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Cleanup Supervision (D) Empty Cleanup Supervision (D)

Sun Jan 31, 2021 7:49 pm
Mission Link

Mission Name: Cleanup Supervision
Rank: D
Type: Protection/Supervisory
Character Requirements: --
Mission Location: Sunagakure - Village [Missing-nin contract]
Word Count Requirements: 1000
Challenges: --
Repeatable? Yes
NPC? --
Reward: 1000 ryo

Task: The client, a smalltime missing-nin holed up in Suna, is bankrolling cleanup, debris removal, and demolition in one of the northern neighborhoods of the village. She's got a ragtag crew of civilians willing to work if they have a shinobi willing to stand around, look tough, and make working out in the open feel a little less dire for them. The client would like you to make sure that they're doing the job well, too. Actually helping them out is optional, but payment will be halved if any of them die.

Anzo rolled over in his bed, gradually opened his eyes and stared at the peeling white ceiling of his room in a half-awake state. This continued for a good minute before it suddenly hit him. 

'Shit. The mission' he mumbled to himself.

He hopped out of bed and stumbled towards the set of drawers next to it, pulling open the top one which responded with a pained creak. It wasn't long before he had changed into his standard attire, finishing up by checking his pouches and stuffing them with the tools he had purchased, including a few kunai and shuriken. This was a simple D-rank mission he had signed up for, and he wasn't expecting to fight anyone let alone break a sweat but naturally he had to be prepared for any situation which may arise. He dashed down the stairs, waving his mother the briefest goodbye as he stepped down into the streets of Sunagakure. Thankfully the northern quarter of the village was not too far from his home and he managed to make it there in a couple of minutes of brisk walking. He could've sprinted, but he acknowledged that he was already late and decided a couple of minutes wouldn't make any difference. 

He rounded the corner of the neighborhood, skidding to a halt as he surveyed the area. A bunch of civilian workers swarmed the area in a disorganised fashion, all engaged in various tasks; some demolishing the front area of a small house in the corner of the enclosure, others chucking the broken chunks onto carts and a couple brushing up debris, amongst other things. He walked into the center of the area; a couple of them turned around to acknowledge his presence but that was it, and Anzo continued looking for his client, a female missing-nin, while readying his excuse for her.

[She's nowhere to be seen huh.. Guess I dodged a bullet there. Maybe she'll turn up soon] he thought to himself

Anzo took this as a definitive sign that he could slack off a little on this mission. He didn't feel the need to introduce his presence; a couple of the workers had noticed him, and anyways he was just a 'supervisor' , whatever that role was supposed to mean. He assumed that she thought having a shinobi sit around and watch over would minimise any potential interference, so he would do just that. He strode over to a nearby pile of crates against the wall, hopped up onto the top one and sat down, giving him a nice view of what was happening.

About an hour passed with him sitting there idly, occasionally jumping down to help the workers push the debris-filled carts back and forth from the main street for emptying. He wasn't obliged to help in his contract as far as he remembered, but the more he did the quicker the mission would be done with and he didn't plan to spend all day in this dust-filled compound. 

Realising that he hadn't eaten today and with his hunger kicking in, Anzo decided he would quickly go round the corner and grab a bite to eat. He thought about letting the workers know he would be gone for a minute, but reassured himself that realistically nothing could go wrong in that window and he would be back momentarily.

He handed over a couple coins he dug out of his pocket to the woman at the counter, before grabbing the small plate from the counter with a thankyou. He smiled as the smell of the freshly steamed dumplings filled his nostrils, and he bowed before walking off back to wait out the rest of his mission, but this time with something delicious to keep him busy. He rounded the corner again, returned to his assigned seat and began digging into his food, stuffing his mouth with the dumplings in a way that would make someone think he hadn't eaten for days. As he came to the last one, he paused as he saw a couple of figures emerge. 

A ragtag group of four men stumbled into the enclosure from a narrow alleyway leading in from the back. It was clear they were drunk without needing to look at the bottles of sake they gripped, despite it being only around midday. They were either intoxicated enough to have not noticed the young shinobi sat there watching over, or simply didn't care enough as they strode towards one of the workers hammering at the structure.

'Oi, Mikori. You prick!' spat the one appearing to lead them, a short and stout red-faced man with a clear bone to pick.

Anzo's eyes narrowed, chucking the last dumpling into his mouth as he watched the group intently, waiting for a proper excuse to do something. The man grabbed Mikori and held him up in the air by the scruff of his neck, the veins on his face bulging. The other works stopped what they were doing and faces immediately turned towards the pair, the center of attention. Anzo instinctively grabbed the plate he had set down beside him, throwing it with a horizontal swing of his arm aiming to hit the wall beside them. While the throw was a little too far off than he wanted, he still made his point; the plate hit the wall with a sharp crack, showering fragments everywhere. It definitely caught their attention, and the man was startled, though with a delayed reaction, dropping the worker on the floor and turning to look at Anzo, as did all the other faces in the area. He made a mental note to pay the store owner back for that plate on his way home. 

'Please leave.' Anzo stated firmly, although a slight shakiness could be found in his voice if one were to dig for it. He had no idea of what their issue was; for all it mattered, Mikori could have deserved to be beaten up, but one thing in his contract which was for certain was that no one could be killed. Not that he expected anything more than an injury to have come out of this scuffle if it carried on, but he preferred not to take that risk. He crossed his fingers that this would be it and they would simply move on now that he had intervened. 

Anzo and the drunkard locked eyes for a minute, during which the shinobi's hand slipped into the pouch stitched to his trouser leg and pulled out a kunai by its ring on one finger just enough for the metal to glint in the rays of the sun beating down on them. This spoke for itself, as Anzo had hoped, and the man eventually broke off, retreating with his friends back down the same path they came. He pushed the kunai back into the pouch and zipped it up, still sat in the exact same place he was before just slightly more upright and alert.

[Seems like I'm on a lucky streak today] 

He didn't receive a word of thanks; then again, he wasn't expecting anything for just doing his job, and it didn't escalate to a level where Anzo needed to really defend him. Within an hour more of passing the time and intermittent helping out, the work had essentially wrapped up. The last of the demolition had finished, and despite still being a mess the area was mostly cleared of the larger chunks of debris. His client returned shortly after, gratefully providing him with his reward in a small envelope seeing that all her workers were in one piece. That was all she needed from him, and Anzo headed home after a not-so-hard half-day of work, remembering to stop by the dumpling shop on the way back. 

[WC = 1300]

250/250WC to Water Release: Fish Spit
1000/1000WC to Water Release: Water Cutting Sword
50/1500WC to Blood Clone
1100 Ryo (Reward + 100 bonus)
+7 Vigor, + 6 Chakra

Last edited by Anzo on Mon Feb 01, 2021 2:06 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Using leftover WC)
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Cleanup Supervision (D) Empty Re: Cleanup Supervision (D)

Mon Feb 01, 2021 1:41 pm
Approved - keep in mind you either have to use the remaining 50 wc in this thread or lose it.
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Remove Ninjutsu Default
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Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 3200

Cleanup Supervision (D) Empty Re: Cleanup Supervision (D)

Mon Feb 01, 2021 2:07 pm
Thanks, I have edited to use the remaining WC
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