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Clean up that damn sand! Empty Clean up that damn sand!

Tue Nov 17, 2020 3:48 pm
Clean up that damn sand!:

With the purchase of his brand new katana Kato was all out of ryo. The purchase was well worth it though, he looked upon his new purchase like a child looks upon a new toy, with wonder and glee. This meant he now possessed two katanas and therefore could expand his swordplay skills, it was that fact that brought the wonder and anticipation to Kato's eyes. After giving his new weapon a test run on a practice dummy in his apartment he decided it was time to go and earn some some ryo. It was about time for another E-Rank mission, he knew he needed to fill out a certain quota of them if he ever wanted to progress to Chuunin. So with that he sheathed his new katana on his left hip next to his original and set off for the mission board. 

Arriving at the mission board Kato could see there were several E-Ranks, not really caring what task he was required to do he picked one at random. He rolled the scroll open and cast his eyes over it, absorbing the information it contained. "Looks like the beaches are trying to invade" he chuckled to himself. It was going to be a pretty easy days work, all he had to do was sweep the sand from the paths and shop fronts. The island where the majority of the shops are is on a hill so Kato thought it was a good idea to start at the top and work his way down, collecting sand as he goes. He walked from the top of the hill broom in hand sweeping all the sand that he could see, he even activated his Byakugan to ensure no sand had evaded him. He went from shop to shop ridding them of their grainy nuisance. Each of the shop keepers thanked Kato as he swept the sand from their shop fronts "No problem, all in a day's work" he'd tell them with a smile on his face. There was something about helping people and seeing their happy faces that made menial work like this enjoyable to Kato. It felt good to be a shinobi in this village and he was enjoying his life as a Genin, even if he did have higher aspirations. By the time Kato had made it to the bottom of the hill the pile of sand he was sweeping was beginning to look like a small dune. Thankful that he'd made it to the bottom Kato swept the small dune towards the beach once more chuckling to himself as he spoke "there you go, back from where you came. The sand invasion quelled, for know." With that his mission was complete so he returned to hand in his mission scroll and collect his ryo. "Not too bad for a day's work" Kato thought to himself as he counted up his rewards "I think it's time for some celebratory sake". Kato then made his way to his apartment, got changed into some more casual clothing then headed out to his local sake bar. "ryo is for spending after all" chuckled Kato as he left his apartment and made his way.

[Using WC to train 5 stats for Kato (strength)]
[Using 531 WC for learning Gentle Fist: Palm Bottom {1486/1500}]
[Claiming 500 ryo reward]

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Clean up that damn sand! Empty Re: Clean up that damn sand!

Tue Nov 17, 2020 3:54 pm
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