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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Ryo : 90783

Thunder Release (v7) Empty Thunder Release (v7)

Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:35 pm
Thunder Release (v7) KZG7SGgh8Bik30zd931kzPB3uEQIBkd3yljJVB07nOiWU4QfzYGEACDzKZ48N7w7oybahD9KsXY1TxAtp-MLkeiCkCqFMCGNyUZuW-3zPB0zlPEcTpZAeAL_ezj4aXcMSueSJwaN

Element Name: Thunder Release | Tenraiton
Components: Lightning & Wind
How it is used:

An advanced nature transformation that combines wind and lightning chakra to create and manipulate vibrations.

Thunder chakra can pass through environmental mediums such as air, earth, and water to reach the target. It can generate earthquakes by sending intense vibrations underground to shake the ground, knocking over their enemies, and potentially tearing open fissures.

Jutsu of this element can even shatter equipment by shaking them to pieces with vibrations, protecting the user from kunai and shuriken.

The vibrations provide benefits even when applied to the user’s body, causing them to vibrate with such speed that their appearance appears blurred to the eye, making it difficult to see their movements. And when applied to weapons via chakra flow, it can make bladed weapons much more effective at cutting and piercing like Lightning Release itself.

But the most common and most potent use of thunder chakra is when its vibrations are shaped into shockwaves to attack their enemy. Its effect can merely push the target over, repel them away or even tear them apart depending on the scale and frequency of the shock wave itself.

The man who would become the first user was known as Agito of the River, a legendary figure that lived during the early years after the cataclysm. He was one of the few who possessed an advanced element through his skill rather than inheritance and created the jutsu style.

Since he was of humble origins, the family he had around him was called Agito River’s clan, and over the centuries, they became the River Clan.  Agito is popular amongst singers and storytellers, and many of his descendants named their children in his honor.

One such descendant, named after him, secured a scroll of the advanced element and smuggled it away before his valiant death when Maku Jemuzu destroyed Iwagakure. The scroll found its way to Hoshigakure via Kozai Yuki, an Iwa survivor and the new master of the Hoshi Archives.


Thunder Release (v7) 5FZiypzyZa0h8Ad67lQuwtU13iCFoWTv4dcCNboD2kHOAclGPNNpy73hq8xWbmNCiInmlmAwuQxZ4QBenoKYs2gEGPQYcl83xSyWA_nAYngQgc_MDaM8-o4WJWla2_686bPSkwFC
River Clan (believed to be extinct)
Access to the Thunder Release Scroll in Hoshigakure
Ryo : 97535

Thunder Release (v7) Empty Re: Thunder Release (v7)

Sat Feb 27, 2021 3:20 am
Trial Approved
Shinori Koyomi
Shinori Koyomi
Vagabond (A-Rank)
Vagabond (A-Rank)
Ryo : 22000

Thunder Release (v7) Empty Re: Thunder Release (v7)

Wed Mar 03, 2021 10:34 pm
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