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Youta Shinkou
Youta Shinkou
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Mon Feb 08, 2021 3:25 pm
Book Burning

Youta woke up early that day to eat some breakfast and go to the library to see what else he could learn about the Shinkou in Hoshigakure and see if there is anything else useful to him.  He was mostly looking to see if he could learn about his clan’s techniques more and work on studying them from the perspective of an outsider. He wanted to see how other people really viewed his clan and what they could do.  Did they think that all Shinkou are demon worshipers or maybe possessed. Which none of those are actually true now.  The Yuumei and Shinkou more have a contract than a shinobi being possessed. They embrace the darkness of the Yuumei and learn to use it.   He wanted to also find out about his bloody father because the Shinkou in order to save face only told him that the man was no longer part of the clan and probably died.  He thought they probably punished him and sent him out into the wilderness next to the Village where they are from.  He would then go greet his adoptive father and mother and eat with them.  

He would leave and head towards the library.  He stopped by the market and picked up some food for the road.  He would then go straight to the library and try to start looking for a section about small and abstract clans.  He noticed though on the way in that there was a smaller group of people that looked very suspicious and piqued the interest of Youta. He made a side note in his mind about them to report them to the librarian or maybe a Jounin if he sees one in the library. He would head to the section in the West Wing of the library which was where clan info was but would plan to go to the East wing later to see what they had on the jutsu that his clan would specialize in. 

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