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Closing up Shop; Part One: Training Time! Empty Closing up Shop; Part One: Training Time!

Mon Nov 30, 2020 8:38 pm
Gonk woke up to find yet another scroll on his window. 
He sighed and rolled over thinking “Can’t I get a day off? I haven’t had a break in forever” But he got up and made his way over to the windowsill. He gazed over the village, the sunrise giving the buildings a heavenly glow. Feeling calmer, Gonk opened the scroll which he could already see was an E rank. 
“Hmm, closing up a bank, that's not too bad, and it gives me free time during the day. Maybe I’ll check out the training facility, it sounds cool.” So with that Gonk ate a normally paced Breakfast for once, and set off for the training facility. Gonk had heard good things about it from Kato but it hadn’t prepared him for how amazing it was. Gonk looked around in awe as he entered the huge building.
“This place is incredible!” Gonk thought excitedly. “A swimming pool, weight machines, training dummies, a track and field, this place has everything! Why didn’t I come here sooner?” Gonk wasted no time changing into swim trunks and diving into his pool and started swimming laps. Gonk, being a Hoshigaki, was a beast in the water, able to swim faster than normal humans. After he had warmed up, he decided to check out some of the equipment. After toweling off, and changing into regular workout cloths, Gonk went over to the training dummies to test them out. He walked up to one that was labeled “Durable Test Dummy. Gonk decided to work on his swordsmanship, so he pulled out his katana and started a flurry of strikes and thrusts. After a few sequences Gonk stepped back to see if he had done any damage to the dummy, but was surprised to see that the dummy was unharmed. Gonk worked on his swordplay a bit more before moving on to try something else. Gonk gazed at the wide variety of weight machines.
“What to try first?” He pondered, in a state of indecisiveness. He had never had so many choices in his exercise before. In the past it was just whatever he could do with what he had, which wasn’t very much. He finally decided that if he was going to spend the day here, he might as well try them all. So he bounced from machine to machine. Spending some time on each of them. Some of them were easy for him, some of them were incredibly challenging. By the time he had made it through all of them his muscles ached and he was drenched in sweat. Gonk decided to go for a 10 minute run on the treadmill before going to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. After he had finished his turkey sandwich and salad, he decided he needed some practice with his projectile accuracy. Gonk picked up five kunai and simultaneously threw them at five separate targets. All of them hit the target, but none hit the bullseye. Gonk picked up five more and continued to practice until he was satisfied with his accuracy. He then moved on to shuriken and did the same practice with them. After practicing several different techniques, Gonk decided to move on and take a look at the sparring arena. He walked into the arena to see two shinobi battling it out. The terrain was incredible, there was a small river that ran through the center, and mounds of rocks scattered around the arena. Gonk watched them battle, using the terrain to their advantage. 

“This is incredible!” Gonk though gazing around in awe. “This actually prepares you for the terrain you’ll be fighting in. It's not just an empty sand pit.” Gonk glanced at the big clock on the wall and realized it was getting late. He hurried to the locker room, where he took a quick shower and changed into his normal clothes. After a quick stop and his apartment for dinner, Gonk was on his way to the bank, ready for his mission.
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Closing up Shop; Part One: Training Time! Empty Re: Closing up Shop; Part One: Training Time!

Mon Nov 30, 2020 8:48 pm
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