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Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Remove Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Remove Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 138300

Silver (Augmentation Mission) Empty Silver (Augmentation Mission)

Mon Mar 29, 2021 2:15 am

It was about 12PM Noon when Fu could be seen siting at one of many small, black round tables that were fashioned out of iron. These tables were positioned on the outside of a small café on the border of the village. It was the only place she could get something to eat within the village that also allowed her to eat alongside her brown bear companion, Archie. In front of the girl was a bowl of white rice with piece of chicken cut up hibachi style served with a caramel glaze. Next to her, was a large metal bowl that was filled with raw fish that had not been prepared in anyway. The bear would make grunting noises as he ate, barely breathing while doing so. “Woah not so fast you’re going to choke!” Fu would say in an annoyed tone, scolding him. However, it was no use. In just a few moments the bear had finished his meal and was now eyeing the Kunoichi’s “human food”. “Don’t even think about it. I know that look.” Fu would say, now eating almost as fast as the bear had just done.


In the background, a group of customers and employees were now congregating in disbelief as to what they were witnessing. It was obvious that seeing a bear within the village was taboo, but it was even weirder seeing one accompanied by a shinobi who was casually conversating with it as if it understood her- which he did. Their waiter was a young male with tight clothing and an apron on. He approached the table apprehensively, doing his best not to become Archie’s next meal. “A-anything else I can help you with?” He would say to the duo, his voice shaking. Archie’s head would perk up with anticipation of additional incoming food, but Fu would quickly dismiss the thought. “No that will be all.” The waiter would hurry back after a few moments with the check. He figured that the sooner they paid the sooner they’d leave, and a giant brown bear outside the restaurant was causing them to lose business despite how much fish they ordered. Fu would look down at the bill and realize the damage done. “Holy shit.” She thought to herself, quickly adding up the fact she was broke. “You know, you’re going to have to get a job, or something were out of money.” She would say whilst sulking to the bear. “If only I had haggled with that sketchy doctor, we could have saved some money. Now what are we going to do..”


Fu had almost forgot that she was speaking out loud when the voice of a third party would fill the air in response to her out-loud thinking. “I couldn’t help but overhear that you may be looking for some work?” The voice was deep and when Fu and Archie turned to face the man, they would see a tall and burly male who was about 40 years old. He was wearing a red checkered flannel and dirty blue jeans. “The name’s Earl. I’m the manager of Hoshi’s silver mine. I could use some help, specifically from your bear if possible. What do you say?” Fu would turn to Archie and he would do the same, looking to see if they were both in agreeance. “Doesn’t look like we have much of a choice. If we don’t make some money while here, were going to starve.” Archie would nod his head in approval and Fu would spin to the man to accept. “Alright Earl!” She would jump to her feet. “You’ve got a deal!”


Fu would finish up paying just the about last of her savings for their meal and depart towards the job site. In the street the trio would now be walking. Fu was in the middle with Earl to her left and Archie to the right. Earl appeared to be well known around the village based upon the several interactions he would have with people as they walked by. Fu however, was a walking anomaly and everyone was doing their best to get a look at the giant bear as they walked by. Earl would let out a deep laugh as he was getting more attention than usual. “Wow kid. I should bring you around more often. I bet the bear is a hit with the ladies you know how much woman love mysterious danger.” Fu wasn’t entirely sure how to respond to that, so she decided to change the conversation. “So, uh- how will we be helping out today? It’s not going to take all day is it?”


“Oh no don’t worry. One of our carts has a broken wheel so I was hoping that Archie here could lend us a paw in moving some of the silver we have prepared for delivery tomorrow. It’s a big order so I would really appreciate the help. I’ll even throw in a free bar and enough Ryo to keep you and your friend here fed during your stay.” Archie was now looking more motivated than ever now that his next meal was about to be secured. After about another 20 minutes, the trio would arrive at a large mine that was dug straight down into the Earth. There was a singular path that wrapped around the perimeter of the excavation that descended all the way to the bottom where many people were working.


Now in Earl’s office, he would have the two some passes. “Keep these on you incase anyone gives you a hard time and if they’re being persistent just let them know I sent you and that should do the trick. Outside is the cart, hook it up to Archie and head down to the bottom where the other workers are. The order should already be prepared, just load the boxes on the cart and bring them back up here to the loading dock. Any questions?”


Dreading the actual work, but wanting to get it over with, she would respond and then run outside. “Nope. See you soon!” When she stepped outside, she would notice that some of the other employees had already got the cart hooked up to Archie, although they were still hesitant about not getting eaten by him. One of the employees would walk over to Fu to introduce himself, “Hey I’m Alex, can’t say I’ve ever seen a pretty girl like you with an animal like this. Is he your guard dog or something?” Fu was now trying to differentiate whether he meant that people were going to be giving her a hard time or if everyone was going to try to hit on her while she moved the silver back and forth. “Cool it lover boy.” As she said that, Archie would let out a threatening growl which immediately checked the boy and caused him to back up from them. “S-sorry.” He’d say, now out of range of being eaten.


Ready to begin, Fu would hop on Archie’s back and double check that the cart was securely fastened to her companion. Archie was now wearing some sort of modified horse saddle that had slots on the side for the cart’s railing to slip into and secure. “Ready?” she would inquire of her bear- he’d respond with a grunt and would then begin moving towards the initial decent into the mine. The path was uneven and bumpy, and as she traveled past other groups of workers who were dirty from mining, they would cat call out to her. “Men are so stupid. They’re lucky I’m working, if not I’d give them a good scare.” Despite’s Fu’s feminine features, she was a savage and much more of a savage than any of the men working in this mine had ever faced. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, doing her best to keep calm so that they could move on with their mission and get out of here. It took about 30 minutes to fully reach the bottom of the mine and once down there, it was just as expected. There were 3 Large wooden crates, assumably filled with iron ingots, that were ready to be loaded onto the bear-towed cart and brought back up to the main office for pick-up.


One of the employees, most likely some sort of supervisor, would approach Fu. “Finally! You’re really saving our asses here Fu.” The man would already know her name, “Earl told me you’d be helping out. I don’t mean to rush into things here but were really behind with our cart being broken. Do you mind if we hurry up and get these back to the top?” Without any further conversation, two strong looking men would hurry over and begin loading the large orders onto the cart. Fu watched, content with not having to do any heavy lifting, and could tell by the expressions on the men’s faces, that the product was extremely heavy. Three large boxes later and Fu and Archie would be loaded up and ready to go.


Archie took his first step since the weight had been added and struggled to move the weight. In slow motion, another large paw would move ahead of the previous and the cart would begin to pick up some momentum. “Come on Archie you can do it! We just have to bring this to the top and we are all done and can eat all the fish you want.” The third and forth step were stronger and faster and before she knew it, Archie was ascending the path quicker than they had descended it, despite the added weight. The large brown bear was incredibly strong, much stronger than a normal bear. Fu did meet Archie at the market place in Konoha and had never seen a bear with a ring on it’s stomach- maybe he was special.


It wasn’t long until the duo reached the top of the mine once more. As they broke the horizon and made it back to ground level, Earl and the employee from before, John, were awaiting them. John had a clipboard in his hand and was making checks ass he counted each of the three boxes in attendance. “Wow!” Earl would say in admiration of their quick work. “Am I sure I ran into you guys earlier. We usually have three or 4 horses pulling that kind of weight so to see Archie here doing that by himself with you on his back is impressive.” Another worker joined them and released the cart from Archie’s harness and removed it. Now relieved of the weight, the large brown bear would collapse onto its stomach and begin to rest. “lets let him rest, Fu follow me inside so I can get you paid.”


“No peaking” he would say, as he put in a combination to the safe in his office and pulled out a large sum of Ryo. It wasn’t 40K, but it was enough to keep them fed until they returned to Sunagakure. Earl would bag the money and hand it over to the kunoichi. “Oh yeah- and as promised, one silver bar for you as well. Not sure what good it is for a shinobi, but its worth some money. Thanks again for all your help, we really appreciate it. Next time you are in the area and are in need of work, feel free to stop by. See you later!”


Fu placed the bar inside her weapon pouch along with the ryo. Earl was visibly happy that Fu and Archie, mostly Archie, had bailed him out and he was able to get the delivery out on time. “That wasn’t so hard, was it Archie?” Fu was now prodding the side of the bear for him to get up and move. “Stop playing around! Let’s get out of here before anymore weird guys hit on me.” Archie would let out a low toned growl and slowly get to his feet. Now standing, he would shake his body to free his coat from any dust and Fu would hop on his back and ride off into the distance in search of another meal. 

TWC: 2025

[EXIT/Mission Complete]

(2025/4k) Pure Sage Mode
40 Bonus AP Max stats
20 Mission AP
1x Silver
4100 Ryo (4k + 100 Genin)
Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
Stat Page : Link
Remove Medical Fuuinjutsu Ninjutsu Default
Earth Water Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 116770

Silver (Augmentation Mission) Empty Re: Silver (Augmentation Mission)

Tue Mar 30, 2021 2:24 am
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