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Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

Forest for the Trees  (D-rank Mission) Empty Forest for the Trees (D-rank Mission)

Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:48 pm
Zeo Stats

Gardening After a Fashon D - Rank

Forest for the Trees

As Zeo had read of things about Hoshigakure, he didn't realize just how much this land had changed. When he first came to this land as a refuge, he didn't expect to see this so far up north. Trees, grass, rivers, lakes-- just as abundant and marvelous as he heard for the name 'Haven". Still, when he read about history, he found it hard to believe that it was once desert! Especially this far up north. So when he heard the job with need to help garden the outskirts of the village, Zeo was more than happy to help.

Dressed in his normal attire, wearing his Hoshigakure headband, he approached the area with the intent to help. He had hoped he didn't have to do this stuff alone, but alas he was. He was starting to get lonely without a team, but he had to wait for Hoshigakure to formulate one. Till then, he would do these mediocre jobs and just hope to make the best of it. Still, to do these jobs helped him grow more oriented to this new land. He was slowly, but surely coming to love it.

As he reached the gates of Hoshigakure and the surrounding area, he soon saw the signs for the 'gardens'. The gardens while not a majorly trafficked area seemed to grow a lot of plans. Trees, herbs, flowers-- many simple to beautiful to look at. Some Zeo knew from his time in River Country, but others not so much. He was willing to bet there were exotic plants from many parts of the five great nations and then some.

"Are you the shinobi sent to help with the garden?" a voice spoke. Zeo had spaced out a bit. Not good! He turned to the voice and notice it was the caretaker of the garden-- a young woman with violet-colored hair and a kind appearance. She smiled at Zeo, welcoming him. At the sight of his headband, she recognized him. "Thank you for coming.  Do you have experience with gardening?"

"Um-- Yes, ma'am. I actually did a fair deal of gardening where I am from," Zeo said and bowed his head in respect to her.

The woman chuckled at his manners. "There is no need to be so formal. Call me Rin," she said and gestured him to follow her. "Now follow me to the greenhouse and we can get started. "

Zeo followed Rin into the greenhouse, which felt oddly pleasant considering the climate outside being a bit drier. They have not had rain of late so it felt a bit like that. The greenhouse was as Zeo expected, as both plants were in planters along the ground in rows and some even hanging from the rafters of the place. Even some trees grew in the corner. "Here we grow not just botanical plants for our guests, but also some of our own village needs. Everything from plants for food, to even herbs and remedies for ninjas. " she explained.

Zeo paused as he looked around. "you mean things for medicine or food pills?" he asked.

"Indeed. We even grow trees to use for paper to test for one's chakra natures," she explained and turned to face him. "Anyway, the job I'd like you to start with is watering these plants. The hose is out so you may need to do it manually ."

The need for water, made Zeo smirk a bit. "Actually, I got it covered." Zeo said confidently as he walked forward to the plants. He took a long and calm breath, realizing he needed a lot less chakra than what's he usually needed in order to do this right. If he wasn't careful, he would smash or drown the plants. He focused, concentrated his chakra and let it go."Suiton-- Mizurappa!" he called, and released a blow of air from his mouth. The 'air' that came out was a wide-reaching mass of water that sprayed out in a pleasant pattern and flow that scattered to the wide area of plants. Rin looked surprised as she saw the Genin use water style, and use it to water the plants.

After a single breath, Zeo covered at least 1/3rd of the plants in the greenhouse, each one he got to have a healthy coating of moisture and droplets upon them. Impressed, Rin raised her hands and clapped. "Well done! Well done, indeed! That was a pleasant surprise," she said, "You know, its kind of rare for a shinobi of the star to be a water user. " she explained.

Catching his breath, Zeo turned to her with a hand behind his head, modest in the gesture. "Oh, really?" he asked.

"Well, I just mean I don't see many use it too but that was very helpful. Thank you." she explained.

She smiled as she looked to the other plants. "Okay, why don't you continue and take care of watering the rest, then we can go to the other things I need a hand with. " Rin explained.

It took Zeo a few minutes to finish, but he soon had gotten to each section of plants and used his chakra to create water. It did make him wonder how chakra interacted with the natural world so much. It was one thing to use ninjutsu, but another thing to understand it. The latter was what he was interested in. So he wondered how much impact his chakra had on becoming elements and feeding the plants and such.

Getting out of his own head, Zeo returned to the tasks in front of him. With the watering done, he went outside to help Rin dig out more soil, fill up pots for new exotic plants, and provide plant food for each one. it reminded him greatly of the gardening and harvesting that Zeo did with his father to help out.

As Zachary smiled with the memory of his parents, Rin led the way to show him more duties he would have to do taking care of the plants, both in the greenhouse and outdoors for the public to see as well.

WC: 1017

Reward: 1000 +100 Ryo, 3 AP
Stats: +5 Chakra
Jutsu : Genjutsu Release (Mastered--250 WC) , Suiton: Water Substitutiton (500 WC)
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Deputy Kage
Ryo : 131150

Forest for the Trees  (D-rank Mission) Empty Re: Forest for the Trees (D-rank Mission)

Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:49 pm
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