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Clan Specialty : Fuuinjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 95850

Meet and Greet [E-rank | Solo] Empty Meet and Greet [E-rank | Solo]

Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:17 pm
Mission Details:

The blazing conflagration of the sun that reigned before the domain of Hoshigakure slowly began to set, regaining its presence after days of gloomy weather in the village blessed by the stars. Within the early dawn, lied an Enishi who tried his best to suppress a loud yawn before the gates of Hoshigakure. Today wasn't...the greatest of days for the understudy. After essentially falling to sleep on the hardwood floor the moment he entered his house after a lengthy transplant surgery from the doctor: Akabayashi Terumi, the silver-haired boy was forced to wake up at 5 AM to perform a mission; it made sense since he just got reinstated as a full-fledged Genin of Hoshigakure but was quite relatively annoying to wake up before the roosters just to go greet some strangers who desired to enter the village at a stupidly early time. Though Enishi was quite annoyed and perplexed at the situation, he would eventually comply to do so; he wouldn't bite the hand that fed him for all this time, and he definitely wouldn't like Misaki's dream of wanting to live prosperously in the village go to waste. He needed to live, he needed to atone, for her. That meant every decision he made needed to reflect her spirit. Or else, Enishi would become the monster - the demon that he tried to keep at bay for all of these years. He feared himself, and he feared, even more, the shadow that was behind him. 

Enishi, after putting on his usual clothes which consisted of his usual green trenchcoat-like jacket, his white shirt, and black pants, the boy started his post at the gates. Standing in front of the village gates while scanning with his observant emerald optics, even in the face of the early morning, the understudy kept watching to see if there were any new people who wanted to enter the village. The details of the mission said to check for their IDs or any form of identification and then request their reason for entering the village before letting them in. Seemed easy enough he originally thought, but then the details also started to turn them away if they did not like any form of identification. The understudy felt somewhat dismayed if he would have to turn someone away from the village, but he - as a shinobi and as a citizen of the village, wouldn't let someone harm the people and place he held dear to himself. Hours passed and there was no one who arrived. No form of enjoyment during these hours that felt like days passed made Enishi extremely bored, until around 9 AM where loads of merchants and even Hoshigakure shinobi who just finished performing missions outside of the village came to seek refuge. Enishi, performing exactly what the mission requested him to do politely requested for identification and motive to each person who wanted to enter. Happily enough, he didn't have to deny anyone refuge in the village, so that was neat. It did get very crowded since it was a weekend day, but Enishi managed to allow everyone to enter Hoshi. His shift was done at 12 PM, so when it arrived at that time, he simply notified the other guards that his shift was done, before leaving, quite satisfied at the job he did.

Mission complete. 


WC: 556

+1000 Ryo due to completing the mission
+100 Additional Ryo due to Genin Mission Bonus
+5 AP from completing an E-rank mission
+10 AP from wordcount and being max stats
447 WC Towards completing Temporary Paralysis [500/500], the previous WC is here
109 WC Towards Shadow Clone [109/1500]
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Meet and Greet [E-rank | Solo] Empty Re: Meet and Greet [E-rank | Solo]

Sun Jan 24, 2021 4:31 pm
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