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Alexandria All Over Again... (B Rank Mission) - Page 2 Empty Re: Alexandria All Over Again... (B Rank Mission)

Thu Aug 13, 2020 12:07 pm
Genevieve watched the boy walk towards her; every fiber of his body screamed words that echoed in her soul when she looked at him coming closer. Exhaustion. Fatigue. Stress. Even distress and something similar to terror somewhere in his eyes that were slowly glossing over as he mentally went elsewhere and gradually dulled as he came over to her and his kimono was ripped. He didn’t make it all the way to her as she approached him with her inquiry to his injuries but instead leaned up against the wall and crumpled against it; using the wall to support himself as he lid down it’s surface and into a sitting position, utterly spent. That's what she saw and the impression she discerned from him but she did not mind as she reached him and knelt down next to him. He numbly offered her his arm and she made the hand seals to activate her medical jutsu before tucking her right hand gently under his arm and looked at the red, irritated rawness of his skin. It was a burn but more of a heat burn than anything else, perhaps...a first degree burn. She hovered her left hand, wrapped in an aura of healing blue chakra,  just over the wound and began to work on at least stopping any lasting damage; it wasn't deep enough to cause neurological damage nor to leave anything permanent, just deep enough to blister perhaps. Nothing more than that, thankfully but she smiled quietly to herself as she felt him relax in her hand, under her care and relaxed further into the wall. 

He had been quite brave to just stop what he was doing and go right to rescue the trapped students; he could have easily ran away but she inwardly praised how readily he went into action to do something helpful, something meaningful. Quietly she wondered if her own children would grow up to have such traits, or if they would react bravely in the same situation. She hoped she was instilling enough good values in them and teachings so that they might one day be that brave. 

Geni stopped healing him when the work had finished and she watched the swollen, reddened and irritated flesh gradually go back to it’s normal color, begin to descend in irritation, and Zeo fell asleep right then and there, on the ground and against the wall. She smiled and stood up, taking her leave and speaking with a teacher, who spared a moment to lay a blanket on the poor boy that Geni saw before she turned away and left for her own needs; like picking up her children from their school, walking them home, “Did you have a good day, mama?” Sumire asked and Geni smiled,

“Oh, it was very exciting; a fire happened at the academy and I helped get people out.” Geni said and Sumire awed while Shinichi looked at his mother, 

“Did everyone make it out?” He inquired and her smile turned into a somber one,

 “No...Some of them died.” She told them honestly and she said, “However; what is important is helping where you can. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.” Her children seemed pretty pleased with her, “I hope you two will try your best to help, if you get the chance.” They promised they would but even then those were promises she wasn't sure they could keep. She wasn’t sure she could keep it either. 

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Ichigo Sato
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Alexandria All Over Again... (B Rank Mission) - Page 2 Empty Re: Alexandria All Over Again... (B Rank Mission)

Thu Aug 13, 2020 5:39 pm
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