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Yamaguchi Kouma
Yamaguchi Kouma
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Getting Aluminum 5 Empty Getting Aluminum 5

Fri Mar 12, 2021 5:23 pm

It was another beautiful day in the City of Stars, and Kouma was enjoying it by simply eating with his mother in their small apartment, talking about what they were going to do on their days today. His mother had told him that she was going to the market to pick up a few things that she wanted Kouma to cook for dinner tonight, and Kouma agreed whole heartedly and wanted to make sure that his mother was okay when she did so. He had recently gotten her a wheelchair that had a small mechanism in it that would allow it to move with a minuscule amount of chakra going through it, and considering his mother was a master of Yamaguchi techniques, this was not something that was hard for her to do, in fact Kouma stream lined every thing so that it would be perfect for her, who has not practiced her techniques or chakra control in many years. Kouma was happy about this, and had even made her a bag that was strapped to the side of the wheel chair so that she could put a large number of groceries in there and come back. Hopefully this would make her life a bit easier while he went out and did missions and started to become more busy with all of the shinobi stuff. Kouma finished the meal and the chat with his mother before bidding her farewell, Kouma had another mission that he had picked up for the black smith. He had figured out that the black smith did not really need any more help from his as of right now, but he still offered the mission and the rewards because he was slowly and stealthily teaching Kouma how to be a good black smith as well, at least when it came to smelting, as Kouma already knew how to make some small mechanical parts for his puppets from his own effort.

Kouma walked down the busy street towards the market section of the village, where he would find the wonderful black smith that he had grown very fond of, and was almost like family to him, some sort of uncle that hardly talked but still enjoyed spending time with his nephew, although he would never tell someone that information, he would simply show it with his actions. Kouma found the familiar middle aged man sitting on his chair in front of the anvil, hammering away at some sort of metal, and it started to take the shape of a cooking knife. The black smith mostly made simple tools and small tinger for the people, such as nuts, bolts, and screws, so that people could repair their homes. He also offered to fix any tools or sharpen blades for people professionally, but of course it was at a cost. The black smith was doing well financially with all of this, which is why Kouma only felt slightly bad when he was essentially taking a bunch of money from this black smith by taking the mission over and over again. Kouma walked up to the middle aged black smith, making sure that the man was aware of his presence, before waiting for confirmation. The middle aged man simply looked towards Kouma and nodded to him, before getting back to work on the anvil he was sitting at, giving a silent confirmation to Kouma that meant he could start working. Kouma immediately rolled up his sleeves, before heading over to the case of metal that was there for smelting, and this time there was very few aluminum, so he was also going to smelt some other ore into ingots for the black smith or other businesses to use.

Kouma grabbed one of the ore chunks with ease and familiarity, before finding a couple of similar ones that had the same ore veins within them, before walking over to a small desk that was off to the side. This desk essentially was used for breaking off the bits of rock, as much as one could, from around the metal ore vein, so that there would be less and less impurities with however amount of rock you could get rid of. This was something that Kouma enjoyed doing, as it was fun to smash things and see the sparkling ore vein on the inside, knowing that it would result in a clearer and stronger metal in the end. Kouma got to work on smashing and grinding away the excess rock that was around the ore for a while, before setting the completed rocks aside for smelting. When he had a sufficient number of these ore veins dusted off to the best of his ability, he headed over to the large forge and tossed most of them in. The ones he tossed in first were all of iron ore, as this would take longer to melt down and longer to cool, so it was better to get it out of the way first. He watched as the ore veins slowly turned white hot, and began to melt into a liquid form. After this was done, a small slot was removed that prevented the liquid metal from falling out of the furnace, and this slid into a huge metal bucket.

The bucket was reinforced with tempered steel so most molten things would not melt the bucket itself, and this allowed Kouma to carefully scrape off the slag that was sitting on top. After doing this a few times, he then used large tongs to pour the molten metal into an ingor cast, which would then slowly cool before being usable in other things for the future. He then started on the aluminum after cleaning out the furnace of any leftover slag and molten metal, and he enjoyed aluminum because of how fast it melted and cooled. The aluminum, although starting later than the iron, was cool enough to handle and throw in some water than the iron. After this, Kouma’s task was essentially completed, so he bid the black smith farewell after sharing a story or two with him, and said that he would be back at lunch, simply to have lunch with the middle aged man.
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Getting Aluminum 5 Empty Re: Getting Aluminum 5

Sat Mar 13, 2021 11:40 am
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