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sand - Sand Manipulation Empty Sand Manipulation

Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:11 pm
Skill Name: Sand Manipulation

Appearance: -
Backstory: While Magnet release was known to be an element used throughout the ninja world, it was the peoples of the land of wind that mastered sand manipulation technique. Using their experience with fighting to control the One Tails over the course of generations, the ancient kazekages learned to wield this awesome power for themselves. These ancient leaders of the sand perfected the art of melding their magnet-release chakra with the sand that was so plentiful in their village. Over time their creations became a cornerstone of the military might of the hidden sand. Many powerful sand manipulation users have all come from Sunagakure; each wielded different types of sand that can perform various tasks with both offensive and defensive capabilities. This skill and the various sand formulas are now tucked away and stored as one of Sunagakure’s secret techniques. Now, will the land of wind be respected and feared for this hidden technique? 


The user has learned the art of binding their magnet release chakra into the sand around them to create a versatile form with the potential to be a powerful offensive and defensive tool. This skill allows the user to learn sand-based jutsu and could be classified as a sub-element of the magnet release. 

Sand manipulation opens up a jutsu tree that has near-limitless possibilities. Because of this, it uses several slots within a user's skill/jutsu tree to even use. Beyond that, there are guidelines that all canon/custom sand formulas and jutsu must follow. Below is an in-depth description of those guidelines:

Formulas: Each user chooses a sand formula that has its own strengths. A user can only have access to one type of Sand Formula. The three that are drawn from canon are:

Sand formulas must be trained as an A-Rank Jutsu with a 5000 WC cost. Every type of sand has inherent drawbacks, so if a user wants to create their own sand formula, this must be kept in mind.

Sand Formulas themselves do not have any capabilities other than to create that specific sand formula. 

Sand Creation: The user has two ways to create their sand formula:

  • The user may prep sand before a topic held in a gourd, seal, or any other method of containment via the user's choosing. A user can enter into a topic with prepped sand without explicitly creating it in another topic.

  • The user may create sand from the earth around them to use in battle. To do this, the user must pay the AP cost, must be touching the earth/soil/ground for one uninterrupted post, and after which the sand will be available for use. There is no cooldown to creating sand using this method, and the user can perform other functions whilst doing so (as long as the user remains touching the surface). Sand cannot be created from their own or any other person's earth-release chakra.

Sand Charges: Sand based jutsu run on a charging system, similar to that of nature release techniques, and they represent a user's available amount of sand:

  • A user can have a maximum of 10 sand charges. A user can enter a topic with a maximum of 4 prepped sand charges. Sand is created at a rate of 2 sand charges per post within a topic.
  • Sand Charges are allocated to perform jutsu. Once the sand charge is used for a jutsu, it is consumed.

Range: Listed within the sand formula is the effective range for that type of sand. This represents the magnetic field of the user that is used to manipulate sand. All jutsu, regardless of effect, must remain within that range (there may be rare exceptions to this rule). If a jutsu falls out of that range, the jutsu is canceled, and the sand charge is lost. 

Sand created within a topic can be done anywhere within this range, which means that certain jutsu may spawn from any location within that range. Still, they must follow the battle guidelines (most notably that it cannot be formed within 1 meter of the user).

AP usage: Listed within the sand formula is an AP cost and represents how much AP is needed to create 2 sand charges per post within a topic. Jutsu will require additional AP to perform beyond this.

Traits: Each sand formula is granted three traits that it uniquely possesses. These traits represent the unique effects that each sand formula has and what gives the sand its unique power. These traits should fit the theme of the sand formula but may provide a plethora of different effects.

Jutsu: As stated above, the sand formulas themselves cannot perform any function other than to create sand. Jutsu must be apped for each sand formula that uses the sand charges the sand formula generates.

  • Jutsu can be trained at either A-Rank or S Rank.
  • The number of sand charges used depends on the power and scope of the technique.
  • This jutsu will have its own duration, cooldown, and AP cost. 
  • Their range cannot exceed the range of the parent sand formula. 
  • Most do not require hand seals to perform, but most jutsu will require the user to remain standing still. There may be exceptions to both of these rules.

Stats: To represent each sand formula's specific strengths and weaknesses, the stats for sand-based jutsu are fixed (A-Rank jutsu still benefit from scaling). Each sand formula will list a superior stat, a neutral stat, and an inferior stat that must be uniform across its respective jutsu. Here is that breakdown (A-Rank / S Rank):

  • Superior stat: 80 / Vigor Stat + 30
  • Neutral stat: 50 / Vigor Stat
  • Inferior stat: 20 / Vigor Stat - 30

Mastery:  Sand Jutsu can be mastered as normal following the mastery guidelines. The sand formulas themselves cannot be mastered.

Wordcount Training: 3000
Character Exclusive: -
Bonus Requirements: Must learn skill from Sunagakure secret scroll. Restricted Village Exclusive skill. Magnet Release

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sand - Sand Manipulation Empty Re: Sand Manipulation

Sat Jan 16, 2021 5:23 am
Looks good, trial approved.
Ishimaru Shinkou
Ishimaru Shinkou
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sand - Sand Manipulation Empty Re: Sand Manipulation

Sat Jan 16, 2021 9:12 am
We talked a lot in discord about my concerns and I see you’ve addressed them all.

Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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sand - Sand Manipulation Empty Re: Sand Manipulation

Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:37 am
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