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Masashi Uzumaki
Masashi Uzumaki
Ryo : 35650

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Mon Jul 13, 2020 12:14 pm
OOC: Claiming a hit on the NPC as Keina was never in his field of view (as per the image below, our actions prior to his response was done to create this situation and can be explained how).

Visual representation:
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Ryo : 28000

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Mon Jul 13, 2020 12:59 pm
Talked over on Discord, accepting hit and claiming death of NPC. Will make claims later.
Masashi Uzumaki
Masashi Uzumaki
Ryo : 35650

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Mon Jul 13, 2020 5:40 pm
He could see Keina roughly 30 meters behind the invader and was prepping to throw something at him. Masashi had more important things to focus on though.

It took less than a breath. The random stranger started expelling fire from his mouth, and Masashi immediately took action. As soon as he saw the fire, Masashi would start moving to his left and clapped his hands together, activating his Legacy of the Uzumaki. Once he was close enough to the real Zeo, as his clone was standing a few feet in front of him, the Uzumaki Chuunin would grab the young Genin, say “hang on” and move back and to the right, around the back side of the wall and away from the growing fireballs. He would also yell to Akaboshi and the guard captain to “take cover!

He managed to make it around the wall and kept moving for at least another 15 meters before stopping and turning around. When nothing happened, he put Zeo down and started moving back towards the gate. As soon as he’d rounded the corner, he could see what had happened. The bandit was laying facedown on the ground, a pair of kunai embedded in his head and neck. ‘No surviving that.’ He thought. He walked over to the dead shinobi, checked for a pulse, and then waited for the others to group up with him.

WC: 231
TWC: 968

AP used:
-100 on Booster
1259-100 = 1159 AP remaining
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:55 am
Zeo felt his plan had indeed hit the mark-- or rather what he tried to do. It worked. Even without eye contact, the target was showing signs of his 'mist' clouding his vision, while the others had no effect. It was strange, seeing the mist and not at the same time. All the while, he saw the fireballs go. If Smart-ass Misashi had not grabbed him -- and his clone-- he would of been fried too. While he had water style, it wouldn't be enough to stop the fireballs that came for him.

Once he was back on the ground with the others, he took action just in case the event didn't occur. His water clone, seemingly equally intelligent and aware as he was, took up the front .  He was to act as a decoy just in case things went bad. Further, Zeo called back to where the others were, finding cover behind them so he could act if need be. For now, he kept his senses open.

While sensing the enemy's chakra, he got a disturbing burning feeling despite his look. He couldn't put his finger on it, but this guy was clearly a disturbed individual. And chilling as well.

However, the end came faster than Zeo had thought. It was almost anti-climatic. He reached out to be sure but wanted to be certain. He reached out with his chakra sensory and hoped if he could sense the enemy if he was still around. The clone looked a bit disappointed, and spoke. "Er... that seemed a bit anti-climatic..." he commented and looked to his allies, in hope that it was truly done.

Zeo still was concerned. Either the gap was that strong by his allies-- or it was a trap.

(Confirm that enemy is dead, but still... has senses open to see if the enemy is indeed dead and gone.)

WC: 291
Ryo : 160000

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Sat Jul 18, 2020 10:02 pm
Akaboshi already anticipated the fact their visitor wouldn't be honorable nor a gentleman, considering the man wouldn't just simply stand still allowing Zeo to finish what he was planning. What happened instead was the red haired Uzumaki witnessing how their assailant, as he so liked to self-proclaim, started to release fire from his mouth. Noticing the hostile intent Akaboshi acted the instant he saw the fire. Still standing two meters to Masashi's left and twenty meters away from the attacker, it was more than enough time to act and get to safety. Requiring no hand seals the Uzumaki's body started to emit a yellow glow as he prepared to move. The aura surrounding him caused him to feel almost lighter, as if gravity has less of an effect on him and increased his speed.

Not waiting for anything else to happen he began to run, hearing Masashi yell two words: take cover. Which is what he did as he ran and aimed his run around the back side of the wall and away from the incoming attack. Keeping in mind an explosion of some sorts could occur, the red haired Chuunin continued his run after making it around the wall and would only stop after running another fifteen meters and when he noticed nothing happened. Seeing both Masashi and the young Zeo also made it to where he was now standing left him with some form of relief. The fellow Chuunin was the first to return and check up on what was happening, something Akaboshi did as well after saying a couple of words to the boy. "Stay close, you never know." Taking some slow steps he'd then follow and walk towards the restless body of the attacker once he had turned around the corner.

Two kunai, one in his head and the other in his neck. "He won't be waking up from that." The fight was over before it could even begin. Waiting for them to regroup Akaboshi already knew this would leave a bad taste in the mouth of the Hogokage.

(WC: 343, TWC: 940)

Stats + AP:
Keina Schwachling
Keina Schwachling
Ryo : 0

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:37 pm
Keina was lucky.

Right time, right place, right luck factor.

The random assailant did not even see her coming. Did not even notice the kunai.

How the hell did Keina get that lucky? That the would-be assailant was so cocky he did not even bother to check his surroundings.

Unfortunately, he reacted to something else before Keina's kunai connected. This resulted in multiple fireballs headed towards the gate. Keina started running to get a better look., wanting to see where the fireballs were going, but they were fizzling out.

Keina began jogging, not at max speed, but not slowly, towards the body, and would meet up with the fellow Hoshigakure ninja who had showed up.

"Well hello there," she would say.

[129 words]
Masashi Uzumaki
Masashi Uzumaki
Ryo : 35650

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Fri Jul 24, 2020 12:48 am
Masashi would look around at the gathered shinobi then back down to the dead assailant. The Guard Captain was off a little ways and Masashi waved her over. “Have someone from the Hospital bring the body to the morgue.” He said to her “I’ll be wanting to do an Autopsy when we finish our rounds.” The blonde Guard Captain nodded to him and took off in the direction of the hospital. He looked at the others. “When she gets back, I guess we’ll finish our patrol route, since we only just started.” Hard to believe that within a handful of minutes of them starting their shift, they’d had more excitement than Masashi had in 2 years. He wasn’t complaining by any means, it just wasn’t something he was used to.

It didn’t take too long for the Guard Captain to return with a pair of medical shinobi and a stretcher. Masashi got out of their way so the attacker could be loaded onto the stretcher and taken to the hospital. ‘I’ll deal with that later.’ He thought to himself as watched the corpse be taken away. “Such a strange person…” he said to no one in particular. He then shrugged and looked at the others. “Lets get going, shall we?” And with that, he would make his way east, as their job was to patrol the north eastern quadrant of the city, including the closest section of the Tachibana Wildlife Preserve.

The patrol shift was uneventful after that, no other unusual activity and no issues that needed to be reported. When their shift ended, Masashi looked over to Keina. “I’ll send you the medical report I have of the autopsy once it’s been completed so you can attach that to the mission report.” He would nod to the other two. “Glad we all managed to make it out of that situation in one piece. I’ll catch you around.” Masashi would then leave, heading over to the Hospital; he had a dead bad guy to dissect.


WC: 335
TWC: 1303


Mission Rewards
-4,250 ryo (4,000 base, 250 Chuunin bonus)
-2 stats (500WC @ 1 stat per 200WC) - Going into Speed

WC Rewards (pulling 2700 WC from WC Bank - 4,000 to spend)
-8 stats (800WC @ 1 stat per 100 WC) - Going into Speed
-2500 WC towards Five Elements Seal (2,500/2,500)
-1500 WC towards Paralysis Seal (1,500/1,500)

Other rewards:
-3 batches of explosive clay
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:20 pm
The danger was passed as Zeo gazed at the lifeless body of the former chipper and annoyingly psychotic enemy. He felt convinced enough to let his guard down now as he took out a long-held exhale and his body finally relaxed. The water clone he had conjured repeated the exact same gesture-- and soon became a wobbly flow of water. It soon collapsed and splashed back into water, which immediately evaporated due to the nature of the Jutsu and the water conjured by it.

As he finally came to his senses, listening to Akaboshi Sensei and the chipper girl Kenia, he questioned if he did any good. He didn't even think his Genjutsu acted fast enough or did any good. It was hard to confirm whether or not it worked before the fireball went off and he was dragged off to safety. Masashi was the one to take charge at that moment and inform the coming guards to bring the body to the academy for study. If there was a reason behind the attack, they intended to learn those secrets from the shinobi's body. Perhaps he was sent by someone's request-- but if they did, it must have been someone foolish who just came up and challenged them like that.

It wasn't that the enemy was quite skilled and stronger, but Zeo felt empty a bit as Masashi tended to all the details and did his shift without any qualms. He felt his efforts did little more than do any real impact to influence the fight, even with one against 4. Still, Zeo couldn't help but feel invisible by comparison to the other amazing shinobi there.

He felt useless as he stood there among the rest of the guard, keeping watch a bit while the body was tended to and sent back to the base. Once things had settled down, Zeo backed away, feeling a bit low and sad. He might have helped and done to play a part, but he couldn't tell. He felt like someone who was barely noticed. While that may of not been true, it still made him realize how small he was as a Genin.

With things now resolved and satisfied, Zeo slinked away from them and returnted home to get some well needed rest.

END and Exit.

TWC: 1606 (500 to mission)

Reward: 4000 Ryo
Stats: + 5 Speed, +8 to Strength
Jutsu Learned: Suiton: Water Cutting Sword (WC: 1500= B rank equivilant)
Ryo : 160000

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:38 am
After Keina had joined them, their little group would be standing around and close to the body of the intruder. It almost looked like he was simply sleeping if it wasn't for the kunai planted in his neck. Akaboshi would scan the surroundings in case their visitor didn't come alone and wasn't the only one who had arrived in the Land of Haven having hostile intentions. Once it seemed that the coast was clear the red haired Uzumaki listened attentively to everything the others were saying. His fellow Chuunin, Masashi, decided to take care of the medical examination before letting Keina know he'd send it to her after, while Zeo headed home after what turned out to be quite the eventful day for a young and inexperienced Genin like himself. All things considered the kid had done well given the circumstances.

Once Masashi said his goodbyes and took off as well, Akaboshi didn't see any reason to stick around much longer himself. He wasn"t all too sure how he felt about what happened. On one hand he was glad with how things ended and how they handled the situation, but on the other he had trouble understanding what could have possibly caused someone to walk up to a village with the intention of killing people in cold blood. Perhaps it was indeed as some would say: some people just want to watch the world burn. Nodding as well the redhead also took his leave to reflect on what just happened. 


(TWC: 1190)
- 4000 ryo + 250 Chuunin bonus
- 1190/1500 Ancient Red Dragons of Haven Country (25% max stat discount)
Keina Schwachling
Keina Schwachling
Ryo : 0

Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Boring Guard Duty...Or is it? (Hunter, IO)

Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:22 pm
Keina let Masashi handle getting rid of the body. Well, let the guard captain and some medics handle most of it. She just watched over to make sure the cadaver was actually a cadaver. It felt totally dead. No more chakra signature, not really. Well, there was the signature. But it was fading away in the way you'd expect a body's chakra system to fade away after death.

So this was either an exceedingly good ruse... or the dude was actually dead.

She still could not believe it.

Well anyways, now there were more important things to handle. Like, she was here to go on guard duty! And she technically still had guard duty to do! And Masashi had already said he would handle getting the body to the hospital or morgue or wherever and get stuff done.

Welp, best of luck to him.

But first they had to... actualy finish their job.

It was legit boring. Yep, this was the one crazy event of guard duty for the day. Everything else was trivial.

At one point this merchant, Something Jenkis, showed up. Keina had met him before. She'd have let him in, but he was ALWAYS carrying something odd that had to be registered and checked.


Like, at one point he brought in a live polar bear.



Another time he had, like, eight hundred kilos of chocolate. In a box.

Not... not chocolate bars or pieces stored in a box.

The chocolate was shaped like a box.

And it was hollow.

It literally did not fit in through the gates.

There was a ninja using snow jutsu to keep it from melting.

They had to hire a different ninja, wait TWO FUCKING WEEKS for the dude to show up, and he did some jutsu magic bullshit to shrink the box of chocolate down enough to get it inside. At some point they had had to hire two other ninja to keep the damn thing from melting, and the three worked in shifts.

Jenkins ALWAYS had something weird.

But today... no.

Today, even Jenkins was uneventf-

Nope, nevermind. He forgot he was carrying a few penguin eggs in an incubator.

Time to break out twelve different forms and figure out if there's about to be a sudden surge of penguins in the Tachibana Wildlife Preserve and/or the Water Gardens.

That happened with the polar bears, by the way.

Nobody knows how, sin ce Jenkins only brought in one polar bear.

And it was a male.

But there was a solid year where the Water Gardens were home to, like, ten polar bears.

After a genin almost died, they were all "relocated" to the wildlife preserve.

Considering that Keina had never seen them in the preserve, she did not believe that story in the slightest.

Well anyways, after a bit of humdrum over an old guy importing...


Keina simply could not let that one slide. That many eggs HAD to be an attempt to import the animal.

And who the hell could separate that many parents from their children?

...wait you delivered penguins last week?

How many?


"Fuck it, I'm off the clock."


[548 doubled to 1096, plus 1304 (NOT doubled) from earlier in the topic makes 2400]

Claiming 24 stats, trained The Lost Arts of Kiri, and mission rewards
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