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Senju's Training Empty Senju's Training

Fri Feb 26, 2021 4:29 pm
It was early in the morning and Zeref laid in bed thinking about all the ways he could get stronger and besides going about his normal training he couldnt think of too many different things to do. He planned on going about his training as normal but he was starting to feel as though he needed more. The everyday routine of going to the training grounds and practicing the same basic thing over and over was going to cut it anymore. If he wanted get stronger than the others in the village , then he would need to find someone who could help him. Even though it pained him to have to get help from someone else he had to realize that there were people out there that he could learn stuff from. Reading scrolls and working by himself was great but it was time to end it for now.

The only problem was who could he ask to help with his training , he had used his sensei alot lately and it seemed as though it wasent to much left his sensei could teach him. Even with all the power his sensei had , even Zeref knew it was time to find someon that could help teach him more senju jutsu. He hadnt learned any yet and with the chunin exams coming up time was running out for him. He refused to go to the exams without being able to use any senju jutsu , he felt as though not knowing any would be put at a disadvantage. He was sure that everyone who would be attending would be ready for combat and would be a fool if they didnt come knowing atleast one of their clans techniques, thats why its a must for him to start training asap.

After a little while of deciding on what to do , he thought it would be best if he just go to the training grounds and hope to find someone there or hope that someone stumbles upon him wanting to train. 

Jun Fuji
Jun Fuji
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Senju's Training Empty Re: Senju's Training

Sat Feb 27, 2021 5:26 pm
Tsubaki had been spending most of the beautiful spring morning watering her greenhouse plants near her residence. The air was fresh and the sky was clear- almost too picturesque. As she tended to her plants, she got lost deep in thought, her body going into autopilot. She started thinking about the recent Kage summit that had passed and the chunin exams that are yet to come. Then she realized in a flash of a moment that she hadn't done any training since the day she and Ayato left for the Kage summit. It was the perfect time to get some training done at the water garden training grounds. 

She arrived at the exotic training grounds in her combat gear- black leggings, combat boots, Jonin flak, weapon pouches, and her hair wore back. Her goal for this training session for herself was to work on her ninjutsu. Her muscle memory of her hand signs needed to be reapplied and solidified more. She couldn't afford to forget or lag when weaving hand seals in the middle of a battle. It was common practice for any good ninjutsu user. 

She would shake of her shoulder and get in her "weaving" stance-spreading her legs shoulder's length and putting her shoulders back. Then she weaves her hand sign for Underground root techinque. Her chakra would form a root underground and rapidly grow into a massive root, which she controlled easily. The roots tore through the ground like a dolphin jumping in and out of the ocean surface- going out of the ground and then back in. It was extremely dramatic, even for Tsubaki's regular, but she wanted to show off a bit as she wasn't alone. She was a diva first, a professional second. 

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