction that will be incredibly expensive to repair. And we won’t be able to stay in the house. You know how you hate having to stay in hotels tria. You never sleep right and the linen arent Egyptian cotton. Also, this is a ninja village. There is a level of excessive disruption to village affairs that will be tolerated, but you cannot just flood three blocks at your own whim.

“Yea yea, something about focus and streams. Don’t worry I’ve got this! It’s not like I’m going to fire off a huge stream of water that floods the whole house spilling us out into the streets and causing irreparable damage to the house and all of my things! I would NEVER be so careless!” .....I do not believe I have to say it again. We can all see what’s coming at this point my dear worried listeners.

She allowed the chakra to form up once again, consolidating the large mass into something that could be more easily used. She needed to shift it up the network and into her throat chakra point. From there the energy would be easiest expelled as a stream of water and focused into the exploding water colliding wave jutsu. Wait. Did I read that right? SHES USING THAT JUTSU!? INSIDE THE HOUSE!?!? Oh listeners this. Well I knew it would be bad but this is leagues past what I ever imagined to be possible. The sheer force of the exploding water colliding wave jutsu was.... well. Sheer and forceful! Yes I am aware that it isn’t my most poetic description but I’m afraid.

Finally she held the last seal. This was the defining moment in how her ninja career would be for the rest of eternity! Will she show restrain? Will the force be enough to destroy all of kiri? Okay probably not the last one I mean let’s be realistic but still!!! This was it.

A small trickle passed her lips as she willed the jutsu to activate. Yes! Much to the joy of millions of onlookers it would seem that she had the restraint to not fill the room with water! For once her brilliance worked to her advantage to—oh. No, nope there it is. In true saya fashion the trickle turned into a stream. The stream turned into a violent torrent that washed everything from the top of the bedside table, immediately saturated the linens, and filled the floor of the house in seconds with gallons of concentrated chakra infused water. Our heroine was swept up in a flash. The stream of water rushed our out the bedroom door, down the hall and easily into the living room. Now for most this would be a sign to finish the jutsu, stop the flow and reduce damage. She did eventually stop. The house filled with water until it was pouring from the windows, and with one final heave the front door flung open spilling a now soaked saya onto the pavement below.

.....mission accomplished!?

(claiming 25 vigor and 2500 towards exploding water colliding wave jutsu trained. Exit, topic closed)
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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Day 2: reupholstery required(p/io) Empty Re: Day 2: reupholstery required(p/io)

Sun Apr 25, 2021 8:10 am
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