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Raiden Ametsuchi
Raiden Ametsuchi
Stat Page : Raiden
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Clan Specialty : Space/Time
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 9250

Been a tad long Empty Been a tad long

Mon Apr 19, 2021 10:47 am
Raiden Walked around the streets of Sunagakure for far to long doing nothing. It was time for the man to start making his moves, and doing what he needed to all along, get stronger to defend himself so he could clear his name. Little did he know how futile that was. For the time of Konoha he knew was long gone shortly after his disappearance. The Long white haired man walked along the streets and to a forest that spanned a spire in a large manner, and Raiden would begin to walk the paths. With the lush green now surrounding him, he was reminded of home, the one that took a simple accident way to far. Raiden looked back upon that day with much remorse but he could do nothing to change it.

Seeing the boys lifeless body, hearing that final hiss of life as it left the body by his own hand. Raiden Was stopped in the middle of one of the paths as he stared at his fist, He was remembering the look on everyones face at the time, they were enraged and wanted to kill him. One threw a kunai but the reckless charge of the other saved himself from that . He took the body, could not explain why, and took off running, he was young, and stupid. But now he was going to forge his path. He heard rumors, about both Kazekages of the new sunagakure, and he went to seek audience. Raiden had only got about twenty meters into the forest before the memories flooded and made him stop. Then he remembered back to another day, the day he met his father and brother.

The wind kicked up as he remembered feeling the heat of the fire, Everyone was so drunk, no one could tell a pulse that had dropped dangerously low for some medical reason beyond his own comprehension, from there being no pulse. Luckily Raiden was able to get out of the coffin before the black flames touched him, He watched. A pair of men he barely knew, took their time to build that and set him ablaze like the kings of old, Family seemed to mean a lot to both of them, Raiden wished at that moment he showed his father more respect. But with a deep breath he took off into the woods.

At that moment was when Raiden was found by Kiru Retsuno and put in his dragon dimension, and that was when Raiden was put into a long sleep, apparently according to the dragons of iron chains, five years had passed since he saw the world, they warned him it had changed, although they admittedly did not know to the full extent. Raiden had headed to the village of Sand from the Forests of Konoha at that point, that was the last time he saw such foliage till now.

Loose Leaves blew around the dancing wind with the white fluffy clouds above being sparratic, enough to give shade for a minute or two before allowing the sun to escape them. The Sky beyond was blue as Raiden looked up with the final determination, it was time to make something of himself. Either to redeem his name, or live up to the moniker given to him at that point. He would continue his March up the long path towards the large spire that towered ahead of him.

By the time he reached the Spire it seemed Raiden was able to calm the demons that stirred within bringing up such memories, and would walk into the spire, Along the way Raiden had stopped to read the monument of those lost to the destruction of Kinzoku Nazar. It seemed Kinzoku was a Hokage after Jason Senju's time, which was just starting as Raiden had Ran. Maybe it was time to pay his old home a visit and see how he would even be welcomed. thats when he saw it.

Those Inmistakeable Headbands. The Hidden leaf village was here. But He knew not as to why , he saw no faces he recognized, although he was sure some of the higher ranking shinobi were talking to each other as he entered. as if he reminded them of someone... The five years had altered Raiden greatly, His true heritage now showed unlike before, the white hair flowed down his back with the golden eyes shining. Raiden had lost his shirt over time, and walked around looking like polished marble, and seemingly out of place. He approached the desk to find the direction he needed to head, at such time he would learn that the current Kazekage, Mizuki was out of town for the Chuunin Exams in Hoshigakure...

This made Raiden Remember that technically he was still a Genin, according to the books in Konohagakure. However he was hunted like an S-rank criminal till he disappearence. Raiden always wondered what was Kiru's Plan for him to hide him away in his dimension in a sleeping seal until the time that he too vanished for some reason. Maybe something bad happened to him, who knew.

With a Nod, a thanks to the desk clerk and a quick look around, Raiden decided it was time to head back outside and take in the fresh air and sky above, he would just have to wait, or leave and go out on his own accord. He knew not what to do yet at this time.

It was at that moment a local came up to him. "you lookin lost sunny, maybe you should go to the Arena, I head many a people find answers to themselves they knew not they could find out about themselves." Raiden looked around as he heard the voice, as he wondered why the man would walk up to him and talk to him randomly, maybe he meant to talk to someone else, but by the time he turned back to the man, he already disappeared inside of the spire.

Raiden would shrug and nod, and he took off back through the one hundred meter forest, headed for the arena apparently that could help him find out more about himself. By the time Raiden got to the Arena, it was about midday. And he would Step foot into the Arena, and he waited...And Waited.

Just when he was about to give up and leave, the wind kicked up in the arena and out of the sand a visage appeared, that looked identical to him, however he knew the look of the man across from him, it was an inner demon of his. The Demon. It looked identical to Raiden, minus the glaring flaw of Black where there should be white. and red eyes where is once golden orbs sat. In reaction Raiden reached for the handle of his Katana on his hip, taking a rather feeble yet traditional Samurai like Stance, his right foot stepped back, making his body turn to give a smaller target, Also Hiding the handle of the katana, which was already pushed just out of the grasp of the sheath, so it would make the draw when it happened that much smoother.

The Demon chuckled at Raiden, "Do you not know how dangerous it is to enter a place like this, with a being such as myself within you?" it grinned demoniclly with Raidens face at the man with white hair. Raiden Glared back and held his stance, he was steeling himself, he knew soon the demon would try to invoke his rage and force him to attack first. This made the Demon laugh that much harder at the man. "You really that scared after five years of taking your first life? Imagine that boy would have attacked already, you know his friends would have.... Just like you know they hated you for your actions, You are scared cause it felt good..." The demon did not get a chance to continue as Raiden Dashed across the twenty meter spance between them.

Clash Went the sound of metal upon metal, The Demon had too drawn his sword, but when, did Raiden blink in that time just before the strike? Was he afraid of the impending clash, and possible splash of warmth across his face that would have been his opponents blood. But why was he afraid of such a feeling, was it cause the demon was right, did he Enjoy feeling the crunch under his fist of his opponents bones breaking. The sound of the last breath, was it Exstacy to him? With a Grunt Raiden would push himself backwards from his Demonic half. Which would just cackle at him "I saw that flicker, the fear of enjoyment of something so wrong. YOU WANT TO FEEL THAT WARMTH!" The demon sneered as it charged at Him.

It was barely a second between the moment Raiden could see the blade and his own responded almost as if someone else guided it to defend him. the sound of the blades crashing ringing once more. This Demon was making him think more than ever, which demon was this....Was this his own personal demon? was it maybe his own darkest fears? Little did Raiden know it at this point, but it was indeed both of those things.

Raiden let the fear of enjoying the things that others would frown upon control him. But it was so hard to let go, to know that it was an accident like that with Isshin Uchiha that be the moment he felt the sheer enjoyment of the kill, the statisfying crack of the bones, the erotic sound of that final breath. Raiden was slowly slipping into the demons trap, giving into the feeling instead of just facing it, He let the feelings take over and control him, Raiden closed his eyes for a second, the Demon went to take advantage when at that very moment, Raiden's eyes would open back up and glared right back at the demon.

The Sheer amount of determination was enough to make the demon pause, and it was at that moment that Raiden grabbed the Demons hand that had a kunai coming down at him and twist it away, taking his sword aiming a pierce down, The demon took the pain however and broke from the trance, using his own sword to create a unsafe space to which if Raiden succeded, he would lose his arm.

This would make Raiden let go of the demon and take a step back out of range of the sword. and let out a slow breath, one that let out a soft mist as he breathed. This demon regrouped himself and would begin to laugh Menically, as he realized what happened, it was not focus on the match or focus to stop himself, but it was actually that drive, and determination to feel that warm splash, the demon had won this round and sought for no more, as Raiden charged and aimed to slash him bisectionally, the Demon allowed it, letting Raiden feel the warmth of the blood....till the feeling was sand And Raiden realized he had been fightning himself.

However he was more determined than ever now at this point , however it was in the wrong path than he originally intended, maybe one day, Raiden can get back onto the right path, before he goes to far gone and his demon wins out. Raiden would sheath his sword and walk out of the Arena this new being, and held his head high as he did, the sun made him stop for a second to get his barrings, but continued onward, he needed to seek out another, not the current, but the previous kazekage, maybe he could find him if he looked hard enough.

The Long white hair blew in the breeze around him, at the tips of his hair, was black now, showing the corruption of the demon within, if the hair went completely black than the demon will have won, and seize control of his body, is it to late for raiden now? Or can he redeem himself completely. Time will only tell Which one will win.

TWC 2000

20 Stats CLaimed
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Remove Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Remove Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 131300

Been a tad long Empty Re: Been a tad long

Mon Apr 19, 2021 11:32 am
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