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Naruto RPG Timeline  Empty Naruto RPG Timeline

Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:07 am
Naruto RPG Timeline  Timeli10

Ancient Timeline [V4/5]:

Previous Era V6:

Official Site Map:


During the Old's attack, Suna Konoha proved their loyalty to their Kiri overlords, with the Hokage Kinzoku decimating a highly populated, civilian area of the village. Shortly after, however, when the Kiri forces fled, so too did the Kono forces back to their respective villages, avoiding death that day. For months after the attack, the Konoha shinobi's lives remained unchanged and blissfully unaware of the untimely death of the Mizukage Xyxer. 

During this time of ignorant peace, Jason Senju, former Hokage, reappeared in the village with the intent to reclaim his position. However, this failed, and the former Hokage was instead given the rank of Genin as a way to “earn the trust of the people” once more. Despite his rank of Genin, Jason Senju was barred from entering the Chuunin Exams; but even with a rank so low, he retained the respect of certain high-ranked shinobi of the leaf.

In an unexpected move, Kinzoku Nazar stepped down from his position as Hokage and passed it on to his Deputy Kage, Yensung Aburame. This move was met with joy with the villagers of Konoha, who expected Yensung to take a hardened stance against Kiri's oppression, but it soon became apparent that nothing would change under his rule. He allowed the people of Konoha to do whatever they pleased so long as they understood the consequences were theirs alone, refusing to take any responsibility or leadership of the village hidden in the leaves. 

Tensions rose to the extreme, and Chuunin Tadashi Namikaze had a meeting with Yensung, begging the man to do something about Konoha's taxation under Kiri. The Hokage waved his concerns away and simply told the boy that he should negotiate with the Mizukage himself if he wanted Konoha's freedom. If he chose to, all consequences rested solely on his shoulders and his alone. 

Tadashi ventured to Kiri with the goal of negotiation. Still, when he has initially turned away for the lack of official documentation of any kind, the boy became desperate and attacked, ultimately losing his life in the process. With Tadashi's death, Konoha shinobi had lost their remaining hope for freedom and abandoned their former home in droves. Something that was completely unopposed by the ever absent Hokage Yesung. 

So many shinobi had abandoned the village that a Missing Nin by Wan Senju's name could walk into the village unimpeded freely. Wan, disgusted by the state of the once-mighty village, made his way to the Kage tower to face off with Yesung. Upon entering the Kage tower, Wan felt the chakra signature of Yensung and attacked; the timing and unexpectedness of the attack proved fatal to the ever absent-minded Kage. 

Now in control of the decaying village, the missing-nin sought to the right the wrongs implemented by the reign of Yensung; his first course of action being to seek a power great enough to face off against the oppression that is Kiri. Wan left his trusted friend Solomon and his two clones to care for the village in his absence. However, Solomon met his end at the hand of an ambitious Missing Nin - unknown to the recently appointed Hokage.

Wan set out with one of the few remaining Konoha shinobi, Fu, to seek aid and power in Sunagakure. Upon arriving at Sunagakure, Wan met with Kenshin and Mizuki - the first and second Kazekage, respectively - gaining Kenshin's power and an ally in Mizuki. Wan was still residing in the village of Sunagakure when he received his invitation to attend the Summit, which was being hosted in the very village. He attended alone, with no need for a guard as those in Suna were protection enough. 


Kutari’s rule turned into harsh militarization and high standards that, regardless of rank or age, all were held to. The Ninth Raikage, after wresting the village to his control, receded into his Kage Tower and seemingly vanished entirely, handing the position to a man named ‘Gidyne.’ The shinobi of Kumo, without a true leader to guide them, began to fracture and splinter under the pressure of freedom. This, in turn, led to in-fighting and small cells of rebellion, something that was almost endorsed by ‘Gidyne’ himself. Some wondered if that was his intention all along. 

If nothing else, this culture shift ensured at best that the strong dominated the weak and, at worst, that the weak ceased to exist. What Kumogakure lost in number they retained in quality; with the few that truly thrived, they retained the strength of all that they lost. 

Those few who embraced their darker nature truly made a name for themselves among Kumogakure’s forces as the villages’ elite - Kisaragi Onomori, Zento Yuki, Noboru Kaito, and Ichigo Sato. Noboru Kaito was forced to kill one of his own students when they attempted to defect.

Zento Yuki, a former genin under Noboru Kaito's tutelage, challenged and defeated his Jounin teacher, taking his rank and one of his eyes in the process. 

Months later, Kumo then held a smaller version of a Chuunin Exams to test their Genin, their lives being the price for their failure to withstand the pressure. Noboru dominated in the event, shattering the leg of one of his opponents and the other's spine, proving brute force could indeed overwhelm skill in the right hands and earn himself the rank of Chuunin in the process.

Shortly after the exams, ‘Gidyne’ summoned Noboru to his office and promoted him to Jounin once more, promising that this would be the last time he earned this rank if he ever lost it again. 

Due to his paranoia, ‘Gidyne’ decided on a false kage to take his place in the upcoming Summit hosted in Sunagakure - this man being Kisaragi Onomori with his guard Noboru Kaito. 


After the traitor Valen was turned away, Hoshi focused on flushing out any remnants of their traitorous forces. For a long time, Hoshi focused entirely inwards and had little to no contact with outside forces; Instead of focusing on rebuilding their strength and regaining their trust. While this was being done, Yasaki, the Hogokage, authored some books in an attempt to brighten the spirits of those that remained - and it seemed to work for a time. 

A new generation of shinobi began to rise in Hoshigakure, led by those few that remained after the treacherous Hogokage Valen's actions and their forces' mass exodus. This generation was different than those that came before, seeming to embody the spirit of Akihana more than any before. Leading to organized shinobi forces that held bonds that were feared to have been lost. 

Ultimately the distrust that hurt the growth of a shinobi nation began to dwindle. During a mission, one of Hoshi’s brightest up and coming to shinobi Takeshi Hyuuga was killed facing off against bandits of the Jaws of Grima - an infamous band of rogues that opposed Hoshi from its inception. This loss was detrimental to reigniting the village's spirit hidden in the stars, plunging the village into fighting against those who made their nation bleed.

As the shinobi influence in Haven began to spread, civil unrest began to spread as well. A new High Priest of the church despised the shinobi because of their chakra and their ‘demonic’ powers that it bestows upon them. Dark rumors would spread among the religious of a dark entity that had taken hold of the archives, a place of knowledge and learning being corrupted by the foul power of chakra. 

Months later, with the unrest continuing to grow, Yasaki would take a step back from his leadership role, feeling as though he was too old to deal with this level of unrest with proper form. The position was given to Ayato Hyuuga, a shinobi of impeccable standing amongst Hoshi’s splintered forces and the student of the former third Hogokage, Kyosuke Snow. 

One of Ayato’s first acts as Hogokage was to attend the Summit hosted in Sunagakure - accompanied by his guards Jak Dosser and Tsubaki Senju. 


The council that was formed failed to lead the village in any way, leading to a period of time where Kiri was left to stagnate. This stagnation brought about an era of unrest that was so foreign to Kiri's people - had grown accustomed to life under the iron fist of the late Xyxer Gyojin, who always kept Kiri marching forward. 

After many months of stagnation, a former Konoha shinobi who had joined Kiri's ranks by the name of Kizmaru Senju took the mantle of Mizukage for himself - a move that was completely unopposed by anyone. Almost immediately, Kizmaru, under the moniker ‘Aloide Terumi’, made reforms to the village economy, kickstarting Kiri’s growth and improving upon it. 

‘Aloide’ jumpstarted Kiri’s Research and Development department into high gear, something that was underutilized even under Xyxer’s rule. This led to vast improvements to the villages’ economy, infrastructure, and technology - something that made Kiri truly begin to thrive in a way that surpassed anything Xyxer had accomplished. 

As the village thrived, so too did the shinobi; Although the older and more ‘hardline shinobi who still held loyalty to the previous Kage Xyxer despised the reforms. In contrast, however, there was a surge of new strong-willed shinobi eager to pledge themselves to ‘Aloide’ and the New Kirigakure that he had fostered. 

Months passed, and the village continued to grow and enjoyed the easy lifestyle given to them by ‘Aloide’ and the taxes reaped from the Vassal that was Konoha. There had been tension growing between Kiri and their vassal for some time, and a Konoha Chuunin by the name of Tadashi Namikaze arrived at their gates. Upon arriving, however, Tadashi attacked one of the gate guards after refusing to identify himself and was killed as a result. In response to this attack, ‘Aloide’ increased the taxes of Konoha from 50% to 90%, aiming to punish them economically for their transgression. 

Shortly after this incident, an unidentified shinobi from Kazangakure launched an attack on Kiri but was unprepared for the newly improved ‘Storm Wall’ that shielded the village. In their attempt to destroy the wall, they fell into it and were killed - their corpse being recovered by ‘Aloide,’ who then set his vengeful sights on Kazan. 

Before he was able to act, he received an invitation to a Kage Summit hosted in the village of Sunagakure. Donning his signature armor, he called upon his most trusted shinobi, Keita Uzumaki, to accompany him as his guard - along with his trusted friend Ram. 


With the attack concluded, Kenshin Uzumaki retreated into the demolished walls of Sunagakure and began the arduous task of rebuilding. Something made much harder due to the dwindled forces that remained in the village; due to abandonment or death. 

The Uzumaki found himself overburdened by this task and left the decaying village. Still, before he could cross out of Wind Country bounders, he ran into Kai Uchiha, a defector from Konoha who was ironically seeking him out. The meeting between the two sparked something dormant within the Uzumaki, who then turned around - choosing to return to Suna with a new student in tow. 

In his redoubled efforts to rebuild the decaying village, he found his former student, Amaterasu Meijin, buried within the rubble, clinging to life. Amaterasu’s mentor, Toshizou, was not so fortunate. After taking her to receive medical treatment, Amaterasu awoke from her coma, her body covered in large scars and missing one eye. At that moment, she reaffirmed her desire for power and revenge, her sheer willpower impressing Kenshin to the point of granting her a Sharingan. 

The news of Sunagakure’s destruction and subsequent inhabitation of Missing Nin spread through the seedy rumor mill like wildfire - drawing the attention of more than a few missing-nin around the world, one of which was Mizuki Ohta. Once granted access to the village, she met with Kenshin Uzumaki and aligned herself with the man in exchange for tutelage promise. 

The coming months were uneventful save for the comings and goings of several missing-nin and the village Hidden in the Sand's slow rebuilding. After more time, the repairs were finally complete, and Kenshin would call a meeting with his three most trusted allies - Kai, Amaterasu, and Mizuki - and officially announced the goals for Sunagakure; these goals being so contradictory of the ‘old Suna ways’ that he declared himself the first Kazekage of the New Sunagakure. [Suna become an official village on-site again]

With the news of Suna’s muddy moral standing and the knowledge of it being headed by an infamous Missing Nin, a variety of characters flocked to the village in the hopes of finding what they were looking for. The village grew in numbers, and Mizuki quickly established herself as a reliable go-between for the new members and the notoriously occupied Kazekage - who rather stay in his morgue than deal with the living. Months passed like this with continued growth in numbers and improved infrastructure - quietly amassing strength while staying neutral to the shinobi world at large. 

Some more notable figures made themselves known among the shinobi of Suna, these people establishing themselves regardless of rank as the most influential members in the village. Ibari, Sebastian Mikaelson, Guren Chinoike, Zaine Uchiha, Raleth Sarutobi, Musu Uzumaki and Souji Hyuuga. 

As time went on, the First Kazekage took note of the growth of Mizuki and the respect that she had fostered over the year with the shinobi of Suna. To assess her growth, he invited her to his private training ground at midnight under the guise of training - when in reality forcing her into an all-out spar to test her abilities under pressure. The result was an overwhelming victory in favor of Mizuki Ohta - who was promptly and unceremoniously crowned the Second Kazekage. 

In the days following, she confided in the news to those closest to her - Zaine and her adopted son Souji - that she was the second Kazekage. Both were refugees from the vassalized village of Konoha - thus creating a deeper concern for the village’s fate. In the time she had spent learning about those who resided in the walls of Suna, she had become friends with the named Hokage, and thus a plan was set in motion.

As her first official act as Kazekage, Mizuki Ohta drafted four letters addressed to the heads of each major shinobi village, inviting them all to Sunagakure for a Kage Summit; Wan Senju of Konoha, Kizmaru Terumi of Kirigakure, Ayato Hyuuga of Hoshigakure, and Kiseragi Onomori of Kumogakure - along with their guard.


Nestled on the northern periphery of Konohagakure's borders, Rice Country was once little more than an afterthought on the international stage. Only known for its rogues, rice, and remote ryokan, the country lacked a true, unifying force. Indeed, it seemed its only real claim to fame came from its namesake crop that fed shinobi and kunoichi alike well beyond its diminutive borders.

Rice County's status as one of the shinobi world's many backwaters changed, however, with the founding of Tanbogakure. Born from the meeting of Yasahiro Yagami's startup capital and Lord Naito Kita's local political clout, the up-and-coming village attracted an eclectic collection of misfits to its borders in search of a better, more peaceful life. Unfortunately, however, the settlement still stands as a pariah in its own land, for a warlord by the name of Zukumiki roams its southern borders hell-bent on holding the entire Country in his grasp before too long.

All said, the future of Tanbogakure is uncertain, but it is fast arriving at a crossroads. It must first face its internal demons personified by the warlord Zukumiki, consolidate power over a fractured country, and then turn its ambitions outwards to the inhospitable landscape of international politics. Regardless of the outcome, the story of the Land of Rice will not be without struggle as it continues to claw its way from its backwater status to the pinnacle of the larger shinobi world.

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