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Uchiha Benji
Uchiha Benji
Stat Page : Uchiha Benji
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Clan Specialty : Sharingan
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 27000

Uchiha Benji (A simple delivery E rank) Empty Uchiha Benji (A simple delivery E rank)

Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:27 pm
Mission Name: Ration Delivery
Rank: E rank
Type: Delivery
Character Requirements: Genin+
Mission Location: Konoha
Word Count Requirements: 500
Repeatable? Yes
Reward: 500 ryo, 1 military pill.


There is a man who is shrouded with mystery. They say he is the one who supplies the military rations, and other small useful edibles that provide benefits to the village. Knowledge of said individual is by far the rarest, but he delivers each week without fail by the batches.

His only request. Is that these are required to be delivered by shinobi as in the hands of normal civilians things can go drastically wrong. We want you to deliver the supply of rations to the market district. And their respective suppliers. With your pay you will be rewarded generously as well. For good service.

It was an avarage winter morning. The weather was pretty cold and nor did the wind help this situation. It was so early, not even the sun came out. Even it snoozed while the moon guarded the sky. Silence reigned in the house, only the sound of the wind filtered through the window. 
- Great Fireball Jutsu! - Shouted it Benji while he fell to down
And after this, he blew a huge and scary fire ball. It was bigger than a house. The fireball caught a team of bandit. They were all burned. 
- I caught you guys, and I saved my village - Told it Benji so proudly - Now I'll go and eat something good, I definetly deserve it.
Then he started to walk his favorite Ramen diner. When he arrived near of the restaurant, he already felt the smell of delicious Ramens.
- Hey brother, give me your biggest ramen!
- Okay sir, let me make it
After that, the chef began to cut together the fresh vegetables and the delicious meat. It looked pretty good and delicious.
- I can't wait fo......
BEEP-BEEP-BEEP - The alarm clock's sound is woke up Benji
- Damm.... It was just a dream... I'm so hungry now, I have to eat something, before my mission - Thought it Benji
After this he sat up in his bed. He was quite cold, although it was warm in the house, but it is well known that when Benji is tired, he keeps getting cold. He's dressed up, and after it feeling cold is disappeared. He had a quick semi-finished ramen for breakfast, and after he got a way towards Hokage's office. On the street it was very dark. Benji didn't like it, and he didn't like waking up early. He really hates weaking up early. He always sleep as much as he can. He once slept for 17 hours damm, it was pretty much. And after when he woke up, he was still tired... Dude what a hell? Whatever, continue the story. So after a 10-15 minutes walk he reached the Kage's office. The Hokage wasn't here, so another shinobi explained the mission to Benji. After the 10-15 minute discussion Benji's went for the place.
- So he is a mystery person... He could be a High Level Shinobi if he hadn't caught so far - thought it Benji - Who can be him? 
As he immersed himself in his thoughts, he became aware that he had reached his goal. Benji was punctual and even arrived 1-2 minutes early. After about a 5 minutes waiting, a man arrived with full of black clothing, and with an animal mask.
- Welcome. So you are the shinobi? - Asked suspiciously the man
- Yes, I'm. - Answered Benji- you are the mystery person?
- Damm... He is so young.. - Thought it the man - Yes, I think, I'm - answered for the question
- So where is the delivery? - Benji returned to the point
- There is. - Showed a bag - And it includes your reward. 500 ryo and one military pill, which will help you in fights. Now I have to go, be carefull. - He warned Benji
After this he dropped the bag, and some smoke bombs, and he dissapeared. 
- Wait, I have a few ques..... Nevermind... So weird man... - Thought amazedly Benji
He opened and checked the bag. It included everything, what needed Benji. He also found an envelope in it. He opened it too, and it has the money, and the phill. Benji took the envelope to his pocket, and started a way towards the market. 
- It was so quick. If I won't have issues, I can go back to my bed. Maybe I'll read something.. No.. I'll sleep. Damm it's pretty cold, I can't wait to lay in my warm bed. - Benji thought happily
After a really short walk, he reached the market. He checked the mission's document, and tried to find the person who he needed. He walked around the market twice by the time he found it. He was a little bit angry because of it.
- Hello sir! There is the supplements - showed the backpack Benji
- Ohh okay kid, thank you very much! There is my sign, so you can proof that you completed the mission - he gave a paper with sign
- Thank you very much! Now I have to go back to Kage's office, bye! - Benji said goodbye
- Okay, bye! - anwered the man
Then Benji continued his way towards Kage's office. It was a really quick mission for him. After a quick walk, he reached the building. He gave the sheet there as evidence, and after he said goodbye. The young Uchiha is ran to home to chilling in this warm, comfortable bed. When he reached the house, the lunch was ready. He stepped into, and his mother and one of little brothers welcomed him.
- What was the mission like? Everything was fine? - Asked his mom
- Of course mom, your boy is a super dangerous shinobi. There is no chance for I make mistakes - Said it arrogantly Benji
- Ohh okay super dangerous shinobi. Wash your hands, and come to lunch - Laughed his mother
- Okay mom, give me 1 minute - Answered Benji
Another mission is completed. This is what a shinob's life looks like. Sometimes he has a very easy mission, but sometimes he has very dangerous missions, where he can die in every single moment.  He is in a good way, to become a high leveled shinobi, like his father.

WC: 900

Word Count:

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Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
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Uchiha Benji (A simple delivery E rank) Empty Re: Uchiha Benji (A simple delivery E rank)

Thu Dec 03, 2020 12:33 am
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