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Azumi Uchiha
Azumi Uchiha
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Humble Origins: A Kunoichi’s Story Begins! Empty Humble Origins: A Kunoichi’s Story Begins!

Sat Nov 14, 2020 1:59 am
Part I: A Simple Delivery
Azumi’s black painted fingers gripped four small scrolls firmly in her hand as she soared over the rooftops of the inner ring of Konoha. Placing three scrolls away in her weapon pouch for the time being, Azumi would unravel one of the scrolls before her dark eyes would scan over the mission details. An audible scoff left the girl’s mouth upon realizing how frivolous the mission would be. Truthfully, the girl could not expect to be completely stimulated while completing an E-Rank mission but in this moment she could not figure out the true purpose of this mission besides being a rite of passage for all Shinobi. Perhaps that was the only reason. Regardless, she would fulfill the mission to completion. After all, being in this moment had been her ambition for so long. Truthfully, she expected all aspects of being a Shinobi to be thrilling and exhilarating but the missions she would find herself on at the moment were anything but that. In fact, it was hard to believe it was completely necessary for a shinobi to complete this task. Anyone with arms and legs would be capable of completing the task that she was charged with. Azumi was headed towards the rendezvous point where she was to meet the man of mystery who had been integral in the distribution of rations in the greater parts of the village. After traveling utop the rooftops for a moment, the young Uchiha finally reached the location where she was to meet the mysterious man. Dropping to a crouch, she scanned the area below her for a moment before her eyes landed on someone who fit the description. Wasting no time, she quickly dropped to the ground, standing directly in front of him. 

“Are you the Genin dispatched for today’s delivery?” The man asked shortly, rasp staining his voice

“That would be me…” Azumi confirmed, tone somewhat weary of the man given his offputting tone.

“Deliver the consumables to all these vendors. You will be compensated as discussed.” He said flatly before handing over a piece of paper with a list of names and addresses. After scanning the list for a moment, she looked up to face him again but just as quickly as he had handed her the paper, he’d vanished.

Deciding to put the strange occurrence behind her, Azumi headed in the direction of the vendors. Soaring above the rooftops, she reached the first business quickly. Dropping down to the street level, Azumi double checked what exactly she had to deliver at this stop of her mission. The man at the shop didn’t seem fazed at all by her sudden appearance. In fact, it proved how typical the action was. Today however, the duty was placed upon her. After coming to this realization, Azumi would continue through the streets of Konoha, dropping off all of the rations to their intended drop off location. It  certainly wasn’t glamorous but it was a step forward. She supposed these would be the easiest times.

Part II: Blacksmith's Assistant

Reaching into her weapons pouch, Azumi would reach towards a second mission scroll. Upon reading through the details, she felt her mood shift slightly. This mission seemed to be a bit more in line with what she would typically find herself doing as a Shinobi. Azumi was tasked with aiding the blacksmith with organization of his tools of armor. The girl figured that she would gain valuable experience by seeing a weapons craftsman in his element and witness him develop his tools firsthand. It did not hurt that she would also gain favor with the blacksmith himself. The kunoichi figured that would come in handy later when she needed to purchase additional weapons. Upon reaching the weapons shop building, Azumi landed on the roof again which seemed to become a custom theme for her today. Without a second thought, Azumi would drop down to the street level, before walking through the doors of the shop. Upon witnessing it, her eyes would widen as she analyzed all parts of the, eyes scanning over the disorganized mess of a shop that the place had become. It quickly became clear why he needed to enlist the help of shinobi in order to find some sort of peace within the shop. After all, she could not imagine how appealing this environment would be for potential customers. After all, seeing the shop in its most natural state did make her reconsider her future purchases. At the very least she would make a note to make sure all of her weapons purchased from here on out were perfectly clean. The blacksmith’s face would brighten once he saw the shinobi headband on Azumi’s head. The girl figured it was because she likely appeared to him as either a potential customer or the ninja assigned to aid in organizing his business. 

“I’m here to….help?” Azumi clarified, not exactly sure how to announce herself.

“Well it’s about time! Look at this place!” The man exclaimed, making her take note of the mess again

Azumi raised her brow at his tone. The girl tried to figure out when exactly she had made the mess that he had seemed to be so upset about. The way she saw it, the place was likely to become this messy with or without her influence. However, she wasn’t quite in the mood to dispute his claims as her mission was simply to be of assistance. It seemed to be less hassle to simply comply so that is what she chose to do. Walking around the store, she would begin to pick up the scattered weapons that had been haphazardly strewn across the area. Next she would begin to pick up all the written receipts he had made and organize them all. The process was quite relaxing for her already. Likely due to her perfectionist nature, the disorganization that the man had in his shop was bothering her on multiple levels. For the next few hours, Azumi continued cleaning until the shop had been left in a decent manner. Upon looking around for the last time, the man’s disposition had been much more amused since she arrived, leading her to believe her work there was done.

Part III: Photo Op Protege

After leaving the weapons shop, Azumi was becoming a bit staggered with the events of that day. Not that her tasks were difficult but the fact that they were indeed so menial and tedious was affecting her somewhat. This was likely due in part to the fact that she still had not felt comfortable with pursuing the path of a Shinobi. After all, such a path was against the wishes of her parents. Her now--deceased parents. A shudder ran across her body as it usually had whenever she remembered this truth. It was a wound that was still very much raw. The only thing that kept her from completely collapsing was distracting herself with missions and pursuing her original dream. It was a strange phenomenon because of how much she had wished she could pursue this ambition. However, she would have never wished that it would become possible because her parents would not be around to forbid her from the path. Soaring above the rooftops, Azumi stoically wiped the single tear that dared to fall from her sockets. The last thing she needed was to show up to her next mission location balling her eyes out. Pulling out a third scroll from her pockets, her eyes scanned over the details again. Azumi was to aid a photographer in his shoot for the day. So far this had been the mission that seemed so much more far removed from the typical duties involved in becoming a ninja. After all, never in the academy were they given photography tips and tricks as it would come of no use in their day to day life. Ironically enough, she was en route to the Academy as it was the meeting point for the mission. Azumi was beginning to realize what the point of the photoshoot may have been and it brought up a melancholic feeling within her. 

“Oh you’re here! Thank goodness--I need you to help me get these….children under control.

Azumi’s eyes would widen at the man’s words before her attention was captured by the group of children that were on the photoshoot set. Here she was thinking that this would be the easiest part of her shinobi career but dealing with children was definitely not a walk in the park. The man seemed to be setting up the photoshoot to take a group photo of this class of graduating academy students.  For being shinobi in training, the group of kids were quite rowdy, causing a scowl to form upon her face. Finally, she realized that she could likely identify with the group of individuals. After all, it hadn’t felt like long since she herself was in the academy. Perhaps this would be a way for her to connect with them. After setting up the lighting and various props for the photoshoot, Azumi returned her attention to the children. Putting her hands on her hips she looked at the group of students, commanding their attention. 

“This is the first day of the rest of your life. The day you’ll always remember. You can even think of it as your first mission. And that mission is….say cheese!”

Azumi said with the most enthusiasm she could muster. In the rare moment of compliance from the children, the photographer finally became able to take the photo.

Part IV: Clean The Orphanage

Luckily for Azumi it seemed that her last mission of the day would be at the Leaf Village’s Orphanage. Opening the last scroll that remained, her eyes looked for the details before her heart dropped to her stomach like a rock. It was at this moment that she realized she herself was---an orphan now. This realization hit her like a ton of bricks. The point of completing all of these missions was to distract her from reality. However, it seemed that fate wished for her to confront the issue head on. Azumi fully realized the irony of the situation. Moreover, she realized how possible it would be that she could have ended up in an orphanage herself. In fact, by definition, she should have ended up in an orphanage considering she was now for all intents and purposes an orphan. Taking a deep breath, Azumi returned her attention to the mission scroll, eyes looking over the details once again. Typically she would have been frustrated reading that her task was simply to clean like a typical laborer but she seemed more open towards completing these tasks given the context of the situation she found herself in. Reaching the entrance of the orphanage, Azumi smiled at the reception that she got. All of the kids stood behind one of the volunteers of the orphanage, all smiling wide at Azumi’s arrival. Unable to form words out of fear of succumbing to her emotions, Azumi would simply return their smile with a small one of her own and walk past them to enter the building. 

Truthfully, she had expected the area to be a bit messier. After all, if there was a mission to clean an alleged mess, she was waiting for the mess. Instead, the area seemed to be rather tidy and endearing. Azumi was more than pleased to know that the children were luckily not living in squalor. The environment seemed to be enriching and of quality. Her smile grew wider at the various artwork and personal artifacts that decorated the rest of the area. After investigating the rest of the area, she became puzzled by her circumstances. Not only was the orphanage not messy but it seemed like it had just been cleaned. Azumi was confused until she remembered the excitement on the children’s faces when she had arrived. It didn’t seem likely they were that excited at the prospect of her cleaning. Could it be that they cleaned for her in advance so that she could spend the rest of her mission just focusing on them? Upon deducing this, Azumi’s face softened before walking towards the window. A smile ran across her face once she witnessed all of them playing with one another. They seemed to be so joyous despite their situation. It was inspiring to her to say the least. 

Making her way outside, Azumi would get smiles from the rest of the children as she walked further into the greenery of their expansive backyard. Without saying much, she’d simply join them, joining in their games for a moment before an idea formed in her head. Azumi tried to remember the moments that meant the most to her growing up. The moment that popped into her head was the sense of wonder she felt when she first witnessed ninjutsu. Without thinking for another moment, she smiled towards them. 

“Wanna see something cool?”

The girl asked with a smile on her face.

Rat → Tiger → Dog → Ox → Rabbit → Tiger

Azumi quickly formed the seals in succession, each hand seal aiding her in molding and changing the nature of the chakra within her into that of Fire Release. Upon forming the last seal, she’d focus her attention forward.

Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu!” 

Upon calling forth the technique, a ball of fire would soon form from her mouth, before combusting into six smaller fireballs. The children watched in wonder as she directed the fireballs safely into the ground to be smothered by the grass. However, before the last three fireballs were snuffed out, her hands flurriously began to form another sequence.

Snake → Ram → Tiger

Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!”

Just as the final miniature fireballs were extinguished, an orange flamethrower would soon burst forth from her mouth. Azumi remained careful to keep the jutsu only as a flamethrower, knowing that a complete fireball would be likely to cause damage to the property. After all, it was just to demonstrate ninjutsu for the group of children, not traumatize them. After upkeeping the flamethrower for a bit, the fire coming from her mouth would cease, leaving only the dazzled looks upon the faces of the children. Smiling widely to them, she humbly giggled as they began applauding her. For the first time in a long time she felt validation for the path she had chosen.

[WC: 2,407]

[1,000 words towards Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu (C-Rank) ]

[1,000 words towards Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu]

[407 words towards Three Tomoe Sharingan]

[Requesting: 4 Complete E-Rank Missions, 2,000 Ryo (500 Ryo each mission), 1 Military Pill, 1 AP, 10% future armor purchase coupon, Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu, Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu, 24 Stats - 20 Vigor 4 Chakra]

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Wan Senju
Wan Senju
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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Humble Origins: A Kunoichi’s Story Begins! Empty Re: Humble Origins: A Kunoichi’s Story Begins!

Sun Nov 15, 2020 2:06 am
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