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Yuurei Uchiha
Yuurei Uchiha
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Remove Weaponry Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 85700

Becoming a Blacksmith Empty Becoming a Blacksmith

Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:49 am
If there was one thing Yuurei was good at was his use of weapons. He didn’t understand why, but holding weapons in his hand came naturally to him, and he felt an enjoyment using them. It didn’t matter how simple to how complicated the weapons were, there was just love for them. Still, weapons that he had were basic as they could get, and it seemed like a lot of Sunagakure ninjas used them. If his main specialty was to use weapons, then he needed to be different from others right? That was how he thought and even though he was an Uchiha he knew about his family and how they were amazing with the use of ninjutsu, and genjutsu. He figured he would be to, but he also wanted to be the best that he could be when it came to using bukijutsu.

The young boy would find himself in front of the library for this specific reason. There must have been away or a skill that could allow him to be different than the rest. The Genin would look up to the sky as he could see that it was hot as any other day, and it was best to learn what he could inside. He would walk into the library and he could see that there were a lot of people of different ages roaming around this place. Yuurei started moving towards the counter of the library and behind the counter, he would find a librarian ready to help out anybody who needed their assistance.

“Hey there, how could I help you today?” He would ask Yuurei as he looked up to him.

He was hoping that they would at least have a book of the sort to help him with what he wanted.

“I’m looking for a book that could help me with making weapons stronger than they currently are. Are there any books or scrolls like that?” He would ask as he looked at the man as there was a moment of silence.

He was thinking about the many books that were within the library and he would remember there was a book around here that could help the kid. He would move around the area he was confined into and he would move towards a book. He would pull it out and he would move towards Yuurei once again.

“Lucky you some old guy brought this book back today. You might find your answer in this book, but if that man was here he probably would be a better help than this book. He looked like he was used to tampering with weapons and when I took a look at his hands and it seemed like that man knew what he was doing and was using this book as a quick reference for something.” He said that to Yuurei.

It seemed that he had missed his chance to get a teacher to help him with learning how to make his weapons stronger, but he figured the book would be the next thing. He grabbed the book and he would look at it and he could see that this was old indeed.

“Thank you for the tip, and thank you for helping me out.” He said this as he would make his way towards one of the empty tables that were inside of the library.

Yuurei would sit down as he would crack his neck and his fingers as he opened the book as he was reading into the book. It was interesting to read about different materials that could be used to make weapons stronger. There were different materials that were listed within the book that had different effects if you put them on your weapons. This was interesting as he didn’t know that you could make weapons stronger than already was. The Uchiha figured that whatever weapon you found is how strong they were. He figured that getting them stronger would only be used with chakra and such, but he was completely wrong on that.

“Shit, this is a lot, but I can understand the concept of what it’s asking of me.” He said this to himself as he continued to read the book.

His eyes scanned the area as there was a lot of writing on how weapons were made and how they were made using an anvil amongst many other objects. He got absorbed within the topic as he wanted to learn more about this. He understood why he saw attune with using his weapons and the creation was amazing. The only downside he didn’t like about all of this was that he had to be around heat. The hot temperature would be annoying honestly and it was the only thing that he couldn’t stand. Yuurei kept reading through the book as he was learning a bunch of stuff on how to create different weapons. It wasn’t just that, but he would soon get to the area on how to reinforce already created weapons to make them stronger.

Yuurei kept going through the book as he was enjoying the fact that his kunai could get much stronger than they were. It wasn’t just that, but the things he bought in the market, he could make them stronger, and that would be beautiful.

“If I could learn how to do this, then I will be able to make weapons that I obtain in the future much stronger than they are. That would give me the advantage that other ninjas don’t have when they used their weapons against me. I got to read more.” He would say this to himself as he continued to read more.

While he kept reading he didn’t notice that hours had gone by. He was too into the book to take notice of that. It wasn’t just that, but while reading the book there was somebody who was looking in his direction this entire time. This man was wondering who would take the book that Yuurei had grabbed and he could see that this kid’s interest in the book was legit. The old man was surprised that he didn’t get up through the entire session of ready. He would start walking towards Yuurei as he figured that he would see if he was interested in learning more through experience. When he got close to Yuurei he would stop a few meters away, so he didn’t get attacked by the young boy.

He did see that he wore the Uchiha insignia and that he had the Shinobi headband on his arm. Still, now that he felt safe from Yuurei he would speak out loud.

“I see you been reading that book a lot. I was wondering if there would be someone within this library who would want to read that book. I’m surprised someone got to it the same thing I brought it back. I just thought you wanted to see some cool stuff within the book, but you been reading that book for hours. If you want I can help you learn more. Of course, if you want to do that we would have to do that tomorrow morning.” He said this to Yuurei.

The Uchiha would lose his focus as he would hear the man speak out loud behind him. It surprised him that someone spoke to him. It was more confusing that he was speaking about the book that he was reading. It seemed like this was the old man the librarian was talking about. He would turn to look at him as it seemed like he wanted to help him out with learning more about making weapons, making them stronger and doing many more things to them than others could normally do. The Genin was fine with meeting up with him and he would smile at him.

“You know what that sounds like a good idea. I will definitely be happy to go by your place in the morning and learn more. For now, I will continue to read this book, so if you can give me your address that would be a delight.” He said this to the old man.

The old man would be cheerful when he heard Yuurei’s words and he would give him the address right away. He was coming to an age where he needed to pass on his skills to someone and looking at this kid read that book inspired him to want to teach him. When he did that he quickly walked out of the library excited that he found someone who was so easy on saying yes. Yuurei was excited about this as well as he continued reading the book. They had forgotten to introduce each other, but that was because of the idea they had one of learning and the other of teaching. The Uchiha would take the book to the counter and asked if he could take this home with him.

The librarian was fine with that as the young boy had been reading the book for hours. She would check the book out for him with his name and his address. The black-haired boy would come out of the library with the book in his hand as he continued to read the book without hesitating. The little boy would make it to his house and he would take care of personal business with his family, his own stuff as he would head to bed. He was anxious to learn more as he wanted to read more of the book but knew that going to that old man’s house would be even better. Yuurei had told his parents where he was going and everything just in case something happened to him. They were fine with him doing whatever he needed to do as they knew that he was a Genin they expected that he could handle himself.

The next morning came and Yuurei was up and early, he would get ready as fast as he could as he had the book in his hand, and his parents were up as they prepared a meal for him before he ventured off on his own. When he was done with everything, the young boy would make his way towards his destination as he was stand in front of the small house. He could feel the heat coming from this place and he would regret coming here. The old man would open the door as he had a smile on his face as he was sweating and surprised to see Yuurei.

“You are here, boy. I didn’t think you would show up. I forgot to tell you my name is Alma nice to meet you, if you come inside I can start teaching you different techniques and styles. I think it will be good for you to learn and at the same time, we will try a few things together. I feel like there is nothing better than hands-on experience, and that is why I asked you to come today.” He said this to Yuurei as he went back inside.

Yuurei could feel the heat coming from inside that place, and he could see that the man was sweating like crazy. The Genin would take off his jacket as he would put it on his shoulder as he entered the place. When he got in there he would close the door and placed his stuff on the side. The old man was slamming his hammer into metal as Yuurei would see this. He was excited about this as he would watch hold the metal took shape and form with every strike. He would observe throughout the first few hours trying to understand things. Alma would teach him while hitting the metal explaining the steps of what needed to be done when creating weapons. Yuurei of course would introduce himself to the old man as he would get up from his seat and he would try out on handling the hammer. He knew this wouldn’t be perfected in one day, but in time Yuurei would become skilled at Blacksmithing.

WC: 2010

Claiming 20 Stats for Speed
Claiming Blacksmith skill 2000/2000 and the other 10 words for Metal Crusher making it 544/2000
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Stat Page : Link
Remove Taijutsu Remove Weaponry Remove Remove Sensory Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 230150

Becoming a Blacksmith Empty Re: Becoming a Blacksmith

Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:03 pm
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