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David and Goliath (C-Rank mission) Empty David and Goliath (C-Rank mission)

Sun Nov 22, 2020 10:37 pm
Mission Specs:

Two guards stood watch at the large steel front gates of a large estate. A huge stone wall protecting it's perimeter. A single man approached the two guards standing watch. He was tall, muscular, and riddled all over with scars as if he had fought every day of his life. He was quite an intimidating man with eyes as black as a night sky with no moon. His name was Raian and he approached the manner without a shred of respect for who lived there only stopping because one of the two men guarding the gate stepping into his path. One hand from the man pressed against Raians chest preventing him from advancing as he spoke.

"Hold it right there, I'ma need you to state your business and show me some form of identification." The man said with a stern yet polite tone.

Raian responded by reaching into the pouch he kept holstered on his leg and saying "Yeah sure let me just get that for you." However, Raian never intended to grab anything from the pouch, instead only giving the man a hard open palm strike to the bottom of his jaw with all his might. This was definitely not expected, and the man didn't put up any form of defence as his teeth shattered and he fell to the ground hard. The second gate guard responded, by quickly rushing at Raian throwing a quickly flurry of jabs. The jabs came at Raian accurately and he was ever so slightly surprised that he actually needed to use effort to parry them. Apparently these weren't just lowly scrubs hired off the street. They had some form of training in hand to hand combat it would seem.

Parry each blow, left and right, as they came Raian finally found his opening and grabbed the man's wrist aside one of the parrys. Pulling the man towards him with one arm he planted a hard elbow into the man's sternum with the other. This forced all the air from the man's lungs and planted him on the ground hard, unable to breath for a moment. The man after a few moments rolled to the side and back onto his feet, still heavily breathing attempting to force his deflated lungs to expand. "Now, lets see how well you hold out." Raian said mockingly as he rushed forward putting the guard on the defensive with his own combo of blows.

Raians blows however found their mark through the man's guard as he got riddled with straight jabs from Raian, he began to stumble. Raian did not miss this opportunity and planted one large haymaker to the man's temple, slamming him back to the ground. As soon as his head hit the ground Raians foot stomped down on top of it increasing the force of the impact and ending the man's life. "Seems your body failed you after that first shot. Oh well won't be having that problem anymore." Raian said laughing as he scaled the stone wall and landed swiftly on the other side. Shinobi style training growing having easily given him access to a location otherwise off limits to normal civilians.

As he landed on the other side a group of men surrounded him, giving away the fact that his little "scuffle" had not gone unnoticed. From the group of about twenty men, a single large burly man stepped forward MUCH larger than the rest. The behemoth stood what would of had to have been almost eight feet tall with bulk to match that monstrous height. "Phew! My god I guess giants are real." Raian said arms crossed and with a whistle. The man simply scoffed at his remark.

"What business do you have hear? Freak." The large man said in a deep voice. Raian stepped a little closer to him scratching his head, "You know I dont normally do this kinda thing. Jobs for another people and what not. But whoever your boss is he pissed someone off and he wants what your boss has got. Me, I just like to hurt people and so our goals seem to align."

What Raian said was the truth for sure. A few days prior to the events happening now the meeting Raian spoke of had taken place. A village not far from the where the manor was had a pub in it which Raian had been a patron in. He hadn't been there to drink as, while he did while he was there, he had mainly been there to fight with the local patrons. Basic irresponsible behavior, and typical of Raians personality. While doing so however, he had caught the attention of an older, more well dressed gentlemen. The gentlemen had approached him, and offered a job, normally Raian would not accept something so trivial and probably would have attacked the man for even asking. The man however, held the power of persuasion on his side and wagered a good time and a good pay out of money from a safe. All the man wanted in return was a family crest that was also held within the safe. Some business rival thing Raian didn't understand. Money and blood however he did understand and thus those two things brought him to this moment.

Back in the present. Raian was still facing off with the behemoth, both staring each other down with neither even giving the other a blink. The man then reeled back with decent speed for a man of his size and smashed his fist onto the ground, Raian being forced to jump back and slightly stumbling as the first made a decent sized crater in the ground. "Not too smart. I got what I need now you die." The man said with a growl slowly pulling his fist up from the ground. "We'll see about that! Don't tease me with a good time too much now big boy!" Raian said further mocking the brute.

In response the large man charged forward slamming Raian with his shoulder and sending him flying into the stone wall with enough force to crack it. Raian fell to his knees, a little dizzy before noticing the man attempting to charge him a second time. To combat this he rolled to the side narrowly avoiding the man's charge as he crashed into the rock wall shattering through it completely. As Raian got to his feet he wiped a small dribble of blood from his lip and dropped into a defence stance with teeth at bare awaiting the man's reappearance through the dust. And a few moments later the man did appear, hurling a large chunk of the stone at Raian, which Raian dodged by rolling to the side yet again as the stone sped past him flattening two or three of the guards behind him. With Raian on his knees after his roll, the large brute rushed forward attempting to knee Raian in the face. Raian ducked underneath just in the nick of time however and with a spin swept the man's other foot from underneath him.

The man crashed to the ground, hard, as Raian grabbed another chunk of the nearby broken wall leaping on top of him, and smashing it into the man's face. This shattered the man's nose, blood spattered into the air as the man roared throwing Raian off of him easily. The man then got to his feet one hand grasping his bleeding nose. "No matter how big you are, you are still just a feeble human being like the rest!" Raian yelled charging forward only to be met by a large boot as the man lifted his massive leg and kicked Raian dead center. Raian attempted to get his arms in the way of it to block but he nearly felt them crumble under the pressure of the blow, it was enough to launch him into the air several meters afterall.

A few meters away Raian crashed to the ground with a loud thud, shakily pushing himself to his feet as quick as he could. He and the brute then stared each other down intently for a few moments, neither making a sound nor moving a muscle before the silence was broken by another thud. This one was different however as it was the thud of a loud heartbeat, yet seemed impossibly loud. It had come from Raian, an evil sounding laugh also now coming from him as his skin darkened and his muscles grew in mass. The veins on his body popping like they would burst at any moment. His devilish side had taken over and now the real fight was to begin.

Raian charged at the man a new strength flowing through him as the skin on his hands began to form what appeared to be spikes. Almost like a spiked biker glove, the transformed flesh intended to increase his overall punching power even further. The man got to his feet and just as he did so Raian leapt into the air smashing a hard superman punch directly into across the man's jaw. This caused the man to soon a half rotation and fall flat back onto his feet. Moments later he pushed himself to his knees before Raian came speeding in again, landing another hard blow this time dead center in his nose causing him to roll a few feet away. The spectators around them looked on in horror at what could only be described as a demon fighting a giant, and the demon was slaughtering him.

The brute of a man continued to push himself to his feet after each crushing blow, the weight of his own body slowly but surely becoming too much to bare. Finally, as he attempted to stand for the last time, Raian planted a hard open palm strike directly into the man's nostrils shattering the nose bone and doing massive internal damage to the brain. The blow was enough that the man wasn't getting back up again, and that was clear to everyone as he fell flat backwards without resistance. Raian let out a deep breath his skin and muscle mass turning back to normal as he turned to face the crowd. He smiled with sharpened teeth at the forefront of an evil smile. "So, who is it gonna be next?" Raian said snarling as all the people around him turned and fled.

Raian attempted to give chase but he had sustained more damage than he thought and he was unable to follow any one target out of the dozen or so that were there. They had gotten away this time but next time he'd make sure they weren't so lucky. Continuing on with the original "mission" he quickly approached the wooden doors of the manor, kicking them straight off their hinges. He stepped into the fancy old mansion, knocking everything I've as he made his way upstairs to a large bedroom, the master bedroom he figure based on it's looks. In the corner of the room, was a rather plump man cowering in fear, almost crying. Raian walked up to him, and simply grabbed him by his collar lifting him up off the ground. The man began to kick and scream, as Raian quickly ordered him to open whatever safe he had locked away in the house somewhere. Raian then dropped the man and he proceeded to very slowly, remove the large tv mounted on the wall, revealing a metal safe door built into the wall behind it. Opening the safe Raian then elbowed the man hard in the back of the neck. This was enough to knock him out but he would live, a fat blob like him wasn't even worth the time to kill. Raian grabbed all the free cash that was laying around within it, not a whole lot for what you would think this man would have. The last item was a crest, a circle, rounded twice the inner a dark maroon color the litter a brown. With a triangle in the center. An odd symbol indeed but this is what that man had wanted so that's what he was getting.

Raian made his way back out the front doors, passed the dead goliath and back out the hole in the stone wall. It had been pretty fun just like the man had promised it would be, who would of thought a man that size even existed let alone was here of all places. Sometimes it's amazing what you see out there in the mysterious dark corners of civilization.

[WC: 2086]
[Exit | Mission Completed]
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David and Goliath (C-Rank mission) Empty Re: David and Goliath (C-Rank mission)

Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:09 am
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