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A Plea for Safe Passage  Empty A Plea for Safe Passage

Wed Jul 22, 2020 5:50 pm
The guilt had finally gotten to Genevieve about what she had done. It came in collision with her realization that she had fallen in love with Usagi. She didn’t know who to talk to so she took the children to her parent’s home and spoke to him about it. “What are you going to do?” He asked and she shook her head,

“I… I’m going to tell him.” She said, “That they aren’t his… and I… I hear Kenshin is in Suna... I thought I’d send a letter over there and see if maybe… maybe I could get an escort to at least go there and try to look for him?”

“You truly believe that he cares that he left you here?” Her father asked and She looked at him sadly, “Just… don’t say anything.”

“I have to at least try, Daddy. I mean, I don’t know if the letter will even get to them or be read… but he deserves a chance to meet them, to know about them.” She said sympathetically and her father voiced, 

“You telling that poor boy will ruin your marriage; all to gamble on a chance that their father would actually be interested in them.” Her father said callously, “What is your backup plan? When this blows up and you get thrown out of the house, what will you do?” She lowered her gaze, “ you think he’ll harm the kids?” She snapped her gaze up,

“No. He would never.” She answered firmly and her father then asked,

“Do you think he would harm you?” She didn’t know. She had seen him upset and they had their fights; but he had never laid a hand on her. She knew this was all wrong… she realized now that her summon had gaslit her into thinking this was all a solid plan and maybe her father too. “If something happens, come home; bring the kids.” Her father said, “Worst case scenario… you’ll get divorced and need to leave with the kids to Suna or wherever; I’ll talk to your mom and we’ll send you off with some money until you get by.”

“I don’t want a divorce.” Geni said as her eyes began to water, “I don’t want to leave.” 

“It stopped being about what you wanted when you had these kids.” Her father voiced realistically as she began to cry, “...It was wrong of me to rush you into an arranged marriage; I thought, at the time, it was the best option. We both did. We were wrong.” She covered her face as she cried into her hands, “We could have just raised the kids here without all this… and the age pills? That was a bad idea too, honey but… I know you weren’t well when you had that idea and when you did it.” When she had calmed down, Geni went back to her marital home and begrudgingly sat Usagi down and told him. She told him that she had been pregnant when they got married and that the father had never turned up again. She told him how she panicked and tried to find some type of stability with the marriage. She cried as she told him she was sorry and she had never meant to hurt him. And she told him the children weren’t his. Usagi listened to everything and after she had calmed down he nodded slowly and asked, 

“So you are going to take the kids to their actual father?” Usagi asked slowly and then asked, “Then what happens?” She didn’t know and he sat back in his chair. “You know….I thought you actually loved me and you were just too shy to say something when we were meeting. I see that you were just laying the foundations.” No… no he had it wrong, that was all before Kenshin left- “You’re a monster.” She twitched in her chair as he looked at her, “There’s no other term I can use with you; you used me to take care of someone else’s kids and then you fed them age pills so that no one would catch on. I’m astonished you still had enough of a conscience in you to come clean.” He pushed himself away from the table and stood up, “Grab what you need from the house; but you’re not welcome to stay. I’m starting the divorce paperwork in the morning.” She didn't say anything as she was still mentally reeling and trying to process that this man who had been so supportive, so loving and so endearing had called her a monster. “Don’t you leave this village until our divorce goes through.” She snapped back to reality and looked at him. “If you do, I’m going to fight for custody; it would be better if they stayed out of your clutches.”

“...Are you threatening me?” She clarified and he didn’t answer for a few long, hard seconds that seemed to fade into eternity before he voiced,

“That's how you monsters work, right? In ultimatums?” He asked sharply and turned his back to her, “Don't forget to put your ring on the table when you leave.” With that he walked off and she looked away before she got up from the table and grabbed what clothes the kids needed for the next few days, not worrying about herself, and reluctantly took her wedding ring off and set it on the table, then left to her parent’s home, waiting until she got there to sob over the situation. At her father’s urging once more, she wrote a letter addressed to the Kazekage of Sunagakure that read as follows:

The Letter's Contents:

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A Plea for Safe Passage  Empty Re: A Plea for Safe Passage

Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:17 pm
To say that the morning was going slowly would be an understatement… truthfully, Kenshin was bored as fuck, Mizuki was out on a mission, Ibari was off doing something, even Lilith wasn’t available to simply talk… and to make matters worse, his paperwork was already complete… damn his organisational skills. Welp, that just meant that he would soon leave The Spire and likely spend some time in The Grove, easily his favourite part of Sunagakure and, in his own opinion, one of the best additions he had made to this village. Right as The Ragdoll stood up and began to move his sharp ears picked up the familiar cry of a messenger hawk… but that was what made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, as Sunagakure shinobi used Falcons… hawks like that were used by the shinobi of Hoshigakure. Now, he was certain that hawks were used by other villages as well, but typically they were not used by anyone aside from shinobi, as civilians and lord preferred the use of smaller and more discrete birds. There was still no guarantee that this was a bird from Hoshigakure, or even another village for that matter, but to say he was on guard now was an understatement…

Kenshin would open his window and allow the bird to perch, taking the small letter attached to the birds leg and gently shooing it off. He would unfurl the paper and give it a light read, a frown appearing on his face and his eyes narrowing as he took in its contents…

Genevieve… a ghost from his past that was, apparently, coming back to haunt him now. If it was so simple as getting her here he could simply use the Summoning Technique through the Mark Seal he had placed upon her years ago… but apparently she had children now, and she was desperate enough to send a letter to him in the hopes of him getting them out. 

The idea of children scared him… as he was well aware of the risks of what they had done that night, and he had left the village before seeing her last… for all he knew the children she was speaking of could be his, or at least one of them could… but personally he hoped none of them were… things would be far simpler that way. 

The Reaper would sigh and channel chakra into a small seal on the underside of his desk, something set up by Lilith that would allow him to get her attention and tell her to make her way to his office. The redhead would arrive a few minutes later, an expectant look on her face along with a light smirk… god she was starting to take after him, and it both amused and infuriated him to no end. 

“You rang” She would say in a silky smooth voice, the melodious sound drawing an instinctive smile from the man that sat before her. Wordlessly he would toss the small rolled sliver of paper to her, causing her to raise a brow as she caught the paper and read its contents. Once she would done her shimmering blue eyes would meet his silver ones, many unanswered questions lying within.

“Genevieve Oasis… isn’t that the woman you were dating in Hoshi… the same woman that you slept with before you left…” Lilith would ask, her eyes still searching his own… and widening when he gave a small nod.

“Those children she mentioned… are they yours? Is that why she is sending for you?” She would then ask, her words slow and cautious as though she were trying not to rile him up… how cute.

“Truthfully I cannot say one way or another… what I do know however is that there is a chance they are, and regardless of that she has sent us a missive asking for someone to retrieve her.” The Reaper would then state with a small frown, his face slowly becoming devoid of emotion.

“We both know that you would ignore that plea if it wasn’t her… if it wasn’t for the past the two of you shared… and if weren’t for the possibility that these children are yours. You know that one person is not worth potentially making enemies with Hoshigakure.” The woman would then say, a small smirk on her face as she looked into his eyes again… how annoying. 

“Your grasp of the obvious is astounding… I take it I don’t need to explain why I have summoned you then?” He would ask with a small smirk, something mirrored by her

“Of course not, I am not one of the bumbling fools that you have hired from the streets, I am your cousin and the leader of your Anbu. You want me to go to Hoshigakure, the very village that the two of us defected from, to retrieve your long lost lover… sounds like something from a fairy tale” She would then state in a clearly amused tone, something that earned a light chuckle from him.

“You are correct, both in terms of what it sounds like and what I would like you to do. I would, however, like you to take some time to prepare for this one, make sure you are prepared just in case they attack you… I will not lose you for her Lilith, and if I do then I swear that entire village will soon follow you to the grave.” The Monster would declare with a small glare, causing her to look at him seriously and nod... she knew that he was being deathly serious right now... her death would spell the end of Hoshigakure and everyone that called it home. Her cousin was many things... and merciful was not one of those, if anything he was the polar opposite. 

“Understood… and thank you Kenshin.” The woman would say, a small smile forming on her face as she stared at her cousin… knowing damn well that the man would never have even dreamed of saying something like that only a year prior... back then he had considered her to be a nuisance at the best of times, to the point that he barely acknowledged her existence let alone their blood ties

“...At the end of the day we are family, and I do not want to lose you as I have everyone else.” The Half-Blood would then say simply, a small smile of his own on his face... his thoughts mirroring her own, and knowing full well who was to blame for all of these emotions

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