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Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Gogyou Bushuugi
Kita Hajime
Ishimaru Shinkou
Satoru Jugo
Noboru Kaito
Yuuma Fujiwara
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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Fri Mar 12, 2021 7:39 pm
Five...eight...nine, no, ten? Ten signatures just around this corner. Ugh! Yuuma, what are you doing? This is a job for the gate guard, not you you baboon. I suppose it’s a good way to meet people, so it’s not all that bad.” The silver hairs Hatake would think. Sighing greatly as he peaked his head around the corner to find that the one named, Yuuma - who was also his teammate and, now good friend, was entertaining those visiting the village. Apparently they were there for the exams that were to take place. The longer he observed the more he grew anxious. The idea of potentially facing any of them was a bad thought for the boy. “They all look awfully strong... I don’t think this will be a easy ride.” He admitted in a low audio for only himself to hear. With him being only 10 meters away from everyone, he would continue to let his indigo eyes bounce from person to person. Though he was clad in plates of armor from neck to toe - he would be invisible to their ability to sense without the use of a sensory technique. However, they need not worry - Tsuna was not there to cause trouble, if anything he desired to avoid that for as long as he could. His reasoning was to meet with his comrade, only to find him there. 

With a deep inhale and equal exhale the boy mustered the will to reveal himself from around the corner. Though his presence was still unnoticeable due to his armor. His blade strapped to his back, hilt visible from behind his right shoulder. Jewelry dangled from the hilt. Above his left eye was a scar that reached up to his crown. His hair framed his face well, his features almost elegant to the eyes. Those endlessly deep blue eyes would be the boldest of his facial features. His tone in skin was a tad fair, while his jawline was sharp. The glean of his armor deflected the light as he casually walked over towards the one he was there for. His eyes careful not linger in another for too long, the closer he got the stronger their chakra, for some, became. He was beginning to regret even coming there. 

Once he was within three feet of Yuuma who was within a conversation he would clear his throat - aiming to capture his attention without outright being rude and cutting in. Assuming he was successful - a wave with a distracted expression would occur and he would immediately begin to address him, while showing a level of respect to the one’s he was speaking to - bowing respectfully as he did. “Hey, pal...” He would start, taking his right hand to quickly grab at the should of his friend. Brining him in close enough to whisper while maintaining a constant eye on those around as well as a feel for them. “I get my ass handed to me to save yours to complete the mission, get discharged from the hospital to find you balls deep with a lot of scary looking shinobi at the gates? What, do you hate me? What are you doing, man?!” He whispered, his tone both tinged with concern and skepticism. He couldn’t help but feel as though Yuuma had a thing for life threatening environments. 

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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Sat Mar 13, 2021 2:36 am
Kita spent his time on the boat practicing basic hand to hand combat with Bobo, trying to teach him what little he knew about fighting with your fists. It was frustrating that Bobo was so slow to pick up new techniques, yet Kita tried not to hold it against him. After he proved to be no good at Medical Jutsu, it became up to Kita to retrain him in a more effective manner.

What was even more frustrating however was working with Bobo on how to fight effectively. Kita knew the bare bones basics of fighting with fellow humans, something that Bobo wasn't. His limbs were shorter than the average person, yet his bodily proportions weren't equivalent to that of a regular person's. Consequently, Bobo was MOSTLY self taught, with his method of learning being more developing his own strategies to react to Kita's choreographed attacks than any special method of fighting.

Eventually, Kita called it quits. He had started to feel bad about his cold treatment of the crew, yet it felt as though it was too late for any sort of meaningful apology. What was done was done, and it couldn't be taken back. When they inevitably landed ashore, Kita picked up the wheezing monkey onto his back and into the small coastside town that they had docked their boat at, bidding the crew that had carried them there farewell as they continued their journey further into the lands of Haven.

As they made their way through the scorching sands of the desert, Gonk found himself complaining about the sand that found its way into his scales. Amusing to say the least, but it was a situation that earned an iota of pity from Kita. He couldn't help but chuckle slightly.

"I'm glad I'm not you. Taking care of scales like that seems to be such a pain if you ask me."

Bobo turned to him as if he had spoken in some form of alien language.

"You wouldn't want scales like that?"

Kita shook his head and gave a deep frown.

"No? Why, do you want them?"

Bobo nodded nervously and tapped the tips of his index fingers together bashfully.

"Hey kid, I ain't about to turn down free decoration. If you polished those things right, I bet you could make them shine. It'd make you look powerful, you know?"

Kita pursed his lips and left the conversation at that, opting instead to take in the nighttime desert scene as opposed to Bobo's bizarre argument as to why shark scales would make for fashionable jewelry.

Eventually the team comes to stop and rest at a particular inn, seemingly a popular rest stop for ninja traveling to Hoshigakure. Murata and Ban engage in a friendly game of shogi, and Kita quickly loses sight of Gonk. Kita decided now however, wasn't the time to rest. Not just yet. Traveling out to the back side of the inn, Kita worked on his swordplay a bit more. He moved with a trained and skillful elegance, moonlight setting his blade alight with a white glow as his weapon silently and slowly whirled and spun around, catching the eye of a small couple of passing bystanders. Bobo sat nearby with a drink in hand, sipping it slowly as Kita made his way through his drills. He took one last large sip before speaking again to the young boy.

"You seem particularly tense tonight. What's on your mind?"

Bobo was sharper than he looked. Or maybe it was just that he knew Kita better than he thought. Whatever the case, it was true that Kita was a bit tenser than normal.


"Is it about group drama?"

"Don't remind me or it might be. No, it's just..."

"Are you about to perform another rant about how weak you are?"

Kita scowled.

"Oh shut up. I'm nervous about the exams."

Bobo sighed, and held out the drink that he had been sipping on.

"I get it kid, believe me I do. Try some of this sake, it'll calm your nerves."

"Where on earth did you get yourself a bottle of sake? You're younger than me! Not to mention that you're a monkey!"

Bobo quickly drew his drink back and held it close to his chest.

"Well if you're going to be like that, you can't have any! Besides, I'm old enough to drink in monkey years."

Eventually the group arrived in place at the gates of Hoshigakure. Many shinobi had gathered here to try their hand at the Chuunin Exams. Seems that everyone here wanted a chance to roll the dice for a chance at glory and promotion. Kita however, wasn't much for showing off. Rather, it seemed better to seem as small and weak as possible. While his companion chose to enshroud himself in an aura of power and conjure his most intimidating weapon, Kita suppressed his chakra signature as low to nothing as he could. Best to let the others think that Ban and Gonk were the most intimidating members to content with.

Kita pawed his identification papers from out of his tool bag, making sure that his Kirigakure headband could be clearly seen around his belt. When they needed it, Kita would give it.

Word Count - 872
Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Sat Mar 13, 2021 10:02 pm
Somewhere, in the back of his head, Yuuma was beginning to understand that he had perhaps bitten off a little more than he could chew when it came to offering to be the one to allow people through the gate with such enthusiasm. Yuuma would also find the surprising responses of the more veteran shinobi at the HQ to make a little more sense now. He had not been present in the village for the last exams nor had he ever traveled to another village in order to attend them. Even had he known exactly what he was getting himself into, however, Yuuma was certain he would have volunteered all the same; it was the thought of meeting so many new people from far away that fueled his enthusiasm, even as weary steps drew closer to the group of Kirigakure shinobi. The two shinobi would come to a stop at roughly five meters from the group, giving them just a short buffer between the reach of that blade. Something Yuuma would have expanded upon if not for the wild-haired elder at his side. That same welcoming smile was offered to the group of four, a hand lifting in greeting. “Welcome to the country of Haven,” would be his first greeting, his head bowed ever just in a show of respect- just as the others who had approached the gate had received save for the one who had displayed a preference for one of the more informal greetings Yuuma had met.

In truth, Yuuma knew very little of Kirigakure. He recognized their symbol of course; they were a major village of another country after all, but he knew little else of how they conducted themselves or the historical stigma that might follow their steps. As such, they were greeted with a welcome same as anyone else who might approach the gate with weapon drawn. “That will not be necessary for entry.” Yuuma would follow up quickly, his gaze resting squarely on the shark-scaled shinobi. The paused between this and what he said next was enough to denote that there was some manner of expectation hanging thickly in the air, though Yuuma would resume all the same by withdrawing the parchments from beneath his arm once more. “Name and village you represent, please?” His eyes would search the group to land on whichever one he took to be the de facto leader of the Kirigakure group, which would likely be the one who spoke out first. Any identification that was offered would have to be walked forward to the pair as Yuuma seemed reluctant to close the distance between them just yet, though he would gladly accept any information offered to him following this regard.

Jotting down the information as he received it, he would glance at each of the people who matched their information such that he acknowledged the completion of the entry before handing all forms of identification back. From his robe would be produced four slips, each of which were then marked with the information he had received in-kind before he would hand them over to the one who had offered him the information themselves. “Here you are,” he smiled, handing over the slips. “Welcome to Hoshigakure, shinobi of Kirigakue. If you find yourselves here for the first time, I encourage you to seek an information center so you might familiarize yourself with the city. Best of luck to you in the exams.” Another polite bow of the head was offered to the group, and it was just about this moment when a hand on his shoulder could be felt, tugging at his attention. Glancing over his shoulder, he would spot the silver-haired friend he had made in one of his most recent missions, sporting that lovely scar that had been given to him at the hands of that behemoth.

“Hey!” Yuuma said lowly, some excitement to see the boy well evident despite the lowered volume. Turning to the group of Kirigakue shinobi, he would offer them one final polite gesture before excusing himself to address the shinobi that had come behind him to speak quietly. “Forgive my swift departure, you are free to make your way into Hoshigakure at your leisure.” The last few words before Yuuma would turn to walk himself and Tsuna away from the group, speaking in a more normal tone on the part of the robe-clad shinobi. “Hey man, how are you feeling? Hope you got my card.” It wasn’t quite a hug, but Yuuma would lift a hand to plant on Tsuna’s shoulder and give a squeeze. “You are looking good, lady killer.” He grinned widely, though the expression would sharpen only slightly as Tsuna issued his concerns. “I wanted to come to be able to greet people as they came to the city, it might be a good opportunity to have an impression on someone besides that of an adversary, and I may not have gotten the chance once they were already in the city.” Yuuma smiled, a feeling of genuine curiosity and wonder painted over his features- Tsuna wouldn’t have to put much effort into sensing his motivation.

“If you are too scared to greet people with me though, you could wait for me just insides the walls, where it is perhaps much safer.” The smile went from friendly and innocent to almost cheeky in a fraction of a second. “Besides,” he paused, thumbing over his shoulder to the group of Kirigakue ninja at their current position. “You wouldn’t want ladies to see you looking worried, would you?” The bait was so incredibly obvious that Yuuma could help but grin something like an idiot as he offered it. Of course, he would always prefer Tsuna’s company over not having it, particularly when there was more than a handful of unfamiliar- and likely very powerful- shinobi all within ever-closing proximity to each other.


For his part, Seto had simply stood with his arms crossed quietly next to Yuuma as the exchange between them occurred. His eyes had initially rested squarely on the boy who had drawn the sword but would eventually sweep to linger over each of them in turn. There was no challenge to his gaze, and any challenge offered would be swept over all the same. Prideful as the once-lout turned fighter was, this was not the time to raise a heap of noise. As the exchange continued, his gaze would lift from the group to spot another incoming shinobi. This one was by themselves, though there was something almost familiar about him. Something that made the core of the shirtless shinobi churn and tumble. The watchful gaze of Seto would eventually follow the boy more so than the conversation before him up until it ended and Yuuma turned to take his leave. With one further glance at the Hoshigaki, Seto would turn and stride from the group in order to approach the newest arrival at the gate.

Closing the distance between Ishimaru and himself, Seto would approach with his arms down at his side. From this closer distance, he could feel that same familiar energy within himself as dwelling in the boy; The power of the Yuumei. “Hey,” Seto remarked, his lack of formal tone peppered with the energy it took to greet someone with a little feeling. “Welcome, brother.” Seto, being a man of few words, spoken more with his actions than he would his own words. Taking a scrolled-up paper from a belt tied at his waist, he would unscroll it before withdrawing a pencil from somewhere within the wilds of his hair. “Name and village.” He would say. It was meant to be a question but it sort of turned into more of a statement. Jotting down the information provided, a slip would then be retrieved and handed over to the boy, though Seto wouldn’t release it immediately when the boy reached out to take it. “Do well in there, boy. Make us proud.”

There was a sizable delay between the words offered and the release of the visitor’s slip, the time of which was filled with a rather deep gaze from the taller, shirtless shinobi. The slip had been filled with the appropriate information taken from the identification offered by Ishimaru. When it was handed back, the Visitor’s slip would detail the same information mimicked by that offered by the boy, and with his business concluded, Seto would step aside before turning to head back to the gate.

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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Sun Mar 14, 2021 9:02 am
"Wow bro, that hair is really fuzzy man, you do not lie my guy" Page would reply to the quiet gate guard, he would survey the crowd shuffling in and be puzzled to not see any of his village members yet, it was getting time for the starting bell and yet there was no one there yet. Page would look towards Sheffield and although he picked up on the faint smell of his Sarutobi Sensei and Souji, he couldn't even begin to sense the other Sand shinobi that had pledged to enter like Anzo. While he surveyed the crowd, assigning specific faces to specific scents, he would see those from his old village, from the looks of it far too young to have recognized him, but still he turned his head to the secondary gate guard as Yuuma checked them all in, one by one, to continue his conversation about just how fluffy the guy's hair was. It truly was amazing, like cotton candy from the sugar of a crashing wave that broke in the clouds soft. Page and Sato just kinda stood around awkwardly to the outsider's perspective, but to the two they were sizing each other up, and likewise receiving good vibrations from each other. Although they seemed as comfortable as strangers typically are, there was a silent understanding, one that was occasionally broken by Sheffield's need for attention.

Eventually Page would look over to Yuuma, at this point busy documenting people entering, and inform him that he was going to head into the village proper. "Oi Yuuma," he would say, "I think I'm gonna head in and grab some tea, don't see any of my buds around, if you want to try to meet up later or if I guy named Raleth Sarutobi or Souji.... you know come to think of it I don't know his proper last name, but he's got lilac eyes, can't miss em, send em to the cafe, or at least tell them they can meet me, Page, there, would hate not to have someone else to check in with here. Also to answer a question I didn't get to earlier because of well... bear, we do have farms in Suna, we have a little bubble dome that regulates weather over the village, and it really helps in cultivating crops, but I haven't had as much a chance to explore it as I would want to, I was a farmer when I lived in Fire Country though, but that is a story for later, potentially after duty, anyway I'll see you around." And with that, the former farmer would gather his pup from the lap of Sato, turn around and start to enter the village proper should a new scent not enter his register along his pathway through the gates, should another person enter the vicinity, however, Page would stop to smell the roses as it were.

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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Sun Mar 14, 2021 1:14 pm
The sound of not one, but two sets of hooves making galloping through the pathway towards the entrance of the village could be heard. One pure white horse with beautiful silver hair and coat along with a black and powerful one with a drawing appearance. The unique carriage with tinted windows would pull up as the driver stepped down to make his way to the door allow the one inside to exit. 

A boy no older than 14 stepped from the vehicle. Black hair cut into an undercut, lilac eyes and multiple piercings on his ears, one his left eyebrow and one under his lip. Black turtleneck and black jacket with a series of straps and buckles that gave it the resemblance of a straight jacket. Crimson pants and black shinobi boots. A silk white sash draped over his left leg with the Sunagakure symbol woven into it. His physique was well built, his chest strong and can be seen broadcast beyond his shirt. Still getting use to his fitted clothing   

Lilac eyes traced the entrance finding a small congregation of shinobi just outside of it. The boy nonchalantly gave the driver a nod to depart. In which he made haste to do so. He understands when to return and where to find the boy come the end of the exams as discussed prior to them arriving. His hands slipped into the depths of his jacket pocket as he motioned towards the crowd. He could...feel them, almost the same as he could see them. He was getting somewhat better with this sensory thing. It was much different from using his eyes, but it was refreshing to go without the strain. 

Coming to a stop, he did not desire to get any closer to the other’s than he was already. Standing 10 feet from them, his eyes would stray from person to person as he looked over to watch them interact with each other. There was one person, no two...three? Apparent Hoshi shinobi outside the gates dealing with the shinobi seeking access. “So these are the shinobi from the other villages? ...I wonder if she’s here as as well...” His voice echoed within the confines of his mind. The air brushing against his hair swaying it from left to right as she stood there almost vacant as he continued to observe the engagement between the others. It wasn’t until he realized that there was something off... as he “felt” he could sense that there was a void coming from one of them, but who? He couldn’t quite grasp it, sensory was new to him, but he could tell that there was a blank coming from the middle of the group. Even at a Max push of his radius he wasn’t quite sure. He could have swapped and used something more keen, but he understood what that may have lead to - keep what Musu told him close to his mental. He forfeit that idea - he would just have to wait to determine whom this veil is coming from. 

Looking off to the distance, he would wait until it was his turn to be greeted. 

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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Sun Mar 14, 2021 5:50 pm
Nobo nodded at the bowing ninja, a sign of respect but maintaining his stance still, one of relaxed violence, always ready to break into combat. He pointed a hand to his chest, introducing himself, “I am the 11th Raikage, Noboru Kaito. These are my charges, Gin Akimichi”, he would say pointing the hand towards his left where Gin towered over him, and then making a fist with his thumb outstretched to point over his right shoulder, “and Ryuzaki Nara.” Stating their purpose here would be a waste of words, and being particularly distrusting of those who spoke at length, Kaito allowed himself to say no more. Instead, his hand moved to the pouch at the right back of his belt, from whence he produced his identification card, handing it over to the ninja before him, a formality common across any Major Village.

The small talk was expected, though he didn’t quite feel like chatting. “Not at all, we sat all the way through.” It meant no disrespect for the lad; after all, Kaito had had his fair share of Gate Duty, some of which was boring, some of which made the floors sticky with blood, but after the trip, and considering the arid weather, he was not in the mood. Especially when his observant dark eye caught Yuuma lifting his gaze to Ryuzaki. Of course, the name Nara would be known, and likely something about it attracted the attention of the guard. Under normal circumstances, Kaito would’ve taken a deep breath and put his outstretched fingers against the lad’s chest, but these were not normal circumstances, and Kaito couldn’t afford to act as his old self anymore.

The guard passed their identifications back along with a visitation’s permit, another standard practice. He was wary of why this ninja felt the need to eye his Nara in such a manner, but perhaps it had just been curiosity at the name of a clan with such valuable techniques. Ryuzaki must be alerted to the nature of the Sharingan, in case this blue eyed lad also had the red eye curse and wanted to learn how to manipulate the shadows. When the guard turned though, Kaito followed his gaze, and he was caught by such surprise he had to laugh out loud. A boy had decided to flare his chakra, minutely so, an aura that was likely just aesthetically if his Chakra Sensory didn’t lie to him, and bearing a great pole on his hands with multiple fangs along the pole. “What a mad lad”, he said to his ninja. “Not very smart to show off such a great weapon, though. He might’ve wanted to keep it a secret. Good luck, gate guard. If you need help, scream. I’ll try to come at a leisurely pace. Let’s go, boys.”

And with that, Kaito walked through the gates, ignoring the many faces around, except those who would nod or bow to him, to which he tried to reply with bows of his own.
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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Sun Mar 14, 2021 6:43 pm
Ryu allowed his Raikage to do the talking, he was happy to do this as he was not sure that he would be able to navigate the social etiquette himself. Ryu took one of the visitor passes and attached it to his belt, making sure it was visible. Ryu's new headband covered his right eye and a good portion of the right side of his face. As they passed the gate inspection and entered the village Ryu could feel the newly transplanted eye in his head start to twitch. Due to his recent reading of a certain book he knew that it would take time to awaken, he was hopeful that this would happen before they started the exams, but if this was not the case he had survived this long without it and he would continue to do so. Ryu followed the other two of is group towards where they would be staying for the duration of the exams, once they were there Ryu made his way into his room and began his final preparations for the exam.

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Exit into Hoshi
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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Sun Mar 14, 2021 9:22 pm
Shortly after the Kumo crew were allowed through, it was Kiri's turn. The 4 travelers, plus 2 monkeys had their identities checked. It took a moment for the genin of Hoshi to jot down all idefication information and fill out all the necessary lines but with a decent amount of time, they were able to enter the village. As Ban was putting her identification back in her storage, she overheard the conversation -even if not getting all the information because of the hushed tone- between Yuuma and Tsuna, another genin from Hoshi. It seemed that Tsuna was previously ill or something of the sort and had just gotten out of the hospital. Yuuma consistently called Tsuna a "lady killer". That's when Ban refused to listen further and went into the village. 

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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Mon Mar 15, 2021 12:37 am
As he made it to the gates of Hoshi. He would look on as it was time for the exams. He came all the way out here just to do such a thing. Flow would look on as he said to himself. * Only the strong would make it this far. Time to do the leaf justice.* As he walked up to the door he would alert the door people or whatever you call them. That he was there to take the exams. Truly he was not there for any thing else. Looking on he would wait for them to let him in. As he had travel far. He would look on amd then wait for the time being.

As there were many ninja here from all over. He just hoped he do not have to fight any one. That would be a pain. Was he even the type to fight or what. It would be like that. Flow has heard of such exams before and by far he did not want to engage in combat. At least not yet.

[Waiting to enter]
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Throw Wide the Gates[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Throw Wide the Gates[Open]

Mon Mar 15, 2021 4:17 pm
The medium-sized, horse-drawn carriage, stamped with the symbol of the Traders, comes up to the main road leading to Hoshigakure. A dreary-eyed, gold-toothed man holds the reigns, he looks as if he's bored and miserable. He stops his carriage inn front to the entrance road to Hoshi, he turns and barks his words to the person inside.

"We're 'ere in Hoshigakure, in the 'eart of Haven Country. If you want 'elp with your things, it's a charge."

"No need," thrums a basso voice from inside. The carriage shakes with the weight of the rider. "You've done more then enough!"  The carriage door opens, revealing the immense and aged jounin, Raleth Sarutobi. A straw hat rests on his ashen-hair, which has been tied into a regal knot, his facial hair is groomed, giving him a distinguished appearance. Smoke wisps from the bowl of a wood-and-jade engraved pipe, his expression is pleasant and relaxed. His imposing frame is hidden under a bright-violet kimono, patterned with white prints of cartoon monkey heads. His kimono is untied, revealing his dune-colored, jounin flak jacket and black straight pants and boots. His sungakure headband is wrapped around his neck, the metal reflects the mild Haven Country Sun.

Raleth goes to the back of the medium-sized carriage and begins taking his things. Those passing by would see a large cart with cooking equipment, various sizes of pots and pans, numerous amount of chilled containers of fruit and pastries, as well as dried and seasoned meat. Even from the distance of the entry road to the gate, the shinobi guarding the gate would see the immense and colorful man setting up a small vendor cart, seemingly unaware of the crowd of people around him.

After some time, Raleth unpacks all of his equipment, and slings the one pack of his belongings over his shoulder. He gives the carriage driver a wave goodbye and is answered with a sneer. The gold-toothed man then snaps his reigns to drive off.

Being left alone, the immense Sarutobi turns his head to look at the burgeoning crowd in front of the gates of Hoshigakure. Smoke wisps from his pipe, he turns his head to the sky, allowing the fresh, Haven Country sun to shine on his face. The soothing environment, the warmth he feels, and the sight in front of him is thrilling. Unable to control his emotions, Raleth begins to move into a pose as he speaks.

"To be a visitor in a new land, to see faces and features I've not met before..." Thrums Raleth as he closes his stance, following the flow of his own energy. "To once again have the opportunity to participate in Exams, as teacher, where before I was student, to see the potential might of the other Villages..." Raleth lifts his arms up as he brings his legs in together. "To bear witness the growth of our youth and the strength of my pupil, to let the world know the strength of Sunagakure, only one word can describe this fantastic feeling..." Feeling as if he will burst, Raleth spreads his arms out, flexes his back, chest, core, legs, and shoulders, and completes his pose: praising the sun above and the gods of Haven Country for allowing him to live this experience and bellowing a mighty "EXHILIRATIOOOON!!!!!!!"

Those in front of the gate would turn for the moment, and eye the curious posing man. Some would spot the shinobi headband on his neck. Many would form their opinion, and Raleth would smile at them. 

Having prepped his Tea Cart, the Sarutobi opens one of the boiling pots. A sweet and tangy aroma would waft from the pot, those who were curious would see a drunken monkey stamped on the side of the Cart, holding two mugs of brew. 

The ashen-haired shinobi would smile as he pulls his cart to the entrance gate. Towering above most, he spots the gate guard and dreads the wait in front of him.

Raleth would haul his cart to the side of the line, waiting for a guard to beckon him. As he waits, he displays the many brews of the Monkey's Uncle, offering a Chuunin Exam Special: with the purchase of one Brew, the next two brews are half off, but three brews in total must be purchased for the sale to go in effect.

(Waiting for Entrance)

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