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Dance of the Camellia v7 Empty Dance of the Camellia v7

Thu Jan 07, 2021 1:19 am
Name: Dance of the Camellia
Element: --
Rank: C/B/A
Specialty: Weaponry
Special Jutsu Type: Maneuver*
Backstory: --

Appearance: The user extrudes a sword of bone from their arm, which they can then use for a series of dizzying attacks.
Handseals: --
Duration: Up to 4 posts
Cooldown: Posts used
Range: Weapon reach (maneuver)
Power: 20/30/50
Speed: 20/30/50
Health: 20/30/50
Stat Boosts: --
What it does: The user forms a short sword of bone grown from the humerus (upper arm bone), generating it at the speed of this technique and generally extruding it outwards from the elbow or shoulder. This sword of bone passes harmlessly through the user's body and does not damage it or restrict its movement in any way.

This sword has a maximum length of 75 cm, but can be shorter. Its health and sharpness are equal to the health and power of this technique respectively. As a Shikotsumyaku technique, all scaling is based on the user's Strength. When this technique's duration ends, the sword crumbles away to bone dust.

Once during this technique's duration, the user may perform a special weaponry maneuver consisting of up to 3/4/5 (based on rank) rapid jabs, lasting a maximum of one post. This maneuver is calculated based on rank as per normal maneuver rules (with speed equal to the technique's base speed for that rank plus half of the user's Speed) and grants a sharpness bonus to the generated sword equal to that rank's base power. Opponents do not gain the benefits of their reflex speed while attempting to dodge these jabs.

*This technique is only counted as a weaponry maneuver for the one post where its maneuver component is performed, and the created sword can be otherwise used for other relevant weaponry techniques.

Character Specific: --
Wordcount to learn: 1,000/1,500/2,500
Action Cost: 20/30/40 activation, 10/15/20 upkeep
Mastery: Y
Bonus Requirements: Shikotsumyaku
Canon, Custom, Bloodline or Village Exclusive: Canon

revamp of this
Ishimaru Shinkou
Ishimaru Shinkou
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Dance of the Camellia v7 Empty Re: Dance of the Camellia v7

Thu Jan 07, 2021 10:30 am
Looks good. Approved
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