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Betting on Banking Empty Betting on Banking

Sun Nov 22, 2020 7:15 am

Kita woke up the next morning feeling groggy and exhausted. The beeping of his alarm next to his futon was too much today. Kita reached over and slapped the machine, silencing it for the day. Kita sunk his head back into his pillow, and began to sigh. He debated if he would even wake up at all. His mind flashed back to the men in the alleyway on his last mission. Kita remembered killing most of the men, and the scenes replayed vividly in his head. He still felt awful about it. Kita got out of bed and made his way into the kitchen, pouring himself a bowl of cereal to eat. As soon as Kita put the milk down however, he heard a familiar crinkling. Kita turned back to the door, and noticed the envelope that had been slipped beneath the cracks. Kita felt his stomach churn, his heart beat faster in his chest, and his mind begin to race. "Please, I just need a break. I don't want to take another mission like that one. Not yet." Kita hesitantly made his way over to the door, the bent neck of the man in the brown coat still fresh in his mind. It had never looked as imposing and sinister as it did when Kita reached down and scraped the envelope off the dirty floor. With ever so slightly trembling fingers, Kita ripped open the letter, and began to read. "...This is an E-Rank mission. Your assignment is to perform maintenance work at the Kirigakure Yuji Bank. You will take over the duties of the bankers during the closing of the bank. This only needs to be performed for one night, as after that other shinobi will..." Kita closed the letter, and breathed a sigh of relief. Closing up shop for bankers would be easy. Plus, Kita had been practicing a new jutsu that would make the process easier on himself. The boy stood up and returned to eating his cereal. His mission didn't start until nightfall, so Kita had some time to kill.

Night had fallen over Kirigakure, and Kita sat in front of a banker, listening closely to the duties that he had to perform. He was a man of average build, with a large amount of facial hair on his face. He spoke with a strange accent that Kita couldn't quite place, and spoke quite a bit with his hands. "After that, all that's left is to shut off the lights, lock the remaining doors, and be on your way. Can you handle all of that?" Kita nodded absentmindedly, and the man clapped Kita on the shoulder. "Good man! Remember this, after you finish locking up, just place the key inside your mission report, or whatever they have you turn in. Good luck!" The man left out the front door, and Kita waved him by absentmindedly. After he left, Kita turned about, taking in the sight of the bank. It seemed so much emptier with nobody inside. Kita shook his head and held his hands together, conjuring his chakra. Kita felt the familiar surge of chakra energize him once again, bringing him back to reality with a jolt of awareness. Kita formed his hands into the appropriate seal, bringing his fingers together, almost like a cross (Shadow Clone Jutsu. Each receive 103 AP). As he did the hand sign and channeled his chakra, he felt it leave his body in a large rush, leaving behind an unsettling void in his body for the briefest of moments, before his being settled once again. To either side of himself, two identical Kita's sprang into existence, emerging from a puff of smoke. They looked at the original, and nodded slightly, automatically going about the purpose that Kita sent them to do. Kita sent one of his clones to scout outside the bank, checking the perimeter for any potential breeches in security. The other, Kita send to clean the bank, grabbing a mop and bucket from the janitors closet. Kita let them do their work, slowly working through the bank, locking up doors after his clone cleaned it out. After a while, the clone looked back at Kita, slightly annoyed. "So how come you get the easy job? It's not like you're doing any real work?" Kita raised an eyebrow at this. "Because I'm the original. I thought that you were supposed to do whatever I asked of you." The clone shrugged, returning to mopping. "I'm just saying, it seems a bit unfair that you're held to a lower standard than us, even if we're all the same person." The clone sniffled. "Plus, you put me in the worst job. I'm stuck here on cleaning duty, the other clone isn't doing any real work, and you're just locking the doors." Kita snorted, finding some hilarity in the situation. "Same person, yeah right. I don't vanish in a puff of smoke if a mosquito happens to bite me. Besides, you should stop complaining. It's just a little cleaning, you can get over it. Just continue mopping, we're halfway done." The clone muttered something about spending his entire life cleaning, but Kita tuned him out. Kita and his clone finish mopping and locking up, shutting off lights as they go. Eventually they finish up, meeting in the main lobby, where the other Kita clone waited for them. He raised a hand in greeting. "It's like we thought. There's nothing out there, the perimeter is clear." Kita nodded and created the symbol again, both clones disappearing in a puff of smoke. Kita felt the chakra that the clones contained flow into him, and Kita staggered for just a moment as the rush of chakra energized him for a moment. His mind expanded filled with the memories of the clones, and Kita blinked for a moment, sorting which memories were his and which were the clones. Kita shook his head. He would need to get used to that jutsu. Kita shut off the lights and exited the front of the bank, locking the door behind him. Kita twirled the key around his finger, whistling. Another mission completed.

Word Count = 1023


Mission Claims-

600 Ryo (500 Ryo Mission Bonus, 100 Ryo Genin Bonus)

Stat Claims-

Chakra +10

Jutsu Claims-

Metal Crusher (1170/2000 Words. Was working towards this jutsu in a previous thread.)
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Ichigo Sato
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Betting on Banking Empty Re: Betting on Banking

Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:03 am
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