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Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

"The Lavander Peacock" (Mission) Empty "The Lavander Peacock" (Mission)

Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:22 pm
Zeo Stats

Mysterious Errand (D-Rank)

The Lavander Peacock

Finally, Zeo felt this mission was something worth doing. Though still without a squad of his own to be a part of, he felt to take part in this mission. The summary of it was a lot more secretive than his other missions. With the exception of that one mission, he did with Soma, this one seemed a bit important. Though the details were things of interest to him. Zeo was ordered to go to one of the finer restaurants of Hoshigakure-- something he was interested in. He was slowly learning how to cook for himself. He had been impressed in the past by his mother's cooking. She would prepare amazing dishes, using the ingredients they helped farm or from special spices imported. Cooking, though Zeo's wasn't that great just yet, helped him feel closer to his family now gone. But here, he had yet to experience the food of this restaurant. His mission was a delivery of the restaurant's ingredients. More important was secrecy. Not only did he have to respond to a special code word in order to deliver and receive the package-- he had to make sure the package was NEVER opened. The fact they had to honor the request to not open it and deliver it as secretive as possible made. He didn't know what to expect. He suspected he was guarding special ingredients.

He arrived at the meeting spot of the restaurant, expecting to be addressed of his status and his task to deliver it. He felt a bit exposed just waiting there. He was dressed in his usual attire of a kimono shirt with his family crest, the Golden Shinto gate, on his back and his village headband attached to his left arm to identify himself. He waited there for about a half-hour. He was starting to get a bit nervous. As he looked at the golden and bright visage of the restaurant itself, he wondered why something had to be so secretive.

"The Lavander Peacock..." a voice spoke behind him.

A soft sharp breath entered his lungs as Zeo heard the voice behind him. He was about to turn, but he was soon stopped. "Don't turn around. Reach out your right hand behind you and I shall hand you the package." The transaction was starting to feel a little too dark for him. The person didn't even want direct contact? That normally would of put a red flag on it in Zeo's mind. Still, he didn't turn and listened. He swallowed his unease and listened. He soon reached back with the directed hand and soon felt the parcel placed in it. The box felt oddly large as he brought it back, seeing it was a foot big, but an appropriate size to hold under his arm. Still, the fact he couldn't see who he was interacting with was what made him nervous.

"Deliver this to the address written on it, and use the same code when you go there." the man instructed. "Do not turn back here as you leave. You're dismissed."

Zeo didn't say a word. His expression remained as neutral as possible. Despite his unease, he took the package and took off away from the restaurant. So much for him getting a sample of their famous food.

Zeo sprinted away from the restaurant, making sure he was a safe distance away. He soon reached an alleyway and slipped inside using Body Flicker, making sure no one saw him. He stopped and caught his breath-- unsure if it was from the rush of movement or the fact he was partly scared by the interaction. Was this thing even about the restaurant anymore? Was the man even from it? He knew it wasn't his job to find out or to inquire more about it. He was a shinobi now, and that meant carrying out missions he might have not approved of. He was sure no one would see him here. Still... he paused and looked at the box itself. The box looked so ordinary, brown wrapped in paper, a string keeping it secure and in place, with the label with the address. The box was addressed to go to none other than the palace! His eyes widened at that.

That explained a bit. Perhaps the order wasn't merely just for some take out or spices-- but something more critical! It explained the secrecy too-- the man was either a shinobi of higher rank or even part of the security to the palace. He couldn't help but wonder... just was in this box that was so important. By the weight alone, it was no mere spices or food. There was not even an odor from the box to indicate any kind of food was inside. He was curious, his mind racing at what was so important. He knew his mission though. He wasn't, under any circumstance, to open the box.

He bit his lip, feeling his own moral interest to know what he was transporting. While he knew it was none of his business... if it was something vital, he would need to know to complete the mission properly. He reached the edge of the box, the place to open it. he felt he was compelled to know the truth, and was ready to. He had a moral obligation to know what he was doing...

... but he also had a moral obligation to keep his word. He made an oath to complete the mission. Opening the package was a betrayal of the trust he was put into.

He paused and proceeded no further. He took a deep breath and removed his hand from the ridge. A small bit of shame showed on his face as he secured the box back under his arm. He knew better and couldn't allow his own curiosity, for better or worse intentions, keep him from keeping his oath. After a moment, he got up from leaning against the wall, and moved on to reach the palace!

The trip to the palace required a bit more speed than usual. A bit more strength to endure the trip, but he moved forward with the resolution to complete the task. As he saw the palace in the distance he felt sure he made the right choice. He moved forward with renewed strength.

As he approached the gates to the palace, he remembered there was a specific entrance he had to go for direct deliveries and interactions with the royal house. He approached the gate and was met by the guards there. Armed and ready he approached them with the parcel to speak the directed words.

"Ahem... The Lavander Peacock," Zeo spoke softly to the guard.

The guard blinked for a moment and realized the shinobi before he was aware of the code. The guard nodded and approached. "Thank you for this. We shall secure the package and make sure it gets to its proper recipient," he said. With that, Zeo handed over the package. With the meeting prompt and brief, Zeo had completed the mission and made sure the package was delivered, untouched and never compromised. Whatever was in that box, it was probably well above his 'pay rate'. With it all done, he returned back to the office to collect in on the mission and then return home.

WC: 1220
Rewards: 1200 +100 Ryo +3 AP
Stats: +1 Chakra +3 Speed +3 Strength

Jutsu Learned: Suiton: Water Shuriken (1000 WC)
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Deputy Kage
Ryo : 131150

"The Lavander Peacock" (Mission) Empty Re: "The Lavander Peacock" (Mission)

Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:13 am
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