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Nothing is certain [C-Ranked Mission, Open] Empty Nothing is certain [C-Ranked Mission, Open]

Wed Sep 09, 2020 10:55 pm
Mission Info:

Something seemed off. Kurado held a note in his hand, eyes glancing over the instructions. It was clear where to go, and who it was that owed up some tax ryo to give back to the community. But, Kurado couldn't help but double check the note. It seemed like something was amiss. When Kurado pictured someone who owed a hefty debt, he imagined someone in a shack, or a house with a broken porch and shattered windows. Hell, Kurado halfway expected to be chasing someone through a casino, the debtor's arms filled with chips. "Are uh... we at the right place?" He asked, coming to a stop.

What laid at the end of the dirt road was not a rundown home, but a sizeable mansion. "Does this guy really have trouble giving some money to the village?" Kurado's brow raised. "I guess he has trouble maintaining his yard..." Looking past the mansion, a closer look at the surrounding showed high grass, cracks and breaks on the fence surrounding the property, and signs of moss-like growth on the side of the mansion. "Uuuh..." It was looking more and more that someone had abandoned this mansion rather than they were unwilling to fork up a little ryo.

While Kurado felt he excelled at dealing with the supernatural, being on a lone dirt road, at sunset, mist rolling in from the forest, and a decrepit looking mansion before him... Kurado was not as self-assured as when he started this day. He was a bit annoyed at first that he had to take on this mission alone, but now he was glad to have the company.

The young man looked to the shinobi who accompanied him. He didn't know them well, but at this point he was glad to have anyone at his side. Of course, he'd never tell them that outloud. "So... should we knock or just... barge in? The doors don't look too sturdy and..." A shiver ran up Kurado's spine. "...I don't see any lights inside the house. It's getting a bit dark out not to have lights on..."

[WC = 348]
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