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New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic)

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New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic) - Page 2 Empty Re: New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic)

Wed Jan 20, 2021 1:29 am
Approved, enjoy the Groot Clone.
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New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic) - Page 2 Empty Re: New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic)

Tue Jan 26, 2021 12:32 pm
The Summit didn’t appear to want to remain on course, and the moderator did very little to moderate. As with all meetings of ninja in high positions of power, discourse quickly broke through the dam of politeness and into the territory of aggressive posturing, a match fought with words for control of intellectual territory, for no one wanted the opposition to think they would be able to live in their heads rent-free.

The Kazekage wasn’t having none of that though; small visual cues could be collected by the observant to notice she seemed to be impatient, perhaps bothered by the way the Mizukage had addressed the room. An understandable feeling, however not one you want to allow to slip past the armor of placid composure, especially in a room full of people with eyes capable of picking all sorts of details. Yet, somehow she managed to smile, a smile void of joy or happiness; one soaked in malice. These high lords and ladies truly thought little of others. How bold of them to brazenly sit in an air conditioned room debating the fate of nations with quips and taunts, jests and threats. But then, what did Kaito know of politics; he had been nothing but a cook in the past, a soldier in the present, and a murderer at heart. Cloaks and daggers were not his style, not in the past when he had to deal with the loan sharks that kept his restaurant afloat during the trialing times of Lord Youka, although in his present profession, he may yet have to learn these styles. Did he not, after all, use the cloak of the earth and night when he tried to assassinate his students, using assassination and ambush as his daggers? “A man of few words, but determinate actions”, he thought to himself. Perhaps it was best he was not the one sitting where Lord Kiseragi sat. He may not have the stomach to humor these people.

The Lady Kazekage proved Kaito right when she spoke; she taunted the Mizukage and provoked him with her jabs, rather than try to amend her lapse to propose a negotiation -- or put such a prospect on the table to begin with. Kaito himself wasn’t that good of a listener either, and he once again thanked the storm lords that he stood at attention rather than sit at the table, for he felt the need to heave a heavy sigh. The way the Lady Kazekage spoke made Kaito feel bad for her citizens. Referring to villagers as “fodder”, as if the citizens of the Kirigakure would not be willing to engage in such a conflict willingly, or if the Mizukage had implied he would just throw hordes of genin at anyone who dared oppose him. Such a comment was an insult, as far as Kaito was concerned; back where he was from, being insulted in this manner gave legal reason to murder the one insulting.

The proposal was almost as bad; she offered the life of another in singular combat, rather than offering herself as a champion for this cause. Offering the life of another wasn’t something that sat well with Kaito; not that he would make this sentiment known in any way. Much like his Raikage had joked before, he did indeed resemble more a darkened statue than an actual human, the only thing moving being his eyes under the lenses of the mask, white on white as if there were no irises or pupils to gaze at the world, perfect cover to be able to allow his eyes to roll without risking raising suspicion about where his gaze fell, or what lay hidden behind it.

The interaction went on with each Kage trying to prove they had the most pump in their hydraulic expelling system to piss the furthest, the Hokage consenting to a deathmatch as it was the Will of Fire way. He could've sworn this Hokage was a common criminal turned Kage, but perhaps he was also a Fire Country Native? Perhaps even a returning exiled ninja. That might explain it.

The Raikage went on to assert that the Mizukage was a fool, for he made demands with certainty he could not have. In this, Kaito identified more with the Mizukage once again. Both were men who walked into meetings clad in armor, both preferred to hide their features, and apparently, both missed the part where this was an open negotiation and not something that started off as a demand, and perhaps more insultingly, an ambush. But on the Raikage went, particularly driving home the point about flashing a sharingan in his presence.

The Mizukage took all this in stride, but the stride became vaulting soon enough. To be sure, Kaito could not fathom how anyone at this table might've thought of this as a good idea. Unless, of course, they were planning on assassinating the Mizukage, which might have worked if all Kages united against the man, but given the lack of information about anything of the sort, Kaito doubted the four would unite against the one. At the end of the day, most kages at this table operated independently from each other.

The Mizukage finalized his proposal by suggesting the Lady Kazekage fight him to the death if she was to have anything to say on this meeting that would make any sense, and this felt empty; even if the Lady Kazekage were to die in singular combat, it would be unlikely Sunagakure would yield to Kirigakure. Only the brutal experience of war could sprout such sentiment within the hearts of the hardened and windswept people of the Wind Country. Vague threats and empty conversation, so hollow the echos reverberated throughout as if the mocking song of chaos.

The Hogokage went on to talk more, and add more insult to the present injury. These people talked about peace and love as if they were comunal hippies but refused to put their pride down and try to deal with the Mizukage, especially considering all them were at best mediators, which no horse in this particular race. Pathetic. Kaito was a more… single minded individual. You ask for a talk. You talk. Civilized. If that fails, you agree to disagree, diplomatically, with a smile on your face. Then you mount an attack in ill faith, under the cover of the night, quiet as a mouse. These people gave the word "ninja" a bad rep. But, perhaps Kaito just thought too little of himself, as a platinum head once accused him. Yet, how did he see himself at once the wisest and most foolish one in the room? Life truly was a mysterious ride, and the way of the ninja convoluted. He was happy he was at best a decent assassin and at worse a subpar businessman, with a resume of cook in the middle, a bizarre combination.

The ninja said their goodbyes to the Mizukage, who was to be escorted out by the former First Kazekage, Kenshin Uzumaki. Then he had been the one to reestablish the Sunagakure reign, especially after the Kirigakure and Konohagakure joint attack, which he himself had repelled. The Hogokage spilled out the secrets that no one had been able to establish as more than a fable, and the picture inside Kaito’s head was clearer and clearer. In all likelihood, Kenshin had tracked the trail of Kumogakure forward outposts all the way to Sunagakure and freed the shell of the village from the weakened grip of the Lightning Country soldiers. And now, he warned the Mizukage about something or another. Kaito could scarcely pay attention to what was being said. Only one thing rang true to him: this was the monster that admonished and punished Kumogakure when it flew too close to the sun, and he now walked, freely, a kid with the wisdom of the elders borne out of the depravity he unleashed on the world. What was the plan now that he knew this? Vengeance? A ridiculous proposition.

Still, the Raikage said his peace and made to leave. Still as a statue made of relaxed violence, Kaito followed the steps of the Kage as if he was a Nara projection, breaking this entrancing vista only when his Kage commanded him to pick up the portrait containing the seal embroidered so skillfully by the guard of the Mizukage. Kaito observed it momentarily, and for the first time the Lady Kazekage might notice a difference in Kaito’s heartbeat as the seal allowed his mind to find inner peace for a moment. Before allowing himself to get enraptured by what could very well be a genjutsu or something of the sort, Kaito pulled the frame down and away from his sight, before following his Raikage out to where his objective was.

Outside these walls was now the monster that haunted his dreamless sleeps, with an aura to himself and a chakra within that mimicked the sentiment and lore that Kaito had read about the man. He followed his kage outside the Spire in hopes of finding him.
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New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic) - Page 2 Empty Re: New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic)

Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:53 pm
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New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic) - Page 2 Empty Re: New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic)

Thu Mar 11, 2021 2:41 am
To say the summit was not going as planned would have been quite the understatement as it seemed there would be little common ground to be found between the majority of the Kage at the table and the Mizukage. His focus would remain on Kizmaru specifically from the moment the foreigner chose to activate the sharingan, revealing that he had slain a member of his clan- now he bore eyes that he had no right to parade around as such and was using them in petty intimidation attempts. "Why are we even trying to negotiate with a man like this.." He couldnt help but think to himself as the discourse continued within the room. It appeared that the Mizukage truly believed he was owed some sort of grand gift in return for freeing Konoha, a village that he himself didnt fight any battles to gain possession of and rather inherited- he was proving to be quite entitled but thankfully the Kazekage and Hokage refused to put up with it.

Now losing count of the times he had to bite his tongue Zaine became even more filled with rage at the proposition given by Kizmaru, who now asked for access to the sacred techniques that were specific to each village in exchange for the freedom of Konoha- it was at this moment that he realized this summit would end in complete disagreement as there would be no reasoning with a man this stubborn and arrogant. This however, was far from the worst of the ideas given by this man. His next idea followed in suit after a proposition by Mizuki that while rough around the edges seemed to be a fair way of determining the future of Konoha- the proposition in question being a deathatch between the Mizukage and the Hokage, which was accepted without haste by the Hokage but denied in full by Kizmaru who instead chose to challenge Mizuki. Curious that he would tuck his tail and run from the man trying to claim freedom for his village but would adamantly push for a fight with another village leader who stands to gain nothing from this death match.

Ultimately, the Hogokage and Raikage tried to weigh in and lean the negotiations towards the same direction that The Hokage and Kazekage were pushing, but it would all be for naught. In dramatic fashion the Mizukage was asked to leave which gave way to the big question- What was next? Surely everyone in the room understood that Konoha would not give up on trying to reclaim its freedom and Kizmaru proved to everyone that he was ready to argue with the biggest powers in the known world in order to maintain what he felt was rightfully his. No matter what the consequences of this summit would involve, Zaine was positive that Sunagakure would end up on the front lines defending itself and its allies. 

He sighed as the summit concluded and the shinobi from differing villages made their exits- if only this chain of events could have been avoided, there wouldnt be a need for war as a possibility or any sort of combat for that matter. Alas, the world they lived in was far from perfect and only time could tell how this would all unfold.



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New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic) - Page 2 Empty Re: New World Kage Summit (Observation Topic)

Thu Mar 11, 2021 3:26 pm
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