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Asahi Igarashi
Asahi Igarashi
Stat Page : Databook
Remove Taijutsu Fuuinjutsu Default
Fire Default
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 33400

Midnight Guard Duty  Empty Midnight Guard Duty

Fri Dec 11, 2020 11:32 am
Guard Duty: Initiation [D Rank]

Mission Name: Guard Duty: Initiation
Rank: D
Type: Guard Duty
Character Requirements: -
Mission Location: Village (or neutral town if missing nin)
Word Count Requirements: 1000
Challenges: -
Repeatable? Yes
NPC? -
Reward: 1000 Ryo, 3 AP, 1 Kunai
Task: Being a guard is one of the most basic tasks that a ninja can do but it is also one of the most important. Guards are often the first line of defense against any potential bamboozlers. From time to time you’ll be assigned to many different guard duties in your ninja career.

A local weapons shop is receiving a shipment to replenish their shelves overnight. Your task is to guard the off loaders while the product is safely transported into the shop. The task shouldn’t get violent but this is an opportunity for you to hone your skills. The shop owner will give you an added bonus of a brand new Kunai for your work.

You may create an adversary for this mission if you wish but their stats/abilities are a non factor.

Asahi rose from his sleep as the sun was just beginning to set down over Sunagakure. The sky outside was an odd amber from the remaining light. He knew the color wouldn't last much longer but it was a nice view in the background while he began getting ready for his mission. He was on guard duty for the first time in his career. There was a weapon shop not far from where he lived that was receiving a shipment around midnight. It was his job to guard the men off loading the equipment into the shop just in case there was any trouble. Ninja equipment could be dangerous in the wrong hands and it wasn't the worst idea to have someone there to keep an eye on things. That being said, the Genin did not expect any trouble. Should be pretty routine, he thought.

He put on his jacket, tied his ninja pouch to waist and strapped his kunai holster to a thigh. He quickly watered his plant on his table before setting out from his apartment and making his way down to the weapon shop. It was a short jaunt over to the store. By the time he made it there the sky above was dark with a few stars shining here or there. He gave a short knock on the door and waited for it to be opened. Footsteps approached slowly. A lock clicked and then the door creaked open.

"Asahi Igarashi," he started, "reporting for guard duty tonight."

"Ah," the elderly owner of the shop responded. He was hunched over and leaned on a cane. "You're just on time, come in, come in." He shuffled over to the side to make room for Asahi to enter and closed the door behind him after he had. "It may be a few hours yet until the shipment arrives, but make yourself comfortable anywhere you like."

"Very good," Asahi gave him a nod. He found a chair in a corner in the back and took a seat there. It was an optimal location that afforded him a view of the man as well as the front and back doors all at the same time. This will do well enough, he thought to himself. He crossed his legs and arms and leaned back to relax.

Time passed slowly on this mission, perhaps more than any he had undertaken yet so far. It was boring work. Pulling weeds or setting up camera equipment, boring as those tasks were, at least involved him doing something. This was just a lot of waiting around for nothing to eventually happen. Oh well, he sighed. I suppose it could be worse. I am getting paid for this at least. Soon enough though it was midnight and that was Asahi's queue to get up from the chair and stay on alert. He stood by the backdoor, still in sight of the owner, but closer to the door so that when the shipment arrived he would be ready for it.

They could hear a cart clinking down the back alley. The owner got up to unlock the backdoor. Asahi bid him to wait, offering instead to unlock it himself. He did so, peering out into the alley to see what was there. The merchant with the cart was just rolling up to the back door when the Genin looked out. They exchanged a quick nod of understanding. The merchant knew by the ninja headband that Asahi would be here to protect him, and Asahi knew that the merchant would just need to unload his product before moving on for the night.

There were several large boxes in the back of the cart filled with all manner of ninja weapons. Kunais, shurikens, senbons, even things Asahi could not put a name to. He helped out the merchant and the owner transfer the items as they were both older and as well because the faster they finished the sooner he could go to bed and count this mission as completed. Asahi was inside with the owner putting a box into place when he heard a thud from outside. Then everything was quiet. The owner made a move to walk over to see what had happened but Asahi put a hand out again to stop him.

"Stay here," he whispered to the elderly man. "Close the door behind me and lock it. I don't think we are alone."

Asahi crept towards the door with all the stealth his training had provided him. It was still awfully quiet anymore, the sound of the merchant moving boxes was now replaced with what sounded like someone ruffling through them. Thieves, was his first instinct. There wasn't enough sound to tell for sure, or for him to even determine how many there were. He passed through the door frame and the cart came in sight. Behind it he could see the merchant's legs sticking out. He's fallen, or been hurt. Asahi approached the cart slowly, rounding the side of it to get a better view. The owner locked the door behind him as he had bid. At least he is safe, Asahi thought, that much I know for certain.

The merchant was lying face down in the dirt. Asahi bent and put a finger to his pulse. Breathing, that's good. Must have been knocked out. He went to stand and look around for the culprit when the danger came to him. A heavy club swung towards him out from a dark corner. There wasn't any time for Asahi to dodge, the best he could do was bring his arms up to help cushion the blow. It took him off his feet and sent him spiraling to the ground. A figure dressed all in black approached him with the club held high over his head. He means to finish the job and get away with the merchandise, Asahi thought. Not on my watch. He won't get anything while I'm on duty.

Asahi quickly tucked his feet and hands under his body. He coiled himself up and then the instant the thief came in range he released the bundled kinetic energy all at once. Leaf Rising Wind! His hands stayed planted on the ground while his foot led the assault. It connected with the stranger's wrist that held the club. There was an audible cracking sound as the attack hit. The club went tumbling away out of view. Asahi turned in the air to land feet down and facing the target who was suddenly disarmed and not feeling nearly as brave as he did when he had the element of surprise.

"You'll going to face the music for this one," he told the thief. "For what you've stolen and the hurt you've brought upon a simple merchant."

The thief realized that Asahi would not let him go and would do whatever it took to bring him in. He charged the Genin and threw an untrained fist his way. Asahi deftly turned it away with his right while countering with his left. It made contact square in the stranger's face, lifting him off the ground and sending him to a heap below. Unconscious, Asahi noted. Hurt, but alive. I'll bring him in after I wrap up here. Looks like a job well done. The merchant was rising then as Asahi had finished tying the thief up. He made sure he was okay and directed him to where he could receive medical attention. The Genin ensured the rest of the weapons were locked in the shop for the night and then made his way to turn in the culprit.


D-Ranked Mission Complete, 1258 WC + 1100 Ryo (1000 + 100 Genin Bonus), 3 AP and 1 Kunai

Spending 750/750 WC to learn Leaf Whirlwind
Spending 500/500 WC to learn Throat Chop

+10 to Speed and +2 to Chakra
Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
Stat Page : Hyuuga Souji Statistics
Remove Taijutsu Remove Ninjutsu Default
Remove Remove Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 500

Midnight Guard Duty  Empty Re: Midnight Guard Duty

Sun Dec 13, 2020 5:02 pm
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