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Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

Trial By Fire Empty Trial By Fire

Sat Aug 01, 2020 1:44 pm
Zeo's Stats

Storm That Building C-rank

Trial By Fire...

Zeo was taking the time to study at the local library for shinobi. It was part of the 'academy' that was otherwise locked off to the public. Still, he had grown as a shinobi and was actively looking to improve himself. He didn't see a point complaining about not having a squad or people to actively depend on. It wasn't that he was alone, or wasn't able to find people he could depend on. During his time in Hoshigakure, he made some good friends and people he wished to aspire to be like. His seniors, Soma, and others he met. They were all friendly and dependable, but he was still waiting for a squad. He was getting sick to just wait for things to come to him. So now he took the time to study and learn what he could to be a self-sufficient shinobi.

He had spent several hours in the library , reading up on special ninjutsu and genjutsu. Also, one area he was interested in was the art of Fuinjutsu-- but more for a means to open the scroll he had. The last clue and thing his parents gave him before they were killed. Even now, he remembered that horrible night and the fires that dotted his village that consumed his parents in the attacks from the 'shadows'. He never saw who it was as he was still young, but now as he was 11, he intended to find his answers. He just needed to get stronger.

He felt sleepy as for a brief moment in time, he did fall asleep... His head felt heavy as he slumped over, his arms resting himself as he fell asleep among some of the scrolls he had open.

The heat, the fire... he saw it all again in his head. The horror and screams that were scattered to the village. He saw the nightmare play out as he saw it in bits. Part due to his traumatized memory, and part due to the fact it happened in the dead of night. He only saw a few things. His father held by the shadow of another, killed in fire-- his mother, handing him a scroll and having him fled through a back entrance to the house... and finally the explosion that threw him into the river.

He snapped awake, having only dozed for no more than 15 minutes or so, but it was enough to rattle him. Ever since that terrible night, he was afraid of fire. It wasn't like a simple candle flame, or a stovetop scared him, but the pure blaze that was meant to destroy and burn anything in its path, something already used to burn. A huge blaze or fire style jutsu intent to harm. At that moment when that intruder attacked with the fireball, for the briefest of moments, Zeo felt the fear or that night as it came for him.

He shook off his fear and wiped his brow, sweat having formed in the middle of his nightmare. As he checked to make sure none of the scrolls he had borrwed were wet--- he heared the sounds of sirens in the distance. He looked out the window, and soon saw it. It was now dark out, but an orange glow radiated from the nearby building a couple of blocks away. Alarmed, Zeo grabbed his gear and sword and quickly left-- to try and see what was going on !

Zeo quickly left the library in a rush, busting out of the front door and ran down the street. It didn't take long as he soon stopped before one of the grcoery buildings-- and discovered a fire had suddenly taken the building. Perhaps a kitchen flame or tank had ruptured and now caused a great deal of damage. Half of the building was on fire and if left alone, it would spread.

"Oh god... is anyone hurt?" A person cried, checking in on everyone. "Someone call the fire department. We need help before it grows!"

One woman was helped out, carried on one shoulder of another person. However, she was frantic. "My daughter! Please, my daughter is still in there!" she cried, desperate to go back in but the man held on to her to keep her from re-entering.

Though the danger was clear, and even a few people still inside, Zachary froze. The massive blaze felt daunting to him. For a moment, he thought he was still dreaming, that this was all in his head. Still, he saw the flickering fires in the windows, the heat already reaching him. He felt his arms tremble to keep him from acting or moving forward. But he knew the truth. There were people still there and needed help. He didn't see any other shinobi there. If he didn't act, how many lives would be at risk?

He gritted his teeth so hard he felt them ache, his mind and body telling each other the exact opposite what he had to do. "Damn it... damn it all.... Grrraaa!" he shouted to himself, as he soon threw his head up, and found the first window he could see. With all his chakra he could muster, he jumped high into the air via body flicker to get into range. Like some kind of maniac, he jumped right through the window, filled with fire to get to the right area. The sounds of shock and surprise drowned out by the roar of the fire as he made it through!

His arms and legs were tucked in as he tumbled onto the floor-- using them to keep the flames off of him. His jump into the fiery window was not the smartest. Had any of his instructors saw this, he would have been scolded for doing so recklessly. As he got up, he checked himself-- finding a small bit of fire searing his kimono shirt. He quickly patted it out as best as he could, but already he saw flames flickering on several parts of the room and many wooden beams now obstructed paths between the hall and rooms. Trying his best to listen, he heard the sound of shouts and coughs from the nearby room. He soon drew his sword and approached the obscured path.

Though limited in swordsmanship, he slashed clean the debris in the way, the way obscured by burning wood or light debris. If it was from stone, he wouldn't have been able to use his sword alone to breakthrough. As he cleared into the hall, he opened the next door-- where he soon found the first victim. " Are you okay? Come on-- this way out! " Zeo urged!

The man quickly left, followed by another who was with him in the same room. Still, he didn't see the little girl. The store was a wide area, marked by many ales and paths that a person could hide in. With the fire burning, it was hard to see what parts were passable. It was like trying to see through a genjutsu with all the smoke, fire, and heat. Already his vision started to blur and burn with the smoke. Keeping an arm free, he used it to cover his mouth so he could breathe slightly better.

He called out, answering whoever responded to him or whoever he heard coughing. He found two more people-- an elder woman and another young gentleman-- but no girl that the woman outside was shouting to find! If he spent too much time in there, he not only would put himself in danger, but the exit would become inaccessible due to the flames and the weakening structure!

"HELLO!! Is anyone-- cough, cough-- Is anyone else still in here?! Please answer me!" Zeo cried as loud as he could, the smoke starting to sting his throat. He used his sword and foot to kick down burning obstacles and objects that were in his way, but still, he couldn't find that last little girl.

Come on... come on please... Zeo thought desperately, trying to find some clue or hint to where the little girl could be. I ... I can't just go. I can't let this end the same way... he thought, the visions of his own trauma when his village burned in his head. Now was not the time to get traumatized, but his brain kept pulling him back. Stop it... I can't let it happen again. Please... where are you?! he thought desperately.

It was then it happened-- a sudden snap in his head as his eyes snapped open-- and suddenly were black and starry as the night sky. For a moment, the fires were gone-- or rather the brief moment the shop and burning building was like looking into a bright, red nova. Something seen in the depths of the stars. An aurora of burning solar light. It was all around him, like clouds in flickering colors-- however, it was one thing that stood out about it all. To his far-right, he saw one color that was different. A huddled, humanoid shape of bright, sky blue, trembling likely like a flame flickering in the wind, about risk to go out.

The second he blinked, it was gone, seeing the burning building he was in again. He almost forgot to breathe as his vision returned, not 100% sure what he saw was correct! With no time to question his own sanity or hallucinations... he followed it, till he found a series of fallen in shelves. As he got there, he could hear the sobbing of a child under them.

His actions moved faster as he used all his strength to move the shelves away and soon found a young girl huddled with her arms around her knees. The moment she saw the shelve move, she panicked and gasped. Zachary wasn't sure what to be more surprised by the fact she panicked, or the fact he even knew where to look to find her.

"It's okay! It's okay!" Zachary urged, taking a hold of her shoulder to calm her. "I'm here. You're safe. I'm going to get you out of here, alright? " He helped pull her up and kept a firm grip on her hand. "Just hold on tight to my hand and don't let go. I'll get us out of here."

After a bit of weeping, she calmed down enough to look at Zeo. She gave a nervous nod of her head and Zeo got her up to her feet so they could leave.

WC: 1753
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

Trial By Fire Empty Re: Trial By Fire

Sat Aug 01, 2020 2:53 pm
Once the girl was calm and able to listen to Zeo, he took her by the hand and led her back into the hall. The distance between the back of the store and the entrance. As he navigated her through the smoke-filled and ashy store, he was careful to keep her close as she clung to the small of his back to keep her longs clear and also to not get separated from her rescuer. They were about 10 meters away from the entrance when there was a sudden roar and crack. The ceiling started to weaken as Zeo quickly spun around and grabbed hold of the girl. The loose parts of the burning ceiling came crashing down just short of where they would have walked.

With the crash done, Zeo rose up to look-- and found their exit blocked. Both beams, stone and other rubble obscured their path. Worse, the fire started to grow more intense around them. He was certain there were no more people else trapped inside, but without a clear exit, they were stuck with fire on all sides. "Oh come on... " Zachary groaned as he saw the blocked entrance. They were so close.

He could feel the girl tremble against him, terrified to be trapped in the fire and separated from her mother outside. He couldn't help but feel for her, seeing a bit of himself in her frightened state. The tremble he had still remained, suppressed by every ounce of will power he had. He had hoped he could get them out, but with the fire growing around him, he wasn't so sure. Even his breathing was becoming harder due to the smoke.

It was then he realized he had to use it. It was lucky for him his natural chakra affinity was water in the end. He wasn't about to die here, and neither would he let anyone else he cared about die too.

"Listen to me. Hold on tight to my shirt and don't let go okay? I am going to need both my arms from here on out," Zeo said as he urged her to grab his kimono shirt. Nervously, the girl did as he said as he reached into his pant leg and pulled out an object from his pouch-- a scroll.

Tearing the tied thread with his teeth, he immediately unfurled it out into the air and onto the ground before him. Inside was a large jutsu formula enscribed, surrounding the kanji for the element 'water'. With a mere two hand signs, he slammed his foot on the glyph and it glowed. "Release!" he shouted.

Suddenly from the scroll, a large amount of water began to wash out from his foot like he had broke a seal on an underwater valve. The water shot up to his knee before it spread outward around him. The sudden rush of water continued to pour, soon putting out some of the ambient fire around them and giving them a bit more room. But that wasn't why he used it. More water continued to slowly flood around them, soaking them up to their ankles as it began to calm.

All his time in that library, he was researching a new jutsu. He didn't think his use of water scrolls would be of use now but it came in handy and now he had enough to try and use this new jutsu. He began to weave the signs as fast but as carefully as possible. Ox,  Monkey, Hare, Rat, Boar, Bird, Ox, and Horse. Upon the last one, the water began to swell and gather. His eyes narrowed to the obstructed doorway before him, surrounded by burning rubble. "Water Style-- WATER DRAGON BULLET!!"

ROOOOOOAAAAAAARRRR!! A violent thrust of water came crashing into the collapsed doorway as it erupted forward, casting a sudden gust of cool water vapor that spread everywhere. The water that was conjured became the jutsu and plowed right through the debris.

On the outside, the rescue and damage control squads had arrived. Some were using water style already on the surrounding building-- but soon were alarmed when they saw it. A violent eruption of water shot through the front entrance-- resembling the body and head of a large dragon! The dragon roared as it arched upward, still in travel as it cleared the doorway, hanging in the air and in motion with the water that poured out from the entrance. As onlookers looked in surprise and the shinobi outside kept aware, the door was soon graced as Zeo emerged with the young girl with him, helping her out and clear the structure.

The moment they were several meters away from the building, the woman from before rushed forward, towards the young girl beside him. "Midori!" The mother cried, hugging the child tightly in her arms. The child hugged her back, grateful to see her again.

Kindly stepping away, Zeo allowed them to recover and returned his focus to the huge dragon he conjured from the water. As it still was in motion, he formed a focusing hand-sign to allow him to focus. With it, the dragon obeyed his will. With it, it turned once more to the building! with another roar, it charged into the top area of the building-- and dispersed. The suddenly made water spread outward, adding to the amount made by the other shinobi trying to put out the blaze. The sudden flood of extra water began to douse out the fires around the building, bit by bit.

As the flames began to die, Zeo finally felt his body give way, both from exhausting his chakra, and the nerves he had from his sudden facing his trauma head-on. While his limbs now shook due to it, he felt good he was able to save the victims of the burning building. It was a rough situation and he felt it take a toll on him more than any battle so far, but he felt good. He saw the mother hug his daughter, and he knew he did the right thing.

He didn't even notice immediately as the other shinobi nearby helped him as well, taking him to the med station to help him as he had acted on his own. He was sure to get a scolding for endangering himself, but he didn't regret anything. With the fire now about to go out completely and the people safe, he felt compelled to finally get some sleep, earning rest for his efforts....


WC: 1084
TWC: 2837 X 2 for aniversary event bonus, minus 250 =5424
Rewards: 2000 Ryo, 5 AP,  X 2 from anniversary event = 4000 Ryo, 10 AP.
Stats Earned: +16  to Chakra, +15, to Strength, +15 to Vigor
Jutsu Learned: Suiton: Water Dragon Bullet (WC: 2500+2500 for mastery -- water vapor option)
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Deputy Kage
Ryo : 131150

Trial By Fire Empty Re: Trial By Fire

Sat Aug 01, 2020 3:55 pm
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