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Taichi Uchiha
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The new eyes, a painful gift. Empty The new eyes, a painful gift.

Fri Mar 19, 2021 11:48 am
After another night of drinking himself into a drunken stupor, he stumbled out of the tavern back door and wandered into an alleyway. His money was all gone, and he had nothing left in him to hold his body up. So tumbling down he went, he fell onto the hard stone that had been laid for the alley's floor, which hurt far less than he had anticipated, his drunken state being the cause of that he had no doubt. Taichi tried to rise from the ground, but he had no strength left in his arms. Luckily an individual had followed him out of the tavern as they saw what kind of state that Taichi had been in. The man picked Taichi up and set him down with his back against the wall and his legs crossed in front of him, giving Taichi a slight amount of structure to ensure he wouldn't fall over. "Get yourself cleaned up man, you look pitiful." The man said to Taichi, which Taichi heard none of and continued to sing his praises to Odin and the Valkyries. 

The man then left and Taichi's consciousness began to fail him. His head leaned back against the brick wall and he felt his body go limp. As his eyes closed, he saw a flash of white light shoot across the sky and talons rest on his shoulder, but when he tried to look to see what was on his shoulder, his eyes shut completely. The darkness that came with the closing of his eyes, he could no longer hear the joyous sounds from the tavern, quite the opposite, he heard absolutely nothing, feeling only the talons on his shoulder. As his head rested back, his body began to shut down, the cool breeze blew across the alley, bringing a smell of blood on the air with it. Taichi suddenly saw a battlefield before him. The smell blood was accompanied by the view of bodies piled on top of bodies, pools of blood below the bodies. 

"What is this?" Taichi asked himself as he walked across the battlefield. He kneeled before one of the piles of bodies, and he noticed the face. It was Hiroaki, the man that he had incinerated in the island of Fang. The face of the man scarred, burned, just enough to still be recognizable to Taichi's eye. "This is your path, a path that is filled with dirty deeds, death, and destruction. This is the path that you have set for yourself ever since you left your home." Taichi looked frantically around, trying to find the source of the deep, booming voice that he had heard. 

Taichi pulled a kunai knife from his pouch, bringing it to his chest, being ready for the battle that could commence. "You poor wretched creature. To think you could wield such a pitiful weapon to a god!" Taichi continued to look, until finally he saw a figure in the distance, he wore a wide brimmed hat, and had only one eye. "Who are you!?" Taichi yelled, to what seemed to be the entertainment of the one eyed man. He leaned back and cackled to the question of Taichi. "I am Harbard, and you should do well and know that name. Remember my name and worship that name, for you are the one that prays out to me and my kin, the Aesir, is that right?"

Taichi was taken aback for a few moments, he suddenly recognized the one eyed man. The man in which he had been praying to for so long. "Wait so what is it that you have to tell me, my lord?" Taichi kneeled to the ground, showing his utmost respect to the one eyed god before him. The god turned away from him and began to walk away, "I have a gift for you, something to aid you in your battle for your worthy death, a gift to aid you in your path to Valhalla." The god said as he began to walk away into the bright light behind him and snapped his fingers. 

The raven that stood upon his shoulder turned into two, one on each shoulder. He was unsure as to what he should do, until the ravens began to peck. One by one they would try to peck at his eyes, but Taichi would evade their advances. He tried to get them off of his shoulders, but their talons had gripped into the muscles in his shoulder, He batted at them, but they continued to peck at his eyes. Odin turned back around and pushed his hands towards Taichi, knocking him to the ground. He then rose his hands, closing his fists. Taichi tried to rise back to his feet, but he found that he was tied to the ground by branches.

"What are you doing?!" Taichi yelled. "You need to learn how to accept a gift. Now we shall force it upon you." Odin responded with another snap of his fingers. The ravens pecked at his eyes, Taichi could feel the blood pouring down the sides of his face. His screams fell on deaf ears as Odin turned his back on the struggling victim of the ravens. Taichi was blind for a moment, the pain pulsed through his entire body. Taichi's eye shot open, and he was again behind the tavern, feeling dizzy and exhausted. He knocked on the door and had someone help him to the nearest inn, where he would sleep the rest of the night. 

The next morning he rose from the bed, feeling hungover from the night before. He contemplated the dream that he had the night before. "A gift from the gods? The pain felt so real though." Taichi said as he rubbed the area surrounding his eyes. He walked into the bathroom and he gazed upon his eyes, seeing that they didn't seem any different, there was no different look to them. So then he channeled his chakra into his eyes and he continued to look into the mirror when he saw something. Saw something far different, his eyes were blue, with black lines surrounding the iris of his eye. "Was this the gift that Odin was talking about? I am going to need to find someone else that knows what these eyes mean. Hope to the gods there is someone in this village that can give me the information I need." Taichi said to himself as he leaned back against the wall in the bathroom, still being unsure just what it was that had happened in his eyes, but he knew there was more questions that he now needed the answer to.

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The new eyes, a painful gift. Empty Re: The new eyes, a painful gift.

Sun Mar 21, 2021 8:16 pm
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