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Taichi Uchiha
Taichi Uchiha
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An odd page in the book. Empty An odd page in the book.

Thu Oct 15, 2020 10:58 am
"Wow they really changed this place in the reconstruction." Taichi said to himself as he walked into the library of Sunagakure. The once old and dusty cavern of a building, now flourished with lush greens and gorgeous works of art made from trees. This was no doubt created by the Kazekage himself, Kenshin. He stared up at the trees as they intertwined above with their branches and leaves, creating a marvelous piece of art towards the ceiling. With a large sigh of appreciation he strolled into the stacks, trying to find himself a book, any book that may relate to the one the voice had called "Odin." As he stared at the walls of books within the library, he found nothing that he figured would catch his interest with his current task, so he decided to go up the stairs to take a look at the next section of stacks. 

Walking up the steps, he came across a woman standing behind a desk. She was of average height with ice white hair, something that Taichi could relate to. He walked up to the woman and he greeted her, causing her head to rise from the book she was reading and look into his eyes with her own amber eyes. Taichi smiled at the woman and asked if she had anything on a figure called Odin. She looked to him in confusion, as if she had never heard that name before. She then began typing away at the computer asking Taichi to hold on. Taichi simply leaned on the desk before him and waited for the woman to finish her typing. The speed at which she did was something to behold and Taichi's eyes couldn't help but to glance at her pale white, yet supple skin. Taichi's own skin was quite pale, but he always had the biggest issue with dry skin and he wondered what her secret was. He was also very interested in just how beautiful this woman was, making him remember the woman that had greeted him into the village upon this visit, Mizuki. 

Taichi was intrigued with how many beautiful women that lived in this village, as it was a fact about the village life that he had forgotten. When you are out on the borders alone as a criminal, you don't get to get very close to folk that willing to get close to you, in regards to physical touch because you are in fact a criminal. But in the village, people don't assume that about anyone without reason most of the time, so it was something that Taichi was appreciative of. The woman finished her typing away at the computer and looked over to Taichi. "I'm sorry but I don't see anything with that name as a topic, but you are welcome to look around the "Fiction" section to see what it is that you may find." Taichi nodded and thanked her for her time. She nodded and went back to her book. 

"Fiction, eh? Worth a shot. I mean I'm sure some in the world would write about people who can shoot fireballs out of their mouths or transform into other people and call it fiction too, right?" Taichi walked into the Fiction section on the second level of the library and began scouring the shelves. As he looked he saw all kinds of books that sparked his interest, but not relating to what he was truly there for. That was until, he came across a rather odd book. This book was on the top shelf and even Taichi could barely see it. It had a slightly torn spine and was brown primarily with sparks of royal blue and crimson red within. The spine had a language inscribed on it that Taichi could not read, but it felt familiar to him. He used Wood chakra to lift himself up using branches he created from the ground to lift him up high enough to where he could reach the book. 

He pulled it off of the shelf and he took a look at the cover. The cover was just as torn as the spine was, but on the front there was just a hammer, just a lone hammer and nothing else. He opened the cover as he lowered himself back to the ground and he began walking towards the exit as he skimmed over the pages, trying to find anything that he may recognize or find interesting to get him a little farther on his quest. He came across the woman sitting at the desk, still reading her book when she asked Taichi if he had found anything that would suit his needs. Taichi said yes as he nodded and thanked her again for her time. She smiled and leaned back into her chair and read her book. 

Taichi began walking down the steps, still skimming the book when finally he came across a rather odd page. The page was odd not only because of it's looks, but because it was written in plain english, as opposed to the rest of the book that was written in the same language that was on the spine. Taichi read the page fervently, while he did, he began muttering the words quietly, being in shock that this page was what he had found and the information explained exactly what he was going through. The page read

The voice within the mount

I have no doubt that if you are reading this book and have gotten this far within it, you have heard the voice within the mountain.
The voice only chooses those who are worthy to hear it and you are one of them. The only words that I can share with you is
welcome to hell. I spent years of my life trying to have the voice speak to me once again, but it won't. I have spent three decades
trying to converse with the voice just one more time, but she has gone away. Gone forever it seems. I don't know why, she never told me!
I attacked the woman that resembled that of Gunnr, I didn't kill her just like she had asked, I merely attacked her and took something
valuable. I did everything right and yet here I am, still wondering just what it was that I was supposed to do differently!
Now i am forced to scour the Earth for days on end, trying to find the right information on Odin for her, I couldn't find anything. There
is not a thing on this Earth written about him, trust me I would have found it. I kept getting the same vision again and again
but it always ended up with me being forced awake whenever I would see him. Was that the key to hearing that
melodic voice again? I guess I'll never know. I have gotten far too old to search through the countryside anymore. So please, 
if you are one that has heard the same voices as me, just give up now. Give up now and live your life, don't allow it to
consume you like I allowed it to consume me. You will go mad, screaming at the hollow and empty echoes of your own voice within
the mountain. If you run now, you can still live your life. Learn from my mistakes.

Signed with a heavy heart,
Tayakate Hyuuga

Taichi stopped for a moment, stopping in the middle of the steps, catching his breath for a moment. What he had read was the exact thing he was worried about. He was so terrified of leaving the mountain again, it felt like the voice, while still there, was just ignoring him. Trying to shed his mere existence. Did he do something wrong? He had attacked the woman that resembled that of Hildr. Was he supposed to kill her? Taichi's mind raced until that very question came into his mind. "That's it!" Taichi yelled only to be shushed from every direction. Taichi put the book in his bag and he sprinted out of the front door. He knew exactly what it was that he needed to do, but to do it. He was going to have to go back to the village of volcano. He was going to have to kill that woman, spill her blood and use her corpse as a summoning vessel for the voice to return to him. He had never so sure of anything in his life. 

Why he was sure, he didn't know. The voice told him not to kill her, but this man had done the exact same thing as Taichi. He didn't kill the woman and yet the voice never returned to him after his quest to find information on Odin. The voice did congratulate him after he had attacked her, but then she never spoke to him again after giving him the exact same quest as the Hyuuga that wrote this page. Taichi was walking toward the village gates when he began talking to himself quietly. "Maybe if I finish the job I had started, the voice will be happy with me, impressed even! Then she will speak to me again, then and only then will she grant me the information I seek. It isn't what she told me, but maybe it was all a test!" Taichi walked to the gates and he found himself being sure of his next steps. It was time to return to Kazangakure and kill that Valkyrie!


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An odd page in the book. Empty Re: An odd page in the book.

Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:22 pm
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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An odd page in the book. Empty Re: An odd page in the book.

Tue Feb 09, 2021 7:17 pm
The topic has been voided and Taichi has forgone his claims.
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