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Missions And Way Too Much Time On My Hands  Empty Missions And Way Too Much Time On My Hands

Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:22 pm

The pale dawn of the morning greeted Elliryana and she would stretch cutely, her arms over her head and her eyes scrunched closed as she yawned. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she opened then, white eyes, half-lidded from sleep would open to the world as the dawn light came through her window. She sat there on her bed for a time, letting herself wake up as she became cognisant of her surroundings, safe and warm in her home. She pulled the cover back on her bed and stood, stretching her back when she stood, her breasts pushing out into the air as she stretched back, her arms over head, fingers intertwined with the backs of her hands facing each other. She moved over to the bathroom and flipped on the light, and was greeted by her appearance. Brunette hair, bedraggled from sleep, and a small sleepy yawn as looked into her reflection, white eyes still only half open. Elli, was not much of a morning person. She moved over to the sink and splashed her face a couple of times with cool water. Then she would stand up straight up, drying her face with a towel before setting it aside and looking into her reflection again. Now she was more alert and awake, but she looked no less bedraggled. Her hair was a tangled mess, she had a red spot on her forehead from where she had rested it against her arm in sleep, she was still clad in her pajamas. Light blue coloured with little brown otters on them.

She would chuckle sheepishly at her reflection before sighing and beginning to get ready for the day. First she would get the shower running and then undress, removing the pajamas and setting them aside as the water in the shower became hot. Then she would enter and begin her normally routine, soap, rinse, shampoo, rinse, conditioner, let it set for a time while she brushed her teeth, then rinse. Then she would turn off the water and leave the shower before grabbing a towel and beginning to dry off. Once done, she would wrap the towel around herself before blow drying her hair for a time, letting it’s natural, light brown hue show from the dark brown it became when wet. Then she would comb it out before leaving the bathroom, a billow of steam escaping the heated room before striding across her room to her closet. After entering she would dress. She had missions to do today and they involved a lot of cleaning so while normally she would wear her usual attire of a purple pleated, flower-patterned skirt; black boots; a black spaghetti-string camisole under a white sash that wraps around her neck and over her chest; and a yellow patterned belt. Today however she would pick out a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, and of course underwear, all of which she would put on. Then she would pull her hair into a no-nonsense ponytail before nodding to herself and heading downstairs. Once there would grab a meal replacement bar after downing a glass of juice. Then she would step outside and smile up at the sky. It was a rare sunny day, which she was always a fan of, usually wasn’t in fact. However today it would be useful for her cleaning. She moved to her usual shinobi belt and took off the mission scroll she had picked up last night from the mission counter with the intention of working hard today.

First she would clean up some of the sand in the streets and shops, then she would go to one shop in particular and take extra care while cleaning it’s equipment and stock. Next she would clean the Mizukage Monument, and finally she would end her day at the bank, where she would do routine tasks like clean, go through the closing checklist, lock the doors, and anything else that might need doing. It was a busy day for the brunette but she was confident she could get it all done. So without further adieu she would begin her tasks. Moving through the village she would reach the main thoroughfare with shops and other buildings. A fine layer of sand was everywhere due to the rain and wind. The sand was picked up from the beach and ended up in the village and this was the largest street, so much of it ended up here. She was tasked to clean it up today while other genin would get the various side streets. One of the shopkeepers on the road was more than willing to let her use their broom and dustpan for the task and a few had set up large trash cans outside with large trash bags within. Extras were tied to the handles of the trash cans so if whoever was assigned the task needed to they could change them. Elli took a few moments to survey the area and nod her head at the work needed. There was a lot of sand to clean. However it was clear the shopkeepers of the street wanted to do their part in providing what was needed to get the job done. So Elli would get the task done, no problem.

Moving toward the provided broom and dustpan, the tools sitting against the large trash can outside of one of the shops she would begin to sweep the surrounding area. Clearing the area around her in a large circle. She would work in sections of the sweet, slowly making her way around and moving into some of the shops as they opened to see they too needed some sand swept out. With that she would change her focus toward the various shops interior, sweeping the sand out and slowly she would fill the trash cans before beginning to change them. It was at this point that she would run into a problem. Without considering how heavy they would be she had filled them up most of the way before tying them off. She was just realizing that she was not strong enough to lift the bags from the trash cans and was considering what to do with that small problem. She had of course, thinking that she was being ‘efficient’ filled all of the provided trash cans before moving to change them. Think she could fill them all, then change them all, then fill them all again before moving on. She was considering what to do when one of the shopkeepers came out and saw her predicament. He was an older man, and the same one that had provided the broom and dustpan. He looked around at the filled trash cans and her trying to take a tied off trash bag out of one of them before chuckling and stepping back inside. A few moments later he returned with a hand spade and whistled for her attention.

Turning to face him she would nod toward him before moving over to him. When she arrived she would smile up at him. “Yessir?” She would ask, her head tilted to the side a bit in mild curiosity. Then he would hand her the hand shovel. “Use this to transfer some of the sand from one trash can to another. Pile it up on top and then tie off the lighter of the two, change it and continue.” He would say, patting her on the head a bit before turning and walking inside. Looking down at the hand spade she would look back up and smile brightly. “Thank you sir!” She would call out before dragging two of the trash cans together and doing exactly that. The process took some time, but eventually she would get each of the trash bags changed and then continue with her sweeping of the streets. After a while she would finally finish and the shops and streets on the main throughway of Kirigakure would be swept clean. The large trash bags of sand would be piled up and she would transfer them to a dumpster she was directed to. Once that was done she would dust off her hands before returning the broom, dustpan, and the shovel, to the shopkeeper, smiling up at him brightly. “Thank you again sir, have a great day!” She would say before turning and moving toward her next assignment.

The tech shop she needed to go clean was a few blocks away and she would stop to grab something to eat while she walked. A particular food stall was on the way and she stopped to get a sandwich made. Moving over toward the stall she would wave at the woman who ran it. She was a matronly old woman with grey hair. She had the hands of someone who worked since she was young and would continue to do so until she couldn’t anymore. She turned toward Elliryana as the girl waved and give her a motherly smile before waving back. When Elli got to her stall she would nod at the girl in greeting. “Good morning Elli, would you like your usual?” She would ask, to which the brunette would respond with an emphatic nod. “Yes Miss Hirgane!” She would respond cheerfully as she placed an exact amount of money on the stall and then a few bills in the woman’s tip jar.. A minute or so later she would be passed a sandwich that was made with meat, grilled in a vertical spit before being cut into fine slices, spiced with rosemary and thyme. It would be placed on a bed of lettuce with onions, tomatoes, and a sauce made with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, salt, and olive oil. All wrapped up in a thin, but long and wide, piece of bread. Smiling up at the woman Elli would take the sandwich. “Thank you Miss Hirogane!” She would say as she waved farewell. Then she would move down the road toward the tech shop as she ate.

She arrived as she finished her sandwich, tossing the napkin it came wrapped in a trash can just outside of the shop before walking in. Immediately a well dressed man would move over to her, smiling obsequiously. “Welcome, welcome, how can I help you today miss?” He would ask, his eyebrows rising in curiosity. “Good morning! I’ve been assigned to clean the store.” She would say, another cheerful smile on her features, prompting the man’s fake smile to drop. “Oh, very well. Come with me.” He would say, before leading her to a door that led to a back room. He would open it and step inside, holding the door open with his foot and reaching for something. The motion obvious by the angle of his leg as he reached. Evidently he did not want her back there, but Elliryana did not mind. She just wanted to get to work so that she could continue on. After a moment he would move out of the room with a few things in hand. Setting them on a nearby counter he would hold each item up and naming them in turn. First a spray bottle with a blue liquid. “Window cleaner.” Then a spray bottle with a purple liquid. “Wall cleaning, for the wood paneling.” Then a white bottle with a silver label on it. “Polish for the equipment.” Then a broom. “Broom.” Then a dustpan. “Dustpan. I trust do not need to demonstrate how they are to be used?” He would ask, his dour expression turning toward her. Elliryana would look at everything in turn with a smile on her features before looking up at him and shaking her head. “No, although I would like to know how to use the cleaners and polish without towels.” She would say, her smile not fading in cheeriness in the least. This prompted the man to look at the assembled cleaning products in surprise before blinking once or twice and then sighing before entering the back room again. This time he did not bother trying to reach for anything and he disappeared into the room, the door closing on it’s own. A minute later he would return with a handful of towels and set them on the counter.

This would prompt the brunette girl to nod happily before taking up everything and beginning. First she would step outside, one towel draped over a shoulder while another and the blue cleaner was in her hand. First she would spray the glass liberally before wiping the glass with the cleaner, moving between each window and carefully making sure she cleaned off all of the smudges and bits of detritus upon the glass. She would move her head a lot in order to get a good angle of light and shadow on the glass to see where her attention was needed. After a while she would step back from the glass and give it a satisfied nod before moving to the door and giving it a careful cleaning too. The door was made of glass too, and she would be careful to ensure it was just as clean as the windows were when she was done. With that done she would step inside and move to the counter with the cleaning supplies, setting the towel she had used with it on one side. She had not needed the second one so she simply used it as she grabbed the purple liquid, for the walls. Then she would move around the shop, carefully polishing the wood paneling to a vibrant shine. She moved carefully, but quickly, ensuring she didn’t miss a spot. The shop had a large front room and so this took some time for her to get through and she ended up needing a step ladder to get to the higher parts of the paneling. All the while customers came and went, some buying things, some browsing.

Once she had finished polishing the wood paneling she would move back to the counter and set the purple cleaning solution next to the blue before picking up the white bottle with the silver label and a few of the towels. Polishing would probably go through the towels more given the stock in the room so she expected to go through at least a couple before she was done. With that she would begin to move through the store, polishing the various equipment in the tech shop. This would take quite a while, given how much there was but she was patient and fully believed in the value of working hard and diligently, so she kept at it. After a while she would finish polishing the equipment and set the polish and the towels soiled by it aside before grabbing the broom and dustpan and going through the room and beginning to sweep, careful to not brush up too much dust into the air and ruin all of the hard work she had already done. After awhile of that she would gather up the pile of dirt, dust, and other detritus into the dustpan before looking around for a trash can to dump it. Looking toward the shopkeeper she would speak politely. “Where’s your trash can sir?” She would ask, her voice clear. He would turn to her, her face becoming annoyed at having to address the ‘help’ before motioning vaguely outside. “Just throw it in the one outside.” To which she would nod and move toward the door, careful not to drop anything within the dustpan. Then she would dump out the pan into the trash can she had used earlier before knocking it against the side of it to clean it off. After that she would step back inside, after setting the broom and dustpan against the back table she had been working off of, would move toward the man. “I’ve finished sir.” She would say.

The man would turn toward her again and sniff derisively. “I’ll be the judge of that, no doubt you half-assed the effort and will have to go back and finish.” He would say before moving outside and beginning a careful inspection of the windows. After a few minutes he would re-enter the building, after taking a few moments to look over the door and nod his head approvingly. Then he would move through the store, careful to look on the floor, as well as at the walls and the various equipment. Overall he checked out the store for about twenty minutes before moving over to her, a content smile on his features. “It appears I misjudged you miss. Most genin come in here wanting to half ass the assignment and I have to constantly harass them to do the job they should be doing. However the shop looks immaculate, I thank you, and apologize for my earlier rudeness.” He would say, giving a small nod of his head. Elliryana would smile up at him “No problem sir, if that’s all though, I need to get going to my next mission!” She would say, her innocent and cheerful demeanor infectious. Smiling at her the man would nod before waving her off. “Yes, yes, go on.” He would say, walking her toward the door before opening it for her. She would step out, waving back at him as she started down the road. “Bye sir! Have a good day!” She would call as she left.

Next it would be time to clean the Mizukage monument. The monument was a statue of the previous Mizukage, Xyxer Gyojin. Everything that Elliryana had heard about the man had told her that he had not been a particularly nice man. Then again there were few nice people around in the world from what she could gather. The trek to the monument would take a bit and she would idly consider her plans as she moved through the village to the next mission location. She was working on something in her spare time. Something that would give her an edge in a fight. A puppet to be precise. It stood at five foot six and weighed about fifty pounds more than she did. It was metallic, sharp, and had a few neat tricks that she was working into its frame to utilize in defending herself and others. It was coming along quite nicely and as a matter of fact it was nearly done. Just needing some more of the armor plating put into place before it was ready for a test run. With luck she would be able to utilize it soon and it would signify the first real step in becoming a shinobi to her. Her first real weapon in her eyes, her first real tool. From there she could probably expand her designs, provided the initial one worked and end up creating puppets that would allow her to handle a vast array of challenges and threats to her safety and the safety of others. She also needed to work on her physical capabilities as well. She was quick and agile enough to fight in close quarters combat, and she could use her chakra effectively to injure and take down opponents. Perhaps she could workout how to do so through her puppets as well. Her chakra was the conduit between her and her puppet after all. Why wouldn’t it be possible to utilize the puppet as the execution point for some of her techniques?.

As she considered this the Mizukage Monument came into view. It was a gray statue and huge, it’s size imposing and it made the girl wonder if the man was trying to show off for some reason. She did not know, and it did not matter. Right now though all that mattered was that the statue was filthy and while Xyxer Gyogin may not have been a nice man, or even a good man, he was still an integral part of the villages history and that meant the statue needed to be shown respect. At the moment it had a specific lack thereof, given that it was covered in graffiti of all kinds and skill levels, bird droppings, specifically that of seagulls, and the general mud, muck, and crud that ended up on such large and overcompensating statues when a storm came in. All in all, the statue was an absolute mess. Sighing to herself the girl would nod before moving toward the statue. Cleaning supplies aplenty were sitting near the base of the statue. Large push brushes, sponges, soap, buckets, a long hose was run out from somewhere, smaller hand brushes, some with soft and some with hard bristles. She nodded at the supplies and then looked up toward the statue. If she worked from the bottom then the stuff she scrubbed from the top would just stain it again. Nodding she would proceed to fill a bucket with soap and water before taking up one of the hard bristle hand brushes and using the surface walking technique to climb to the top of the statue. Once there she would begin to scrub, using the soapy water and the brush to break up the gunk from the statue. Carefully, she would begin to work her way around and down toward the bottom of the statue. Constantly having to move back down to change her water to ensure she was using fresh water on the statue.

It took hours to complete, but she finally got it done. The sun was well on it’s trek toward the horizon although it had not yet obtained the orange cast of approaching dusk yet and she was still finishing up, moving around the statue with the hose and using her thumb to adjust the pressure of the water to rinse off the last of the runnels of soap from the surface of the stone. A few more sweeps with the hose and it was done, the statue now completely clean once more. Smiling to herself she would gather her cleaning supplies again and pile them back where she had found them. Then nodding to herself she would turn and head toward her final mission of the day. The bank was one of the most important buildings in Kirigakure and at the bank she was expected to help close up shop and ensure everything was good and handled when she left. It was a simple enough assignment and it wouldn’t take her overly long to arrive at the bank. It was arguably one of the most important buildings in the village due to the large sums of money within it’s vaults and the untold number of precious valuables held within the safety deposit boxes held within. Elliryana had considered opening up a bank account of her own, but she had a distinct lack of funds at the moment so there was fairly little point in doing so. Perhaps she could do so once these missions were done and she had some money to work with. It would at least be a place to start.

Arriving at the bank she would enter, the sun had finally started to get that warm orange cast to it as it got ever closing to the horizon and she entered and moved over toward a teller. When she got the window the attractive dark haired woman behind it would smile at her welcomingly. “Good evening, welcome the Bank of Kirigakure, how can I help you?” She would ask, prompting Elli to respond. “I’m actually here for a mission, I’m supposed to help close up.” She would say, prompting the woman to nod and point her toward a open office door across the lobby. Elli would give her a smile “Thank you!” She would say before turning and moving toward the office door. Upon arriving at the large hard wood door that was left ajar she would knock it politely. Which would prompt a sudden sound of a heavy, sharp, impact and a vicious curse. Poking her head in she would see the form of a man underneath a large wooden desk, a pen in one hand and his hand cradling the top of his head, his eyes squinted shut in pain. Elli would grimace at him as he stood up and looked toward her with one eye, the other still closed as he rubbed his brown hair. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” She would say, her white eyes concerned. Shaking his head he would wave it away before responding. “Not your fault, I shouldn’t be so jump. Besides, it’s not like you did it on purpose. So how can I help you?” He would ask, an eyebrow raised in curiosity. His hands would be at his side down and both eyes open as she spoke. “I’m here to help close up the bank.” She would say, a small smile on her features. Prompting the man to smile in turn and nod his head. “Well welcome then, what you’ll essentially be doing is cleaning up, locking the doors, making sure all of the doors that need to be locked are, including any inside that need to be locked, which include the doors to the offices, the door to the tellers area, and the supply closet door. As well as the entrances of course.” He would say, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a ring of keys. “Every door has a different key, except for the entrance doors which are the same.” He would say as he passed her the key ring. “You’ll hand the ring of keys to the security guard as you leave. Understand?” He would ask, prompting her to nod “I do, just point me toward the supply closet so I can get started.” She would say, smiling at him as she placed the ring of keys in her pocket. At this point he would point her toward a closed door not far from the door that seemed to lead to the tellers area.

With that she would move across the room and check each key until she found the one that opened the closet and once done she would open the door and look inside to find various cleaning materials. There was a push broom, a mop bucket, mop, smaller broom, dustpan, a rolling trash can with a roll of trash bags along the side of it. As well as window cleaner for the doors and windows of the bank. With that she would step inside and get the push broom and begin to move through the bank in a careful and grid like manner to obtain all of the refuse that was upon the floor. The bank was rather large for obvious reasons and it would take a while for her to finish sweeping the lobby before putting the broom away and obtaining some towels and the window cleaner and cleaning all of the windows and the glass doors. She would take her time with this and ensure that she was meticulous in her cleaning the windows, again using the shifting light and shadow to see where any smudged were and cleaning them off thoroughly. Once that was completed she would proceed to move around the bank with the rolling trash can and change the various smaller trash bags. Tying off the smaller bags and placing them into the larger one on the rolling trash can. Then she would use the roll of trash bags on the side of the can to re-line the now empty cans before tying off the larger back and taking it out to the nearby dumpster. Then she would enter the building once more, the light of dusk now fading over the horizon as darkness took hold of the land. With that the last of the customers would leave the bank and it would be time to lock up. She would lock one of the bank doors, leaving the other unlocked for the staff to leave through and then she would put the rolling trash can away and obtain the mop bucket and mop. Filling the bucket with floor cleaner and water, she would begin to carefully mop the stone floor of the bank, being careful to place wet floor signs upon it to ensure that people were forewarned.

This took awhile but eventually she finished cleaning the floor and the various tellers would finish up organizing their stations and leaving. When the last one left Elliryana would move to the door to the tellers area and lock it with the key on the ring. With the tellers gone the managers and anyone else with an office would begin to leave, closing their doors behind them as they left and when they did Elli would go by each one and lock it carefully, ensuring that the doors we all locked before finally putting the last of the cleaning supplies into the closet and locking it up as well. Then she would meet the security guard at the only unlocked entrance and hand him the key. “Here you go, all done!” She would chirp, prompting him to smile and nod before opening the door and letting her out. “You have a good night now, alright?” He would say to her in farewell, prompting her to smile at him. “You too sir! Good night!” She would say in her own farewell before finally heading home for the night. When she arrived home she would get a quick meal before going out to her workshop in the backyard and beginning to put the finishing touches on her first puppet.


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Missions And Way Too Much Time On My Hands  Empty Re: Missions And Way Too Much Time On My Hands

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