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Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Survived 2021
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Ryo : 109355

Polishing Your Monuments Empty Polishing Your Monuments

Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:01 pm

Kita was sitting in his living room when the letter came through the bottom of the door. Kita looked over at the doorway, noticing the letter sitting underneath the door slot. He would handle it in a moment. Kita turned his attention downward, focusing on his body. Kita had taken his shirt off, and felt a bit chilly. Kita exhaled. "It's about time I actually use that jutsu I practiced. It should be useful in future missions." Kita looked down at his bare chest and clasped his hands together. Slowly, Kita formed the handseals, funneling as much chakra as he could into his fingers. Slowly, ensuring he didn't make any mistakes, Kita slowly worked through them. Snake. Kita clasped his hands together, intertwining his fingers together. Ram. Kita moved his hands up, pointing both index and middle fingers to the sky, and putting his right ring and pinkie fingers a bit above those on his left. Rat. Kita held his right hand in the same position, and wrapped his pinkie, ring, and middle finger around his index and middle finger on his right hand, placing his left index finger over the top of his right middle. Last seal, dragon. Kita clasped his hands together, intertwining his fingers once more. This time however, Kita placed his pinkies together and angled them downwards, and placed his thumbs together. It worked. Kita felt the power morph and change, just begging to be released. He pressed it against his chest, and a small, Pale Blue square appeared (Chakra Storage Seal). Kita nodded, satisfied, and put on his shirt and kimono, going to the door and opening the envelope that had slipped through earlier. "Let's see what we have here. Cleaning duty huh?" Kita read through. Apparently some children had vandalized the monument to the Mizukage, and because they couldn't find them, they sent Genin to handle it instead. Kita pondered it for a moment. He remembered his time in the academy. At one point, he had considered defacing the statue for jokes, but decided against it. Kita shook himself from his memories. "Oh well, might as well take care of it now. Maybe after this I'll hit up the training grounds. I've been meaning to get on that for a while..." Kita pondered it a bit more and headed towards the monument.

Around 30 minutes later, Kita sat in a local ramen shop, eating ramen and drinking a sweet beverage. Kita looked behind himself as he ate, watching two figures clean the statue for him. Kita grinned at the sight, praising his ingenuity. It helps to have shadow clones on hand (Shadow Clone). Kita watched them grind their fingers to the bone, trying to get the paint and markers that the children used to defile the statue off, even hearing one of his clones yell, "Hey! They used permanent marker! This is going to take forever to get out!" Kita laughed a bit at the situation. Some might call it lazy, but as long as the work got done, Kita could eat his ramen in peace. Long after Kita finished his ramen and drink, two paint stained clones stood before him. "The work's done." Kita nodded, giving one last smile. "You two did great work! You deserve some rest." Kita made the hand sign, and the clones disappeared in a puff of smoke. The ramen shop owner raised an eyebrow, looking at Kita. "Isn't it wrong to have magic clones of some kind do your work for you? It seems a bit like... cheating, doesn't it?" Kita shrugged, putting his payment on the counter. "I'm not sure. From a certain perspective, they are me, so I am essentially doing the work. Either way, my mission is complete, so I'm satisfied." The ramen shop owner shrugged and took Kita's payment, as Kita left for the training grounds.

Jutsu Utilized-

[Chakra Storage Seal- 40 Power] = 110 AP

[Shadow Clone- 134 Points to Original, 133 to Clone 1, 133 to Clone 2]

Remaining AP = 400

Word Count = 642


Mission Claims-

600 Ryo (100 from Genin bonus, 500 from mission)

Stat Claims-

+6 Speed (600 Words)

Jutsu Claims-

Chakra Infusion Skill (963/2000 Words) (Was working towards it in a previous thread.
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Survived 2021
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Polishing Your Monuments Empty Re: Polishing Your Monuments

Mon Nov 23, 2020 8:08 pm
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